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WWL>Topics>>11-16 2:10pm Food Show, Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners

11-16 2:10pm Food Show, Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners

Nov 16, 2013|

Tom Fitzmorris tells his listeners: the 12 "best" places to get a Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or review every day -- recipe every day and little thing about what's going on Tuesday. In fact you know I'm -- -- back into the third course of the food show on thirteen -- no no -- station -- sorry that you that all week and then sticks in my head on the -- 870 WWL. And WWL little five point three FM this is Tom -- -- yet passing as a cultured person and every afternoon most days every day except Sunday -- we come in here we talk about food. That's it I can help you with the recipe. If you're looking for a place the dying now. Whether it's just -- hamburger or is something very fancy or something Chinese or something Mexican or whatever. We cover the entire scene here. If you think you have bought. Of some aspect of food that this program does not pay attention to. Guess again call us we'd love to hear about it to a 60187. We have a toll free number two it's six X 89087. And I. Somebody on the phone here but I'm not sure who if -- if you're you're on hold -- you. -- Stephen welcome. Time buffalo rancher. You know. Yeah. Out. It Wyoming. 800 acre. They are having October fast. Now you're probably wondering. It in October anymore why are they doing October fest. In November. Well what happened was human fourteen Karen. That never really. Did anything it's I remember watching it on the radar on that Sunday when it was headed this way. And it was headed right -- to. And then just disappeared just ceased to exist. Anyway the the people in the end of bill that we're gonna do this they were worried that it might get washed out by just a lot of rain and that was certainly a possibility so they canceled will they postponed. Until today. It's at the trail head in the end of bill that's on Gerard street. Just it will the -- -- he's in the fight in an old man in the bill that swear that the train used to be you know it's the it's a bicycle. Is what is has become. Anyway starts at three coastal six. There will have a number of restaurants here about two dozen restaurants serving food. A hundred different wines. -- cost 35 dollars to Gideon and then you help yourself that everything. And they're gonna do a raffle. In which the hundred lines that they report. You get a bottle of each one. If you win the raffle -- was there. -- interest. Anyhow Jerod street crosses Florida which is the main drag through -- and though it's US won ninety. And it's by 2156. Blocks from the from the Lakefront. And here they are. So. That's today starting at 3 o'clock. Looks like pretty good day I'm over here and -- springs and that they -- they've been talking about rain for today. And I haven't seen any of that there was a little miss in the morning but none of them were worth talking about not real. 2606368. Okay but in the same newsletter where I just mentioned that I put up my list of the twelve best I always do food lists in twelve instead of contends because food comes by the dozen. The twelve best places to eat Thanksgiving dinner you're going on -- rest. Number 122 jags to reject you know has had a little bit of a changed lately. The son of the guy who is running for the last 31 year is his father passed away. Unexpectedly in surprisingly. Last year and he came in mark letters and took the place over did a renovation. During -- renovation of the front dining room. And they have always been open for Thanksgiving that goes back to the very beginning and you know they go back -- 1856. They have a four course dinner it's their usual. -- that starts off with a trip -- laden and you get soup for the day and then you get that piece of their brisket and then you get roast Turkey everything's fresh including the turkeys in the cranberries. And the -- -- it's actually a five course meal it's 45 dollars. And a Dell's plantation there they argue and all of a sudden we seem to be talking about them a lot. They are doing a three courses. 48 dollars is what they're doing eleven -- 020. Number ten on my list of the twelve best places to eat Thanksgiving dinner if -- going to a restaurant. The royals and -- Four years. They had their as their main restaurant. BP's. -- -- ceased to exist when they put in this revolution place but revolution isn't exactly at Thanksgiving kind of a place so. Are what they do in big holidays like Thanksgiving and Mother's Day in and New Year's Eve and stuff like that is that they. I'll put it in the ballroom and it's a big buffet so if you're looking for a buffet. This is the oldest one in -- and has always been pretty good so it's at the royals in the -- it's just not been gays anymore there is -- gays. Number nine cafe Geovany. Italian obviously but that's only would be about half the menu the rest of it is pretty much New Orleans food lots of seafood of course Turkey and everything. -- be in old Metairie. -- Brendan. -- he gets so much business over Ralph saw in the park that he has spun off