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11-16 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Nov 17, 2013|

Mr, Food Tom Fitzmorris talks with WWL callers about food, recipes, restaurants, and cooking tips.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- -- and went into this is your soft scrambled voice -- local announcer. Tom the Taurus and this is the big 870 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM. Time now for the food show here we are. Once again three hour showed today get the whole thing. No football today. Not not that gets in our way anyway so you and I can lean back and talk about this thing called food. That we do in New Orleans so well at love to hear from you but what you have phone to be good lately whether it was something that you found in a restaurant. Or. Something new world made yourself at home or some friend of yours made or whatever if it's about food. It fits this show but take me in my word that it's this know what the rule that's more important than that. In terms of whether you should call and the answer is you should because if you beaten anything lately. You probably have something to report that was really good don't think that everybody knows it already they don't. And if you if you haven't eaten lately then you're pretty much you almost. Or or might be already -- sorry I'm under Reese. Well most fun while it lasted well goodnight and it way to -- where we're on here. Are numbers 260. 187. I got it right I got to write their Dave the first time anyway. We are also the toll free number it's 866889087. Either one will work. We want to hear from you about on either. And at various times during the program I'm gonna give you the wrong number because -- not on purpose but because I do this same program. Same thing about food five other days a week. On three WL it's we call it round here at WW WL and thirteen fifty. And we do that every day every weekday. And combine this at some time so on the at the same time noon till three. Every weekday. On thirteen fifty effect you know fewer really gonna do some nice to meet today I don't know why you should about thinking -- should. But why not. You'll feel good about it. -- One of the preset buttons on your radio. 213 50 AM. This is and I know you're not using the whole McGill there most Corus at about -- end of I can only think of three stations worth listening to an area. So why you'll get plenty room gimme but number three you know it used to be in the old days when you went to get a break today. At the news that police in New Orleans right at the end of by using John a block away from the parkway. We get the good -- boys. He used to be that you would go over there and the inspector would check to make sure. That you had your radio stations right because back then there was only area there was no FM. And so you were required to have WT IX on but number one. You have to have WW -- but number two. You had to have WP SU 1280. On one but number three you have to have this station on but number four at that time -- WS and be. Same spot on the dial there and then -- the fifth button was completely up to you you where you were allowed to use that for whatever you want but those first. Or you have to have right or no break tag I'm not hidden. A virtual get small timers in here who will hula backed me up -- that he Angelo is -- ago Angelo welcome. -- a competent. They come on him. And -- a couple weeks ago actually it was torture the apple were strong and -- to go. Did it have been packers' second time with intrigued me so I'm had a great. Loved it third great atmosphere. Comics and open room. -- was could be -- It wasn't. Not real it's one of the one of the few new restaurants that isn't noisy. It's that important. Work with a group of -- -- -- the people. And servers was incredible -- it'd Mitchell -- but it went back with just three only -- -- off -- register are expecting their drinks the ball great. -- in the value. You know civil commercial but we are really expected -- Laporte it was really good but yeah I would I would -- Well pop up Moscow you know so. -- your regular there. -- I couldn't agree with you more about all of that that is might look exactly and not enough love the fact. That it's you can actually have a conversation with the other people that your table without right raise your voice which MySpace is becoming a real rarity. Sure it was walking course but now when did you have on the -- you know so -- -- -- -- Parking lot. Alitalia. A lot a lot of will be here to -- you know I got. -- at -- moment you know I figured. Fight went there have been back. Oh good good thanks for calling -- our report just the kind of thing we love to hear. The rest but he went to his call apple mean EPO LL -- and see it's on magazine street it is one of would you believe. 