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11-16 1:10pm Food Show, Sacks of Oysters...

Nov 16, 2013|

Tom Fitzmorris asks his listeners: where can you find a sack of oysters these days; and where have you eaten lately?

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And I. 870 -- Away. Fifty plus million people watching power. Muscling its way across most of North America. Since 1922. WWL. Millions first radio station. And WWL 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency this is Tom Fitzmorris. With the second course of the food show in New Orleans longest running radio program. Since 1988. Would love to talk review but food that's all we ever -- that whole show eating and drinking and residents. We have the the question that's been put forth by a call or a little while ago. Where can you go and buy a sack of oysters I used to know the answer to bad but I don't anymore because the two or three places where I did that. Hard. Either no longer in business. Or -- they. Have -- backed away from selling retail because there's such a shortage of oysters on a few know about that but it's true. It's a result of the of the oil spill -- The good news is that there was never any oil on any of the oyster beds that are harvested when normally there might have been. A few small. Article are almost wild beds that got a little bit oil but none of that would ever have been in the stream for a restaurants or stores anyway. And they the really good oyster beds where most of our oysters come from. They were wiped out not -- oil but by fresh water being released from the river to keep the oil from coming in. But that killed the oysters to -- they have been very slow in coming back so it's a it's a tough thing. But if you know the answer to this especially if it's something you have done very much lately call me up and tell me. And if you don't have an answer to that or you have something else would you -- you rather talk about you'll find a willing year over here. 26018782601870. We are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving as I mentioned right before the noose. I have a list 22 actually three lists for your. One of them is. That though the really big when they do every year about Thanksgiving in general if you go to no menu dot com. And up near the top of the page right in the middle and then this is indeed go colored. Bar runs across the top of the page. One of those things on it is Thanksgiving you just click on that it'll take its only Thanksgiving stuff which include. A list of I think about 4050 I didn't Conan but it's something like that restaurants that are going to be open. On Thanksgiving Day ranging from some very inexpensive ones too. Two you know the top of the line. I also have they -- a list of my favorite. Thanksgiving recipes if you're looking for something new for -- -- Thanksgiving dinner. We'll take a look you might find something and if you have slow all the Thanksgiving. Dishes that you like already figured out it was like to hear about them to -- -- word we're getting close to the big holiday it's a big feasting holiday of the year. Thanksgiving and all that is that no menu dot com except for a meet in person which art right here. On thirteen no one big 87 EWW. And Randy is our first caller this hour hello Randy welcome. Well thank you. Thank you I'll let you know -- actually pretty good -- -- built by avenue. So far William all screwed up before it's finished so tell you that I'm outreach and oh yeah. I challenge. Yeah we'll come. Right back out and why are going to be going to a restaurant called fish. King fish yes it's -- I was wondering if you knew anything about it chipped it you've got Eric you get back. I have to I have been there three times. And edit in all of those three times I have not been able to get anything to eat because. My wife always comes up with these ideas at the last minute and we -- we go over there with no reservations which is against my rules to begin with. And there always packed they're just always -- don't even think of going near without reservation. The story behind them is basically that Greg Sonia whom used to run a restaurant Europe called Gabriela that was on esplanade avenue. He lost that after the hurricane prone to damage to the building. And one thing it's a long story but he tried to open up a new restaurant uptown and ran into some problems with the way he's gotten out of that. And now he's the chef over the air and looking at the menu. It's rather casual. Actually the prices are pretty low. But it has a distinctly cajun quality to the venue. And everybody I've talked to who's been there has liked it quite a lot. But I haven't been there myself yet -- and I'm undue weeks it's been open long enough for me to get their managers haven't yet. -- So alive again in my main thing I need to tell you about it is absolutely get a reservation if you think he knew going here don't just don't figure that is a walking and I don't think it can be done. We've got. Good you're in business let me know how it once if you don't I. Don't count. Yeah OK I'll do that I said no but everybody get mad at me for being in such a stick in the mud so women -- -- let me see if I can pull this. Way to get close and getting close. Okay uranium. And slip through all of these numbers only give view. Let's -- European and I get a good went 202. Drew our number 202. And you're Randi it's. Is that right okay good. -- what do you make sure this authenticate so I -- push the authentication but yes you're -- too little too. Water and I am from Chicago originally you -- -- get a -- court -- And what you didn't do it. To place's -- wine cellar. -- online sellers deli in Metairie. Are no veterans highway at L Mir is the exact location. They buy beautiful beautiful. Corned beef