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11-16 8:10am Don Dubuc, Hunt, Fish, Talk...

Nov 16, 2013|

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From the three WL it's more outdoors we've done did you. Hot conditions and all things outdoors we've -- call 2603776. That's 2603776. Here's your host Don didn't. And welcome it's another addition of more outdoors this being the third Saturday of the month it is time for a whole fish talk roundtable discussion with outdoor writers all Johnson. Steve back tomorrow and this week's moderator. The by -- woman AKA windy -- hello gang how -- -- good morning. -- -- Somebody's looking on the road about July. Oh yeah -- here. All twenty incher and look at it hold. It -- an issue. -- and I own mustn't we got the there with a Stevie Johnson only reason anyway might -- cell problem. Me or what to let you know sounds like you've achieved. -- enroute to open or that they -- -- Oh. DC area for purposes you have been called a man before. Or. That. Well when it's all business moderate. It out -- in morning gentlemen -- -- Donna -- Yes -- you have what it bull it's an excellent at it really it's been here I'd I don't know a lot of -- Analysts say and that it's it's kind of a hit and miss situation some areas so limits every day quickly. Some areas limit some days and other days -- slow and in some -- science my own worst seasons. They've ever witnessed so I don't know you figure. Well and Kellen Theriot then. Was honing in pointless hash which is right across the Mississippi -- some -- We took us three hours for. Five of us to kill a thirty -- limit. Or tool which world women harness which we're going to be talking about and also honored income Norman last Sunday. Three of us got thirteen we -- got a full limit that somebody's gun fell far. And that was me I'll allow you had to play the game you shoot until you miss an -- McConnell and we had three guns work and I think we would have got to limit -- Well that's fantastic -- has not been acted around here -- that you had a chance behind. You know when I have not thought they -- and -- -- off all. -- about what I figured but you know it is thought they'd get my Connecticut investment airing your daughter's. While -- have you been hunting at all. Well who spoke to go with by actually land that in bill crow but he talk. Cruelties and you're having had bird. Sort of more than crept in particular she's stepped on soccer -- -- He now well that's kind of been the story around this area K. I'm hoping that for everybody loved water fountain at those numbers in praise and let me welcome everybody to this edition of hunt finished top. -- this morning we're talking about women in outdoors and more specifically women hunters. And Hillary search announced they would political figures like Sarah Palin of course everyone has issues big -- And a celebrities like Eva Longoria and the first lady of hunting -- -- about one -- I think that. Women runners that are in very good company. Earlier this week in National Geographic magazine online. Came out with a piece about the increase in women runners across the nation. And according to that article. In the -- statistics from 2011. Shaped it. 11%. Of all honors -- women. Allen may not seem like the big number but that number was actually -- 25%. From. 2000 ethics. So first woman. Mentality -- were you able to fund the war. Recent statistic. Either for the nation or for the day. Well it does I don't think for the statement for the nation you know 11%. As opposed to 9% in those six on only a five year period. It jumped up considerably. It's a point 5% increase in a six year period between all five and eleven. And if that trend continues. It knows where it'll stop. End you know I think this is a good thing they also found that 55%. Of the women on this very interesting. 55%. Said the biggest incentive to get them the go hunting. Yes. -- -- -- meet Connors 15%. Of a while only 17%. Of the men. Gave that answer that to me was very very surprising. And and very telling how many. 55%. More than half. At the biggest reason it will go hunting was meet the other one was to be close was mentally. Which you know I think the men probably responded pretty well -- that to open. I just thought that was surprising you know instead of all it's good to be out in nature and it in the environment and oppression and the exercise and it was it was it was the -- by. Jimmy Connors. Which is nothing wrong with -- at all. No of course not absolutely not -- mean it is is really really battle that we reached at Indian on historically have they. Steve did you find a more recent statistic. Or female black and increase and they now hunting licenses in -- day. Now I don't know mullah. Coasters -- are enough. Well. -- and an honor they that would. -- -- -- So put it -- -- -- I don't Wear it on or. Off the. You know. While -- -- really hoping he'd get that information from the department a lot -- fisheries -- I think misunderstood the question. And by the time that the information back it was pretty it was all about fishing licenses -- -- out of my house they looked at hunting in -- fishing back. I never got the information either that -- -- lobbying and -- if you did you get well. -- -- here in Florida and got no response. Book club he would pick. Column five his -- just patrol the state and even. New York. There. Liked both of female country. Probably about 11% and the and so not -- and it is 20122000. Certainty. And you don't -- it is the