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11-17 1:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 17, 2013|

Deke and Bobby get ready for the Saints vs San Fransico 49ers in the Dome.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon erupted about like count down to kick off wearing any -- about the Saints we'll take all of the San Francisco for a as a key game in the NFC Kasey -- and you're going to stand listening to call that we've backed up 55. But this little game it's not a three game losing streak and basically this season. Well we have to avoid the last two games or the 49 -- read it it's sacked eight times. But the point guys that force that maternal and I mean that that's going to be key when you look at all that done you look internal margin. We're up plus blocked a point nine a couple of war that that if you keep whenever you play yet you -- teams are to play well teams. -- plus side it there over regional would make it different but. You look at in a battle in about a -- before and it's the fold and conference heavyweights. Are you -- thing. Who are -- If you look at it right now we're seven if you will get after the temple 49ers. Who are six and three today in about two hours. At Mercedes it we're all. The -- at a party night is that an extent that regular season history. Dating back to win they were in that the US will. From 1970. To 2001. You are just coming off a dominating embarrassment party nine to seventeen victory over the Dallas cowgirls last Sunday night. It was so humiliating. Part Dallas. I don't think Dallas has never been -- like this it was so humiliating that a part of the website pro football reference. The -- -- the first team since 1960 perhaps ever in NFL history. -- at least 230 yards rushing and eighty yards passing in the same game. The 49ers law did that night to the Carolina Panthers last Sunday in that -- -- that slugfest. Where's that frank quarterback Colin cabernet threw for just 91 yards and was sacked six times -- an interception. At that that they just think they're putting up numbers on off and that we caught expectant. After coach Peyton a quarterback Drew -- first season back at 2006. The clubs for a twenty total net yards per game and play nine happily regained its ranks second in the NFL. -- has continued to win. Because the hot we have to continue to witnesses say because the hot here the Panthers at six it real once gave out in the NFC south race. We gave -- to -- play against each other in the month that they never it will go down to the wire who will win in -- -- -- While the party not as the -- UB40 sixth and we'll explore it dies and he won the last contest. The faith that you have to think that the last seven regular season meetings. In last the contest at November 31 it would want -- and ninth victory. Read through -- pick -- that even though the teams were tied at halftime with fourteen points. And it ran outscored yards seventeen to seven indicate that the second half went into double. When you look at this thing so far this season they'll play in the -- no team in the league. Has been more dominant at home their New Orleans the Saints are five and elected -- this season and have won by an average score 35 the fifteenth. That's right that's over a three touchdown different. What to think that that in the superdome this season. When you think -- dominant the Saints have been at home they've trailed only four minutes in the second half and they haven't trailed at all in the past fourteen. -- -- With the safety that being get lapped cars to run an average per attempt. Of five yards allowed I expect we'll have a bill that Frank Gore who was averaging four point three yards with seven touchdowns this season. He can you look at it would be out of character. But a party united that they have the court that's rushing attack at a 148 yards per game but they are dead last -- passing. Getting only 174 yards per contest. I actually believe will come down to turnovers. And to win that battle. Both teams have been out adopted as the overall this season to -- the Annapolis night you could see. -- back Welty if you want that things -- to report favorite and hopefully it goes down the field goal Garrard are we will make it. And in that that could be the difference whether you travel on the role or not to win it's gonna gain. The Saints radio studio -- -- -- -- I read today and is pizzeria. Can't take out all -- delivery originality speak to read it. Let's get too caught up on everything have gone on as we go on the road in the NFC south -- think that a reporter Christian here. Week eleven in the NFL we start with that and bay Buccaneers host in the Atlanta Falcons the books are coming off their first win of the season last week and quarterback. Michael and it says the team is just trying to string. A few together. Finally get one -- it feels good and now we're just fortunate to go and home process I was just want. We -- when this is when this next game they gave just to get our sexual and. The Bucs are one and AL season the Falcons are one game better at two and seventh and land a running back Steven Jackson says the Falcons. Are still pride full team trying to finish the