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WWL>Topics>>11-16 5:10am Don Dubuc, Hunting and Fishing

11-16 5:10am Don Dubuc, Hunting and Fishing

Nov 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Itself a -- coffee and settle in -- -- Favre situation out there will give you the complete calls summary forecast coming up little -- -- are typically dot com has gone up in the dark. And be aware there's some little foggy conditions out there and we'll update you on the latest. Also want to wish good luck to the contestants in this morning's I'll buy you calls kayak fishing clubs fallen tied kayak tournament that's taken place. When you down in Venice and blackened and parish good conditions -- get -- -- Not a whole lot of wind. I used to -- current in the east zone against they would hope for some wins don't know if you'll get to not only one day use time before the season there. The February 1 is -- to end of the season. A big east zone unlike the cultural and west zones that chose to have. One youth day before the season one after the season we'll see how that works out. It's also opening day for -- on -- in the west go get them guys I understand as a lot of birds that were chased. All of -- of that zone from the coastal there have been certain of their -- known you so have that. Also deer hunters modern firearms season is now kicking in. In a lot of zones up please remember fewer deer hunting haven't been out since last year we have eight. Mandatory tagging system in Louisiana and the animal must -- -- for at least the kill -- And also there are special -- days back in force now. While it was taken go any day -- no longer so be sure you check that regulations pamphlet book. For you Paula tree also got youth hunt gone and I'm neighboring state of Mississippi. Good luck to all those utes and an up there. I got lots of new stuff on my website we kind of -- a website in conjunction with the radio show that of course is on the outdoors guy got common. I give me great pleasure to tell you that if you go visited you'll see the IFA. Kayak angler of the year story and the photograph and it's a guy who. You've probably heard on the radio show congratulations to Brendon -- yard. He's the subject of our radio photo and also a story all about how he won. Angle of the yield back we'll talk to Brittany spears in Nepal and guide at home in time kayak tournament down in Dennison will be talking -- a little bit later on for the panel report. Odd duck updates to become an end mostly. I've been kind of a roller coaster ride the -- some up days some down days some places have been only up days. And I was in on one of those this week. Some places. Only down it's kind of been a crazy crazy opening week of the season. Catch up to date on that as well sufficient reports we've got guys all along the coast and believed in the vision. Salt water wise has been very good on those days when the winds haven't kept people from getting access out there. Also this week's bad boy the outdoors. I think this is another case. All the time I've been calling Hitler and listen to historians. If you agree. I also are looking at those foggy conditions -- -- fog being reported from Lafayette and Baton Rouge New Orleans Lakefront. A Lake Charles and home of those about a quarter mile visibility. -- so far not really sock in that as we get will close of the day like that could happen. Temperatures kind of mile locals are in the sixties ties are going to be in the low eighties. We're looking at a chance of rain. Probably now in increasing as we head on into Monday. As far as the wind speeds right now I can't find anything over -- not some and it's a totally dead calm. Of course that coincide with the ball along with fog and calm conditions this time of the year. Right get your net gear out get ready we got -- -- alert if you're gonna be optional salt water marshes will give you some suggestions on. How to deal with them and -- before we take -- down to -- some -- and get a Saint Bernard report do wanna fill you -- on the efficient shooting times by the way if you wanna check these out ahead of time just go to my web page and go under -- -- in your seat on -- shooting times. The legal one half hour before sunrise terms for York area in this morning we have -- -- on opening up Mississippi. So if you are running on north -- south of these towns easier official thirty minute was sunrise times. Biloxi is 552 Bay Saint Louis by 53. -- -- 556. That route 601. Lafayette gets started at 604 Alexandria 607. Monroe 608. Shreveport. 