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11-16 6:10am Don Dubuc, Fish and Fog report

Nov 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- It's. -- game show. -- You'll hear me. Tried and welcome back in news out doors -- down to the radio network our number two -- A still to come we got more fishing and hunting reports boy what a great time at the uses -- that. Salt water station on fire right now gift rule it was good place -- it's so fresh water fish. Deer -- crank in dot com it's going to be open in two zones about next week and holes that will be open a little loan at quail season actually opens up today. But unfortunately. You know quail hunting is just on any especially here in Louisiana. With the exception of some of the shooting preserves that are open now along river. Over there on north of that illusion and all -- in Mississippi -- Quite a few more deep south over in Thailand and in the crane creek shooting preserve over the top of the way it's got some. Our pheasant hunts on one check them out and did you gang together go have some funnel this beacon of -- programming note. When we hit the the split of the Louisiana duck season which is right after the Thanksgiving weekend next weekend. Accident that we can be weakened after. December the first I'm gonna be headed out to Kansas. And that was in the mountains and as a war while running in UB in this program. Alive from from Kansas will be reporting to you there is before it back. Anyways still come this morning we get -- report -- talked Mike Gallo also congratulate the IFA. Kayak tours angler of the year Brandon a yard a few reporter he's -- yet another tournament this morning falling tide which is going on down in Dennis. We'll talk to him and also are. When you are bad boy the outdoors feature a tournament that point is Hitler Indy. And I've seen so many of these cases now result of people who. Just have this longing to shoot the biggest and the best the most points in the biggest Boone and Crockett school. And I mean the risk everything. To do it -- You know well you listen to it you beat the judge and that's what brought this. Also support -- updates in fact we have Larry Reynolds on paradise Louisiana television this coming week if you watched programs on. Cox sports television airs on Sunday mornings at 7 o'clock Thursday nights at ten. It won't be tomorrow and beyond next weeks ago. And get him to kind of give us a handle on how the -- he's been born in Louisiana because it's hard to keep up with I get reports some areas of slow the next day. Great and then back to slow some other other areas stay steady throughout the whole time and -- really haven't. A very poor opening weeks old talked to him he's one of files that a -- god as a heck of a job bull and in the news comments. On next -- paradise wheezing and also on my website right now it calls on -- -- opinion poll. Asking you the question to you for morning or evening deal isn't so far the morning on his or not one that can cast your vote. I think we're close in the voting now on Monday. And then check back next week and we'll have another fresh. I hope or opinion poll the cast you vote compared -- thoughts with other outdoorsman who listen this program. Also he can catch the rebroadcast of this radio program live stream on the -- -- An outdoor mall a lot of products -- -- some photographs and I got a recipe you're lucky enough to bag -- -- -- very simple. But basic is that counts. Recipe for how to cook -- yet simple. Yet can I tell momentarily it will be speaking to captain Mike -- thing adventures of Louisiana and of those spots in that slides in his reports have brought in part by dioxide bait and tackle them like it's -- Boat launch -- live shrimp -- Is the name of the place in the chairs champagne is the only bottom right at the mouth and he announced canal just off my way eleven. Also the home of the matrix shed goldeneye due to its check it out. Matrix shed dot com our column at 985707. 210. Captain Mike what's on your agenda for the day. It. -- well. Uh oh what what's gone on you today which area of noise of your fishing grounds the -- headed for you go with few options today. Get plenty of options today I have a group of fathers and harm. Come and and it seems like some -- hormones sort of like a little. Hope that they got there have fourteen majors in captain hours and it foresee years. I think we're gonna go -- to get the biggest and most remote spot them all the little things. Well it to you and I gotta -- -- sure it would black stripes on and whistle -- -- moment. It sound like that might be sure that. That's great well my job behead. Well it at some pretty good except around wall shell met. I started on that way. Thursday and Friday -- they would be clean water there. After all the -- we head Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Unsure about the war was calling the Trout group. Into that area they seem to be stages in fifteen to 28 feet to walk along the Dropbox in the -- ago. And it's pretty simplistic -- news anchor and workable which -- on the or you control wall and bounced