scare the other place he's -- Marines and Delhi. It's on magazine street at the corner of Jackson avenue it is a very peculiar but very very good combination of Jewish deli and the Italian -- -- into one place you want -- ace. In fact. And it's it -- big guy buys absolutely first class everything. I I know it out all right well dry them. I will -- Helen yet please do it's the food show over here is stuff. Is that Lou is that with pensions. -- Lou welcome to the food show you're not a remnant of blue in Charlie's the old jazz club that used to be on the corner reversal line in -- rampart street -- We are now oh well. That was a great club in its day it was a jazz club back in the seventies. -- -- Well welcome to our show what's up. OK I am not going to drive oh my anniversary -- Kamal. Well the league and I only have they killed them and they have a memory location. I want to know which -- Okay well if you're going tomorrow the only choice you have is the one that the health and who's the one in batteries closed on Sunday. -- -- that takes care of that but it does it well Buckeyes are not open I mean I wanted to go oh no no no it's it's all the same food in fact. The things like gumbo and their sauces and all that. They make all of that at the -- relocation and they bring it in every day now the stuff. That they cooked to order all the frying all the broiling all the grilling that -- paying right there or you can just fresh who finished. And I want to give a great -- right aren't. -- the country has -- on video and I don't know. No it's a nice -- place the food is very good and it's and it's relatively easy to get into. And that they're big specialty -- you really wanna celebrate is -- their main specialty is always some in the -- nobody tops them oysters especially the grilled oysters char broiled. They also do a really fine job with the lobster. And they they do it at a price that's very affordable and it's big beautiful Maine lobster nobody in town cells as many lobsters is they do so they're very very fresh. -- girl I mean I get a fake. Clue what again and I put it wouldn't have I wouldn't have picked them as a place to get a sneak. I like but you know they have wired -- people are so -- either -- I -- almost entirely seafood yeah. Aren't sure -- -- distinction between merit and no one and well since you're going tomorrow there is no distinction there because it is unbelievable. What I -- thank all right. Well happy birthday hold you gonna be about 31. -- OK good I was. Pretty good. I see you later it's the food show here is he meal he meal welcome. I don't art and doing well component. Just so let's show met none. It's done to prove true Nellis found that their child or trying he tried. It's. They had an app to Shaq boys who were there to try at all is Sean PJ -- that you own parish wrote. Well what's the -- And JV. And VNJ oysters okay well -- JC proved to be NJ seafood. On on none Paris road. Correct -- their content. They are not sure by the time or other side -- all OK I know where the Winn-Dixie is that's easy enough that's close interest. Each well Lou I yeah they're really good -- intrude. They get out pressure Arab itself. Think I -- -- don't blow it down they're really church. Really -- FICO. Well thank you for the tip. It was I can't put Shaq they're trying to follow through on the couple. May have been armed solid Gonchar and we'll. Thank you very much the injury in shell met here is parry -- welcome. All it. It's going it's going well. Payout is going aren't. -- and -- GRC. Group and she barely explored should just like who has -- -- at thirty I don't know. All right that's a little bit of a trip went okay thanks a lot here's Brian Brian welcome. And pitch count how are you. -- your least it's coming from where I'm actually don't always -- Avant elect the people lions beat up on. Sam Houston State today and there's a place on -- treat them that can't. It's called chairman's seat soon. And they very large well I was like. They're probably ten or twelve -- that size so active and they're like it's two bucks they always have on the they're really really solid really good. Well thank you very much. Launch another long drive to get oysters quickly and then again our -- -- -- -- -- and so why -- and you know welcome. Danielle welcomed the money and Danielle turn your radio down Danielle. Danielle yet either come on -- Eight come with one ever thought boy he's very calm and Italian and quick and I -- and I -- -- oysters. You you're asking this to OK. Well we just got a few of them but none none of them tend to be where you need him in Kennard the place I would look is you know the harvest seafood insulin Williams boulevard. Right next door to them I can never remember the name of that but they hit it the same people operate a retail. Seafood market where they have fish and shrimp and all of that stuff. Fresh. And I'll betcha they have oysters are not sure but I think they do. What an and then village and is -- of the -- -- get some nice tackle weak. What's so someone called and said that yeah. I don't know I doubt I'd if it is then I'm not joking about this let's see 1960. Fours since the last time I stepped into that place why so why I -- -- profit. They just recently at crawfish NA was. Excellent. Yeah yeah do you you know there. My face sitcom that no one personally. From Ogden neighborhood you know did come out impaired and -- end up amber. An online no wanted out and then I would not when I say hey you know what used to be you know what started out ask why. Mr. pizza. Absolutely and their slogan was the world's worst pizza which it wasn't. But that's what -- when they first opened up that's what they work. I remember him very well well look thank you very much aren't I now have an announcement. The subject of way to get a sack of oysters is closed. We will move ahead to Olympics 260. 