season on a good note. Proven loser who don't know this season when we haven't done well. And try to correct those things distract possesses a strong. The Bucs and Falcons are the way this afternoon at noon. The Saints are at home today taking on the San scope 49ers. Since frank coming off a ten to nine loss last week at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. Niners quarterback -- Japanese says they have to avoid third and long situations today against -- Saints defense. We are very long home. -- situations. For the black eagle quarterback Drew Brees says the offense has to protect the football. Against a very opportunistic San Francisco. Pride themselves on and do some stuff in the role of being true physical and get the ball well you know there. Still -- so we've been in in creating turnovers just -- we've got a lot of curve ball so much to. The Saints committed seven into the niners at six in three kickoff is at 345 right here on Saints radio. And tomorrow -- the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots wrap -- week eleven in Charlotte as the red hot Panthers host. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football the Panthers winners of five straight right on the heels of the nor on Saints in the NFC south at six and three. Four on the road in the NFC south I'm pushing -- on the New Orleans Saints radio network. I -- it was a photo courtesy people with Christian and all this week one of 32 NFL stat report was -- on social media Christian. Act Christie Garrett won on what it will take to 45 right -- the plaza level he beat. The wrought -- is that the Saints hall of fame museum they sign autographs and before there's big game and a lot of hall of fame do this it. Yet the the great Peter any deducted that I think hall of -- kind of had back to back. Last night was the ring of honor. You know would -- Manny Ricky Jackson. And and really roll and now you got the hall of fame induction. It that we always happens every year this is the weekend that the Angels. Do you gradually La'Roi Glover. And a leader Danny and I they got it is gain. Can also like they got congratulate mark vehicle that. And the reason why I say this. He just twelve yards art. The racquet he needs twelve more yards the third pass. Eric Martin you know what they're born but I think aaron's mark at the all time receiving leader in Saints history. If you look. At Eric Marty does -- -- out -- 54 yards. More difficult than 7843. Now visit -- attribute that. And I weeded out that this morning that I don't think fans that realize. Both that might be the best receiver maybe could never make a Pro Bowl. Considering how Drew Brees spreads the ball around at 8910 different receivers. -- -- 151006. There's only player to have more touchdown reception in the NFL the more physical than Marcus Colston has sixteen. Larry FitzGerald has 64. Calvin Johnson Beckett trying has 63. Total of all the tuned. Receivers that the -- thing that has more touchdown they're more physical -- in -- is that they get their respect. You know and you better really follow football would be the low key guy but I don't root that they can appreciate sparkle article. I will continue with a front like out down the people opt out now the -- to the phone and I was on the New Orleans Saints radio network is about like countdown to -- on this thing radio network today's game is beaten them about it -- -- if -- -- -- visit by the -- radio network a call with them lights and at five hopeful with 66 -- the -- York sports network if the -- like him down if all. And we'll hear Saints -- it -- -- Cameron Jones and it did inherited his week with Christie Garrett. And I guess it's pretty simple they can off the -- -- -- run the ball sleep I don't know run away get a stop the run first against San Francisco. You know of course I mean. They've they've done a great job lose a this year establishing the run -- us so we have to do we have to stop that and just -- to -- situation. And really trying to and start our game. And you don't. I would imagine that they'll stop on comes they wanna force them into those passing situations and if they get into that passing -- as welcome out. Priority is to stop the run anything after that is series you know from him every game plan and we'll be ready for. Q how much -- you guys talk about the visit calorie they usually come to a plane a 49ers and knowing your rookie season you're out there than last year. Other there always a team that dislikes the bully people around. Yeah. You know Kobe is no they're really really good at it they did a phenomenal job being. Probably what I thought was one the most talented teams put together. That year anyways with -- I think that was us. And they outfit -- include us in really -- -- the game so that's a real turnaround in this game. How difficult is Colin capping it to get to because of that threat of the run and also his ability to throw the football and extend plays. I think the horrible system that they -- in place it is. Has made it pretty pretty good for for all quarterbacks Tom. So movie it's harder to track him down because he's a little more mobile but. Honestly see you and Alex Smith this time over KCC