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11-15 11:10am Don Dubuc, homelessness

Nov 15, 2013|

Should homeless have the right to beg on the streets? When you think of the homeless do you imagine "bunk beds in barren warehouses, food lines streaming around the block, and soup kitchens with hungry adults clutching their metal food trays like they are orphaned Oliver Twists?" This old school model of “'helping” people is being changed. Now they’re looking at new ways of helping the homeless: how to get them what they need and really looking at the circumstances of these most vulnerable people. Don was joined by Robin Marvel, Author of Life Check: 7 Steps to Balance Your Life. http://www.robinmarvel.com/

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On down to big filling in Fogg Garland Robinette on Fridays pledge you'd decided to make us part of your lead in date to the weekend thanks for tuning us in. Also our thanks to those -- view of all you text while last -- discussion -- the Smart weapon technology. This hour or our new ready opinion poll question is up we've already got some good response to a question we're asking is. Should the homeless have the right to bag on the streets and this comes in. In following the Louisiana Supreme Court decision and in fact they do have a right. To be on the streets and to ask for. Money food or whatever. Right now 67%. Saying no they should not 33%. Saying yes they sure. And I'm kind of torn on it and may -- down before we. Get away from this topic company when my thoughts are on a -- we did invite a special guest. -- comment on not just that one particular issue but also the whole issue homelessness not. And was seeing more and more of that it is certainly plagues the city of New Orleans I'm sure in most major in large cities it is a major factor there. And some of the questions is how we overcome that how do we. Find the help that these people need do we have enough facilities to take care of it. And all the people there who needed -- actually going to those places are choosing not to. And why. Join us to discuss this is an author of five self help books our latest book is called life -- seven steps to balance your life. Our name is Robyn marvel in she actually. And one time was homeless or sell also think she has a very unique perspective on this. And reading her her -- -- life story I would say she is definitely an inspiration. To those who are for whatever reasons find themselves in the all homeless on poverty situation and I'm glad to have a witness Robin thank you for joining us we appreciate. It could be me. Robin if you would reading you know your bio I think it's worth the while it is to designate some time elect to tell you story of people soul. They'll have a better understanding of where you're coming from tell us about your childhood and where you were then and where you are now. I am I grew up and it really turbulent childhood that there was a lot of domestic abuse them every kind of drug abuse you can imagine. Without a link to a lot -- homelessness -- that that river ain't for several months more than one time three or four times. I only outlet in the state park Carlyle. It was kind of a cycle my mom after a -- continued abuse and I would. -- of the at the consequence of the virtually and in that situation. My -- -- extreme it looked up a beam at age fifteen I turned to alcohol and partying. An -- to kind of make myself -- battery pack up except in that world. And I ended up pregnant at sixteen and had my spotter. And I was kind of following that you and I thank you know lack. I don't why -- statistic and I'm not allow my -- the statistics I'm gonna work harder at making and to let -- pop the are the spotlight. And so I started changing likely that it -- direction and our pathetic that it ample her and I ended up writing. These wonderful books that are empowering and motivating the people and that brought me to learn and Allen speaking and the market publish -- it been a very long rocky road that you know I've learned a lot elections -- -- and that journey. Robin -- very special person to overcome that adversity and I know it could not have -- happened only one year old self motivation you have to have some help. Along the way from some outside intervention. Can you tell us about that. Well you know a lot of Atlanta I'm not trying because I wanted to be that example for my daughter -- like -- -- -- -- with such a locked up the scene I didn't want to eat them. Make that same mistake that I made in acting choices that I made a lot of it was that also get a lot of Reading I. Read a lot of empowering books and that really helped me along my -- Q so that you really trying to make in Detroit okayed that without the light on -- -- So I'm gonna have to do something about it and that really the powers that drove me to change my life and -- -- -- bad cycle that function. But in terms of social workers are people that you and counted maybe religious backgrounds. There was no one like that that actually helped it was strictly all your own and make it at a. -- Actually and I -- -- really it's really came down my -- I didn't have any -- credit counseling or anything like that I can't remember hitting them -- airmen. And LSU went crazy I am not sitting there and looked around and highlight the spiraling out of control -- that. This isn't the -- -- -- my story and and I you know I'm in control in my life I'm gonna step up and I'm gonna limit to the fullest and analogy that it and made that choice and it did happen -- -- But the the flip and that's fine Hewlett and eat keeping at something I had to work at that continue to work aggregate light. To -- elect that I like Atlanta but it was a really. Actually that I lately and Andy I it is all -- Again you're very special person but for for people and I'm not gonna tell you that. I've got to we've got a large audience of almost people who tuned into this radio stations they are not so I'm sure. In important part of the speaking in the motivational speaking that you do you you have got to come up with ways to find those people and get that information to them. How is that accomplished. But actually start in profit -- the united had to change in my -- -- at Michigan Ireland and what I'll do it I offer. I'm free workshop and I'll go into homeless banners and present and say hey can I you speak to anyone interested in -- Still want to come because that we can't force people retained alike can do it on NC -- light at the end there I understand that you feel like here -- how you feel like here. Upgrade now let me share with you when I used and hopefully the hand out free and that's something really important to me and in helping homeless and anybody. Robin we're gonna take a quick break here we come back I'd like cute too to tell us what do you say to those people to the homeless. Who have that little bit of of of burning fire in and to to turn their life around. What exactly is your message to them because I think if people hear that and they can relay that to people. They know or they encounter that are in those situations. That maybe be able turn allies around two we're talking with Robin marble. Motion -- -- an inspirational speaker and also and author of five self help books after being. A homeless person herself and in the younger part of her life I called the queen of self motivation. As a young person a teenager basically found herself at rock bottom. In due to our own self motivation has risen up to overcome a lot of adversity become successful in now. In motivational speaker on our own as well as an author and she's written several books them the latest of which is so one that is entitled. Life check seven steps to balancing your life. Robin obviously you probably. Can get a few people in and in these homeless situations to read your book put. You mentioned that you go out there and you do some speaking there in if you brought -- say Robin goes out to. One of these places and you've you've mis speak and someone there shows an interest in saying you know. Like which is saying and I'm really interested in turn in my life around what is your message to them. Well my main motivation. When I'm speaking these people to show people that you can't change you know you can break that cycle. Because a lot of crime and -- we get stuck in the place that everything we can't get out from her whatever limits and we -- that we've created -- -- you know growing up and -- -- our environment your family and Alex struggling and you grow up with that same happening and while you're supposed to struggle like happened in me. I don't have any control over anything and so I mean I'm a power while -- -- to. Can -- people that you do control you do a power an MIT time it's definitely gonna take time and it stepping -- the ticket meant meant. And it's gonna take you line McCain. There sometimes it's really amazing because I can say -- -- you have a toll. And we can do baby steps and they're not rock star -- out small and and growing could get to electing a lot deliberate breaking out of that -- it is that your your aggregate you're -- at and helping people who didn't know that they have that opportunity. It's like painting and -- duration. -- and I've participated in some volunteer activities of one particular program called punished for the hungry in which week. Went out we secured. Some while gains meat that was donated by -- and transported to some of the kitchens and I'm actually got a chance to help serve and speak to some of these people here. I was really surprised to find out how many people. Who did not come as a result of just abject poverty. Or lack of education it was something that was almost mental breakdowns it was professional people who just got overwhelmed by life. How you know which are doing is wonderful and in trying to find those people and overcome those problems but that's the hard way. Prevention would be much easier do you have any suggestions for. How to prevent someone from slipping into that situation. I think that ethnic Urbana is it education and in letting people know. You know it's only kind like what am I think the Stanley -- and I -- -- and amp I have an older sister and younger sister on the middle child. And we -- in the same camera in the same -- here altogether Ali. And my sister actually the day and that I call you know they they won't break out of apparently mean I -- it to the point where you can -- here Amir and into -- how to eat a lot about how -- it's like -- Amir and my childhood. Alike that they're licking and I mean and the homelessness and the abuse. An average part of it. So from me I think that the way to prevent its Q. Let people now I mean really -- that that is the most powerful way because like I think we are you know people. They don't know what he don't know you can't do. And it still allowing people that knowledge at saint hate. You can step up you don't have to be a product of your environment -- -- came from and you have the opportunity to do I not really come out TU. I think is it to prevent many situations like that because people believe -- them out -- a lot of the work that I do you buy it I'm not profit and they might work period it. Giving people on date and teaching them to respect themselves. -- I got a couple of text messages in here that come along the same lines