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11-16 7:10am Don Dubuc, Speakin' of Specks

Nov 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- had -- Goes this week no question about it I mean once again hear about it that it they'll grow. On this beautiful -- more. Four -- accountable and I did not. 44 dead yesterday on Donald our commandant of the wind forecast at that point was it -- morning. But -- At some suspicion that might be you know look the weaker the winds really died yesterday afternoon. Down almost not an and I got up this morning checked all the -- and really you know four miles an -- -- And hours so. You are now looking out by a terrible is a very very slight rebel I'd say media -- five mile an hour wind somewhere in there. Not dead calm but it's it's it's pretty close to it lots and lots of votes -- -- today the the -- parking lots of boat packed with with trucks and trailers so lots of people are taken manages. This beautiful day you know obviously it's not a great. -- -- -- Some -- he -- not been really a really bad the despite not win not surrogate via the -- guys excited but. And the that had been -- more that I expected to. In this area the happening at and -- all agree it's it's it's been good for a -- keel would not just product on the a big dogs down yet although -- word is that the economy in you know the typical -- he would -- it's bodies some people do really well on the people's. A popular not do quite as well put down it's -- leaderboard console away and so. Across the coast there is. A whole lot of so quite that states in the water are talking earlier with -- field. -- it's been a problem there fortunately over over on the side of the river I don't know of any places where it's where it's a big problem. It's it's it's the only regret the waters -- that the ducks look the idea that we Democrats and I drove it to the tail -- so. Wants dot they date on a lot of the net and really stick around there -- unit and European. A pretty good season I think. I don't know if you talked to you buddy Chris Roberts was anymore on the show before but the report from him was. Some beautiful big speckled Trout I would call maybe World Series drought over the causeway. And I noticed a lot of boats fish in the causeway on the north side yesterday -- Those flat conditions were perfect sport together tied movement that could be the hot spot of the week right there actually yen. Yeah you're right I -- -- -- called me yesterday afternoon said he uses dropped back from from work on the South Shore and saw two -- both. Slipped out to the boat so. He's -- he's going out there on beta build it in on it and you know this week at this story on captain named Henrik Fauria who actually at. -- seventy speed today. Is being whacked in the is at a read. Not very often costly and it's it's kind of -- read that the he stumbled upon. And I neatly -- some apps one beautiful Trout you know the operative fox expound so. Not the -- is under but but that is for the confirmation that that you know -- probably probably is there probably is hot spot for the weekend. Also got good reports. Finished between. Bible. Actually bought a -- on the south short just to four miles. Deficient still not true believer and -- are still some treatment in the pot to train and it's kind of a got a bite you thought you looked or as service activity will for the birds and it just -- over there and and yeah I didn't accept double -- slash -- with a -- money on the board remains. In a thought on this weekend. Unfortunately he's he's currently battling serious illness but a lot of his body's. -- -- -- and -- it did and in having great success there so. You know it's also pockets -- campaign as we the page on the bridges and -- -- train. But but the cat and a beautiful beautiful crowd some three war. Just solid the ballots -- the -- also people how to make an album like. Suspect the latter bite I'd really -- really tailed off but there's so discreetly probably at this week. A week on Tuesday -- is the FIW aerial -- that was captain Scott Walker and don't adopt the dogs little did open -- the fish would be India and act like he W we started the -- it's in just the way possible Brothers and you know we've got like the visitors with you know which some people call operate its it's a Carolina -- -- that with a saw plastic on the bag. Scott that they accusing a women and make -- -- which it looks. Just like he told Chicago right that it doesn't doesn't read the the -- on the books. But justice -- read all about it that it which could back out. And he a couple of bites -- that was it. You know it's to speak of there as -- lap there is ponds a decent that I -- W. And and a full page now it's got the area I think he's probably yeah probably right is that. You know the -- we've been accused Iraq before the front came through -- series that probably that one was it and what it took Hewitt and knocked it down into the actual people are by W so. Electric rates great option