let tell economy's doing overrated San Fran and I mean really isn't. He -- he is definitely he brings a little more. Explosiveness to. His mobility wise you haven't seen too much of the zone read option this year I mean I think it's a ten snaps you -- -- you pricey that and one quarter right. On this -- them we've been trying to prepare for him. And got his first time I've seen in in heavy and it is a heavy amount but. We rip you -- of those two games and eleven and in last season is -- revenge factor and given the way it's worked that would San friend the last two weeks a little salty. Definitely on. Have -- -- folks this game but I mean is this game is just as important as last game just put his name before this game is important just because it's the next game. Thanks camp no doubt. If I was I could see as it was now my thinking and don't know when he's on top of his game he's one of the best jump. And frozen as the. He keeps playing an all pro level this season I know he's banged up a little bit but he's the one guy on this defense. That -- -- -- coordinated and keeps me up at night epitome. That that's the thing about him yeah it really brought it matured into -- big time player as a 34 defense have been. A lot of times those guys are really good against the run but not necessarily a top flight -- efforts you've seen him develop. Those pass rush skills and that someone that was big -- the opening question we thought it was maybe a solid pass rusher. He's turned out to be a really good pass rusher as -- have been in this alignment. Well when you look at it. Excuse me we do look at it he had. Six sacks for the season if you need any kid ahead seven. You know Tony Romo club in the pit call -- grounding so he you get after the quarterback and it could be his job. They contain college -- in the first off the thing is what they can do against Frank Gore. And -- I think all the defense realizes that if you look at Frank Gore right now and fix -- -- about 700 rushing yards. And seven rushing touchdowns -- -- they get in the red zone that they gonna be beaten in the rock but. And then and he's the main reason why they have support as though rushing attack. You know that the party -- the big to be committed to the run. I think coach -- said it best when you look at Frank Gore. He's very curable -- very good vision. And ballots. We've talked about it last night game to get them the -- Mark Ingram had very good vision that's the beauty of the running back and be strong. -- break tackles he's the guy is difficult to bring down. Well one player now until the 49ers didn't look at how that we help college cabernet what they look at the one thing we could say the Saints defense. Has been. Not kids is to educate be perfect and you hope they are. It is against the run the one -- we averaged more importantly you look at Chris -- 139 front -- Russian. DeMarco Murray last -- eighty yards in the first half done more earlier in the season and a departing for yards so I think he's a prize. It would also added Dunn -- Gordon and have these. -- -- five not thirty carries. To try like college jeopardy that that third start thinking maybe he thinks the event all balances and that you wanna keep seeing -- cabernet. And whoever does sign him don't let -- get out the pocket. Of course that have to beat you with his arm and the Saints didn't do that and somewhat. Didn't think Frank Gore now that the east is said and done you look at Frank Gore and opt out and evolved. I think probably the best front evident Anna -- the Carolina Panthers. Then he still had eighty yards against against the Panthers last week. -- only sixteen carries. Bedell had a 151 total yards college haven't even half -- yards passing. They'll they'll do -- thing is. You wanna kind of dictate Frank -- I don't think you can actually stop them but you want college cabernet. -- have to make plays in his arm and and both were glory you think it's almost identical when you look at it. They took given up eighteen points to gain the par niners have given up seventeen. So that's why you defeated a field goal type game that the -- -- favored. Because both -- it fitness or outstanding. All right. That is Bobby -- days in. If I -- -- my 58. We will continue to look like I've got to pick -- -- the -- -- radio network. And welcome back I don't forget you're making a lot of Kristi you're going to put it can't -- it -- -- while also -- the other XP the other that you know we threw out. This afternoon. Mean when -- -- -- a ticking and with what was I think the -- -- is healthy guys out who is it the Mercedes-Benz superdome secretive qualities -- up in the box. Good afternoon hello how are you. I'm doing good they can mean you know these mid afternoon game to kind of throws you off kilter a little bit but it's -- the game my like best. You know the noon game we don't have to eat you have to get up early to get down into the dome in in. In that ninth game you sit around all day long just Tennessee could be the perfect time and I know you guys are outside you know it in. Really where it didn't appear they keep him enough they that Chicago game which is enough -- home for the time being human all the bad weather