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11-16 8:10 am The Garden Show with Dan Gill

Nov 16, 2013|

Dan Gill talks to WWL callers about gardening tips and the care of plants and gardens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

World and things are joining me from the second -- of the guard as well at least our callers calling in and enjoyed that trip I don't know. I'm getting good information out people to help them out Whipple called -- on the arts and drapes and a another opportunity. You were chronicle and didn't get through work could hold on I've got -- column and I get -- question answered and -- all the something -- the a great time to call him. And find out that information -- you need to make your plans -- -- you want them to. Once again has to -- external. 187 me for a struggle on the Williams calling area. You can call and hold free and that number is 866. 889087. The cannot be happening opulent palace -- earlier in the cold. It's should be on right now a lot of Utley can't attack on the -- Were people -- got such as such Accenture is being -- do our effort I should remove my extraterrestrial. If it's going to -- and didn't get nearly -- out. I either or trees and certain uncle after -- -- I would look is she sort war much interest -- much until we look you're hitting the mid twenties so again but. The -- -- just can't get out around thirty degrees maybe it would mean I'm thirty. I was about as cold and got in most areas and it was lovely trees adult content that things have been affected the centrist war. So if you -- see temperatures in the mid twenties in the twenties are being predicted. And it's -- stay down hole like after five search -- hours. Then that's -- -- start wearing -- kidnapped from dropped -- and -- it gently on the treatment for the then -- -- to -- he can harvest that quickly changed so it's not and still be ruined. But it is -- geometry for electric -- -- -- will also to keep in mind. A -- you should be. It's a true true. Entries in situations but it could be cold enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are either but this year there. -- you're worried about in thing. Our earlier this week with a freezes were predicted if you -- -- our majorities started thinking should cover this should not move it and and you know to deal with that stuff at some point during the wintry even that we -- as we August why freeze so keep mine to achieve this time and start looking around -- landscape. Besides what you -- to protect. Harry going to protect it. What container plant should want to bring into looked at the location where that's going to be is in the year Roger can be a back room your back porch. It someplace streak keep that protected. Are so. Have a game plan and the words imply. So that we need to -- -- hard -- has ever heard it down into the upper twenties and a lot of sugar plant can be every game mr. killed if you. I don't do something for them I'd been you have volume preparations -- structure sure you'll all line that it's going to be doing cobbers. After congress lined up right ago fault -- up in the garage you imagine being -- -- You know me he's sitting there -- and thirty at -- my ears can referees are running rap sheet and -- -- and run out of the dark and are trying to cover up yelled you're not be like that do not run out. In your tenure -- the in your pajamas was she -- she wrapped up the blog entry I mean -- Opening on the chart track record plant -- so I keep him. Mine that is certainly something that you want to. A picture of an -- -- Roca information as well you'd like that relationship cheer you on the two techniques used for protecting plants. When they're needed part of the terms of freezes mean. And how we interpret them as far as being regional landscapes how to approach in the plants afterwards if you print them how to deal with the payment on that occurs. I've never really very comprehensive publication. -- -- lifting of the general party that's a lot of the -- plants aren't keeps showing from the jumpers. Temperatures that you need to be concerned that. Also people that information. I just Indian email in the are predominantly will bring in my college collection -- web page you can email me -- their intent to request information. On coal protection. I and its it's a really handy thing for everybody out there has tropical Orleans which -- a patient all the party that some vegetables and again now -- long trial. Polls showing their -- -- is all the major techniques that we use and how important again how to deal with the app. After freeze. A factor as well and accuracy interest. A -- or -- information on interest rates as well. -- -- request information on citrus trees in hole and it will explain how to keep retreat is cold tolerance is awful lot to do that want not to do. I Asian tree goes into the winter always protect trees are to some degree. I'll need to be concerned about the fruit. A party that's a different kind of citrus trees and don't give -- -- recent cold -- has alerted you to. Winter is on the way. And you'd like to do some preparation. Go ahead and send me an email request information on -- protection. That is a major role. Well what information on. All kinds of well cold protection entry. AP PF registries were caught a cold information on citrus trees as well. Mopping up in those two today is in the aggregate those requests. A special caller call -- hold into the master card that you master carvers are rated war and she got to corporation on a wonderful man coming up -- The morning now. Belichick kitchen here for the first break in a little that you get everybody on the right page as far as the wonderful