for this weekend as well very good protected water -- to protect award today but you know that there's going to be clean it's always clean it never gets dirty. And it in once once things -- Nicole almost sees it it's opt out of them more forced into the deep water -- W can have some rebuke of the -- catches there. The other options sufficient areas include -- Brothers but also. But you get them out the awards and valued at the issue slip you've got the locks and I think -- That you get the locks on by -- avenue stretching over to the -- rocks in the -- you know as well as well all right against the those rocks to. Lot of good visionary there I'm sure it's sealed the water goes back into the -- which it may be but now. There's going to be some some -- at least in the -- but but I really think that that that deep by it will because it will be -- -- this weekend so. It kind of an embarrassment averages just on the year Vietnamese and so elected to do it's it's almost. There -- how do you pick which unity and -- on news media on negative. Take take part is great support it's in which is really good everywhere record and plan on earlier let's say it is over the -- You know they -- officially -- -- accounts and certainly over here and they'll approach has been fantastic so like you know of course the only punditry as well it's like man -- can't beat -- will be year round. Or at least different areas at different times the wise all have to be at one time the right where you are the best reports I got all week for them like that late and the -- in those areas that between Gallup -- -- -- -- level march there. Not that big big trial like -- kitchen and punch trying. But as far as numbers I don't think you can beat. Yet that's exactly right -- the area it's it's ultimately I think that these bike at the last as well but it. Continental job and not -- duke Apollo. Forcefully. Even -- the league -- -- -- -- all of that that's. That's kind of been ground zero but the effort action lately and it's it is it's a lot of small cities in the -- girl. -- -- -- You know Jack they would immediately say this you really -- -- Trent you know obviously bring it to you -- -- -- the insurance split. You know just just don't know plastic on the court and just be prepared to move a lot you know you get on a -- gets 5678 page. And then pick up the other anchor and move on -- true I think it's an Arafat six sentences in it and move on before -- Uga -- and eliminate you know really really nice box. The bottom in the exhibition against summary it you can't keep and a few reports that there's -- -- bat so well. Silly that they just. You know locked on a lot of options for protection -- one has been beautiful and they'll grow hope they'll this year probably because a lot like grass. That didn't get killed this you know this so what this bill does not want you. Big blow likely at this week. -- -- I think it that there and you know that the good thing. With the wind it would add this week is it always -- you know he's still it was you know it worse it was maybe. Ten degrees is so that was about as far more than -- got and it really worked its way over to it in ninety degrees. Minorities. That puts melodic that's greens -- -- water and you know obviously on the on the west side of the river got reports of just really. -- act I really no respect that the well. It's water he's never seen ever. And I in the back base and so that's that's an insult and you know obviously that. That was suitable material there it's got to come back up and concerts coming back in today but. Over here on the east side of rebel -- I never really gal and low in nine and that matches that is good but the for the business on the year. Well not a million mentioned one of the guests -- going to be joining us so who else is going to be with us. Yeah and also documents and at that level dealers guys incision between them have that many many years captain Charlie Thompson is always great on the radio. Tips. -- it's you can you know it's actionable -- you can put. It is played today in the and had great success strongly in a couple of -- -- and after app to target captain Travis Miller also another regular on the show. Talk about that you large area which and we should be sick of that -- and that is good it's been so many years that. But he is continue to produce traps that are really really good trip yesterday mixed bag. Funny place that the Trout also some reds in bad so that walk on mayor. Then you right now like it we just spread it out of the year make one -- -- each month and spread out all twelve -- that'll be that would be up. Well we did keep the war in February and we just all go down and use it right. Here and and you go Todd this guess I've been on this guy -- long time until it before it was efficient got used to work on my truck is an auto mechanic and talk about captain Henry Henry how you don't vote. Your ego and more -- so you swap your wrenches for efficient rot and. I'd get. Aggregates mama