that they haven't. Just for anybody go avenue in into the superdome they about 30% chance -- -- that we won't deal with the thing. Like the people at Chicago and and one thing that we will have to deal with today. Is the 49ers and the odd to me there's a couple of keys in this ball game means you know last week. After the Saints dropping two out of three that yet and the Patriots -- a lot of people were simulate as a must win for the game well the Dallas game once in a must win. But -- it really the way they came on just completely dominated Dallas in this game against the 49ers is not a must win but I think it's a statement game for the Saints it. Here's a team. That the last time the Saints have faced them you know come out on the short in this day. But look at the amount of turnovers that distinctive had I think we niners had seven turnovers in the football game. In last year he did on the to pick sixes that group reached through and yet the Saints were still little ball game both of them. And in a playoff tapped it with the five turnovers. You know before the middle of the second quarter and yet this night came back and brought back now how often times is like you're saying man. That might have been one of the best football game ever played between 49ers in the saint. This I just came out on the the short in the -- because of the turnovers that they had though. I think it pretty key that the Saints not turn over the ball today or at least if you're gonna go play the turnover battle thing trying to force him into more than than what you got. And in the second thing is. I mean I look at the way that college -- -- strongly here. One thing that counts moved me with that guy is he's due for a breakout game he he certainly can't be as bad if he played last week against Carolina and if he really had an up and down season but when he's been bad he's been really bad I just don't want this to be the breakout game point -- I look for. The 49 Houston you. Frank Gore just a steady diet of the football today because. Wanting it to organizers -- what a running game can do to -- saint -- it. Mean Dallas really shot himself in the foot. Last week DeMarco Murray was a parent is saying -- in the first half. And then after that -- they were forced him throwing the ball in that they couldn't get anything going with it and here they went back and watched it yet game with a good offensive line. A good ground attack and that's what the 49ers like to do it on the football I'll see indicated that. And it probably people that think that all the sudden it marking him in this topic to Linus turned that corner. Look we had eight games to watch in the first half of the season and they did virtually nothing and they played against a terrible defense last Sunday night. And I don't think -- that tree -- gonna continue today of 49 to focus on that. Those stop -- but then again how do you stop Drew Brees in his sock it so yeah you know there's a lot of different things going on with this whole thing. You know it just kind of got we're right now that Vernon Davis and agreed aren't going to be active but how effective will they be. So that kind of banged up. The 49ers offensively -- Vernon Davis really be in the main cog in your passing -- so you know it I do expect a very physical ball game. Today I just in -- must limit to turn over to meet you look anything that was consistent in those two ball game yep it was a -- turn the ball over. Well it's actually is that it -- relate it to say even on the plus side. I think at home at their -- in the 49ers. But that make that we get a -- over -- and I think we it out like you said it ain't happening. Now if you look it we played at CL I think we'll -- them run the ball look at the field. But if we get Carolina. Though -- if you -- market -- market power running game get off. Against the 49ers and Carolina. Then I would think we definitely have turned the corner and we've got to keep even to the off balance. But I think also that he would be called in the extended -- It is those are. Passes. Where it is the conservative -- that it is the past. And if you think about it. I'll -- there's not a explosively to these two guys aren't in the game. That being Pierre Thomas and Darren -- We all know what happen it's never physical and a playoff game. Garrett got knocked out of the beginning of the game parts water that they being with Derrick Rose is that yet if you look at top receiving totals are running backs. In 2013. The Saints have one of the top four. Danny would head out the target that you volatile of the -- -- -- hit -- with Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles are right behind him. Then you consider. That who you going to do it. Probably the best -- running backs when you look Ahmad Brooks to -- -- -- Factor relative not a dome patrol went when you look what they've done it without me that the that the -- match up. But it's unbelievable. And they played throughout the game -- yet to see Pierre Thomas didn't really Darren Sproles get out how to stop. And a lot that hopefully they stay healthy throughout the game -- you know how they are -- because -- now and and you can't keep you guys being available that