66. Restaurants on magazine street now 66. And I am not even counting the pop -- as a real extra. Anyway apple -- is on magazine street about 34 blocks uptown side of Napoleon avenue. It had been Domonique for a little while but that -- on a mate they -- junior did brought in new chef. He put in his menu. Very nice place -- it's it's a house that's been renovated. Good look good service staff really good bar great place to hang out with friends actually. Apple team is its name my name is Tom Fitzmorris. In here is Dave Dave welcome. About. A year. We -- Export at the apple. What did they -- and abruptly from me. -- I would say it's. Well mostly American. As opposed to New Orleans food but with a distinct culture of New Orleans throughout the whole menu I mean they. You know they keep the spice level appear a little bit -- lot of good local ingredients good crab meat could local fish you know. But I would say the style is more of a new American style than it would be. Real. -- picked up a little opulence not. Particularly. That strangely enough the best thing I think I've had here and I didn't want to like this but I just in the mood for it. They had a hate what they call PC stake which is the sirloin strip I think we ought to have a New Orleans state. We that's another story. What you know they even did that really well and it was pretty straight. Forward. Next question at what point it sure -- watch -- -- today to all you know. That's an uninteresting. Menu it is. Predominantly. Appetizers. So you go in the air and you order. In the same way you would order if you were sitting in a bar having like bar food. So you can you can get like. -- they have these great shrimp that the output on skewer news. In that in an interest being sort of way and in the grill and then they serve an interest in sauce with a who's got a little bit zipped to a they do on some some some barbecue pork kinda things there's two with three of those. Really this only one thing I would warn you against they have cracked clintons on the menu. And that is still being Barack. I'm well I'm not either unless it comes from a place like mothers where they just made him fifteen minutes ago her kitchen and brought a month just to get rid of -- is what they're after is the fact. But I don't know where they're getting these these crackling from but I don't like other than that I I I've had fun there it's it's a fun place. Here. Yeah yeah it's bad at all. And it's I have been there when it was completely packed in the rafters. And what might that once it was the night we did in the club and -- We get going you know especially after the third of fourth cocktail. At least they'll you know please vote. Thank you see the food show shock is year although -- chuck have always enjoyed that beef. You name. It. Good that in OK on -- if you wanna. Yes welcome -- That's right this. Type. A -- forty it's in some. Are in the river -- great foreign talks about the reopening of Charlie. On Jefferson highway again you know but we have which really hurt anything definitive about that posters and -- -- bonus. That's about what I have to say about it too I've heard rumors but I can't track any of them down. And I this I can tell you for absolute certain frank writes and is not going to be involved. He you know he walked out of that place man. And he swore OK I've done that experiment of gotten that off my chest he he he is the only reason he opened that is set he grew up with a place in his neighborhood and he says I can't live without Charlie -- and useful in the open. And then you know it was to cut the BO lent I'll rent issue. And he just left that if he told me with no no. Uncertainty and all he's not -- going back so whoever is going in there is going to be somebody different and who knows you know I say even if it were open today I'd tell you wait six months. Which makes there's -- -- you can be pretty big ones to feel so. All you you inaccurate duplicate that deal as he was doing some really brilliant casual kind of stuff that that though the one I like best with the dirty boy did you. It was everything you would put in dirty rice except the rice and he would spoon it over poor boy these little portable little French low of -- Work great. We. -- so. Here you get hurt sorry about that I don't think there's any hope there. At least now that when it may be somebody else who. Thank you thank you very much here is Jim Jim welcome to the big -- WWL the food show. After all that I didn't push a button hard enough let's try again Jim. Sorry about that that was me. I'm fine -- on him. And watch Arafat -- -- mean I brought my entire life been. The bat single by Buddha says twenty odd years archer went -- -- Added three more times. I'm not a DD and yet but it. They. They actually have been around one oil but at least eight years I think closer to seven. And I'm the chef owner. Is a guy who had worked go for a while proponents for a while he was that he was the executive Douglas and -- over opera wants. And right good guy oh I love their food. And I'm not nuts about the place but right it's. It's an old working but I think they get mileage out of that -- X number of people go there just to see what you can do -- old Burger King -- his food is great. It really is you did not he would try to commitments this. -- -- -- -- Thank you thank you -- the restaurant he was talking about is cafes Lynn LY and end. -- in that weird -- section. Whoever engineered that was not think in real real hard or at least not using any creativity. Of the -- -- approach. Florida avenue. And that section of US 190 that does not have a name but really really really needs one for people like me who are trying to tell you where some news. Am -- sounding bitchy today. I I do OK although calm down we'll take a break we'll come back and I'll try to be more mellow after first please that's. That's the food show on the big 87 CM on thirteen -- deal week it's confusing to me. You know you don't need a real big brain to be in radio. As proven every -- I'm just kidding anyway who is this on the which which followed him on -- anything -- For some reason the buttons are going to -- me up Patrick would you if you Patrick welcome to the food ago. Take what expert pick Michael. I'm a little bit different questions about a restaurant but what I did apply for the good -- -- I'm glad I'm where it ago -- -- -- -- -- war where like attack course. It's not the easiest thing in the world