do anti Islamic group of. -- fully understand that and so -- dot. Well no doubt and you know the success yet this week it's -- -- the obligatory Gloria. You know. The biggest story this week on media incredible success you definitely -- some really beautiful -- proudly -- -- I imagine you got it today Angel has beautiful weather. Yet there either promote ball -- -- aggregate current. Yet he can't complain -- and it's certainly beats the thirty and thirty top knot wind we had this week no doubt about that would -- every story. And it has been one. He kind of stumbled on its side that the this three. In got -- -- -- obviously it wouldn't give a GPS court of -- it would -- you to strip along one day in day in just doubled to right. Yeah we have been -- bought the -- 24 feet are and we have been a -- slate which shall paired over here tanner. And unaware that call everybody one stop fermented and -- look at. The -- partnered them only eleven feet you greeted eighteenth sixty feet you know. So -- but destruction and on it go to the intellectual. So I just hit -- mark 100 GPS and that was a couple of months ago and I didn't panic at Buick shell out one out. Appeal of last week's currently. Under the need to try Sharon up and wanna the other they would they would fit -- Yeah look you know that that -- as efficiently budgetary and it's it's it's typically does this stop here also surrogate spraying. It's it's -- to find the surrounding area a lot of people out of the to the bearish that an artificial reefs and some concept great success and sometimes don't have. All against -- one BT two -- to do well on the streets. -- if you look I have. A structure can't. And if you look at that you can -- -- a ball between the bottom and that obviously -- cloud of mystery. You can debate ball ninety -- content -- bigotry strong. Yet that's that that advice really fit in anywhere in the collection you know look at the debate but. Excellent well we talked this week at the if we're not holding directly over the -- on the edge of. Yeah yeah but I do I would I'd crawl spew out and all bark and it period. It would drop all the -- I would. It must -- repaired drove toward the child. And -- country lord and it cracked you know unit which YouTube and Andrea and act in and you could -- the -- law. And you agree that it would follow the pitch it out and analytic thought. Well. Obviously it's days it would it would take all other days you could even feel -- I mean. Look like -- probably in the warm. That it's not going in the wrong from the odd because. It was good I mean Gary -- parliament a collective breath that -- law. Right well you know looks set to free when in doubt he says is that no question about it. I -- -- you know -- it's not only not in this thing what you visits also also it's I think you've got some. So there's that opposite maybe 67 pounds in that area. Yeah yeah I'd say I'm actually on the call that morning and I'll -- haven't -- so far. But smaller -- -- you know nineteen into the biggest it is 22 and I right now. Yes that's that's fantastic so obviously -- dot -- did earlier in the opener that that the possibly by his serve on as well. I know that's that generic usage a whole lot particularly do in the other troll thing. Yeah yeah I haven't had a chance great control and product yet god because the -- in Japan Hungary. Right you know. Each. I'll -- this morning and I'm actually out through a number paint current year by 8. I am you know midnight mollid matrix would that purple. -- -- rhetoric and diluted take it and then also. I was drawn out pink champagne. And I would I'd dated may get detailed structure. I don't have the that you weren't yet sure true -- in -- he -- that the by. Are you feeling naked but they would not that there. You know that have been 78 pound away you know doing it by about three quarters. Of them -- all four on. That way it would provoke further back it would detail and that would keep 100. Upheld the pulpit there. But it got to be like a little tiny bit right now I would that would that mean that -- a OK you know what do it is you know as far as pattern are you pitching teapot but it backed the boat is kind of business slowly -- Odds this morning Tom dart into politics -- -- it is. There on the northbound on the bridge today. 