beat Vernon Davis and Eric Reid gave dealing with concussion we don't know Kenny for Carl's going to be out. Believe purely because Roman Harper's coming back. And I now that -- is coming back Malcolm. Not now hopefully. They can redeem himself because they've got. Parts in that playoff game against Vernon Davis both Roman Harper and about to take it. The whole played a little more comedy that swagger and he turned things around in the superdome this afternoon. And Bobby and against -- Touch at least -- my point of view with the he of the extended running game that that you gonna with the -- you know the short passing game the admirals -- Pierre Thomas. Coming -- backfield. The one thing that I think that the 49ers have to negate that it is exactly what you -- at that line backing -- These guys move as well as any NFL team there is out there -- linebacker from sideline to sideline. Don't think that they're not looking at that and as soon as those guys released out of the backfield one of those linebackers to gonna jump those guys. So therefore I think it's imperative that the Saints receivers. Get open down field because that at that put -- back. I am almost dead certain that the 49ers can stop the Saints running game is back doing what they normally do and I play solid defense up front. Then they'll negate that short passing game with the speed of the linebackers so -- to me it's now it's leapt up to calls sneaky steals in nick -- You're around those guys to get open down field. All right it is needs father and his hockey gods now let's -- ten seconds for faced identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back. The book I can't get a kick out of get after the game today the locker room showing -- a chance to sound off the Saints then I have to make the score board you -- on pay Drew Brees the players and the coaches. Think your chances I'll what's the point at fifteen -- -- for a on the -- radio network. Well we had a chance to visit earlier this week with Saints defensive back it's as a team -- that have you can do to get his take on today's matchup against the 49. -- the San Francisco 49ers in town last week we talked to some different players and at that point time. Sure when you come and out. He were you pretty much a Dallas fan so far and is currently the one of those teams -- your team now as he was -- actually grown up here on the East Coast he knows he did Giants. Well I did I want to be outcasts of leaves him. If so what are some things when you look at. -- San Francisco's offense from a secondary standpoint a position that you had a garden into -- got to be real aware of that they do well that you don't wanna give up big places we know you've yet to tackle really well because they run above -- know sometimes it it breaks out you know. They put a lot people in the tank if they really physical -- like as on the play physical and tackle load on. It's black -- this team play so. Good at home in the superdome you've beaten tees on there was about point one points nobody score more than seventeen is there's some about being -- -- I think our fans like you feel like we have the whole world behind is -- so loud and there. We know it all got back and its influence so if is that we elegant twelfth thirteenth man you know stuffing their son. Our. I and it's you know how would you say sinking and his plan right now I do pray for you look you know as always -- hope for improvement do you what I -- -- I've -- recovered really well. And you dad came in here in the impact on special teams talk about how point that he used that to keep keep that level in the Tennessee -- -- -- -- don't feel special special teams does does he get through them one -- he nicely the First -- game is either going to be kickoff could sense and no because it's time for the game. -- also know it helps out the offense and defense when it comes with the position. I punt the ball and keep the ball off beat me so we gotta get the ball. As long list -- possible for there offers ago or begin disorders -- possible profits. When you look at mound obviously you're guarding against their all fans but overall this team is a physical team the defense gets a lot of -- -- and rightfully so Barrett but they -- us a lot of punishment on often -- physical blocking bags. Invited all like you thought about tackle but. They're physical all things and think -- yeah definitely you know they. It's like they have a team isn't -- an Italian team like punch him out you know he's like is a good thing that united vice physical you know everything's about. Be the main front you and that's what they're like you can tell that to focus on. He's an even any pregame rituals and certain kind of regain your niece who just missing just go with the flow. I just listen to music you know is not really too big you know really having to mean any favorite music. I listener DMX -- again you know asylum Iraq is old school the image of the bargain you know stupid tigers' first out there and it. -- and do KD is a thank you so much to look this week -- -- problem thank you. Bobby over the course at -- -- coach Sean Payton it got here there's there's several guys at him. First does come around and it