615 and out west and Lake Charles 609. Nose or your official thirty minutes before sunrise. Shooting. Percent on them Breton sound Marino we had glanced Sanchez -- hey Glenn you know I I saw another -- when he custom blends lockdown and it. -- and yeah he was behind a new gun he wore his out just like -- -- our guns gave up the ghost on the same day. In we will buying guns in same store listening to a -- That's exactly right he says he's he did pretty well out there opening weekend so that's good news in the he may be out there are positions morning. But man I gotta tell you Glenn all mobile mid week reports. Most of them look good salt water wise that the best of common an area between hope they'll what you want Intel across that area in there has been on fire -- You're at a lab went. Into the books. People on the court smile opera. And you know -- going to -- well -- you believing you call. Secretly. -- looking that picture and ultimately for a lot. -- Stratton. But this has been unbelievable. That they are being re constantly seeing it pay any -- like -- it. Well you got a good Todd range today you got light winds -- -- that fog situation is not too bad. -- -- -- plot which Colin. But a separate entity -- in this market so they kick a ball at night. And forty that they had to wind picked up just a bit in poor it's clear that can -- -- -- -- and it's been like there. That's great. And the other problem when you get light winds this time a year those are you have to -- the flying teeth. And we always gotta go over some precautions I guess you can't beat the net net the suit that that probably is number one. I liked amber romance you buy that that Victoria's Secret you smell kind of weird that. I find it works and anything that -- she got to keep re applying it swaps waters another good one. Some people like the skin so soft for some reason does seem to work real well on me. But you know other than that you know you just got to got to you know make sure -- Kabul when you long sleeves. Make sure that ankles tied put as much clothes on as you can and have as few exposed areas as possible and they've been real. Demo and -- put it in Atlanta. -- in the past few occasions an -- or Chicago or they are aware. -- -- a T shirt underneath it so it didn't -- cities -- -- where they'll abide. But couldn't get to -- And it's -- they need to -- -- you're. -- patient a little. Hello packets you know they would apologies doubt that the dead people okay CC and can I. -- an -- box that apply it should be here. Yeah and they'll -- in Japan and try to stick to say that's the way to go you can break or -- To -- let and don't play -- -- -- -- you put surgical left they came. Yes surgical gloves that's a good idea those little cheap disposable gloves put those on making me get through that. Those things can really ruin you day you know people hear us talk about now just a few bugs. Those things will ruin your life if you if you are not prepared to deal with -- and unfortunately when and that's around the fissure by -- in -- good news that they are. -- I guess if somebody wanted to do a mix sketch column what temperatures on the unity in the mid fifties right now. So the problem are all loaded up in the marsh you can catch the whole combination I guess just. -- you some live shrimp listen veteran brings some artificial -- really -- ceremony -- business this week. We're not -- that -- only people. That it is in case you really know what if they don't like. It looked great baskets of caulk or so ago or an -- I'll vote and a lot package -- -- -- -- and it and other outlets and there. I don't but I'll meet you let it kill if we're. Going to. -- there was a huge deal but that was ever there. But we had some pretty hard cola came through in front Roland Roland did did drop the water much women don't win was blown so I guess not because it was on east -- Arrived -- the water. That he just an area. -- -- can make it look like they're out there and really go oh yeah I think. Pakistan until it each about it o'clock. And anyway. -- which Israel and it the same. I -- it works alongside erode every little old alongside her appreciation and security in chart it's been great comedy. But the official part -- a spectrum he would get docked our. And you can you can do both -- and blast. Well let's all good news Glenn I'm sure you got plenty of date for the folks common down there aren't. You know she's got a bye weeks I'm expecting you'll probably have pretty decent crowd then absolutely I'll let you go. In the meantime somebody needs some info gives a phone number that -- winning call and we got information on Jonathan and some of the other guys down if somebody wants to book a trip Jonas. Really good time to fish. All right you see but don't land that check got a shiny new gun Hokies got a that he was had little trouble with that -- -- that. Not that anything is in his background -- prism body was his same names in the causes some confusion -- every time he buys. That'll -- anyway hopefully he'll be back. Are right. There. Time we'll see you next week. And Sanchez of the Britons now marina coming back go check out with the -- the wheezing anime and that's who we call -- get Toefield -- -- Find out what he's been up to this week and what -- plans offered this weekend in the not a real pretty weekend. Kind of grungy going to be overcast little chance of rallying. Maps are going to be out there have a guess one that feature heightened. And the ducks offline and he's been making his -- in the Louisiana out -- for quite awhile I'm talking about cap and shall feel the draw ultimate cajun fishing adventure guy they get so what's gone on rather. Well you there -- to. Margaret. York yacht. And ensure gonna get you to execute. Little hazy smoke in the wrong. Like involved are now tool that. Think Vietnam later mitnick and yet I get a little better or not and it that water and dropped him like it -- -- that. But definitely and drop down -- -- and started up a little bit but as -- it attention you know not directors not Scutaro