90% of -- -- -- without bomb. Today every -- Terkel has come all the northbound side. I'm drawn out -- shop for all the pollen that it hit bottom. And do you want a cute little ball got a real fact he had to be -- it you know put you on the bottom. You and another one -- two little bombs. And that it -- OK physically. And toward the -- Right now it's. Can be pushed toward -- I'll get another -- under -- Last week -- -- get them toward amateur -- strictly toward the people grieve. And you -- a lot -- there. Yesterday today -- water. Yet it was strictly today it's strictly non they felt pretty good oh I -- -- -- an apology and have caller today has -- war. Right so it worked great little bit spoke today you shoot you shoot at the. You know it's amazing how much that water temperature -- with that that would that -- is -- very very argued openness on the year it's it's you know obviously but usually cold. The question about a bit by Henry accident site on the costly and it patrolling by. It seems like maybe toward February but it and yet you catch them even -- on the Euro there. Yeah yeah Powell. The big girl Heatley it's February march April may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which most people -- again at a -- a fresh war. But -- -- I'll print or. You know weight room marina -- troll and on and kept. But if the media is -- -- on the -- I doubt I'd tell myself that yes absolutely great tip and you know close Obama obviously but yeah. -- -- -- What about the public about the regional party that does -- they it is a -- -- so bad the Arctic to reach the idea that stayed put and I. Yes and patients stay there and bill Crabtree dropped probably count them forty about the forty. In LA and the land -- you know yeah. Yeah okay all right but to place them some good. That was particularly dollars as my outlet -- Andrea we had. -- let you back to you deficient today we and -- appreciate you doing it's it's somebody wants to double talk with -- he didn't consummate. -- -- actionable additional bad in the region. I can reach Vietnam eight not to -- 9965. Or -- -- kept your great book www. Great book dot com -- trophy truck orders. You got it right. I'd -- out. Okay Henry we'll see you later today and -- a guy out really efficient out of the box -- -- troll and -- the river. I'll find an artificial reefs. New zone EPS and also by depth finder on communal guy you know tries different things and -- that's the way sometimes it pays off the old tried and true method sometimes also true. That you write about that -- got to think outside the box and discover new ways of get to pitch in new areas and you know what what Henry said as far as instantly upon. That artificial -- that just. It is such good advice of people you know in -- people at times that of the -- on your -- and -- right now but even you know in the spring. This occurred and they just -- -- Adobe's these basic design of these birds a business trip here would have a world. How does the reason that that the trial would have put the the trip to the service that particular area in -- -- -- by the holding -- on oyster -- as something down there. So it's never a bad idea that you let the market you GPS area there as we get to -- even on the birds because you don't know what's so it would without below. -- and you know one of the good ways to fund a lot of those keep telling people this -- much trained fishing and recreation god it's got all the -- that has got all the Reeves has got the GPS coordinates for them because one of the hardest things to keep up all the -- we markets -- -- -- -- -- that -- and it it's -- have a tendency. And that one of the people find it a lot -- -- but somebody's got a big collection of -- -- -- your garage. -- got right. And Charlie Thomas also with us now in the east vision in one of Louisiana's hottest spots Charlie you don't. Today. You know that you're on water yes where. Are you a big -- this year in in one young lady with being. At it Charlie you gotta be enjoying the conditions today -- really beautiful day are beautiful and does wonderful. Yeah that was you know I don't sit here at at the docket no approach -- that is not -- -- -- -- I was surprised about it but obviously via their mobile area. Yeah well it's this horrible latest. A little -- due respect -- -- -- -- actually in the but not yet efficient really and lately can't vote right like beta today and bless you pay attention dispensed spectacular I mean it's just been unreal mean. Political aspects grid and from. Every day I mean really nice Trout on an already -- Close the living on we -- about -- money. Shipping or nature. And -- slowly. Charlie over the -- badly and -- -- you don't lot strip out. Yeah I'm sure. We use -- on court you just officials. I had it seemed like. And structure. That -- like Beatles were going to be structures on the court and work out there that you -- sure that there. Right okay well you know to look at it this week -- in late supposed. What kind of in there is it that it can be able -- -- with what it looked like there looks gorgeous. -- that load didn't blow out of the northwest. You know blew up in the north and northeast shall we -- that really. Rude Edwin. There is water -- and actually on our talks about it actually speed now in a -- Really really hi hi all we and so are the waters as I mean it's part of produce lasting almost all year and you can eat solid and the bottom. Fortunate war. Right you know that that job with everything have been here all week same deal you technically like big parties until the water just did not -- -- -- record certainly do. On the west side of the river and you know -- water in the fall. I know you're not talk about it