biggest problem in the sun sentinel a couple of stores from mutilated in New York vote. That we continent. They were very happy your victories schools lately do it. -- As well. -- that he apparently in that kind of -- Let pampering and a little more personal and I think at that moment and don't how many women runners. Are in. You know your circle of family are quite acquaintances. I don't have a lot of close women friends that are hunters. Do you wanna mention that at apple writers conference in August. I've gotten to one of outdoor writers Renee had not got to know her a little bit better and other -- I mean you really inspires me she balance sheet -- you know with and then. She -- deer and -- hard and she ended condom she does double deal initially claimed them -- budget processes and she doesn't help things in. Actually she invited me again deer hunting -- -- with the next weekend of feedback and work that now that. Steve what about keeping your -- circle of friends that you know any avid women hunter. Well I don't know. So sure. You know locked up. -- are. All. Right -- -- great heritage. -- ball all all -- Don't at the collar but it. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- At all. Into what. It. -- What might have an opportunity to learn a little bit more about her later ship that. I want aunt in -- all have you featured women 101 nation tour and you articles and -- -- -- questions for you is do you expect anything different away from those interviews with the women. He's an interview with -- -- hunt. Well we all Covert or we'll probably going to have women and now the war. The law traditions so. Bit Turkoglu com to vote -- -- different. -- channel kept exactly future first built machines sushi Google under Russian computers and now I'm. Passionately. And strongly and just like this problem. Gather. And then Mohamed couldn't bring home the you know lately -- Bring a lot for the it is a bit different you know. Columbian -- hauled -- Beat -- in the -- as the marchers but. They're interchangeable. At all. Ladies. Think porn on their pleasure in doing them and they usually -- well in just about there here expect them you know building block rooms. -- -- -- Dressed in the ganging them and even cook undercover Angel compared community here to -- differently -- -- -- will -- That's true we do have a lot more bang. -- a well -- wanna get to Donald Matt questioned about it and it looks like will have to take a break -- -- quick let me just say that. Maybe you gentlemen immaculate as a woman if the -- woman. Is the hunter and even that lack of that one -- hunting with my dad have to be honest and say he never topic issues that girl he didn't teach teach me the time. But I am work in the tank that and that we really don't have time in -- -- to talk about why haven't been honor but if anybody really wants to know more about that. There's an article on my block it by Illumina dot com called triumph over tragedy. Which talked about all of that and I fear that had an -- that I and overcome I'm glad to in you've got to be proud of me for that. I'm -- billion here -- moderator this morning. A long list actually -- -- -- people logged on this Steve Matt and mark it -- and hunt -- pop and we're talking about women hunters. Are their numbers on the rise and line. I'm a woman back and throughout the last conversation -- daddy Don you've probably had a opportunity to -- successful women runners throughout the year and maybe how it was done. Is there a particular story that stands out in your mind make you might share with us. Well before I answer that question I got a question for you. Cannot buy the video rightfully so you'll all content scanning -- so go with. Pop up. Yellow -- in that we can. You going to be funny. -- know is certainly going to be insisting it be funny maybe not but I don't like and go and you can ask us a little bit. Practice under my belt before our well I don't know if you've begun you know latest way to kill hogs with knives and dogs as they him up and the -- stickam with a knife. Well also seeing you know. Than they can outlet that such in this I really don't have any pity so our -- you. Anyway it can take them and take it made on the table. -- -- you know about. That's what the statistics bear. Well when they I gotta tell -- I haven't really had a lot of experience is best in my younger days of hunting with women. In my family I have three daughters. One of them loves to fish. One problem. Somewhat likes to fish. In the other -- done anything at all about efficient as far as hunting the oldest one head on with me. She loves to work the ball she loves to watch it she is nothing against timing. But she will not pull the trigger on an animal and the the other two could care less about running and not into it. Wife never did on anonymous system laws comment. But I'm proud to tell you that that this latest generation Mon one in my nieces who's finishing up our. Degree in veterinary medicine and they'll issue right now is a -- She has her own -- she has climbing stand. And the way she got into of course that dad mom brought them in my nephew brother. Both on it. And -- kind of got a little bit involved in watching them -- but when the boyfriend that she goes out with. Mines that's when she really got into our blessings that. And I think that's a friend that a lot more younger women are getting into -- I don't know why that is making it's just an extension of the you've come along way baby where women into different types