but. And they blew out -- for the event. You know I -- I got a text from one of the listeners -- that -- hunts down there. I belongs to the club down amateur which wanted to is -- -- -- -- has -- an -- -- Little lake unplug think that was it he didn't say but he said the problem they got them there. So many. He -- this -- acres and acres of that stuff that exotic vegetation it's covering up and it. Jokes out everything else the ducks don't -- give all that stuff you know gonna have any ducks and Clinton attributed. I would bet that with academia. I got I got three and -- now -- -- -- war. Actually in that -- -- You know cajun and actually build them and right now that as the thought about it though. Template drop -- on the -- would actually let the public on an older than them on the dispute without that are bank. It is to get up on my contacts. So yeah. You know it it'd be a way you know and I am kind of government and -- it just might be other changes. But people in different areas to have. It doesn't affect need to control it than that vegetation in the property -- -- is dragged its bite of the banner that goes back yet. -- -- don't -- me that stuff and even burn it tequila and you know I'll tell you something that Joseph Michael -- Tellme. And you might check with him on -- that there was some people that -- having trouble with that early days and that stuff first noted shown up I think it was a round. On the -- more prominent check area. That we use and cook at all -- would didn't discarded cooked and all you'll restaurants get rid of that stuff but that's. Taken in afternoon dumping and on and in it was -- It was control so. But look into that and you got a lot of rest as the use a lot of -- definitely. And I'd -- at the end of march. -- You know -- -- so it's a vegetable -- mean it's it's you know I mean if you dumped tons of the stuff then have a there's nothing toxic in at all and we eat you know. There. Anyway you have to figure that out but I like the idea about this Cooper you know get the stuff on it and at least temporarily that gives the ducks a little place to land the the problem is underneath that you know there is usually not any vegetation -- What the prominent non automotive will would be addressed. And it being -- that -- would like just a month ago I had a little bit slow down type actually about four inches thick it compiled an apple you know aka. I can't ever got to that. We really cute Q so. Just from the -- and -- -- there aren't great. That's -- -- -- -- -- it's it's like a Twilight Zone story I mean that's stuff and great that it multiplies is incredible now salt water will give it so -- Hall. Yeah it's a huge story at that you actually India went up there in -- -- And -- brought but it quietly in the Atlantic now Hollywood actor about a boat -- alliant. Even about it but we banged -- it and had not put out by its powers they maps that look back. What he did he disappeared in. A statement. -- -- that's going to be tough on the golf pollen or that's if you have -- you. An outright lack. And I -- not I think I was mentioning that the Obama you know somebody falls -- stuff. You know he is not heavy enough to hold jobs -- -- -- -- you know you -- -- -- -- you get -- that stuff you know. I expect -- waters. It had -- unbelievable I'll be it's so low right now at that as a kind of -- an operational orbit now Malia and the pigeon you know the it's not an inefficient Arabic but that ought to drop out throughout the week and -- -- stirred up so. We got -- pocket they want to argue that Kevin without a epic did you suspect a trap and big -- -- But he you know -- an easy easy creation -- they've there. We get a little bit calmer today in a septic in Baghdad and actually get CNET and took him -- now in Germany and -- I guess in June in the edit out inside and thank you are just saw on the lights -- -- -- belong -- Some ignore it and it will. Aren't there and and it was blowing you people really bad about it and it's up. As the and he slept better that will be even -- At root below that and get there. And it's not been good down in your areas in that other areas so really doing. Extremely well so -- -- and local conditions have a thing to do it. But that could change the change. I had -- overnight that black plant say one thing -- know that the -- you know I didn't follow. But it really nice enough of the book and it's randomized cannot wait for -- Lebanon Tennessee plain and threatening note. -- -- there aren't that easy and just absolutely indeed are as good as going to be unit that I like are mad that. It was site can't. Big fish. That's going to be it set up at what is -- a big issue on Olympic movement trumpet and the record. Sources. Even go to whether it's right now. Target. And then you had to go about him -- an obvious. It and -- you on that page it as a kind of temperature drop but it is gonna apply. You know Lou will -- -- good days Norman and what you were on a couple weeks -- -- whether it's going to be a street. -- night spot and the talent you know idea he would not act again that you get -- -- monitor Indian. The topic -- -- -- particular -- Mississippi. Miller and -- secret. Yeah Pomona and Agilent can't urged them up in the -- yeah. Crack and a Patrick enemy can bring light and examples -- making