plastic. Our intrepid that would work much better in the plastic door but the plastics in the produce a better finish with his concentration up the street. It's like. It -- It was more accurate pattern war temperatures were in the below if you look at these -- -- war. It was real slow drag on the real. And towards the as the temperature rose a bit despite more grass. It was more aggressive Thursday. So more pride and then today pictures and more aggressive as well as we haven't had much coal sort of want to register and I think he's on now. Yeah -- any obstructions along that all is pretty nasty bottom get hung up the stuff. Well -- you back calls. From the law probably -- links. From the wall itself off from the rocks that line has to go there -- -- -- straight -- but it's pretty cool and fishing. I got a different species although mainly kitchens that wouldn't get some -- -- some -- supplier under. But you know the majority -- speckled -- And use a lot of the companies in plastics and well -- the carbonation. Hopefully we can get born with a lot and it's whoops let it get there like a lot of last longer. Any problems with the boggle the union. I have a little bit of on my way driving you have a matter of fact that the spots and dots were on that right now probably should see. -- against 3400 yards but one girl -- -- from operated -- clear. Right test arena soccer it's patchy all you know make sure like to work -- you vote. Those slow torturous wait -- -- -- -- going to be by Albany law. Don't go about it. Here at the scene you boots on the and I don't have brought the win was supposed to win conditional call. -- and into the and it won't break into the win. Can't beat Marat maybe -- miles an hour or -- like that. Berry like. Sounds like at the making is wonderful. Yeah you can take your -- has to -- there's got. I went to Biloxi marsh on. And Monday of last week and it very well that. We had some votes so when the pearl river area yesterday that it's right. -- not -- with a little ball. I got a report from Chris Roberts said he caught some beautiful tropical all the Caldwell. Yeah yeah I've been here in the same thing in -- -- problems. And I think the -- intention -- pretty good size. Friday told me public Wednesday at forty war and not a single -- under nineteen inches in length. So is that there and so not a report can do it like he can't but there out there are certainly a lot trip you know he was so intimate picture that. Well hopefully some of those visual maybe you know moved to the east in line those bridges over their local city Yuba Slidell twin span. Highway eleven in the trust break out when you're in the Biloxi marsh I don't know what -- backed up in and -- addition to recruit. Yes says what you Trout with the water -- -- -- just looked a current lines. -- -- flushing out eventually. It is very simplistic you can do plastic optical. -- it's deeper channel -- -- the bottom classical luxury rental. Yeah in only unite we talk about you know things that -- taken away from you options places you can't go where you're limited to. Because of wind direction wind speed title conditions different different things that. Why this morning and I think it's pretty wide open. He had today wide open the only thing if he might hold you back from going to the march is the lack of Williams and the match. But the beauty about you -- -- -- break. Advice on how to protect itself on the -- and those are all the same things we do all you know you can certainly go into the marsh you know whenever you. Yeah light winds are as they stroll aboard intimately and go into that direction. I'd like much -- able to get rid of those now. Yeah it's a shame because you're moving. Themselves really doesn't work I mean it's fantastic from the scheme is because -- moving unit that -- that -- Tuesday there. Become effective supplement that's shame otherwise they probably would work. Well Mike that you and I scheduled finish next Thursday his government Thursday. And now we may have a special guest feeling it's a thank you know. His initials it just the same as mine DD one to make the trip so -- -- -- -- -- -- now on out of these available you know always the. Speaker and I enjoy fishing with -- that -- about it. It -- its approach trotted the walls. Today and be a good opportunity. Well my guess you would give up your information contact if someone wants to get together and have their little tournament need places stay overnight large and you got that you know everything over the formed a lot of. Yeah we -- -- available just give me your ringgit not panic far. 781781. -- or you can reach it through the outdoors I'd dot com as well as a way of LA dot com. All right -- Make sure you get that yellow flag in your back pocket with. Dads and sons. Yeah epic. Ride proceeded on a week like -- Florida fish and -- All right captain Mike -- rolling -- inches oh Louisiana regular -- And it is time for a -- report brought to you by the back packet to locations on and Baton Rouge on Jefferson highway also -- Lafayette on main street of ranch. All the top brands of fishing guy next largest selection