Tibet Taiwan in the fall is. It is is that this threat no question about it but but it was swept the academy what would you look at -- of the you see a lot of people are you efficient bodies cuts would. -- efficient so -- What they want now. -- -- Work you know under court it about maybe two speaker and efficient -- -- -- on the point that -- and in major lakes. Are -- because it's not that I am an ankle official ball to the official Obama. But lately that with the political warming trend if we've got into. The -- But it's moved out on the in the late and a -- on the where the current front and the bank and in any of those points to kind of spoke out a little bit the picture on an -- this year and with the all of them you know and the entire bank Lee camp but do. OK to reap what you. As stated in the economic bite you put them but the -- down. It's just that out and pick it up again is that -- -- I efficient. Outside and again got you don't like they can you put upon toppled kept if you get up and. -- goes quickest. At. That point -- -- it'll be either or whatever -- Okay -- -- that you like to being -- maybe you know thirty in the mood and same thing and and is it true really you know. -- That's study commission is is more fun in my opinion and even the stupid fish and no doubt about it like have to work at least a little bit form -- Charlie. You that he gets a good number drama they because it got it from which you like to take over it get a big -- you. Does not deal -- in -- that. It'll keep an evening news Leo -- to audiences or eighteen inches and but -- like this morning I mean I mean again I really count them yet but I mean it probably close to -- -- leaner and now. On the drum we've caught probably four multiple red. And and the -- Montreal. All the struggle. I'd tell you appreciate it really odd. It's been an average size speculate that it. That just don't really like almost perfect you know and then we'll -- you know -- Maybe album of yes it was on Internet -- -- problem nearly duplicate those three minute before commanders everyday material. I talk about -- back closer to to the more this year it does just that on a small as a lot of throwback kind of depict the world don't you find out areas well. Now there's no action that it trawler which. At notre -- on Swedish you know. It's -- you know but as. North -- more action shortly catch her signature -- much you know it's nonstop action fantasy go out but the problem as an ideologue probe actually cared about the unbelievable trip to now. And you bring it down and do that now you know brush stroke extremely groups are a little bit longer run and -- no one official sanction them to know that the deal. So many people and coaching college. Right what kind of you've been I think I charters lately that. You open -- Hugo want this and you know you'd be drawn -- date if it is that bike -- on yet you think alike. Absolutely. It is without a I mean the -- Right now is that and now well I mean it's actually it's. It it's probably the best right now mobile years right now that body -- it's really really good. Really just a lot of twitch and unreal and then. You know work and it just really like almost like you were taught -- verticals. Bryant. They've really I mean really cute fish and they're really. There really been -- -- Yeah we know that. That bad debt I think by Italy seems to be a lot better when the water's pretty like you mentioned that it is now and and also dropped by and it's it's much better when they strip the vacated the march at the EC in any strip but -- -- -- -- a threat really aren't. But the job and everywhere are being there -- in the year and but -- a little quicker and it was a really nice (%expletive) beat the enemy was spared the conditions just perfect. And saw the spot or this morning where it's just leave him and the -- -- out war where a couple more elaborate on the. That's that that's great the eggnog and focus -- more India in the inland areas and we haven't penalized this year to hold onto all night. But not a lot different that that Charlie on an earlier that he's got a couple -- reports from the media from the league amity area have you heard I think from there you can sell. That's right back and arm we we don't -- their. People in there. But that people -- can't program. Auburn there and -- and -- aren't -- yet they've got a lot of really nice in and -- pull it out but it certainly MD and that amount of the and and what we call it. -- -- profit. The problem. Now. To recommend much as well particulates that maybe inexperience is meant to get more prevalent that. But what I would do it out this would bring locker because that you think our officials are probably well you know -- -- Yet it's it's -- all the insurance you know it's available as well taken its it's cheap insurance for Beatrice. Which I like that opera's always we appreciate the report elected that you he lives but it does -- wants to -- -- book which are thought that it. Are urged captains to dot