about it when you do that -- Take it like an idiot and didn't see it happening in America. Had gone on that and the that would endear him to you know put that to look at well with a smaller than -- she got 10. You have eye opener moon and had a bit. -- If you can handle -- that's a good ideas -- minutes in advance party at the camp. Well if somebody needs to get in touch -- you guys you know might be a good idea if somebody wants to give a nice Christmas gift armada off flight trip -- Brent. How did he grabbed me about it it it did kind of thing about it PP but did it because as guesses that out well wouldn't give money -- -- -- -- -- about a little nine out the bodies. And -- and do whatever it takes. It happened at a keep you keep that -- that app and web site. Politician backpack in the Clinton up to date with why did you dispute and of both unable -- -- and I get. That lead -- that would be good. Little. Yeah I know she's not close to use -- -- -- I who. -- -- Money you've got -- -- -- get me that he looming he's in trouble that when he's talking about you with the rats and stuff. -- -- healthy. -- -- no you can't man known yet we don't have a good trip up to the camp. Well okay LC and a couple looks like it down that way. Okay and think -- Making count upon. I don't it you can eat my images that well three people. I've won more. -- -- -- it's viable way brief little 1561. Point and it is open early dismal. -- -- -- -- All right so. I am I you beat apple we'll see you next week. A sense of reality show the whole feel and Blondie are we think about that. Got to be better in the governor's wife -- yes women in the hunting you may recall it -- story on that telling you about the big increased one point 5% increase from women now make up 11% of all homeowners while on this week's edition game report dubbed W a television. I got the -- a couple of women if you wanna watch that now Ryan Lambert. We took Albertine that -- queen and also Emily Meyer a fifteen year old sophomore Dominican high school in the wall and on a duck hunt. And -- It's pretty neat check it out it's on the WW all. Fishing game report on my web page down on the -- guide dot com fiscal two. TV shows and look under the archive you'll see that one the one right before that was another nice feature of we did with the local baseball coach. Coach Roger Qaeda from Southern University. Coach pulmonary finale issue in coach Ron may street from UNO. Went down the coconut tree and now -- efficient down there with. -- you know Andre down the coconut tree bowl launch and he's got his own marine -- and -- Boudreau. At a great time. And then the one below that you can see me with an orange -- on everybody's consent must deal with -- -- so the deal on the beard here it is it was Halloween week but it wasn't really Halloween costume on deadly toll -- now going -- -- -- if in fact the World Series try out and moved in the late punch train. As they usually do in early to mid October when the World Series on adequacy. We found that they would not there but there were a lot of other species. -- I had my beard on an owner of the World Series champion Boston -- it's the guys they started grown beards before the the season started and that became them monitor it throughout the year and when all the way to visa. The whole World Series champion bloody way that that would ahead it's called the beard ski people asking about that. In what it is it's it's an orange beard but it's more than that it really is -- it's a great protector against the cold. And I and actually keep -- warm and that beard helps outcomes over the top you know see it on the bit. If you wanna check those out it's called a -- ski. Beard SK I just go ahead Google it and you can find out how you can give them in where -- located in the retail stores and things like that but. Particularly that orange cult of video -- that beat perfect dissident accused of kind of coverage you requirement and an orange on it keep you face -- -- want the same town anyway it's all my webpage on the outdoors -- dot. It's time to talk to -- rule is reports are brought to you in part I've asked him debates as candy with a -- you don't have great company has over 100 tournament wins to their credit in just under three years. So easy to see wanted to become a -- to big companies and southwest Louisiana deal was always welcome to inquire. Column at 337725. Finished at 725. Fish. Or email at customer service asked handy with a K dot com. -- -- -- I'm doing good I'm doing good just. Particular day relaxing and taking -- day off against another week to work in. So I hope we could have risen some next week in just a little -- report but. -- good reports on the basis of others and state. As a place and -- senator mark it up in the face and everything's been good to ward off all the north Koreans. Trying to get back -- -- news feed at the lexicon would get in there but that the reports are good. Basically just start the -- protect its announcement from the dead -- and start slow road spent abatement does that work is kind of drag Texas program. Jeff Smith UN vote novices they can understand spent to date on what Texas ranges. Think that this that the bankers. Lit that moved to open them for Helio you'll in -- rigid plastic rather use a crop is Europe war. Or