of will be next in when he accessories. But the panel or new shopping list -- thank the backpackers. Of the sponsoring is now for several years and if you enjoy hearing the paneling reports in. By Eackles cardiac patient club Bentsen web site stop and think those folks that the backpack and maybe even -- purchased. It would give them something. Let's congratulate -- about the reported Brendon -- the only joins us now. He's down in -- in the east finishing the falling and number eight it was rescheduled. Was fully get his report Brenda congratulations we got you up on. Radio photo you and your partner Steve -- Arnold you big trophy. -- congratulations. On now well deserved award angle of the year for the IFA. Kayak tour. -- thank you very much on it was a but a wonderful year and you know we we got some great footage and just kind of worked out for them. -- contrition tour for four years and and the kind of all came together forming and then it's been two championships. Reforms. Yeah and despite you having a handicap which is his radio shall not stop you get a late start -- You gotta stop fission that do this report we thank you for that of everybody taken off -- them in Minnesota is still -- at the dock. Yeah I'm I'm. I'm kinda back off there's there's a few people around me and -- -- -- -- but -- -- -- and there's probably about four people were around and everybody can complete support application about it. The sun came up. To where we could see you know probably. Twenty minutes ago and we've been Trisha never sent -- -- -- -- -- a -- which it's well described it out I think the flap is going to be the -- -- Yes indeed it will be that definitely will be the one that separates the men from the boys. All right kayaking and efficient. In some of the other areas what's gone on lost on mountain west and work back to the east where you. With the cold weather I would suggest you -- go and here's some of those areas up north. Turner's day DL entry canal. Are those pretty quick places to get to town you can launch. And a -- point traveled back towards LG facility. And just kind of hang around that term around it's a lot of nice quality fish. A lot of -- Trout read everything connects up -- -- -- day went on the warmer days you can get out there between Ireland. At a bank on the north -- from bird control quality finish a lot of -- up they're great really great efficiently control over there. And what about the highway one in the highway 23 core doors an and a solution on grant dollars leave. This is the times a year where it starts staging in those borrow -- got beside the road to see a lot of the local guys over there attrition from the bank to check kayak you can get up there and you know get a little distance from everybody. And grind it out deepened those holes and contention and that's massive -- It's not uncommon to -- a ligament you know really quickly over there and some of those places the bulk of the better. But you know right now after a drop from you know -- seemed like it was 68 it to begin that we down to the mid fifties. There's going to be a lot of fish net this -- Yeah when you're talking about holes have been tested the really people -- middle variation you know those fish and feel and comfort zone they'll -- move in the some of those areas. Over there at towards hope -- area. I know that dam is a real popular spot as his hope -- lagoon for the panels because it's a little short that place. Yet you nailed it that those -- the two areas got lectures -- -- here get some good reports out there. It'll just only get better until probably. Late December so. Got to go out there and -- a lot of fish a lot of people like to do the low high actual method over there and hoped it would in the apartment couple. Plot to control around those -- flat -- -- on them in the post up that interest and -- until the judgment about no start all over again to get momentum for that area. And -- from may be O combo of trip where you might be able kitchens fresh and saltwater fish. No surely punch trying to got a couple little bunnies and by use up all for the lake and. Yeah yeah exactly go at some of the the bigger. Nobody's come until it popped straight on the North Shore up into the upper reaches of those bodies kitchen bath. And then get out to the to the lake and fish around the mouse or honor Trout bridge on the grasslands or they yeah. They dial amount of those bodies trivia winner and then even you can go into areas like -- -- now. They catching fish on the colder days so there's lot opportunities to post a town. All right now fallen tied eight -- on this weekend what's the next event for the by -- coast kayak fishing club or any tournaments the panelists. We only got one more event this year and that's -- yet tournament that Korea are Trout stream internment that's going to be go -- and marine. And it's like 6 AM to 6 PM grind it -- -- -- 6 AM to six to equal. -- puts a nice day. Yeah exactly. But usually some pretty quality truck over there you know Dylan. -- beach today and so I'm -- and want to get triggered he can even go into the east Blackmon. We've