caught at the made it way on special teams in the -- in that situation nickel defensive back. Puts on his team raffia where's he's at Duke -- -- this goes on on and if it is special teams numbers and he's he's always showing up. Well I think if you look at it. You gotta have yet at any position that you look at Tennessee position I think with experience not that we have and that's an area of strength. Anyway I'll I'll Roman Harper evening you're contributing -- -- to -- That role will be in the mix the but that's down the road. If you look at right now about who do you think you -- -- RO. I think he's playing at a very high level in the NFL. I think about that he gets the healthy maybe at approval level. But they Kenny -- -- -- trying to establish himself when you look at the fact of Raphael bush. Very disappointing game you think -- the Jets. But an outstanding team against the Cowboys if you look at it right now. Like Raphael Busch's fifth on the team in tackles. Went with 37 he's had a forced fumble. A couple of hasn't been that -- recover. But he cadence is not. It'd be almost like. This the -- that is TV package that where trouble these plane wreck with safety ridiculous when a message which you but if you look at what he's done is this special teams guy. If you look at the top special teams tackler is being Kevin Redick it it will Harrington. Ramon Humber and -- do hate to the end five special teams tackle built for the top. Four guys -- ability to do their roll cages I think playing with a lot of confidence. And that it's all about field position. When you look at it two of the best -- today. When you look at the -- lead you look at Thomas flowers that you look at those yardage. And you look at -- position. What you have to get down a couple of months and you have to cover kick -- -- you look at the 49ers. Went Barack they. That there are struggling they got rid how Williams that they just flat out cut him. And he was their leading but they kick returner who was only averaging five yards a punt return. And then -- who averages. Like nineteenth kick off return. Little League champion on the play that that is terrible. -- looks like because with -- guide games. As a -- returner right now in the Dixon from this that the state. As the kick return -- this is the game. That now coverage unit who we should be dealt to win the battle. Because that I think that's one area the 49ers have struggled in -- money kick return game. What do things like they had a lot of interest that Byron Matthews. They thought he could feel that rule I think they will go to pick bill. Had been available to third round and this is a football team that hit him before August and it is actually let him loose. How Williams doesn't fit the bill and Jim bought all of those one thing that's about you position but Michael James is a pretty good running back. But they still that one area. How lucky but it Baghdad Darren Sproles and they have bought a Devin Hester yet they haven't found -- they thought that Matthew lot of -- that god put them. But Arizona's got a pretty good got Baghdad zoo and you know what you think they gave junior that was -- mistake. He let it -- you you do Eagles at Carolina. Last week he averaged 22 yards apart return you don't feel positioning -- all by. And a -- that right now we should win in that area I think. But I'll buy every RI we -- continue it -- I got an awful lot to all -- Saints radio network. -- right now an -- of a volley to Buffalo Bills on top of the New York -- -- 77 in the third quarter scores Cincinnati's but -- quickly 3113 Philadelphia blanking Lawton point what was it destroys homes gone back to the Pittsburgh point 740. Tampa Bay as good as -- -- -- 38 to six it's Jacksonville calling in Arizona point for the forty Oakland the Houston Portland seventy audible out. Always Chicago Dmitri. With that game goes thought back about how this -- it was a very even further money it -- -- cool area native is at it it goes to Miami. Repatriated the Giants is Minnesota and Seattle Kansas -- it can't -- to night on -- that we need to. -- -- in my previous games this weekend my offensive saint San Francisco. Tonight Kansas City Kampman tomorrow night. New England Ireland not often you Tom Brady isn't on the go with -- an apartment Oakmont I that. It's strange seeing you because of the fact that you know what to be honest you -- that team to beat the Saints and I want to see how well they hold up against that type. Pressure because you know what this is a meaningful game for Carolina -- in the prime time we know about the Saints do what they want twelve straight primetime games. I wanna find out how Carolina handles that we know in new England's been in that spot before I like old Patriot Dan -- -- definitely feel a lot Brady. A political -- don't know what hit a pull it out but yet there are a lot of -- -- -- is as good as you'll find everybody gave up. It is long as they play within themselves and don't -- -- outscored the Patriots just. Get a one year old pace I think they've got a shot here. And I think everybody wants to see tonight. Just how real nip this hideous bit of good football team reminds me a lot of who's won eleven bought it