some of it onto his other restaurants he has several restaurants here. One of them is the heritage grill in the heritage office building on it now. On. Veterans just across the city limits. But this -- -- places cute and very good so that's number eight. Number seven cafe Adelaide. That's the commander's palace branch of the Brendan -- runs that it's in the Loews hotel they've really been doing great. Great food lately and this is the only place have been able to find that is serving her -- him on Thanksgiving. I don't think her documents a good idea myself but there are people who are you interested in it. And they are doing it at cafe -- okay that's the your bottom six of my top twelve I'll give you the rest of them in a minute with him is on hold. Tim welcome to the food ago. Right so first time caller well welcome to our program that you you know once you go home. -- -- -- Talk about putting its stake or own a mobile home all the involved in putting you know into the open to finish what it. Quite agree. Yeah that's probably the most often. Given recipe I do on this show. -- bomb on the mound on -- more of that record -- years ago. And implement all the way with no credit Bieber always sure. -- here's what you do. You what you think -- stakes out a little earlier. Didn't cut -- It's in fact if you buy one hole big piece in cook the whole thing in one piece. It'll come -- better than if you credited the stakes the thicker the stake is the better -- Turn the oven on to 400 degrees before you started you this yet a heavy skillet cast iron is fine but whatever you have. And flicked a few pieces of butter in the -- season up the stakes. And put him in there. And let the state. Stick to the bottom. W you want fairly high heat on this you know not so much that it's smoking -- on the verge of flames obviously it. A little bit more than you might think. It'll stick to the pin in the middle sort of break loose not a 100% but close to. At that point flip it over. Into another little pool butters somewhere in the pan and then -- the other side. And then take it out. And put it into opinion inside this 400 degree oven and let it finish cooking. Now if you're doing -- to medium rare it might already be finished just from the searing. But especially if you cut them on the inside that's one of the reasons basic but -- But if not the the pass through the oven is gonna finish that off why Alex in the oven. Add to that hand where you -- Almost any liquid beef stock red wine. One of my favorites is Bergen whiskey I think works really well. -- but be careful with that who consume it could catch on fire it's not a can be a bad fire but some we ought to know. And or you could even some fruit juices I do that more with pork than -- beef but it's certainly something you can do. And while this is sick all sitting in the pan. We -- around to dissolve all the little burned bits that have stuck here all the juices that have come out of the -- and also what let what is left for the butter. And you can you get a source going on here you can dance cream to a mushrooms in the peppercorns almost whatever he can think of that -- that sounds good. And by the time that has reduced down a little bit you're stakes will be ready you take him out. You put him on the plate you pour the sauce over it it's like a restaurant quality addition is nothing to and I think other than. Grilling on a really really hot charcoal grill there is no better way to cook a -- and. Well I do appreciate that you guys are remembered you saying. Putting it in -- partner -- and then turning the open. On no no that's a different story entirely what that is about is prime rib. We you have all prior -- You'd you'd you'd -- it's pretty close to the same process he started on the -- and you see -- it usually I do this out on the grill instead of an opinion but it could you do it either way. And you you see here at all around. And in the meantime your bureau of him is indeed 500 degrees you take it out of opinion you put it onto another Pena put it in the 500 degree of and you turn. The oven. With you do one -- to raise some people say just completely off and just let it sit there I don't particularly like that idea. I take it down though but 225. Degrees of Politico for a few hours. Well I appreciated -- and -- like well thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- 260. 636 -- wrong number 2601872601870. Let's get back to lower -- -- don't miss this out. Somehow I mean this. Want to constantly. Go to the screen saver and I can't. Keep masks and Wear him. Round here's some curious -- the top twelve places to die note on Thanksgiving day. Of giving you the first. The bottom six already -- Lou can hardly call on the bottom because there's about 5060 restaurants open. Number six the -- That would probably be the most sophisticated. And on the North -- they're doing a special menu what's the range is between 35 and fifty dollars depending on -- it. The Turkey is probably too little and number five or news in the French Quarter and the only started doing Thanksgiving here again they had used to -- too long time ago but not lately. I think about two or three years ago and they've done pretty well