added that the boundaries so what position at that time year over there. I'm not going to be in two weeks and then today you know the weather's gorgeous over here war clarity -- -- charge. Lots of huge. Slot red just everywhere guys -- -- Little and big -- but there'll wolf football we are all real. I don't wanna remind folks -- registration deadline for that way yet tournament is actually is that tomorrow is that correct. -- you -- I think it was rescheduled because all the time it took a minute and read certain. Check it out it's on its on the website BC TMC dot -- -- before you go what is your best defense against that is. Overland long sleeve then and -- in Europe where it's you know trial -- amber romance small slaughter in. Could be whatever bring it on anything better. A you arrived. -- -- best of luck to you again congratulations on your angler of the year. Thank you -- -- All right hopefully we'll have some good results from the fall -- time next week we talk and catch on and on our web page on my web based on the out those guys that come each month we have a different Al -- opinion poll in the this -- dealt with a preference. Our listeners have fourteen innings do you prefer -- in the morning. Or the evening each has its pros and cons morning hunting if you go -- the economy is a lot of times those you've been spending the night and you food plot Peter. -- walk in the stand you busted big on -- all very early. Advantages if you do bag a deer with a bowl. Rifle and you've got blood trail all day to find. Even then honing. Pro is you get out there at 3:34 o'clock. Both for those evening here come out and you can catch him right before dark. That works out pretty well -- disadvantages. You going to be tracked in the dark makes it that much harder. Anyway I asked so which do you foreign 60%. -- I prefer those morning -- 40% say evening it was kind of steady like that throughout the whole month. We're gonna close this one out on Monday so you just got a couple more days to weigh in on -- and by the way if there's something you'd like us to put on there on the opinion polls so you can get a feel for how other sportsmen feel about things. Just on the web site is a contact botnets to send me an email and tell me what an agent like the outdoor opinion poll to -- and if is enough interest in working -- loaded up. Dateline and Oklahoma. City a two page spread in this July 2012 issue of a master magazine. That included trolls these photographs of bucks that was shot in Washington State. And then up get an Oklahoma City guy and trouble. The book masters magazine article led to a tip that a lot of these cases those audit from. Operation game thief and tips to programs this is another one. That prompted the federal and state officials to conduct an investigation. Investigators determined that the deer were illegally killed in Washington then shipped to Oklahoma. And that the suspect didn't have valid hunting license in the locations that the article cited. Carl McCormick 26 of Oklahoma City was charged with illegally transporting -- And black tailed deer antlers in interstate commerce. And pleaded guilty to a -- McCormick was sentenced to a year of probation. He's also gonna pay a 500 dollar fine after pleading guilty to illegal transportation. While life and interstate commerce known as a violation of the Lacey act as part of his plea agreement. McCormack also agreed to pay 2500. Dollars into the Lacey act -- account. That from the judge -- federal judge make you -- the judge is this case of what I term -- and the I know this if satisfying news. Big ego and riveting two ex -- is illegal deeds. -- McCormick 26 of Oklahoma City probably. Would not be. Bad boy. The outdoor. What is it about those -- and who. And as more women did -- running I guess we gonna have more women getting involved in them that change. Boys and -- Of the outdoors tonight coming back got to put a couple of really guys gals this week. And also with a nice guy Ryan -- that we had a good time Gary Krauss my photographer recorded at all. You can see you know the short feature on the fishing game report -- web site. And we get to talk more bottom fact he's probably back out there and that same line this morning I'm having looked down the highway Tony there. -- some of that fall analysts areas Brian lamb and hey Ryan how you don't as more. You back in back in the saddle again though. Can't keep you out of that march 'cause Logan Dylan is she recovered much needed to work ardea. I didn't I didn't corner yesterday. I would try to climate or. Ordered there's no way that the bridge is just which so it is our order so -- easy and some days which you know directing -- -- -- -- that a lot of water that -- -- ago. It was good we thereby yesterday yeah. I need six more to mourned a campaign by a hundred joke with the -- to -- -- call. And united vaguely that it actually the big bird could whom they called suckered. Would go back to lead. Net did you go into one we hundred of that little one off to the side with a missile mini docs porn in the small. -- be deported again. At least went there where