winners symposium. On going to be putting on -- about it. -- -- We are excited to host -- winter symposium. On coming up in January that the name of the program. This year will be through blind -- Design and development so we you know landscape. We haven't and lift up these standards that include leading landscape designers in horticulturist throughout the area. Some of their other presentations that include these topics. It'll start with an landscape architect -- for instance and he's gonna talk about the secret garden -- New Orleans mystery read the you'll be hot gas that we were so excited to have to have him with that. He will be partly water Meyer who was the curator in the Rose Garden in Louie Armstrong park. And the water mart and the populist about old roses but not in garden. Next hour and Tammany Parton who is from the Gartner and landscape horticulture at. And he gonna present on the center path. Fragrant plants to perfume you guard a lot of in these yet and about that topic. Then I'll look at the line it's this you know -- end -- tell you more about that later on. Landscape architect rob and tanner is gonna talk about the routing -- dollar. And he the designer of the happened shade garden. That and recently completed at -- -- -- botanical gardens so we're very excited to have Robin. And -- We have a -- rock soul and not currently in -- designer with lenient state images and he's gonna talk about that in comfort. Defining your other outdoor living. And she got a lot of topics to bring out entire presentation. And then laugh that's partly. They present. And maybe you wanna talk about were so excited about this topic. -- got me up there in that situation into light -- yet. -- -- -- talk on monochromatic garden that is carton yeah. Around a single color I'm very much looking for that as we we are. Very excited to learn how to. Garden with wide or any other favorite color and achieve we -- really pulled together an outstanding group and its premiere rare opportunity -- -- again some of the great to our speakers and our area and to them listen to the the wisdom and knowledge that they can impart Alcatel whimsical B. I am making it more permission on. Yet it's going to be Saturday January 18. From 832 or at the dominion auditorium and -- and it. Registration is twenty -- that can include a life launch. Parking is free -- anybody. Maybe interested in -- hearing or learning more about the speakers -- -- they can go online web site and -- and beauty. He and -- dot org. Amp GG and note that or I'll look out flyers and the garden centers throughout the area. So we we are encouraged everybody to register as early as possible because the holidays are going to be big distraction. -- -- and -- and we. Expecting it to -- -- Allah so. -- hope that nebulous rule would check this out and kindness in January 18. Are. A Little League and and -- -- I'll mention this again as we go to that we asked. And reminding people. -- for the word this is going to be a must attend event. For area partners and that -- didn't and don't forget to visit that was cited in chi -- you know dot org Linda thank you so much to break but I appreciate you call them. Thank you -- in all right take care about our -- -- -- -- that -- civil met with or ours -- right after this good market as a joint economic hardship as more and we are talking regarding this is the -- to get information -- Temecula plant growth -- that you want them to 260187. B is the number to call Europe tribal local New Orleans calling area 866. 88907. B is number they choose to call that I hit the ball so first up we got done. Caller from Algiers -- good morning thanks for calling hand. Got -- again I taking care of the garden for people here in elderly area. And gas we had planted about eight against the deal. I was just wondering do I have to put some kind to us something around those for the wintertime. -- deep in the ground of course the -- So -- -- in the pro in climates all over the ground actually freezes. In all underground you're never freezes her old entries real solid vote. Capital called the nomination -- however you may want to put some pine straw around and over the year to keep weeds from growing -- Into the pine -- also mulch it would be recommended but not for the cold that -- worried about more -- we control okay. That question. All right thank you for Colin appreciate that clearing firms like Clinton is the next caller papers get -- and you're on the Garden Show. Yes. Question about debt strapped to try and knock out roses. We are ever blooming roses in general. Twice a year we do our major -- And the first major proving you are coming up at the end of January early February and that's the hardest pruning thing -- How much are trying to control the sides of the -- rose you can -- -- as far back as two people on the ground -- three ground. I'll usually we reduce their -- about one half I have -- late winter early spring proving that we do in late January early February. So that's a first printing of the -- the next major pruning a curse of late August early September and that we accept the clips that are made about a third again amateur cut them back depend on how much are trying to encourage a smaller more compact. Actually out of range at the bottom so well. Dog died revenue in the India real stricter on rules or regulations so really what you want sure bush that you -- -- you're on the Stanley group. That little guy about how are back Q you cut them. Okay that's what I. I apple poll actually bury on -- knock out roses on other. -- or formations so that I got it got knocked out roses if you like shortly -- take care improperly. Against Indian email