1872601870. Here is bill Phil welcome. Hey Tom I'm -- -- -- -- going on with Frankie and Johnny on our balance street there's been under arrest of the in the nation for over a year out thank. Well now what happened is that the owners of the building. Who I understand where the original owners of the restaurant. They. The turned out the people who had been running it before. For what the reason I don't know but they stay at the end of the least they shut them down and and and sent him packing. So. It is just been sitting there with nothing going on but I hear that very recently somebody. It has son made a move to come in and take it over and and reopen that and they just a few weeks ago started working on that so I don't know by an opening date. I do know that some restaurant is coming into that space within the probably the next six months or so. And I also know that. After they opened it will be six months before I go there. -- it's the story. I don't have any I don't know who it is say I got I got this from a pretty good source that it was coming back but. I didn't recognize any of the names involved. We're thank you very much greater drag you think you see it's the food show. Lambert. Is that right that's right okay this is that this is the last oyster call where you get them. Get -- we get our oysters from a supply -- Americans safe food in your wallets. Is it open to the public. -- well -- thanks a lot I appreciate your call in any -- to 6063. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our program today is sponsored by Koreans or voice. Brands is gearing up for the holiday season. And they can do a lot for you. If you are looking ahead to Thanksgiving and instead of being all smiles and joyous about having family and friends over. What you are thinking is home -- kind of work that is -- -- -- -- making the dressing making all of this sauces roasting the Turkey it's so much work. -- and that's the way it is it is tough putt. Branch or boys can do a lot of that for you. All you need to do is call a month or go over there have a pour more willing to go over for lunch and then while you're there. But check out -- get one of their sheets of all the stuff that they do but they do Turkey's. They do hams. They do all the dressings the Grady. Side dishes of just about whatever you might wanna get the even have things like dumbo. And vegetables and salads. That they can put together for you -- only have to do is pick it up and bring it home then warming up the surface. Or some of it anyway you might not wanna do that -- everything but it'll help. If you have say a little -- a -- of many buffalo this there everybody loves though it's nobody's gonna say many buffalo this on Thanksgiving. Nobody's gonna say that they're just gonna pick them up and even the glove on that that's one of the things that they do over it arranged for boys give them a call. Or going over and have them help you out with your Thanksgiving dinner if you need a little help. -- -- was 3939 veterans highway just has -- -- open every day except Sunday for lunch and then Wednesday through Saturday for dinner till about 8 o'clock. Salute their right now and -- we were really create roast beef for whatever 2606368. While these people. Went home we need a break right that's what you want right to break. We will return with more of the food show after first -- that's. Vegas I don't know -- -- WW 15 point three FM. It's nice to hear from a full three hours this we're so lucky and Don is here hello Don welcome. If I believe we just don't work over the you know Lucille and closing rest a little further restaurant and I'm not sure Lou good Richard -- -- -- treatable very ignorant our. You know -- about it. On all I know I've I've I've not eaten there in a very long time they've been a buffet for awhile. But what I know for absolutely sure is that unless there is nothing else to be eaten in a place where I -- There's no way you can drag me into the Chinese buffet. -- It's just -- cuisine. Does not lend itself the buffet presentation itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- Street gets you know that's it it's if you want good Chinese food of good really any kind of can give out of those buffets that's just that's not the place where it is. But under an order a little I don't know why I have no idea I didn't even -- they workload. You sure -- closed. They're in a -- quite fit coming from -- -- There -- closed to through much and doing -- him. OK well I'll have to check in -- aren't you know aren't you later. To six so. 187 here is Ron Ron welcome. I don't know I don't today I'm doing great come -- -- No good. I just wanted to mention -- water street cannot say I turned the radio aren't in your own talk about -- -- I Staunton I don't know what you mentioned that on this site I just. I didn't quite -- you at the end of the guy who called yeah well then you missed the point that. Not that you shouldn't have but the that he wanted to know what I knew was coming on in Madison fill in the water street is not new they've been there for a all gosh at least ten years. And I know it's a good place are very blue little holes and addiction so -- night -- the food it's -- it was so. You listen to me and I know you you've been in this sport -- But I just wanted to mention that -- off friends are. It's hard to the -- of course is torn down but there's no construction there yes there -- -- you have been over. 01 and there's like you said earlier. That and there is nothing happened there right now but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to. Construct. -- -- -- -- I ran into one of the owners at a charity event and he gave me a business card. That had the name of -- it's going up there