the place I used to send everybody to would be. Ahead of time and if you willing to be their kinda early in the morning like no later than about 10 or 11 o'clock here 11 o'clock could be lucky to find him there. -- I think they will sell you a -- -- voices but I would check first a -- until the oil spill that was a no brainer you'd just go straight here. You know at 7 in the morning and they'd make the deal. Let's see some other places who's got -- in the in the west we go. Shrimp lot. Yeah they call it. They have shrimp that they have crabby but they also sell oysters there often on and I think I'm pretty sure you can get a get a by the -- here. Shape we're in Russa action buck town I think has always used by the -- Listening will probably get some more by and always used by the sec is not something I do very often. Well pretty they would like its editor on our so our share their certainly like in gold value just called stop off the highway. Knock -- door and. Well I don't -- the Orioles got -- guy's gonna show event and Coca agree you know they're gonna lose all those ways -- order. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah that is if you go down there but you've got to go a long way to get -- -- anything like humans and insane paranoia I'm sorry it just don't know most of that comes in. Four they're so that you -- listening on -- some people will call in in and tell us the answer to that's. Right thank you. Who knows where to go to get on a sack of oysters. He's got a good place. Tell me about 260. 187. Would you mind punching up this guy named Tom here but I have the big adjustment. But Tom welcome to the food show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ya. She was on the show with me earlier this week and she told me that. People who were saying that it's a ploy. And marketing ploy. Are incorrect in fact the reason that she said. A week ago Thursday that she was closed and she was on channel six that's where the story broke. What does that she 72 years old. And she wanted to retire and that was that and she thought OK well you know what will run out all the food it's here in the building. And then though will close door and then we'll see with the do next well. As soon as the word got out everybody in New Orleans one wanted to go there and get one last state it's crazy Johnny's in the places been mobbed ever since and she's decided that all of these people. Are so upset about her closing that -- CEO opened a few more weeks. And that's where the marketing employee came in because a lot of people suspected that she said Tom look I'm not that Smart to come up with a simple. I just you know and I'm really telling you the truth that I want to retire that's the only reason closing. The story. Are you gonna take over -- Well I don't know whoever if you -- someone who wanted to buy that. Would cost them a pretty penny that is that he read who you really valuable piece of real estate there and if it'll be. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if what happened is that somebody came in tore it down on the put up -- else but The Who knows I mean seems like a valuable franchise to -- somebody ought to do what. Rivera franchise there are a couple of. Oh yeah. Well that might be going a little far but it was pretty good it. Thank you what thank you see. Crazy -- we were just talking about there and now we're going to listen to -- -- who has a report on the news going on around the city. Hello -- it is the food show on. The big 870 WWL. And WWL low five point three FM and WWL dot com end at. In HD. One HD 1105 point three. Do you did you do I have an HD radio now and boy is this sound on that could mean it's real it's better than FM. Juli is here hello Juli welcome to the food -- There I'm doing great what about you. You're you're you're you're name doesn't begin with a peed in your last name. Oh OK -- it begins -- oh. All that Julie no I I was thinking I had a girlfriend by the name the Jews Julie somebody I was desperately in love with -- but. You know how it goes. So it's not you anyway and we figured that out now. Cilic -- chilly out you know. We always live this -- Velika dessert. You can no and another jello I'm think I'm sorry. Today that was okay. Yeah well. They can't all be -- My friend Harry you're mad -- Canada -- licking their election much and day came up with something called Mora popped. I don't know. I know pretty much every -- -- say that. Now. This is the -- hip it's probably biggest restaurant in the by waters section it is really unusually. Figure out what the building used to be and that might aunts and uncles used to live around here and I just don't remember it at all. But it's it's a neat place. -- a little on the raffish side always pack the -- certainly is always -- the real good and cocktails. The menu is very unusual. You have to book and shackle yourself from your you know who the way you usually order to go to this place. You'll find although this is not really a theme there they have more than the average number of vegetarian dishes there. I'm no vegetarian by a longshot but when IC a dish that sounds good I get it if you if it is or isn't and the ones that I've had that way of -- really. And it and I enjoyed the place quite a lot but it's. It's pretty cutting edge. And and pretty bohemian -- I would say. Well I think I'm -- -- And I didn't know I. There you -- BI think you fit right in. In fact we have the owner of the place on the show one day and nice that you know every time I go there I think. Might be a little too old for this place and certainly not hip enough -- this place and he said Tom. You're