that line right -- got one right. Padilla the only bit like that back corner so mark while others are going to be wouldn't -- -- what kind of birds Yeltsin is on stilts on little blue wings and lord of the word that the more believers -- -- that's a little different. And in you know doing dreaming. You know I guess I didn't get their ducks won't -- early you know you got full moon you it -- -- yet. Figured. -- article shall bring more. Airport are. Look forward export rule would have written it in -- -- At least in the market today -- had a lot of fun with Albertine -- in and mind well you know. Was is so much fun Watson and then you know you're -- and around -- with a great. Idea at all sure. -- Senate until a -- Herbert green. World can you hustle back. Hole. I'm doing it won't -- that. You're. On your card. Oh yeah yeah yeah analysts differently. Cigar and and that would read that. Yet I found out -- And it's so different is it not -- -- on its final round is a look at its normal guys do beautiful women in camel -- shotguns and did ducks and -- it -- to violence it's great news. And then what is it you know institute Cuba -- Our sport that we got their children and women and everybody involved in this. And -- sort of people you that was that dissimilar women now you know like -- apparel or now with the with the techniques like like. We all attention right now and with the techniques -- -- on you don't -- the law students all but demolished you don't get a plaque in the morning ought to -- they get away. Well somehow I don't think any of that what do kept Albertine. -- -- -- -- -- -- He yeah she shoots pretty good too much that's great that what the numbers up to now outbreak in the if that you but he wasn't including. The -- I think with the team you gotta be also made an approach and a thousand birds at least. -- -- -- -- Yes that was our 32 and 778 we -- about thirteen hundred. And he. So you I have an improbably again one of the most consistent. People have talked to and other areas. They got really good days like when that front came through and it was a bunch of new birds came in Sodom. They went back the next day -- slow you know. Strong are the limits is that. I read something they on one page book but when it. I would terrible to achieve that is it terrible urged that it is. Well in the world and talk about. Bode well. I'm even think in the -- the ducks is so picky that if every place has decent vegetation they're gonna go to one that's got the best that -- -- -- there -- areas that have great those submerged vegetation and ponds and just not all the ducks that. Evidently you that would. They -- -- we will use you'd you'd -- that -- ago we got them so I mean is just phenomenal. But it that the migration value when we get religiously in and that's what happened to our body heal and you'll see that we depend on that we could you. In -- income you know they did down it would two weeks ago -- was 20000 a million. But you know it is situated immediately. Two in and I didn't rate got a -- that these -- They come and also pick up one to -- become. Or showed up yesterday outcome though that the extra government that -- mass migration of the extra. -- -- also got reports -- some reports that would try out showing up in the river represent weighed down and venison they kind of work that way up close to the border. And independents you know as baby -- -- six weeks now. They had been -- we've got a little bit -- this this split their 40 win situation has really bird river about me. So. Let me get your career in that the bird is sorted that place finish. You know Reagan knows what -- cleaner. It is very clear that of course would have to. -- giant tried to -- -- But it's not advocates in London speckled Trout fish. -- but -- this -- like time in years is that they have. God goes -- in a sportsman. You don't get a better act. You know another advantage you've got there's two I don't every memo -- with you where you present leases all the years evidently being bothered by and that's because it's so much fresh water -- -- -- -- dealers would go outside and get a couple of days -- waited. -- -- did call. Seventy degrees I mean we should begin I'd seen one yet -- scope of one. Yeah I got -- -- just in case should. Well you would go by the board that especially at the -- You know that's a good thing they have that -- you aren't you know that could be a few but it's not like other areas that -- miserable you can't stand. Don't know where were ordered Arco you know you're -- regret would put it. Well I know you've got a lot of Balkans in January got a few left -- the the second split maybe even some sort of before this first linens. And you got. Probably the best upcoming reports of any Wednesday right now somebody wants to give him on that and then maybe double up and Google asked the -- later on. Let's tell them how to get in touch with. Did they couldn't go to the -- try to cage and Chris and the bench is what they could Coke you know -- -- all the rubble sort of muscle -- Bible or try 59. 