lizards are some kind of creature -- and you put that underneath that. That disallowed them. Debate in this particular separated the ball but subsequent follow that that -- separate pre debate. It is a good that need to get a -- close together want to get on the bottom. After getting go and heavy W -- -- -- thinker obviously they don't -- kind of wrapped up on the top surface. Vegetation and it's through -- -- don't around stopped an open border with nothing but a few limbs there. Perhaps around the bottom that's all you need he's an opening gala lightweight this coming year you know leave anything very bad just -- -- slew of war of cooler. And it would renovate it -- -- good idea to -- -- there was some color to Hawaii no more -- to do it in the fall because they imitate propositions says. Things like that is against flu flu presentation you'll nothing really that has come here. Jeff I don't know whether it's because -- time a year that is generally -- good because a lot of people got cut down and they wanna catch and pass while inevitably get a lot of request. For reports on Venice what do you hear and -- Of the problem and really done any great reports from the -- area you know that is the number kind of secondhand at all like he does -- much because you know that's gonna get it to three different people. And quality it's -- exactly it is that it's -- but yeah the few people have talked to -- reports it's -- -- That the -- -- Dan -- itself these there are some that swept over there but. A close to the marina like the best areas and stuff and not catch a whole lot of we have got reports have got to do and and it's good for two days in -- when he -- and and he has some sales calls and you know that sweet sound of Motorola they -- forty its position one day. But it's is not like he used to be you know 12 -- average with a couple threes mic stand. But definitely down every delegate that salute to southeast -- and some of those areas that the this. But the you'd get visas but he's like he's saying that Connors and other. Person in the -- -- this year unbelievable down there right now they get to them. Everywhere and just about all the major passes and deeper water is petition written Trout to get an acrobat this -- because of -- out you know really doing things come back up and it's -- bears -- the Trout and on the -- and you'll you'll have a good decent trip anyway. Jeff this time of the year we get a mixed weather bag we get these kind of days you know it still fall -- dale. Good time -- but then again some days I want those fronts come through we gonna start to get on average 47 days Obi wan rolled through hum and you get. Bluebird weather behind that wasn't put -- good tip efficient bluebird weather wind conditions normally would be tough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as basic as bait -- -- farms Turkey says it -- thank you don't really have a lot of appendages -- -- -- sales -- Battle -- it's something that. There's just some of the great piece of plastic. And really tell you this when the war it's -- or use detectives for the good news awaited who have called it and you put the State Council involved in the bottom -- They just got -- Iran and to veto threat pockets or would cover stone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now about like some pretty much stuck out in the cold weather and that's kind of what you want to imitate between the bluebird day does that good around. Crafting covered with a sort of there's an attack into that. That we credit -- a little bit deeper in the middle of the bodies because the grass sort of you know -- -- were laid out is testament to the board maybe six for the war. Just further ado net and they turn and just. Barely moved as close spoke presentation. To pick up some this doing the president technique. Well that the those who are hyperactive need not apply around that we're better -- lazy nation -- -- Jeff well I know we got some events coming up before Thanksgiving and ruled -- after Thanksgiving tell us about the tournaments the guys and inclusive and you know some competition for best vision. They have got a couple about the on the radio that there were twenty portage popular bass -- had a little capital port street on to start doubt about it. November 29 and seventh annual -- to thank you very -- It's going to be in memory of money taken -- -- it's figured out routine and up on the program. -- -- -- -- That's there out beyond Black Friday when is all those crazy crowds at the mall. He had to avoid the crowd that's gonna. And it'll be that was seven bed and individual. Highway ninety pearl river. Indeed the very -- team tournament is don't buy you Libya's third Franklin and they're having a band of lake park trying. We use that it would stand the body award that did this more details about all of and then you can read stuff on the web site marked that but how about the tournaments in contact numbers and web site that they have any. That you have -- -- it's coming -- that the connection of the start getting ready for January this rhetoric on the -- start picking up to the internet's future. All right that's a good clearing house its -- best netcom. You can link to it from a side Jeff we appreciate your report as always thank you my friend get that worked out