being -- -- -- their information on crony -- out roses on this trips which news in the summertime. We don't do a lot of major printing in the summer but there's some tricks looking to help limit there's -- bit. In the summer as well -- send me an email Gary are we had this and that information. OK -- thank you -- -- as -- the only groups that are Asian order wheat and sugar cane growing crops and senator. Now we really don't he's poses as a puppet like. Pretty those hybrid she -- for yet to be very picky about how you major cuts and remarriage cut and opening up the center of the truck and so forth -- as we simply to just cut back now. Can feel free to remove dead stopping it dead in the bush always should be removed. I think you do you -- branch is all growing together and you think you want it and those -- like you may but again -- I've seen people think change tremors power outage numbers. To a long -- to knock out roses and Jewish here that things packed with good results of these outlets shrub it's okay. Would it if Bashir in the option option than substance similar to the fat girl well. -- gamble there it is that's how you do it -- if you want shape them there is -- -- should or should not rule are but usually cutting them from the top down. Now into the hike we want them to be and what we want -- new approach to come out and that includes cutting came out that just drove straight up the came to grow up to the site as well. All right thank -- -- -- I think is much for the call appreciate that are right we've got another area that I'm calling from Covington her reporting on the cart shuttle. -- -- -- couple questions record talk on back to prove I have some mature like chin last year a failure and high during. -- -- -- them up -- them the -- the next year. In both instances. In the short with a spring early summer our -- They -- -- as a good rule on street all like so in the case that date at which -- -- major warning on them. It's an interest is finished this spring bloom period in front achieved great sometime in late April or may we be cutting back on Wednesday as. Roger has -- later that until May and -- into the early part of June so we'd all like back country hinges so it was not interfere with their flowering when they have finished flowering around about the middle summer so sometime in June early July by your -- ranges. Sometime around about -- people -- his accuracy is generally. Basically don't touch a -- Well Larry it just remember at the already set at this point. All of the beautiful it changes in and day of machine next year are already present in the bud stage any you do now in order special ops -- -- hurt them. Taking about a ball outside at all while we broke the -- so any part and you get out you'd have to say it's worth doing it. Because it's worth sacrificing the flowers are without scoring from -- that such an acceptable thing to do solitary -- that all well. I -- in the next year. OK one has questioned the it up against -- -- break hold -- occupy a question right now. -- into the newsroom and talked on names that -- -- -- all -- all on his trip this year for the world around the area on good morning good morning things are joining comic art so this morning. Art thing in the evening in -- and hope all of withdrawal and or your trees -- you are part question about one point. A year if it's greening. Your tree you'd get. To make -- plans -- gives you want them to pebble. Once again is 26017. Beat out by the local Orleans calling area and six. 8890870. Principle for number you can call it went abroad. O'Leary called in from coming and had a moral questions shall very important -- you got. Questions. Put up. Pocket he'd been I'm really interest and more and keep -- agreed in May -- decent part which what would your recommendation on the that's growing shrub that you know would -- -- you know fourth spot with 68. In at a reasonable mark time but but it -- OK you don't want something four feet tall. Now for a shift or something like that it's more Odyssey you know I'm splitting up property line up on the Becky get up for maybe. Sixty. -- out of sixteen at the shortage. That's not -- that's about as tall an average male kind of although most people most people can look over our many people can look for six. Most of the time it can proprietor. If you looking for state sheet I mean that's just will come it's up to you -- -- they're actually you know yoga art stick out and decide how you want it to be secretary. At fort should actually looking at it medium size shrubs. An excellent value trends and indicators that you will get to beat. -- six feet tall and actually why. Yeah over high over ultimately long period of time so if you want something is going to be really fast and jump up to 68 feet tall. -- -- -- on it keep it shorter sigh I mean you're walking between a lot of things cheer if you need if you need privacy to day. O'Leary put up affair and the putting attention from a and then it will grow up and over time can take three years for the just growing manages. To begin to provide the privacy that you looking for the protesters hurling register about three -- five -- sort option keeping it green and your privacy rockaway where the offense and have instant privacy. And then -- edgy about it. Failed them in because there is global peers -- often mentioned in and help like you know adamant green if you look -- landscape. However that being said this is your decision to decide to go with. -- but one gets up high you want it to be about eight feet tall in peeks. Out of there ought to be twenty talk chipped in on the right you're like to keep at it at the 68 feet so. Our commitment -- -- Bert