com -- way to do this just. Putting capital account and -- come on tool and you can look up and compression where we -- they opened December. Well so that's outstanding assuming that you. It's an outlook earlier in the next year's. And then end the great wall you know it's just been it been now. Yeah elements that it no doubt about it it's just a great on the year plenty plenty good pitch and -- to come. Obviously you might have to -- -- they are here in Lebanese Lebanese or cold fronts but but they'll be too much -- -- tell itself. Good luck throughout the day. I think the great. Okay Charlie will talk to you next time and not a million if you compliment to get all those talking about cycle -- has got to have you on each and get out there this week one marine and get in the dealt a cruel but before you go got to talk kept Travis and he joins us. Travis how are you. Well doing really well -- -- -- teaching them. Well it back that the case in point that you can expect Trout. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And provide an -- we kind of working around. Look at person read accurately. It would have been in my bat and read yet because we're honored that one met -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah popular particularly. The is still on the duck blind no question about it but Travis what. What the patent and down on the you know you know that that the -- -- so for so long is it still. On Centre right away so what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amendment today had been been beautiful but they're still in the late. But been on and most of our fish in between. The late and the winner holes you know -- in the bodies that cuts in and and now we toward the winner holes and that's where. Most of these pitchers in inspect. And a lot on the incumbent on cork on -- just strip creole matrix under court. In that manner pay what they they've been suspended in detention. Anywhere from 656 -- a water. And. You know of it and paste into ten to twelve -- water the court spin and the best way to deal. The only practice or at this week you know a lot of people don't even think efficient quart of water that deep you know particular that the ten to twelve -- side -- Opposite Scott Walker and indeed does that a lot Ito's court so that the water and you know -- -- people leave it did that and effectively test is sensitive -- as you know several top of my own eyes but it is war now at work doesn't make sense. But at that point does so that's some for people like you monitor it and to -- this is weekend. A -- -- -- in the basic between the -- areas in the winner's really makes between the big big -- as we can think to start law he's got to figure it. I think doubles in the -- said that you know alleviate its its technical people winner. -- -- Result of this in those areas I mean is that the -- -- from the debt for being ego -- Where -- -- what -- A substantial I debated in real realize real -- -- it been like. Let -- Certainly after that big blow like duke wins out because that one out here. When they are our water just went. He later in on the and we were pretty shallow water the water can actually drop the 49. Hole now. -- shocked because I looked at the belief that this electorate that like. They get it to -- here at six but I got in my -- It was 349. And I -- -- the water so cold in low. On the Trout would -- And but the British were apps which stack. We just find it look like a cut I mean I did that our cooldown on -- and we -- Preliminary read in no time. But yesterday. You know -- I was sure what was gonna happen but that water jumped 58 but we got a lot water back in. And -- -- yesterday to lead we're down -- now. And the pattern is in a lot of movement water and it's been a little bit different you normally grow up and -- it now. We bids start at about even in let mr. down -- and leaving yet most of our bites want. Once that date is behind the -- so right a lot under pop the cork up per. -- and. And and that's been the pattern it's probably been the pattern for a the past few weeks probably about like. You -- I've seen a lot of -- that the case where you go for it than you might as what you when you're dragging the court open. It keeps that it is that saw -- -- there kind of suspended movement like bullet that would that we sometimes that's the case. The panel also a little bit illogical but but but some got to work habits were the work you can't complain. Not -- -- Is it that you mention that that the water really loud. -- -- big front we had this week and then in and it. Brees quickly -- did that -- bit. It all on there's a -- game we've been mission are making it look like drinking water it's so clean. And so with the wind it -- -- dirty little bit but not much you ought. And then yesterday came back in the same area and it was crystal clear again so. Right now that has been below her you know five days straight. And take our water out for that long I think it is trying to help without -- now water