of activities. There's more equal footing with men and doing things they never did before them were independent. And I guess that's it the other instance I had it was just this week Thursday as a matter of fact don't we take the fish and game report. Did -- dot com we had two women on. And one is non name is Albert team that -- queen. She's been hunting for a long time she's as good as any man his foreign shot. She's buried now normal waterfall identification she's got to -- -- -- she runs it. She's kind of a lack commenced Paris version -- why do you -- -- -- out like the the other one was a fifteen year old sophomore Dominican high school in New Orleans. She's been honing that Dan has brought us and she was young and this is the last year she got the hunt in the youth on next year's UV sixteen shall have the buy a license but she's a very bankruptcy girly girl if you would she -- attractive or boyfriend also wants. I asked her about hunting experiences she got any criticism from a -- she says yes some of them. You know lose question currently shooting and killing animals some of the most of them they wanna go with me. So I think we're seeing a new era in women entering the outdoors and on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a huge reason. You've been to. -- -- Well it all. More. Adult. World. Don't. -- on. This long and involved. It is wrong. And it. Worked. All. -- Think that the league now. -- The problem. The public. We. Went to the but all of -- -- it is. And they're. Thinking. I don't get. It here. That. Didn't. I -- it. All while here in just probably going to be similar have you noticed an increase. And hunting among without the women seniors are. Well. Sure that's pretty obvious. Now all personal level at two dollars. Both of them glow she's. Greg are actually four -- He's one. Particularly interest in -- and are probably because blah blah Al Gore factor is probably yeah. Focused around creation vote anyway actual. Home. I'm content like now you know for some reason why reduced -- obviously. You know tremendous movement that stole the Wal-Mart which golf ball agreeable to some people national book. Organizations. But what it has gone from. Especially when you're talking about outdoor calendars. Younger generation older generation like that all instrumental more. Some markets -- totally -- and so you know sixty years old source column. Doing so I think it's more like girls. Here's. Generation has where it almost two female -- all follow. Ultimately you know grow smoke related parties that do care at -- that is. A lot of a lot of people you know like. -- more and ask them grow all move. You know in the you know work today somewhat after the latest on that they've all of their -- -- instrument and where do. Well my -- are more palatable way you know I kind of got stuck with -- until my little brother was old enough that. And I just think about it though the last few months I'll I'll have to do was shake -- signs then point out the -- of the past. And I never got that -- you know he just didn't teach me that sent it in that arteries and -- I'm not really hunter yet and this past September and October. I attended two women in outdoors in that are sponsored by on the National Mall Turkey federation and local chapter went to one in bouncy and one in that range. And there were shot and class -- handgun classes archery deer stand that the -- them may. At -- number of women and then there it looked I mean pay dearly. Love it and they were all very willing to share. You know some other stories with me in and some of them I had to do you know I would I thought about it. So -- -- another way for women to be outdoors and in doing -- while he has been in time on mentioned you know with a boyfriend or with her husband. -- but how does that we the what -- -- stop original American mindset is that -- go hunting figure why. You know my big question is there at the deer camp for the that -- Defcon on. -- -- You've been warned that that and again. Are consistent. Law. Com call drew some guys. -- saw our treatment and water balls off -- -- -- -- Hello -- the government actually point that you called. The end of the year. -- -- I've got with clean and -- Remarkable you know -- as his home as well that it felt like she finished. You talk to. Thank you much do you know -- could be in the some -- -- later. In the past and -- -- very -- -- -- god what triggers for alleged incident nurtured an old picture. By and large I think you're right wanna back up to our last segment discussion about. My idea that it typically been the fact that manhunt two -- get away from at all and Donna I want and he's do you manhunt get away and -- 100 years. Cramping well I mean is there room for a woman at the deer camp. What is it. I don't think there's a blanket answer for everyone for that I think in some cases yes. And definitely. Need to get away they go to a hunting camp that's one of the reasons why they goal is to get away from work. Get away from the family. At least for a little while. And I have known husbands and wives that got along great but doing that wife as the -- -- -- anybody here taking taking her with these guys leave me alone. And on the other hand I've known couples one we honored at the deer camp with the Mississippi. Her nickname and it actually became our. Our email address was we called order as soon as the famous Greek or interest. Because she was into it so much she loved to -- on each if you wouldn't think of her husband