wearing a Paisley tie and and the beating them shirt I think you'd fit him. And critic and being hit out that you have. In the yeah it's. It's a little bit not not really you'll like the food it's all real good fresh stuff they work the market's real hard -- that they they go to all the farmers markets and they kept things specially grown for them and all that jazz. And they they did they do a good job cooking it's it's a cool place she'll remember it you'll probably fondly unless you're a stick in the mud which I know you're not. -- ignore it and it. And we did not quite as street area -- remembered it being. Bring fresh vegetables and stop and we shouldn't template -- can't -- Campaign and that. You know between. Mean no I can't say I do. Pretty interesting and man he can matter -- like I hit it accurate and. Ball carried well there's a lot of features thing no food things that have come on that I would I just had. Tim Williamson who runs the thing he held he founded it in fact. On the show talking about that they just had a program where they had a five people who have been recognizes entrepreneur -- is in the food business that there helping out right now. That's a great program. But it lineup on the ten man I had family that. Our opinion that ran it meant he -- fantastic anyway. Well Julie nice hearing from you. Seal under by Ricky is here Ricky knows way to get a second oysters. I think. -- Ricky won happening and we just he just we just -- you -- Sorry here is Jo-Jo welcome. And I'm gonna -- -- there. And and check on two back on the year other callers question about cycle answers that question -- but that was. Our box is select the surge of singles there. Medium -- with rank and I didn't know that wraps up supplies. The network. Made the available through to return a cross. You know I've only seen that in a couple of menus over the years. In none of them are doing it at this time. When I I remember very what was the old keep the calories they used to have if you go to there oyster bar. You could have regular oysters -- you -- at select oyster and they charge more for the slight ways. But I don't know anybody who's doing that now and that doesn't solve where we get a -- I agree and I'm. Confusion perhaps Apple's stock. Box of select what you by the bar. Yeah I haven't seen that around here at all. Particular fourteen dollars and twelve. Where's Shaq. Bad words that they'll know. Question and answer this question for you. And the latest news on the food front Madison though. Individual. Well you the the biggest thing that's happened and it's a really kind of a little thing when you think about it is that -- -- That -- young from keep young steak house he opened up it is a super casual mean. Casual down to about the level of the you'll make your studies crab net that go west and a very casual place fried seafood are fried chicken are also very good effect. Poor boys all that kind of stuff it's on them the highway 21 heading out of Madison -- just pitchers you're you're really still in town but not for much longer. And let's see the of the place that used to be. The friends on the -- Good trip on them I think was the name. A -- they had a big fire. Some months ago and they said that they would and opened up a new place -- something or other four White House. And Chinese haven't noticed anything going on there and I know I haven't been nearly Lisa maybe something has happened but. And I I don't know what the plan is of that. And and other than that that's about it as far as I know. All about it lately there's one more. It was stuff goes to Olympus stylist daughter. Open and her husband. Opened up a restaurant that really is pretty much in Madison feels closer to Madison building -- to me and build on highway 22. They opened about a month ago my wife. Was the first customer. Doesn't listen to anything anyway so she went in the -- as it was great. Under. All right we're appreciated and thank you and it's. It's my pleasure it's the food show hey you know and ones it is open for lunch right now. And this would be a great time ago. And take advantage. Of this thing that they instituted a few years ago that has become very popular. And it is done exactly what they were hoping would happen and that is to get people who have never been there and once before. Or who haven't been in the long time because they thought it was too snooty or too expensive or too dressy or any of those things get in the in the show on that note that is true. It certainly isn't true if you can get a three course lunch. With three choices in each of the courses yet. For twenty dollars and thirteen cents a we give you a quick rundown of the one they're doing right now. You start off with three char broiled style oysters or a fresh -- salad with Mandarin oranges and carrots and that achieves a few of the things. Or -- alligator best you know that was the first alligator dish served by any New Orleans restaurant in modern times back in 1972. Anyway moving along to the country's chicken Toulouse with the pepper hair and until rice and more -- on its puppy drum Verisign with the seafood bread stuffing the navy beans. Trip and undoing and grits all put together into one does an entry and -- for dessert sweet potato cheesecake raspberry chocolate -- pecan bread according. Twenty dollars and thirteen cents in every day they do it and -- feel feature that you can buy for a quarter. So -- ones right now at this second. You don't have to stop everything and iron all your clothes and just to get spanking -- you know short of that is gone over. I'd love to have. 