and it's something or other light how so I can't remember what who only until oil house -- are something like that but today they said they definitely are building back but I haven't heard please. Yeah and now I haven't seen any construction it's Oakley -- all the debris and all that that Doug -- well thought it's beautiful location. Honorable but it's the very nice to sit up and watch the boats go by treasury. Well thank you bet your opponents have a huge show on -- it's worth here's CN stand welcome our hey come on you Derek always find -- Out there are really nice just -- compared Durham -- control arms. And come to some great don't know quite dire I kind of chill express is quiet -- opposite job now. Is she really -- track and I believe nobody. And I'm I'm no good start entourage opened up until next door. And you know you know I wanna go there and get. You know one of them signature or cherishes -- And now they don't spare the -- -- the holidays. Surge in coach or whatever on it okay and you just want to peace should try actually ash. Where it's not on it not an easy demeanor anything you know what are -- -- them or so and you all are off the main menu -- our thoughts. I don't think so. I that was who have only been there once they really. You know I just believed in there that once. And it it it. Seem to -- I ask for a couple of things that they use and very simple things that that is souffle potatoes. And which is no big deal they said we don't do anything from the other menu over here. And so. But in terms of getting just so and and so lost piece of fish I'm sure that that's on the menu. As is a lot of other stuff along those lines so that shouldn't present a problem at all. -- -- -- -- I'm sorry your breaking up I can't hear what you say not a moment I don't know if you want to. To -- we give back again here's Julie. Julie. Right arm -- there you call him. You call this earlier and you were going to Mara -- IE I didn't think you're going right away -- -- -- -- and they -- -- Hello -- You act as any show or -- -- -- -- that really cold black red and bonds. Yeah okay and try to cautioned that little arms -- current building that -- can't think gallery or whatever -- And so what's hot sticky. -- -- I -- a way to guide the bar tell me that it was say training in place. Well and supposedly. Had simply doing propaganda for -- -- common -- To go -- purpose. And enlightening and and you actually did you ever heard those out. There is yeah it's not a vegetarian restaurant it's just that there menu has more than the average number of vegetarian dishes on that. There is something I noticed the first time I sat down there. Right. Good score -- it is that difficult. And mean I'm coming from out of town. Good equipment but what. Well you know -- could've gone that way that they did that whole neighborhood and right it's. It's full of terrific. Buildings under -- eight. The renovation that go it is going on there is is wonderful -- think. Well so I -- Randy Miller report back my eyes against none of the vote canola and her goodies -- Don -- in those things and then they count was bad because well these days. And only not you know they're cutting edge mostly. Critical. Moment -- parents -- well I'm I'm glad I'm glad you're doing a good time enjoy. She she went to a restaurant called more upon foods is the name of it -- it sounds like a storm but it's a restaurant. Restaurant and a bar very hip vary hip gates in the by water section. Nolan noon. When streeters. Who say Roy corner of Roy Roland. -- It's easy enough fun. Eric is here hello Eric come on in. They don't call what and got a quick question -- are crazy yeah yeah it. It's I know it's supposed to go to get a close look it's still open. No I talked to Johnny. On Monday. And she told me that so many people have been Koran and in the -- trying to get one last shot of Gracie Johnny's. That she has decided to keep going. For her at least a few weeks not forever. But for a while until everybody's had their -- they can Johnny's in their last stake again. Went but I don't think she even knows when that's gonna come to an -- so if you if that's something you need to do I would get over there. Yet I'm white I'm gonna go last week and something came up so we could have murdered some of the budget there. Well as though they're still very much there OK thank you the only thing Johnny told me is that she's cut back on the menu a little bit. And she's cut back on the hours a little bit I think they were open until ten she said she's only open until nine -- some -- that. But crazy Johnny says to you if you don't know good she has decided Johnny is a girl by the way you probably knew that. She is retiring. And she -- she's old enough and you know it's it's it's fine. But she has no no plans yet. To see who will take it over she's not waiting for that to happen she's just. Calling him a day. My wife and I were trying to figure out when they open and I want to say it was in the early to mid eighties so it's been there awhile. 