to wasting Goosen finished. I -- to keep money these independent art there and. On the which means -- Jeff thanks again we appreciate it. Jeff rules report brought you by -- a division of pure fishing got those crappy nibbles. At -- two gigs with them you also got the the floor -- lead immaterial -- specialty stuff as well as the everyday type of power gulp and have a base check it out. Products -- Berkeley division of fuel efficient. I'm I'm checking out the fog situation and it appears that probably the worst area Shreveport and only got a sixteenth of a mile visibility there. A quarter mile visibility over it Lake Charles. A half mile an apple looses. Most is reporting some light that you fall and ultimately stick a sock in. At this point on good morning squirrel us economy more likely fall poll will. Do -- and off the reasons still conditions. Yes indeed. A stuck to Darryl -- I don't think there's too many squirrels law at least not the sorry countdown grand now. I -- see what is going on them now hi Hugh -- -- Turkey says squirrels. Or is that. With that we will rules will remain unnamed to protect the innocent economy. What's gone down out. You got if. -- -- too much about it sport which you like that you do you. Iron has been in -- -- clear. Or. I'll mention in the forward -- portrait speeded up our order thirty Nazi and we you know we tried that moved the majority of our troops. You know I guess we've talked about this before -- I guess it's been couple years ago that. You know which aggregates all blocked -- -- day in everything the gorilla that order will wind blows -- -- -- -- straight to a few days those distant. And you know real distrust over on the troops that we did -- -- Does the speckled Trout just exploded this past week domain it was that's been a really good when it's it's not. You know not still not necessarily summertime where you're sitting in one place in -- him out but it may have we have found a pretty much getting and a -- -- -- blew water out earlier this week he got a little bit low so that put everything to the many canals -- deeper many canals. Early in the morning fishing golf glitch. President warmed up they would move up ultimately -- which are pretty much change a Guinea where that there -- -- -- torture -- -- on the straight and get water draining out and the complaint -- that great out. The trial where there -- written to -- this week so. We stayed out of that are looking to -- -- -- was you know cut cutters are so we Germans who moved to show a little bit moderate Christian Trout. I don't know we just don't look here they've been there we have paid too much attention to what's most. You know look you have a lot of -- yet model outlook Brokeback -- But a lot of trouble -- -- that sixteen to eighteen trying to perfect this sort of box our deepest -- bring back. The -- was a little bit strange early in the morning you know we're we're bottoming now. Early in the morning on the it's early in the morning when the water was moving a little bit but not to -- -- it and then -- out what's that what's that chat really sort of gluten. They -- it tended to get away from the plastic -- which eagle eagle lautner doesn't laden and little. And how it justice. If you made -- run. A further up vote to close towards -- billion gallons some of those shall -- arms machine got to watch out of the dot -- as you mentioned. You probably fun in Clearwater in new -- trip repetition. And drop pretty much like we did last time we finished yeah. It back -- -- -- that we were between World War -- we just last and in -- pull out there okay you know. It finished. They believed -- -- you draw and you know just be ready they -- -- up outside the struck out well in did he dropped maker movement perhaps to. And first couple bodies were still OK let's look throughout the -- -- that won't -- from a -- -- And churn out from being recalled several little undersized rated. That the trial or just one after the other -- -- prospects. I don't regular submit written has been enough time moderate but. You know would like to say been getting some emails from -- from her listeners and so for folks -- order. You know lacking a little bit on the cultural torched a -- -- emblem stumbled yet. And does not look to issues this instance quote I mean we're aware and are slow period and that is where everybody and people out into the woods. So the troops or fewer orbit between the even know what -- dot you know which secretaries so open about -- also world apparently chip in huge. -- Well you screw this Tommy you definitely got -- today he's got to be able goal on a moment's notice when you get those slackers between these fronts but. We don't -- batted in if -- saw the report on milieu do Daryl thanks so much for the information we appreciate it. Somebody wanna get in touch with real scream is there on my website about a telephone number. 22. 9376288. Prize in squirrels and turkeys -- Melamine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have a good weekend. Enough said all right coming back next hour bed -- of the outdoors vision and -- information not talk to captain Ryan -- but about those gals we want with. All that coming up over the next hour on the outdoors -- on the -- radio network.

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