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter and all the world there is only one and ones and we'll be back with more of the food show in a moment but first if you will this it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL I was just asked is it still. Ye -- college and you just heard about that. And and the answer is it never really was that that letter that looks like a one way that makes it seem like Yi. Is actually an old English. Letters that doesn't exist anymore not here anyway. That was the sound TH it was even have -- name -- That was the name of that -- so it's really -- old college and it just looks like why. And there's something. You probably -- 260. 187 me away or are we here oh I think it's. I think it's two separate ethics soon welcome to the -- Thank you cannot tell you aren't fresh talent that there apparently good field. -- -- -- Florentine with the spinach and yeah and I would say the best version that I've had they don't call it that but the it's news it's the that's the dish at Vincent's. -- date in crossed the deal with parmesan cheese and extra parmesan cheese and for -- war and the -- -- and -- -- it. And then right out and then the spinach is underneath it and this is this like a lemon butter I think it might be holidays -- -- remember. But the that's just great that and that's I think one of the best issues on his hold -- -- up there right now he used to make about and other EU but there are no longer care. I'm not been able to find a good one -- It's it's a dish that is kind of gone on the vote. -- yeah it's basically the normal way of doing it is creamed spinach. Underneath. Veal and holidays of the top of -- that's basically the story and if you would go into restaurants that would have all those things. I just about any steak house. They'd probably do four. I can't understand that in. -- I -- back and I are ignorant and in our. Sometimes but not usually. That -- that idea of the little herb saint in the as spinach that's that's a spin off from oysters Rockefeller which doesn't have -- in the to begin with. Yeah. -- -- -- thank you see its future was still looking for a sack of oysters somewhere here is you and I think. No Rick there was somebody. -- -- -- -- -- -- that pushed the wrong. -- -- and I know Dan hang on the second will be right back to you I just hit the wrong but here Herbie. Come on in you know where regular a stack of oysters. Yes there where. Eight BBC oyster distributors. Is that you. Not my cousin Cory just well okay where is this. He is is local and saint Bernard parish meridia can build it delivered any weary and call come pick up from him. Okay we're whereabouts is located. Eight is or distributor. Okay. But where is it located. Where insane paranoid you know who he can you go there and and by a sack of oysters or do you hand him not -- the boats go. Or go on Kerry to consume content can Joseph blow get its act of oysters from this guy yet. How can he do so be reduced Palma and -- you have a phone number. -- let's hear it. -- -- -- Nine 34. 9534. In the name of the league and his -- Big Easy oyster distributors he'd be easy ways you distributors okay. Easy enough good. And -- you know what gum you know already. Which Obama you know at a -- respect that I RL irregular sex. -- twelve -- going to get the big which you about or small. Aren't they thank you very much that I appreciate it probably argue it. I left Daniel behind hereby picked it up wrong Daniel welcome. -- -- Well it depends on who you mean by you all but I mean I'm okay and and this guy over here who's dressed up in the later -- he's OK to. I was in -- The -- it was ridiculous angle selects a million and New Orleans maybe not your door openers reference to black plays on not on broad street. Oh yeah yeah restaurant. Restaurant depot. -- -- -- -- Single already Walsh he's you don't. Wanna grow what outlook. And that greatly -- and I get a hundred albums for about 28 but they should. You need to you need to be a member though don't -- Yes strike at Sam's Club or something. We but. I think it's -- that occupation right in the yeah the structure there. Special upper arm raised those. All right well thank you thanks for that that's -- restaurant. In. Broad street at that more -- -- your heart will afford his weird news and do a lot of instruments by a lot of stuff from. And will come back with more of the food show after first please that's. But even up popped on up hello it's the food show it's. Big 870 WWL. And let's see here is. Ian -- AM OK and welcome to the coach. You can't. Be that only is it look at that play. Billy in. On one and get an odd way my -- one deficit and I way he guy's name is Dennis Kelly. I'd get on them. Senator -- that. 4610. And get in -- exactly is around. OK and you can just buy it from him. Okay all right -- and a couple of days probably a couple of days' notice on. -- try to make it one day you know I would call him in check with him. -- -- All right. Thank you thank -- by its Puccio. We at some deals here. No. With time it's. It's too late to start in on anything else except to tell you. If you are looking to dine out on Thanksgiving Day. I have two things for you both of them are on my website -- no menu dot com one of them is a list of the twelve best places to go on Thanksgiving Day. And then I have another list that has about forty places. And in including all the twelve but to listen more to accomplish that no menu dot com. And FM. And HD. And skyway and on line WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM -- our New Orleans where the news this next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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