20606368. Let's talk to David David. Yes sir -- had called earlier I didn't I don't know if you've covered. The college you know I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm gone -- a couple of terms they can get right up about Europe also underscore a little bit in the -- with Jordan as you go. Well first of all if you remember the old college and about both before the hurricane and even before the it was sold them before the hurricane -- -- snoopy I -- the old people had been there since the 1930s. Anyway -- beyond. The college in two days has only one thing in common with the old college in and that is the name. Everything else is different it's a different building. It's a different menu it's different recipes. All right wait I left that one -- they were assert there's a few guys hanging on at the bar they've been there forever to. They that they have not changed at all on those got up but. They. Do a lot of really good food there. And they they raise their own herbs and vegetables across the street they actually grow their own Cowell is for their hamburgers. And every now and then they were put on special things like beef Wellington. Yahoo! which is not something you'd ever expect the -- -- the U or Boise -- fried seafood platters. It's like kind of a neighborhood place but it's a little upscale just a little bit. -- -- All those things I just told you are currently not. Well -- it I said hamburgers. Fried seafood. The have a beef Wellington if they have that they do the chicken fried steak is something their famous for I've never thought that was any good. And you know things like gumbo when red beans and rice on Monday while they're not open on Monday so. Alone and always his regular drop Gizmodo that college students and this evening but I used to I don't know. Why not. Boots and it's a loose fun old time kind of place. You know well I've got some -- like make scripture reference some of these others feel that because the so there you go. Well I think you enjoy we will come back with more of the food -- the moment but. First we use this. Yeah. It's yeah. The big 878 WWL WWL 105 am -- at their. This is Tom that chorus it's nice to be here with you talking by. If you have been anywhere good lately called me and tell me about them to six over 6368. Horrifying last night. Went to and the -- plantation. My wife who's been -- knew. Nothing serious but she's certain. She broke her back you know I know it sounds horrible but it she's getting around okay protectionism might go -- too much. -- right now. So while I was sort of free and my -- my daughter was -- she has a boyfriend so then that's another story but just went over there. And they were -- him pretty busy they had a rehearsal dinner going on on upstairs and -- here's the main dining rooms pretty nice. Started off with a martini who wouldn't. And then let's see they had this duck -- tape. That was pretty good -- some pistachios in it. Pretty rich some duck meat as well as the duck liver that you have to put in there and pretty good bit of butter to I would say. Then I had their their turtle soup which is really good that's one of the best turtles hoops around I'd say in fact they've won awards for well give them another when. And then for the untrained. They were running -- three ways seafood specials. Seafood sausage. Being with shrimp and crab meat and no fish. And they had a crab cake it was a fried crab cake which I don't usually go for. I think deep fried crab cakes Serb. An insult to the crab meat usually but not in this case it was it was they were really good. For the crab -- and no one else there was one other seafood item on their oh yeah it was. Cause some shrimp with this and postured -- don't flings that were kind of in the direction of yawkey. I would like to advice all the chefs in New Orleans. To please. Stay away from doing things like New York -- Unless you really know what you're doing because most of the time it comes up awful and this was awful. But it was only a tiny part of the visual what it didn't ruin the dish or anything assist. I don't know why -- all the sudden get hit on doing certain. Things and at all of them are doing it at the same time lately everybody seems to be doing yawkey GNOCCHI. And that is not easily done it's something you have to do by hand and that takes forever. And the only really good ones I know of right now the ones that John bash serves over at his restaurant. Anyway let's say Chris is on the phone hello Chris welcome to the food show. -- -- -- Including good morning. Well you asked about played it people bought recently that was guys. If you orbit when I went to and Asians. Go deal. They have gotten a lot better than I remember. Early in recent years. And we now well. My body at a -- -- don't came out -- went out the kitchen and boy -- -- Absolutely delicious and normal life and I we had a out he'd done deputy minister Abdul. Well -- -- has always been the best thing they do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- don't want to hear that did best -- aren't. Gonna take you to get to ignore the good institution. -- -- -- -- -- and the price is a very reasonable very good you know it's like like a lot of the -- -- institutions. Seating is -- you know typical it's crowded weekend you know it's noisy but. That's what the hell were aware network about that more about the good food nick and the spirit that's out of about. Yeah -- a good place has really come a long way lately and they're probably laughing at that because -- they say that they've never changed anything but it just I mean a lot better than I remember. Yeah -- thank you very much I had no doubt who went to -- -- and will come back with more of the food show after first if you will this -- Greg DiLeo patio drug -- veterans in Metairie and -- radio WW well. You can. -- It was it's funny that that had the right before we. I was telling you about where at dinner last night -- and don't impatient which is very good isn't always has been and then two minutes later there was a commercial. Only since. Too bad because I know that X number of people are gonna say oh well you know he's one that's one of the sponsors so he's gonna say good things about it. Well I didn't know that was coming up and the truth is that. What I don't do commercials for any restaurant that I'm not already recommending so. We just want to know that -- there were a lot of people. Well who would you don't just take free meals and all that I never did that pay for all my meals including.

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