going to -- camp without her gone wrong there's another couple -- with open view the rose Indian and Sean Krahn. And Jesus go to -- Tim means she's out there issuing walks to work with us through the Verizon scrambles. Look at full woodcock she's gone wrong climb and -- -- Garland she cleans it the issue participate fully in the hunt. And they get along great to do so I think there's no one standard answer for some. Like in other aspects of marriage people need to do things on the role -- -- their own person. And and other couples love to do everything together and that wanted to be separate. -- well we talked about letters from their reasons for. They increase that we -- noted that a lot of the women who are coming into the round of hunting seem to be younger women and part of reason for that I believe is an organization called becoming an outdoors woman or BMW for short. That was started in Wisconsin in 1991. And in nineteen money for believing in the department a lot and fisheries began their via Debbie program. It was an instant sellout and it has continued to bet that these spring with 100. 25 women in attendance and am -- have a waiting list allotted only do one again because it is in such a great demand for. I tried that early years and read it again cop did not -- -- as the day registration opened it but they went and hand deliver. There application and that that a lot that a pitcher I had put a stop to that and now that FedEx overnight. I'm not eating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so the women who attended aspect into a lot of them. Have met in the great things the thing about these these pants and they are die hard Connors and they call in a price that the timing hunting and I was really. Curious as to the reasons why we have mentioned a couple of them but. Some of them quite a few of them talked about how -- they thought that the closer relationship with the state that he you know where -- come from. And that in instill that has greater respect for the lot -- animal. And some women even bacteria relating stories to me and taken their children or their grandchildren on the time and watching him get there. First Turkey on their first the year. But. That means to me like they're really. Touchy -- out of hunting and so again -- have a right to keep going back to generals but. While what do you think are angry and historically that -- have pocketed. I mean and you know he's saying that these things like you know hunting state for the table and I think it's become about fourteen but these men. For the angry and -- and it. Some sound exciting things sometimes -- different you know on your own trucks for follow Obama do original rock. He -- -- callers should though. Beaten world is probable favorite. Law and being involved at all in the you don't just different though offered -- -- god go home to school. Well just to be really give them out -- and -- little extra salt in the wound up. I think it's pretty much so insulated and no one -- and your cappuccino. She loves to do that and the stuff you don't build on call on chicken you can you know. Eric this year like he has been out now who knows she used to restaurant election don't often go. Everybody's. The reason as a little bit different where you -- all violent. I had my grandchildren Chile's first oral this year science fourth gear -- -- is first -- 21 -- -- Well it. She didn't want to thank all of that. -- followed the reasons just content two. I'll honor and not necessarily June conference here for what reason can -- the plane and they can be different. Great family charity that you instill their -- you're sending your grandson. -- wondering we all stayed Steve are you back with -- yet. He's not a -- well Don. You know we haven't touched on this you know here in the air -- -- Were there any other things they achieved that stood out to -- that the reason that that women hot out of 55%. Said it was for the made that. What are some of the other things that I didn't sign reason. That -- go hunting. I clinical a lot of them on the very same reason so it's a challenge. It's a way to get out it's a way to share time together with a Stanley. We had a guy call radio station the other day and he says you know the best thing about on with my nine year old was sent. We got to sit do you stand together for hours he says what else can a parent do within nine year old that's gonna captivate their attention with no. No distractions like cellphones. And computers and games video games. And just have a heart to heart talk in his visit but not for four hours with a nine year old. And I think that probably is maybe it's not as important may be even more important to a mother. To be able to share of that time. With a child. You know and and by the way don't think that you women have the touchy Feely aspect of of running and the market cornered on that. I gotta tell you there's a lot of men that'll tell you I've heard it time and time again he gives me more -- I was more excited. Watching him off our. Shoot that deer and Turkey then if I would have gotten myself I had a very own experience of that on my own. Took seven year old nephew. I was with a minute do you stand when he shot his -- his -- And I his dad has now passed away this is a bond between unionized -- last a lifetime and I'm sure women I get in the running for those very. Same reasons to share time with their family I mean it might be the only thing. A mother and son could do together maybe you know she's not interested