with its so they keep going. And that is a beautiful restaurant very traditional -- world -- place a mix of traditional Thanksgiving dishes and some are no specialties at four course dinner. Four -- price 47 dollars. Number four -- on the part this is so we're getting into the restaurants that may well be booked up. A restaurant like that it's so beautiful right across the street from city park. Pretty substantial menu a lot of choices on and including old traditional stuff 46 dollars the 54 dollars for three course dinner. Number three restaurant August I don't. Think that they've ever done Thanksgiving before may be wrong but I don't remember them doing it before. So restaurant August John vicious place five star restaurant. He is this it's an interesting thing that he's doing. Two different. Prefix five course menus he has one that starts from 11 in the morning and goes until two it's sixty dollars five courses. And many re opens at 5 o'clock until ten with a different menu completely different -- five courses. And that when he is 97 dollars. And if you want wine pairings -- have all the courses he'll do the the daytime version at forty dollars and fifty dollars extra in the evening. So we're talking about a really first class kind of an event here and but that's the kind of food John -- does so but the strange there. Number two let -- landing that's the restaurant of Coleman's house plantation. Kevin Kelly who owns it owns the plantation. This guy has made that plantation into one of the most beautiful. Places you have ever seen. -- that the old house all the other stuff that's -- ended the flower gardens it's just gorgeous. And their main restaurant is wonderful that they they really know how to cook here very classy. The price is 55 dollars 25 dollars for children it's a buffet. For the most part but a lot of stuff. Number one the best restaurant in town eat in on Thanksgiving Day you probably can't get into. -- if you can. You either made the reservation months ago you might have even made it on your way out after having Thanksgiving dinner there last year. But the news. On the other hand it may have some reservations available it's it's possible commander's palace. It's stunning the fresh turkeys seems everything's just great. But it's hard to get into. But don't let. My saying that stopped you from trying because you never know sometimes people cancel at the last minute and suddenly there's a table in the first person who calls -- so. It's worth trying anyway that's my top twelve list of Thanksgiving restaurants. And if you wanna look at over. You should this summer would go to no menu dot com. And it is in the newsletter that is currently out there right now just page down through it just scroll down and you'll find. Let's see where art is. Lee who is calling us next from a Metairie somewhere I think we. Hey you know fun one. Did I can't tell you about. Place opened up where -- split it's bouncing in world. Well well another another restaurants colonies there now I'm not exactly. Know it's accommodations. Dunkin' Donuts and they have and -- -- role. Boy. We'd be still my heart that that. And you'd be through them now simply was Bravo went. Angry. You know. We gotta watch out the chains. Have the chains have not. In coming here ever since the hurricane. You might notice a lot of the chains did not come back after the hurricane. And that many of them have new winds have opened but they seem to be coming this a bunch of them on veterans are no clear view and transcontinental. And now in mid city at the corner of B and villain Carrollton avenue there's a bunch of minutes and and our group bread and and that Chinese that semi not quite Chinese place that kiwi or repeat EI don't yeah guy here that's. -- of the casual. Or remote. PF Chang's. The couple others like that we got to watch this folks here at the exchange -- arm trouble up and up. I know. Well I didn't do it changed mine well good for you -- courage no -- -- -- Nolan on and trans continental yeah we yeah that's the one -- we think ultimately silicon breast. Yeah original -- review. So that took its place. And -- food for their advice is what we will leave via needs a few times. And very helpful very friendly. Yeah very nice restaurant. It's it's interesting because. This is the people who are running that. Are really the next generation of Vietnamese people when -- do most of the Vietnamese came here in the seventies. Is when we have the huge influx of Vietnamese people. In the 1970s. And a lot of them opened up restaurants but a lot of those -- know they're getting on in years in the next generation is coming up and they speak English perfectly you know -- this is no language barrier at all. They also understand. You know the -- the American kind of approach to things and so they make their rest that's much more accessible. And I think it's been terrific for all of us. Well you know very I was young weights they have been very differently. And not bit dizzy. The Russians nice -- you know he did you know usually you do look at the troop -- and expect that a -- that it was nice we enjoy it. Yup they do a nice job will be going back. Although it. -- -- for me all right