and I think this is probably common thought of running to a lot of people's minds. One of these says I used to work toward non profit trying to help the homeless I found that 90% of those I work with work. In this is in quote professional homeless people they know where they can eat sleep and get the best payouts by -- They're smarter than you think most of them. The other -- says by giving money to homeless does that perpetuate the problem I guess that gets to the the question held up instead of my hand out. I always only really doing the wrong thing by buying giving money to people on the streets that a begging -- Instead of trying to do what you do and motivate them encourage him to change his situation. I absolutely believe the more power. There's so much more power and he can meet people -- respect them out. And -- -- let the -- like because it's so -- and I agree with that in in my field. I did it -- Italy last weekend in in my community and -- -- Ali. People who come at their shopping cart in -- taking one about everything they needed. To be people like that but for the people that really do need it if we can -- and Mary and -- them that there were something because for me I I -- we -- -- on the level of what we are aware. So that we don't feel like where we're -- job -- -- the pop them like them are worth. Having a place to live that we're not gonna change we're gonna keep taking what we can't survive. And get by apple in African and make that huge change that we need to make an art a lit upon that motivational market life. And -- that mine and that you think for me at that -- people to respect them out and you know there onward. Changes that are higher -- that changes everything and that's why that -- be will be a powerful when you're trying to help someone in -- -- situation. Robin we just had a decision rendered -- Iowa Louisiana Supreme Court they were arresting thousands of people who. Were begging industry a lot of these people weren't busy intersections holding up the signs you've seen them I'm sure there although. The country and -- Denton rendering came down in that they have a right to do that. What should we do when we pull up to a place like that in and we in cholera. Someone there you know a lot of them have their pets with them and got -- everything they -- and a bad -- lost sleep -- bank. They've got to sign up there used to say who work for food I don't see much of that anymore it basically says homeless and in need help. Please donate things like that what do you suggest that the average person does when you encountered them those. What we have -- to an art Powell and for me I IMAP and have enough money I think that if you see them lining you believe that they're almost like you think that there are. Her action and that they're actually. In greater commitment in erected -- big huge deal that went on about that and it's more about job. The people I -- act in their honor -- on the asking for money from people and for -- I would say you see Marbury you really ill in any event you know how them and other. Please offer them -- that's something like acts because I knew I'd been a part and help -- people of our community but not to be. It means that money terror you know what I mean like that we have some. Kinda. Comfort in knowing that you're helping buys it it's kind of it's in -- way it's gonna actually directly. Edit the upper right amber at any money in and it -- arts and menu you know being like that they'll. For me I don't think they're currently prevent it and I think that the heartening because of that -- me expects weak economic helping out these -- -- These not seeing all the credible -- you know at that they're always going to be that question. Well there are other ways that you could help these people I mean I'll hand out flyers that I have that in all about how your -- makes an impact because. And my money's not being that says hey you're worth it. And hopefully that sparks something implant eight -- and create. Mark that we need to do something like that write a positive -- hand and that person might know that eat them. But it might change their pattern and might be able it would hurt them detained -- -- out. OK very good one remind you Thanksgiving. -- not that far off and as it approaches we wanna put money in your pockets just in time for the holidays it's possible. Asked Donna Lindsay a winner from right here in greater New Orleans. Weekdays here on WWL you have four chances to win a thousand dollars every weekday in 1000 dollar. Holiday cash contest. Listen to WWL weekdays right before the top our news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the cold ward. -- enter that code word at WWL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link at WW dot com and it's just as easy to and her on your Smartphone or tablet or which office computer. Or surfing at home you can win anywhere. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. Good locked -- remember the times to listen right before the top our news at 8 AM noon three and 6 PM on WWL. I will continue our conversation with Robin marble wall Robin is a motivational speaker she's also an author. She had a defining moment in life. Decided that she was not going to be homeless and in poverty. She made a decision eternal life around now she was trying to to help others we're talking to particularly about the homeless situation here in the metro lowlands area and Louisiana. The Louisiana Supreme Court though earlier this week ruled that. The homeless -- in fact have a right to be on and bag on the streets. Do you agree with that right now it's pretty close 57%. Saying no. 43%. Saying yes. Some of my text message that a coming in -- represent a couple of different angles once says techno. And if so make him get a panhandling. -- it's disgusting. Another says I keep peanut butter crackers and water etc. to pass out. Another says I keep granola bars are apples in -- car to hand out instead of money. How do you deal with the homeless and countering with their signs when you. Stopped and in a section. Do you feel like cute. You'd you'd guilty if you don't help amounting you don't really understand the circumstances but could they be con artists and I hear that some of these people take in 300 dollars loss -- man busy intersection days' time and then they go by. Booze or drugs with that others may be down on the lock them maybe just need that. That hand up to -- to get back in. In the game of life so how do you handle love to hear from you at 260187. ER 8668890878. I've text message comes in at 87870. Robin you mentioned. You know giving them the messages. And I think may be an excellent thing to do. Would be for someone to write a short note very profound some type of the motivational. Message in May be put it in the bag with these goodies that people -- given certainly a bottle water. Granola bar peanut about a practice some -- you know to kind of get him through and then maybe who knows it might take that that node out read it in May be become their defining moment. What would you suggest a kind of messes to give to those people. Absolutely and I actually did when I do any kind of by Greek -- Italy is technically anything at all. To somebody in need I include a letter from me to -- and in my letter I include you know the first line is York story matters. -- matter in the world you know and I go on to say. We all these situations but at heart that we didn't expect that here well then. We can take a situation where term growth from an anti spam and I mean -- my letter about it anymore. That does say that -- that's -- -- -- -- the -- it because -- eight people are not that. And I guarantee you what you are horrible person because you went and at that we all -- part and majority. People have suffered some kind of hard struggle at one point or another. And at telling -- when you know your story matters and you make it to her well I mean we're not it came out you and so. What can you do that to let you know kind of give them that inspiration and I really believe all my heart that that's how people how we contain the whole entire. Seen a lot of homeless -- a lot of the domestic -- shelter in -- match it's about shot. You know shuttling people they're given up they are they would act absolutely fantastic -- but nobody working to. Re against the new halt to these people you know like kinda giving them foundation that they might not happen because they are. -- a lot and it never had it and so from the mine and it is due. -- to get people. The foundation that you know Latin let's build it from the inside out and that that Albert an elaborate and start critiquing your work some -- And that's something that won't happen astounding act alike -- act. So you told him that you matter your life is is is worthwhile. Is something we're all concerned about amnesty should be concerned about is so. Is -- somewhere you send them to go someone to talk to for counseling. To be the next step if you know not everyone certainly is as strong as you walk. To do it strictly on your -- and they may need a little bit of assistance where would you suggest that term. Well I absolutely I I don't have -- that because I have never thought about that but I think that that's really an excellent point conclude in the letter. There's a lot of places I know that there's a lot of clarity and there are a lot of like mental health standards they have counselors and things like that then I'm sure would be a positive influence at that that that's the direction he needed at eight. So I'm pulling its support -- and never thought of including that letter I think that that I mean that's really great idea. You know it was an old saying it takes one to know one well let me tell you the -- -- Robin marvel that we have on. Really has defied the odds of going homeless. Teenage mother to become highly successful author and motivational speaker. The mother of five daughters and has turned her life around and dedicate their -- now to helping others do the same and she joins us now Robin nuggets several. Calls on the line that would like to speak with the so let's bring in first Don not listening to us into walls on line to. Don understand that one point you -- homeless yourself. And how did you tell us a story how did you overcome it and get -- that's it well. I can't -- I had like this means strong. Inside or whatever and that she had them as speaker that's on your show. The fortitude and the you know picking up but when you're down thing I didn't buy anything can -- down and I have my -- All my things and deliver rich. And so I was from the north. That northern states and it gets cold there in the winter and I would be sleeping on silent -- -- and I get up in the morning to. You know people don't want you bringing things with you. So a lot of times but he's been locked my current epidemic storage garage to the plate that state one state and people would like rob me. So I would just you know going late at night and I'm -- I count my blessings all the time because I had a gym membership I would go there. That was my sanity -- there I would work out I would take my shower I would take my dirty clothes back to my story cry to the end of the week I would watch them. There -- time that I didn't have time to get to the chin. I'll go to my storage for I have to change in there which