in sports the ball sports maybe he's playing and she's in the stance. Here's a way for them to share some time and again so I think it's a lot of the same reasons and -- probably I think one of the main reasons why this is on the rise. Is because of those told to program you've got involved with and you -- -- -- women in the outdoors in becoming an all to win I think without that. The statistics that we talk and -- will not nearly be as high. Also that the age of the women that are getting into hunting with seeing a lot of the younger girls get into it. But we're also seeing some women who often older ray -- with -- getting into it and I saw statistic years ago. That was encouraging people take their kids and get him involved in hunting at a young age. Because this -- statistics bear out that if someone does not start -- by the age of ten I'm talking about boys. It's very very hard for them ever to get started very few people take it up. At an older age but because of these programs I think was in a lot of women. Who maybe never thought of before simply didn't have the opportunity or involved in now. -- work -- it now how about that and that. That's I don't think it does I don't think it does because of programs like step outside where you encouraged him Biden -- or non on any age to get involved in the and particularly these programs that you -- -- -- -- there's an awful lot of lately that it knows exactly right about meaningful. If you wait he's you'll lost that you don't get your application in quake. Because every one of those classes -- a lot because the ones that go to make -- three of four courses that they wanna take they wanna come back again. Salute you got all of those plus all the New Orleans electronic union nothing that is definitely changed that about age getting people think all the people. While much more recently you know -- involved. Well I don't think we can we can plug against the enough they just need to have more of them -- it. You know they instructors are -- very very well informed as civil war for the department allotment fisheries are some agencies there. Expect that what they do they're -- they're just really really did teachers that's been my experience. But I also want that before we go to break. That -- -- -- out or -- association. Really trying to do their part in promoting. Children in the outdoors I just wanna remind everybody -- she didn't -- that we do you have he's partner of the year award for. Do we do a male and female to reduce the one we do about downwind. Every year -- yeah we do well usually bad male and female they don't want and then -- about it then and if there were let states. Wins well we we reckon not the -- -- -- -- and I mean really speak lightly at a young girl this year killed a huge the year. Cute little girls. Agencies like that do their part organization to promote it we're talking about women runners. And we've been talking about why their numbers are on the rise. A lot I hunt and what they found attractive about it. We mentioned several things about extremely close and about hunting with your fiance warriors now. About the joy had it about the family heritage. Introduce saying you know nephew. A child or grandchild and hearing all the family heritage. Hunting. And you know whether or not women runners. Our here to say that some but I'd like -- you know do you do you think that that the passing today -- do you think. Percentage of women -- will continue to arrive what about you while what do you think do you think women runners are here to spank. All. You know one of the things. Are all about. I live in jaw -- the oil companies and go -- Criminal little lull you're more hardware manufacturer. Manufactured Golan cold. -- and build it plays well. And we'll -- actually. Sharpton. On. How about not normally. Continue to rock now blankets -- give away. We know -- -- -- -- the -- -- very low sugar coat and shoot issues in the picture. Field guarantees -- I don't think that the patent. Political -- the -- -- back and -- involved in law you know and discussed before previously. Well I have decided that if -- women and girls. Are going to get involved in. Hunting at a younger age it is going to have to be that. Their daddy take them whether -- politics the mother uncle or another another. Older. Female member of the mainly because. Most of these VPN that the bit -- speak -- -- women. I believe they have to be at least eighteen years of eight cents. Back tally those girls I do think some of the women now or Indians lead at fourteen you know -- as long -- -- com. You know with an adult -- around. But you know after. To English and which was about a Second Amendment right. -- bit of flak about a cup from at a couple of the things that -- in. I took a little flack about the -- woman. You know it's not be in a gun primarily and not be in -- hunter. And so on do what I can to rectify that but it also calls me do a lot of reflection about why I haven't -- And at the at the risk of having now you know -- economy but after -- I did get. Rabbit hunting with some friends but they're not Louisiana in my early twenties. And somebody wounded -- rabbit and I'll tell you that when I heard that rabbit cry -- -- time. I would get done at that pretty much picked it right there for me that the fact that. I went on a couple of varied boring here very very boring. And I'm not really did it didn't feel for four hours how anybody does -- was -- I just think a little bit too hyperactive kids sit and