thanks a lot -- alright -- -- the official sign of phone calls on the food here is Greg. Craig certainly reviewed them would. Cry aren't you running. Craig. Right. -- -- -- Our. -- more and I don't. You're -- stop call. They ability now to Georgia Oklahoma. Which bill and she raised so you'll grant you can bottom now you all via. Yeah and it's right on the marina. It's right by the U bridge marina when you -- down -- -- And -- Where is too large an art. About it -- Well all are probably about. I guess about 1015 and drop down that you. And I -- towards yeah yeah. -- well it and that we call -- -- currently teaching at the beer and she's been on. On -- -- -- -- core apple is unreal. And she's. We'll also talk show also a show -- the farmers. Yeah and I it is. It was through very distinct and even the. It's fascinating it's something to watch it's it's a bit because the main thing that comes out of it is that after the -- comes out of its shell. About five or ten minutes later. You'll say that -- was never in that shell. Is no way that that crab and possibly of come out of that little tiny shell yeah. Error -- Just open the call. Who known it -- pottery. And people have been unreal they have grown. Older. Broad -- and -- brought it. And it -- me -- that it was weird. On the same people. You can be at the bar and about 300 different atmosphere. Did it it's -- I mean it is it is an open for low. I mean it it is very fresh out. What is so what is the name of the place. It's called -- -- and G. -- he did not -- -- and G and it ought to use them not in Prague hallmark. And it can open the -- not eight film -- Ninety again and I mean we'd like you call it right when you walk in clean. And I mean the present the most part since the Buddha belly unreal in that -- And did not competent legal. Fear any kind of beer over. There well thanks for sharing all that aren't a great deal later. It's food Schoen Tom Fitzmorris here is Raymond Raymond welcome. Federal trial lawyer who can find. Very about 46 weeks ago are you ever -- generalists so what are irrational and I hit it everywhere aren't there. Yeah. If yes if you go to no menu dot com. And then click. A near the top of the page it says sides. -- DES. And this can be another drop down menu from that one of which is. All top twelve lists click on that and then you'll get a list I have about a hundred of them but at the top. You can just -- -- was Tonya. I would if it were me I would just type in the first few letters because I don't know how you spell lasagna but there's two under and spell. They were LA SA just that's enough and then it'll search it for you and it'll pop the -- list. A wonderful like so much appreciated. Thank you. 26063. What's wrong number 260187. You do that all the time here's why that because and well actually it is a little bit because I'm stupid. But. Because. I do this same program we talk about the same things. Every weekday from noon till three. On thirteen 53. WL that's our name of this is to WL that's three W well just right across the newsroom from where. This show comes from. Anyway that's why -- give you the wrong number too much is that when I say. Every day probably about 300 times. For the last 25 years and that kind of stuck in there you know and it won't be -- Just will not allow itself. We've got to take a break right. Will come back at home with more of the food show in just a moment after first if you will best. The tenant tenant tenant and a hello it's the food show. And Tom Fitzmorris. Thanks to be here with -- talking about food anywhere you want here is just the nor is it -- that what you prefer. -- Yeah. Welcome -- Are you radioed him please -- thank. -- I still I'm looking for the best way to -- any of Ole. I'm trying to mimic. Rich career. They don't marinate their police -- wouldn't recommend that you either. The the only -- and you would. The only reason you marinate anything is if it's too tough if you don't marinated or if it's kind of a bland -- than it needs some. It needs some extra flavor. Or if it is a kind of meet that tends to be dry like Turkey breast it is it's dry and what should do some kind of marinade. But fully. I mean the reason Foley is so expensive is that it's got all of those things it's it's got a great flavor it's tender it's you know it it doesn't have any moisture problems. I I put a lot of creole seasoning on the outside and some fresh cracked black pepper but I never I never marinated beef. Okay that. It's typically use -- our people and garlic. Okay well up all the salt is gonna tough in the media. Which this year will too because it's a lot of sultan was this year was to -- -- news. If this couple interesting flavors in the but I again I tell you I don't think it needs it. And then the garlic on all the flavor in the garlic is gonna burn out when you when you when you cook the -- Really I would do all of those things at the end in a sauce or of or coding. Both it instead of trying to marinated in there right I think it just works better personally I mean if you like it go and do whatever you or whatever makes it the way you like -- Anyway it's just my. So again -- they might -- in Hawaii tonight you hope you get. Okay. A