level is pretty -- Actually where now it and you're get ago. Let's get the it would on the Trout and -- on the -- today decides he has not been angry that. It -- accent you know got to have a particularly that the people and it would by the sides of the issue and large they've been they've been being picked -- -- -- -- -- We got to get past on announced are off. I did I eat at a portal they would proceed in green Trout certain element and. That I'd have been really did. Two weeks ago cut. We had to -- that we and a one point 12 minute -- hot streak counters. And we've been that couple threes per day and on average only been about sixteen. Seventeen inches you know you pick up a couple 20/20 -- Man and maybe -- night we probably about ten or -- flat broke back this morning. Right at that eleven and three quarter mark that you love yeah you know and I mean it's been real -- you know we've been -- -- Trotter and. About spies had been on the real. You know on an aptitude -- You catch in the past is in the ponds almost like efficiently at this is that the is that it would be. Upon the more -- think now also it. Yet there in the canals and pond it still a lot of graft but. Pit crew working as we line in it I mean I. Crazy how many pastor or -- right now -- -- -- far out they. You know a lot of time when I go -- -- -- got to -- typically at -- you know we're in the north. Not been fixed in north sodomy on in the and the -- sit out there that the bread and and and I really did yesterday. A couple of and would cut 1515. Keeper -- you know pound it out and about so while a reality. Island crisis it's a great eating in you know. People squeamish about the combat -- is no no reason not to keep as the others marked as I can get -- being so let it really be on the track of what it would April but the bad. -- that outlined an agreed order nature channel quarter ounce agent. It's -- -- I -- that I line yeah and what's nice is you know have been keeping it pretty simple because red. You know we're we're at bat and read in the same area actually -- a couple -- and fingers too and. But they've been they've been back at. -- He would we accidentally hit it Trout clockers. -- -- -- that let you and the -- had been down force you know not well. Being a lot of the early in an anxious -- you know we two point six the other day while. And so I mean we've been hit some -- and they did median on a lot Pau eats. Same with the trial a lot of shrimp up in the march at all. Com but it kind of bogeys. And the red -- like -- the other day. Everyone in the attitude -- it it's like they're grizzly bears you know get rid of the Internet -- write it down and yet ball. Hope he's everything in this them. Righty good when he -- just the great on the years in the you know not that you are needed because it's been great down effort. At least a couple years now and you know kind of like broken records say it all the time that man to another double -- and ignorant but that's no doubt about it it will look as if you type via defense in the -- down before we do. Let people -- that it thought that it did it with -- they want book tour. Sounded -- he gave me a couple of 95916434. Or on the web. -- pastimes fishing charters -- Miller stopped all right -- -- let's get back a -- good luck with the press today Travis but it does have a bill. It yet you're one of these days or download it. Yeah sounds good to me. All right time I guess that's about this though he got left to do. -- -- It's literally can't vote like the night not an option technical people daylight today. My traffic still love busy over them waterways. And it's nobody watching now. It's it's wide open but I get to -- on -- coming back in Baghdad three guys actually cute -- I think he would come in with with a full -- -- looked like they got there. They're eighteen dot does get the seat but. So beautiful out here like reform the water again media -- -- -- spot now and it blows but it's going to be give me a picture perfect day it was an end you wanna get out I want down here and it's really really nice. Yeah you know it's important indeed have the sunrise when you duck -- and when you finish in the mean you can -- light do you -- point of all the traffic all the boats trying to squeeze -- and are you scream and Holler at the -- launch an all. But in non you know now you got to look nice people sliding go about your business no. Way -- -- -- right. I will talk to you next week great show thank you back. Good luck and you trip -- he's headed out this two I don't know Forest Lake maybe. Oak river who knows of the back from -- coming back after this break. I.'s hunt fish talk Steve Wendy Long Island me we're going to be talking about this influx of new women entering. The outdoor sports of honing in this. Very interesting topic in will be back with -- right after this pause you listen to more outdoors I'm going to be good Saturday morning from three WL. Radio thirteen fifty.

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