is like really humiliating. You know you can't -- take it -- with these people's houses so I could change my clothes. In and -- But I have a compact. And some people you know like like I saw that things are going back to what I did with -- up Wednesday I was thinking ahead of time. Some people they just hang on hang on I've -- people who. You know they and apartments they were gonna be addicted they hang on her hang on a couple of am more confident frozen mountain it was everything in and they cry about it I'm like listen. Get out now you know goal it was silent you know and so I think a lot of -- -- like this woman as it is on your on your program. You know they need a lot of planning and thinking in -- people in their lives to kind of like help them. Make decisions to hopefully that and that state is getting it to stay on top that things and not fall. Donna did you did you have a stake in up in a shelter. Are quite a -- -- like crap. But do you feel let those -- on a positive one negative in other words to people become. Dependent upon them and then don't take them -- the responsibility like Q and Robin both -- to to move on -- and actually become a thing where. They become complacent and decide well this is -- can get by like this ought to stay in this life. Well up north -- -- to give you a certain period time -- -- it -- give -- three weeks to stating if you children and making it longer. And they get along the money they have all these gallon than big event ticket money at them and can't -- It's not helping the people the people who worked there. Take all the money. This one's health care was private shelter were -- Mueller was because there's some women that were abused. And it was a huge Victorian house okay there must have been probably room for at least seventeen veterans in this place because that was the three story building. Well I was walking around one -- it will of the when you first gonna get -- toward the building and I'm like what are all these and other -- -- And -- -- that I -- does not want her containment and used to thought that this so I don't. The real crime of confidence and nothing I was there but it wanna get thrown out and I found out that. There at -- law that amount of people -- being warned that put in the paper saying they need an extension of time. And so what they were doing was telling -- they told us how we you guys all came in on Sunday -- thought that the media have. But this week agent last week and I said wait a minute and I brought up this law what they didn't like that. And I eventually found a place to go. And I was you know I got discounts without the papers -- -- to request to stay. And I found that later that day after I left all the girls to turn on the street and they had children. So there -- a lot of corruption going on with the shelters opt out. Robin your comments on on -- a situation that sounds like she's one of those folks that. Was self motivated enough to get yourself up. I absolutely and you know I agree with Kirk maybe become easy for people to -- -- shelters and -- keeping it in that they're not. -- had to be accountable for their actions are I'm not a lot of shelter that I went into and and apart. I'd say it very easy to come there and -- and and not have any kind of structure of these these comic style Brittany. You know to talk about domestic abuse center they really need to focus on like at the -- throughout the article currency and it. It creating structure in rehabilitating persistent you know. Handing out hey you're you're Batman and going about people need to know how to become stronger and those that can go out and paint the cycle in and take hold of their life. Donna thank you so much for you call and congratulations on -- turning your life for. -- I will be right back -- wrapping up our conversation with author and motivational speaker Robin marvel and now rob and I'll try to get a call -- too little bit of time we got remaining but before I forget if you would please give misty contact information for people that might want to. Order any -- books or maybe even book you as a motivational speaker I can only imagine how much could you could do. For the average people going to have business convention when you can motivate the people who -- the most dire of circumstances. Well thank you -- it and keep a companion that what I -- Robin marvel dot com. And you know -- knocked a climbing -- eight but get better. I'm defender Robin are -- Okay is very phone number for people that do not have Internet access where they might be able reaching. I'll absolutely attempt to streamline and I want to kill one or I can call it acts. What are they need to do. All right it's 23191214984. Robin -- Robin thanks so much for. Sharing and our -- Tom Withers and thank you again for the good work you're doing photo for the homeless people who really need it we appreciate it. Thank you are angry at you quite well thank you again Robin marvel. Book author motivational speaker you can find -- more at WWW. Robin marvel dot com. I tell you hear that little music -- that means as the 1000 dollar holiday cash contest cold word this hour shop. SH OP. Enter that code word at WW dot com slash cache or. Click on the contest Lincoln our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. And it's just a simple and whether you're at your office computer. Surfing at home -- on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere listened to the next code word ripe for the top our news at 3 PM. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WW well. Coming up next how are very familiar voice on this radio station WW All Saints color analyst or guys on stay tuned for.