soft would be good. Who would I don't know if you were listening earlier when I was sitting giving news this instruction on how to start a topping your stove with a heavy skillet. A little bit of butter in the skillet. Some salt and pepper or creole seasoning on the top -- Syria -- on both sides but just one time we turn once. When he gets when it sticks to the bottom and then lets loose you turn it over you do the other side then you put Adam in you put the stakes in the oven at about 400 degrees. Preheat the -- And while the stakes are in the oven. Pouring in some kind of liquid and the one nice seemed like best is either were urban with skier Scotch -- Are -- could use wine you can use -- could even -- just plain water if you wanted to that would give you much but. They -- you you whisk it round. On it and it to dissolve all the little juices in little burned bits and some of the bullet over butter that's in the skillet and then you can it's taken off the stove at that point. And -- some cream and some peppercorns. Or some mushrooms. And a little bit you wish to share or a steak sauce a Ludwick a tablespoon of that -- around. And note let it reduced down a little bit by that time -- -- you're gonna be ready in the other militia -- like extra well the owners of the and you certain you'll have a restaurant quality saw us with the genome really nothing to mean just -- very easy. And then you get support on top. This right over the top yeah. You know taste it taste it or salt and pepper before you do that you just -- -- -- and in and just taste the sauce and if you want Agoos at around with some that'll go ahead you know little splash of Tabasco in as a million things you can do. Let me know how it comes out thank you -- yeah. That is the most often given instruction. On this show and and a woman but it's it's good this way I always go state. When we do which we don't do very often actually. Welcome back -- more the food -- the first please this. Cute cute cute cute cute cute but hello it's the food show I'm Tom exports. To 606368. Here is fate fate welcome. I think there. If you keep Jim Hardy compliments from people out for dinner and outlined I recommended that Jamie and content in the end there. And I inspired to be and I -- and again there. It opened two weeks ago. Right that's. In their story for media and also. Personally. There was no way I would ever take guests. Unless they came to New Orleans a lot of lived here. I guess from out of town I would never take him to rest and I'd never been. Under any circumstance. Had a problem and we have lived and didn't you -- many times and they get out as same day analogy is trying to. A different place well Anderson and and. Well have have they been there. OK so they've they've been to all of these places to. Right okay well you know then then maybe so it'll be an adventure but. -- new restaurants no matter who opens and in the people who have opened this are very good restaurant tour is -- the owners of go true those who -- he's done a great job. Even they even the Brennan's when they get restaurant first opened it's never quite right and just in my opinion it's not a good idea to go to a brand new restaurant. But if you have a sense of adventure. And you know that maybe something is going to not quite be as good as it will possibly be later down the right the murder -- a go ahead but I but you you wouldn't see me. King fish is another when I haven't been too although I'm hearing nothing but good things about them by apps would -- Getting a reservation. Is absolutely essential I've been shut out my wife has come in the three different occasions it's hey let's go there. And we get there and we can't get in oh without a three hour wait. -- land a reservation to go there you might be able to get one I would call and check it can. Yes -- -- have nothing but don't do but now. But there you go. Thank you thank you see it's the food show yeah I think it is a terrible idea to bring. The guest to a restaurant you've never been to yourself. We will come back with more the food show in just a moment but -- pleased that it's. Gosh we've -- come to the end of our show the before I go. Want you to know. That brands for boys in addition to degree rose before boys and seafood for boys in the Italian born boys that they have all the time. There ready to help you out with Thanksgiving you need to fully -- to fried Turkey or roasted Turkey for Thanksgiving and meats and side issues he needs and gravy in the unity and all that stuff. You don't have time to do it all yourself talked to them. You have to get the order in -- few days before Thanksgiving obviously concede to a -- one at a time to order. In that kitchen where they do all their cooking. Of everything they do. Is done right there in house. Parades for -- 3939 veterans highway just has Cleary. Grants for boys. Your Easter Easter Thanksgiving Easter. Thanksgiving helper. Well have a good dinner tonight have a good weekend. And we'll talk you again on Monday may be your next Saturday WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies. From CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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