for -- now against five years. Five years. Ride the hot new plant those war -- Ali's until your op and really providing you with a fair amount of privacy so again. It depends on how much you're. If you want privacy. -- for the rest. Fishy here or -- -- and it should benefit -- -- going to be your best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look the farmers market shall check out peca farmer's market area. And make a point to visit them every week in the greatness producer -- all right let's get to the problems we got another caller apology calling for. -- -- reporting on the Garden Show. -- that -- IE up and it couple on the sheet back in March. On him that CPI. Is going pretty good what precautions should take the cold weather. I usually covered them -- joke when you can it's gonna get down. Below are free -- certainly getting it down below thirty degrees. Are centered just three feet tall that are -- short amount due to cover. I seemed appalled comfort -- just Colorado with them and make sure the congress spent all the into the ground. Anchor out -- some bricks or rocks or something I keep from blowing around I'm gonna get -- through temperatures -- about. The mid twenties. If it's gonna get colder than that you don't wanna try to plant what polls all out or incandescent Christmas lights just drink and generously. And then convert them over and then generate a little Christmas lights will get -- temperatures maybe even as cold as -- -- -- now. Expect this year some damage on the course of the winter sure they'll be alarmed that the leave it there mr. You know frozen bag summit the main thing is keeping that truck alive and because it could stabilize at least brought out again next year and issue. It's like. Apollo has by the end of the summer on peace plans to chief Jerry who this winter so what worked go into the problem of covering them when needed uncovering the -- the freezes over. But to keep him and he shapes again nice crop all of the next year. Brackets I want. Them to collect the load that I'd. Should keep on. They kind of slowed down the base -- short of actual law and it's chilly and these are tropical plants a bit. The sixties are up to their liking nighttime lows in the forties are popular like so. You would expect to see much growth on them over the winter Joseph but -- -- to keep them alive and that's what the protections for. Actually I think -- -- -- Next review like my theory could appreciate that jokes -- great folks let's take a quick break got all of altering because you know questions are important immediately if you call it that you're guarding question 2601. Point seven -- is number call. We'll be back right after this good morning appreciate you tuning in front of -- owns -- the gardening questions first recalling former Cairo. Marie -- Morton. And ally. -- can't comment -- what is that and it's time to cool mind navel orange tree. Couldn't whispering Marie. About. Or early march of somewhere around and -- ritual coldest part of winter the past. I -- -- critical in the air and that is burning at that point have a definite idea in your mind about why your -- exactly what you're trying to accomplish -- -- laws specifically. And then studied -- here in the -- where you need to make your earning a in order to achieve those particular -- at those be your -- We have -- special or particular ways we normally from church street but it's not on. On common want -- -- back Al wild shoot a growing up the canopy of the tree or. Removing -- the lower branches that are hanging on the ground -- -- -- effort on the and so again just in the -- era your goal chipped it on disturbing the tree over the next few months into your pruning in early march. -- -- thank you for Colin appreciate that. I need to explore Indian calling from Metairie hey -- good morning. Bemoaning this is in the morning did. I'd like he would come back copies. Articles that appeared. In the inside out how to do that -- contact the paper -- him. The times Picayune and if they welcome a policy they have I think -- those of they have extra extra print copy or anything like that so. I'm not sure what you gonna find which can find that the readily available but it's it's -- -- and I'm really gosh we're so I'll achieve double check with the paper. Won't have a quick question please I have absolutely no reason a lot of put them -- escaping me in Borneo and both contrite you know 25 with thirty countries. People in the pot -- -- until. By no means no damn ball. It's a -- -- a -- party shrubs and trees landscape so all is the line on this and -- Best kinda get those -- despite that there's actually a reasonable rituals and fact it's not as good the plant has raised in the scoring it at the plant them in the fall. It. Keep in them by a party -- things for the call are you moving model we've got Mary calling from New Orleans next -- a very good order and. Good morning Dan. I recently moved back to New Orleans after ten years in New York. And I've forgotten a lot about how to take care plan from the area. Winning the best time to plant mister should seeds out. Side. In -- assertions are kind of and in between bedding plants for our. -- they used commonly in the summertime the north course Summers are too hot down here for the like investor sure that we can't grow Denver well. From June until September. On because he's just too hot -- ran -- at chambers and begin to cool down. They enjoyed at the Oakland that we have in late September October November early December on the opinions based retreat to her well so want -- -- him. Our treason and in early December December. And that assertions go down with our trees and it pretty