111. Since then and again it's been a bucket if you can you just -- one step in the -- -- what can put it on people. It's hoped it would it's pretty pretty patient got cars so that because it. It's all good Melissa I don't know if I'll get the -- -- -- -- -- the team -- -- on my behalf thank him again come about handle a lot of fun with them. And look forward to doing the worker worker. Okay have a good one in will be in touch. There. All right. Yeah value beyond as soon right vehemently -- that's captain -- calamity cajun fishing adventures. We come back out on the -- -- authority when it -- two hours ago I had in our recapping what we've been talking about for the last couple of dollars below what a lot of different opportunities. A lot of events going on them efficient report away brought to you and point buys seats ago. There called triple -- on the water they'll come get your Bartoli -- when he was seven. -- you'd jump start fuel drop but that's all need to mostly what you get from Zito piece of mine known that there there if you have a problem on the war. Visit and had seen dash told dot com. Call 800 the number four seats ago only 169. A year coverage. That -- -- told dot com. I fresh water reports are a good Jeff says jump on -- one of the best places. All the water in north winds helped that out Spinner -- good they try a few going to be stationed there. Also for you panelists we've talked to Brendon -- yard. Those borrow pits when you drop down highway one on the right hand side seals it between pollution on Ingram now. I don't market's tight but good places slip kayak. Get off the side of the road in the Eagles on you know we can catch the retention from. But also to flounder speckled -- moved -- should do well down there. We also got report from Mike Gallo now a lot of places to issue -- eastern side over there channel -- wall as a place he's been patient. The drop off -- and speckled Trout. The causeway in these column conditions and a good time it rains it's going to be an excellent day. Maybe two days ago after those bishop Chris Robertson and catch in 41 speckled Trout. Nothing under nineteen inches that -- some beautiful finish at the bottom of the filings. You can access it from Amanda -- Madison noble launches. Now also give -- captain Mike Gallo Biloxi marsh also produce and make sketches -- fish and Trout in those areas there. -- the main canals on the ledges and also -- in theory coupons. Now grant dollars that's where captain now -- says to really concentrate your efforts there. Over and hope they always talk England Sanchez in -- that places on fire of the best action you can catch finished. All over the -- emotional over the air but the best has been. That area between Della crow and hope dale in those ponds -- -- has come in media planning a lot of debate some places no longer have watched him. They've got him there at the Britons -- arena as far as them hunting. We've got the the west zone is opening up this morning for duck hunting that may bounce back some of those stocks that. Left the coastal areas due to depression so to areas open. Ducks are going to be more on the moved in next week we've got the east on opening up today that you honors in both the east zone Louisiana. Also Mississippi they -- season opens up today. Plenty of deer hunting opportunities. Modern rifle season opens up an area for which encompasses. A big big area it is also -- moyers opened up well archery. Primitive weapons are okay. Some areas have literally run some is going to be able to later on but this is a good day that. Get out there were in the woods in the marches steal and called the -- running. Also a few small game on good days ago about -- and get some of the bushy tails squirrel. And the rabbit. Today is and it's all on right now in this time of the year fall season along the gulf -- things get good fresh water. Salt water about a piece of the puzzle it's really black and and now brought up this morning offshoot of the nation wins it does not -- conducive to getting out there. And of course with the limited a number of species that you can again. You've really got to pick the right days sometimes to make successful effort to go out there. After the -- -- species well on the comic guy take whatever right yeah what's going on in good. That's what I'm gonna participate in this weekend would in my going to be done I don't know I'll make up my decision later could go after those quail that opens up today. Deer season well it's modern fire are on time. In out there and also want depending on. Other duck reports go -- -- and a minute to outline more Mormon who knows I know or -- next week if you've got an idea of two on Saturday mornings. Every Saturday morning beginning at 5 AM. Right here. We say good -- to our affiliate stations. Welcome aboard those of you who -- joining us on three WL thirteen fifty. All live streaming on on the outdoors guy that -- speak in -- specs and more with Todd masks -- At 8 o'clock it's hunt fish talked Steve Mac more windy -- Lyle Johnson we gonna be discussing. Women in the outdoors so you next week be safe and emigrate week.

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