on a team at the -- all ended up losing to. But don't think public enough weapons and a good you go up against -- -- a team that is loaded at wide receiver I think that's the one deficiency. Maybe that -- the city doesn't have they don't out. Really big -- to go if you don't want to throw this out. Shot without that god. Bobby and I we look at the same not a neighborhood. Head coach -- wrong Bobbitt while with USC is what a great game last night at the bottom up his troops what are -- playing. In the locker room before get -- Yeah when the likes of Eddie Blake got before US blitz there but last night was great get what music. Daddies hit the players went nuts just like what they've been here that don't. And -- are talking about that Carolina and doing him bad so the Panthers and he keeps it -- the Broncos are meant that the three picks as we can put Kansas City can't lock up everything it has weeks. If they with a win tonight. And doing it and everybody -- we -- -- its definitely -- -- Kansas -- -- him with -- to -- over the next four weeks. They can not only lock up that division they can lock up everything that AFC divisional have to make. The -- that have been now you have to look at who you play and let -- cheaply. If you look right now that they get any better than this. You look at scoring defense that she's only -- WellPoint to gain value when he did. You look at the lowest opponent passer rating. We did that breath that it is gonna go to show you how opt out this Iguodala cannot -- that's what we don't get to -- the quarterback. I'm up five right now only given up 75 and a half percent. Carolina 74 and a half -- Wilson -- -- -- -- -- 73. Of Brees does an outstanding game. What a backhand you didn't do it quarterbacks that's not there to get the -- -- in the fifth. Seattle is even better than it's ever fiscal seven and a half but noble one. Achieved basically it at 68. A quarterback rating. But I can't figure etiquette Peyton Manning I don't think so now you that you wanna give the bit that we did have piled high ankle sprain whatever but that it to me. You learn a -- the team are defeated. Double its scoring defense and them all of the opponent passer rating against them that that that's a winning formula. I think -- football and Elena traffic it hasn't been with these while scoring games and I think that's what the pitch tonight. A game that fill out the back point -- point the only way they can do it. I think is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Same thing with Patriots. Carolina it decade it's -- it into the ones. New England is a win that game you play -- that -- not on yours I think that's that's a low scoring game -- I think. That no matter what. Up my weapons around Brady or nearly as good as has been the past I think this is Carolina shot I think did that take the Patriots is that -- -- thought. But as well. It right and we'll talk about who unlocks the vote in the next three weeks Seattle unlocking everything everything everything that we -- Minnesota and I'm counting on don't want calls. -- resist those -- is saying today that I know from the Saints and they all next week they get him games where they've come with -- more of -- that's when the 48. Before you play the Saints outfit yeah -- -- it every. Holiday is that needed -- you know tell you right now oh we can't we gonna have to win at Seattle you -- got to -- the party united the two games out of it. -- looked almost made it negatives haven't been able to look what happens when they played the rest of the way. But I'll look at him mean realistically the party I was at -- look at the field it either. If we have that on the road big cat you know what he -- that doesn't happen and we take care of business. Not only the ethical Monday night -- -- January got to go back to Seattle and I know that the athletic former athletic game. What did I could it be lack of well being and like that. It's the basically help getting out but I could not close to put applauded not as if you lose today. You look documents you'll see out of Seattle announce they've just evolved the -- how much rather play on debate about the play I'll Pacific northwest. You -- the Colts and the -- that simple beat Sampras Cisco this year and -- -- them on their home -- So you got a better shot there yeah you that you threw out. Yeah yeah that's as good as Seattle did the domino like to think that old but might look at it right now. I think it's gonna be he and X-Factor could be. He daughter rehab. -- get a playoff life is all done the bit. But god is telling you that if you look at it the last two games that we play the 49ers. Bit sacked eight times. Now you look all. Not a bit. You know we played this year the only way to working with you still have scored our backs that you look at it and it bit. I mean he's had 33 and a half sacks in his first season. He's a difference maker and I think solid making. It's gonna prepare. The team that all -- out that it played a lot which LeBron can't block combined they'll. Credit in the title at the present there is tied it on the running back Kevin Garnett that night and I think it being -- you think he would have -- I can't count kickoff -- Week.