stand for four hours and not see any action on a regular basis. You know might be the exception might be a lot of women who are very willing to do that but I have met a lot of female Turkey Connors. That seemed to be very popular sport with women and that is now women in outdoors deviant for the wild Turkey federation. And I got invited again at the week in and -- It must feel much happening steel increased between now in the in the -- college town it's out. But I think one of the one of the reasons that women. Are increasing on the -- -- connects so much with honey. That -- about putting food on the table -- company we haven't talked about. And it is this general mood among young people to eat healthy. And to -- or gaining fame and so like he'd been more organic -- while. So that that element that we haven't touched down is that it's not only just. The connection with putting food on the table and it you know the connection normally if they'd come round. You know if the fact that there -- looking for organic sources -- -- And I have heard every one of these women. We want to feel our -- we don't wanna buy -- me at the crash restore. Heck -- have all heard that from any of the women you talked to. I can tell you not specifically mentioning that that that is certainly you know part of the reason why a lot of not just women that manhunt because there -- is movement and they they call. I'll while game the ultimate free range dinner -- -- as big movement about Colin chickens and all free range that. They're healthier they don't have all the chemicals from. Commercial feeds because they forage on their own certainly it's true with wild animals and I think that those aren't. Play a big part but I don't think that's the motivating force that's original I wanna eat healthy is so I'm gonna go on I think it's more of an unintended consequence or by product. Of the of the whole hunting experience that you gonna get a little bit of really good quality food that you can't buy with money. When you know -- -- and I didn't come across any women painted -- all of a sudden one day. I wanna go honey. It's all way the influence that someone else then in the majority of the women and a top team. Someone else had taken the initiative to take him -- To entertain introduce them to hunting. And that bond that these women have formed an and I -- aiming at -- time among the end. But the bottom that these women have formed are unbelievably strong they formed the friendships and and hunting is. You know there com incorporated. -- a -- -- and he can Don do you think women aren't thinking. Are absolutely I don't know that will see the large percentage from year to year but I think there's still going to be a steady incline and you know maybe one day it will actually get two to 5050 you know where women equally represented in -- his men. By -- have you actually damage. With a woman. No we we threaten to do it. Ladies echo pitched. Stall Portugal two years ago that could make it happen. We -- -- should those with. -- actress -- in the country that you talk about. Now delusional constantly. But you know I think sometimes to the top of spectrum block pain maybe not be one. A billion phone sold some hard -- -- -- ashore and realize you have it could definitely bill. You're absolutely I mean like the guy urgently and -- every week here you know -- You know don't always challenge so useful. It also goes to do with. All. I mean it is well -- as well. Inaudible people at the cost of true you're always work longer. So long. -- -- women into the realm of -- with open arms. Craig -- being able do you welcome him into the round of acting at all. -- -- -- -- From what I could you know match here between these -- -- -- I think it should be more than -- -- and maybe it should be something he. You can work there and and a maybe maybe Don. Money these same thing but I just went cutting with a light. To get things work. So you won't -- all three together it was a good -- on. Actually -- vodka. And I'm always up look at crow on you know that. -- Roland are you. -- Well you know I think this is not important because you know we're talking about that all eaten healthy and -- game thing. You know -- legal bid to be -- I have beaten him -- there are inevitable. But then that. Top of the list. You know and we know we -- we -- -- it. -- -- -- Well I just wanted to thank you gentlemen for being in such gentlemen and that's great sports talk about women senators I think it's and it's a really did topic. And I wanna encourage our female listeners that it's never too late to learn -- deal. I have become printed that because. In September first he meant my first time he ever accused shotgun call I have three sons who are at the water felt -- And the end of my first session I want job and that I was shooting thirty. Seats in Iraq. Generation thirty turn that around. And that Tom Allen and I they didn't believe it was mildly only my second time -- -- shotgun but I had some really did instructor and if you have a fear guns inside that throughout. The other -- in -- women in outdoors again and I promise he'll not be disappointed. That does it for the -- finished -- thank you for community in and join us next month on the third Saturday in and -- him. Here on 3 -- thirteen 50 am here guest moderator windy Ilya. And we'll talk to you next common maybe outlook have a little game reported my pentagon thank you -- stimulated -- -- all right thank you.

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