well first. You know winter months and then again -- whether it's more -- late February early march Google appeared in the spring on March April may in intercollegiate when restrictions and grow well. With focus -- Clinton received around about. Chamber or helper for -- all -- it will go into the winter into the partridge has -- to a -- And that complaint that -- -- again around about February early march. -- -- blooming in the spring and into the early summer and the torrential kind of give up on three intense she arrives in the structure -- ninety. OK perfect and Jean any do as well one pot and they didn't ground. He didn't call plants they're perfectly acceptable for early in part is the war and in particular. Other state bush you're very much and -- but the trailing one that trail. You know 34 feet long they can be used effectively hanging baskets for instance so. Absolutely huge containers as well and forget of course you probably -- you know the flowers in the -- we are credible and that wonderful spice. He watercress flavor and they have a -- to trial it's. And you think much. Our -- and so called Mary appreciate that our idea -- all we got the pot calling from Vanderbilt they Tom good morning you're on the partnership. -- What commanders in the bringing agricultural certain elements who. Being in Orange and that news at the end of the date on that when that happened. A lot of problems -- email. Okay a little bit there just could enter a search for being deal which Hewlett senator I don't think meaning a little bit toward the end of march account bigger and upbeat outlook couple quickly I will certainly achieved that -- -- Out of respect yet. Evidence sitting out that notices soldier -- -- you should've gotten numbers already. Are so shoot me an email -- in your tracks and repairing the damage you get all the information in the mail. You know -- talk about mulch. All that happened in terms of multiple. Well actually our product and the other well. We and it probably keep we keep hope to clinch your round. There's really not like any time some ultra plants so I -- we'd be able trapper shrubs are vegetables are while we're kind of a bad situation. We keep Atmel shocking that it looks -- we control we ain't that way. And the conserve more sure apple water quite as much but we do that mulch and all year. Right well. Product -- going to be on that the rental paying -- predicting future free mulch. It's great -- that -- people aren't able to lead and branches off route. It's called the group be it but the frisbee throw up on route I don't vote and hold down occupying. State and Graham say. You know remote off the -- and confident that I'll bet that including. Panic. With fuel fear mighty useful it's spelled -- off their rooms and Greg apparently are. -- -- record and throw that away problem up against operates here so I need to -- thank you so much for call and don't forget to email me at opting in and information. All right folks stay tuned for more the partnership rather that it party and outline your view couldn't hold on couldn't call it our. We don't get cable for the -- -- don't forget you -- email I email address can be easily gotten. From what -- has just both do an Internet search from Indian -- And hit the first when it comes up there and you'll -- my email address on web site you can email me from their. And I think they take your questions -- that -- pop up to speed calling it is important. Good morning. Didn't. Like Victoria. And -- -- boots and Bob Bob and those cute you know the jury. Member of the these. Well -- and -- relations steep addictive start you know get toward -- page. You can't Feinberg adding actual ownership and garden centers. And it is simply brutal hours squares of -- pictures draped over the entire tree out of the ground and then it. Opens the birds from reaching the fruit -- a -- here way. To keep a virtual picking your from causing problems via text that you feel like. Are. Taking into the -- -- miscarriages -- -- visiting the group wants the -- effect on it. And made it juices run and they're going after those juices a a Sotheby's complied and -- that their problems causing the damage. Okay. -- -- to go. Currently. Is what I mean I mean it's not like that to me that you would -- that decision they'll light that is it. Often steadier best qualities collectible but on the tree that Asia best sweetness and the looked like them on the tree. A bit if you picked them if you have to pick that early while there's still firm but they colored. I you can be -- -- on the kitchen counter so they will go ahead also like an all the -- could decide the X number early but he -- -- -- -- the sweeteners. -- Well that was some way or blow. The water and it was a way yeah I agree if you -- I am thankful I appreciate the call. Our media that are short time left but we -- blaze from the global change let me you to look real quick. They're real quick did ground cover and take parties. And my thoughts on. Recommendations land my Atlanta whatever it's not there will would you recommend. And can -- -- I'd recommend blaze is that you questioned in the email. We we need more than just a little quick conversation rebel couple names or are you need to meet a look at. Actors involved so send me an email blaze and will spark conversation. And information are well covered the elect them and so. For my neighbors like grow medical marijuana it's come -- -- -- my property and I ain't legal trouble that got them property sporadic. I would think -- little girl your poppy -- is against the law. And or you're calling from the legal way to earlier that we can -- take care at a part of the -- Saturday but by.