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11-17 2:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 17, 2013|

Deke and Bobby get ready for the Saints vs San Fransico 49ers in the Dome.

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And welcome back there but I can't get a kick off it's outside it's depressing. -- but I don't think Sylvia. I don't want to say go back at that they don't like these days pre injury report with saint Bruins hope you guys oh. I'd -- thank pregame injury report it brought you back in line institute Portsmouth in the athlete in all of us here today to. Be. McLeod Bethel Thompson -- that nick -- feel -- scared them it. Ray McDonald and he carried the no ad in the guard. A tight end there scarier that was that made -- from the practice. You think game day inactives are ranked in. Iron out stinky but Cairo rod tweeting non on the -- and being human -- and think pregame report rock you like it used equipment in the -- -- well. Alright -- wouldn't be relevant -- Malcolm Jenkins both active. All right thank you so much so. Think Saddam reporter Kristian -- caught up with -- sort of back off and you think -- -- take on today's matchup but it's the point. Yeah. More a lot of success last week how much. I guess is that help for confidence for you in the offensive line -- -- noted that running game going last week against a really good -- -- this week. -- who knows. Who's good comes emerges so that we can you know go out there. And if we execute we can make things happen and -- So this is a great defense or plan grade it was a front. The linebackers in this city can support for Iran so a lot of big hits out for us proud will you please go out there we execute our game plan knowing your personnel we found -- will be okay. How important this week maybe because they're so good at stopping the run. It's not working early on the stay within it kind of believe -- statistically -- throughout the game and that's why it's called the run game battle missed about -- really is on you're gonna have. One yard and have a who yards and have four yards -- you know assisted. He's got to keep plugging away had in you know the start to -- to start to get me started its world vision you know the union suing in you know. Do they know breaking news -- be patient with the run game that it's a battle. It's not always going to be perfect but you know as long as you keep. Know being persistent with -- Give them confidence and it come I think is nothing but asset for our entire offense you guys looked so are you look more decisive. And then you -- any point maybe in. Previous games is that -- is that about where is that accurate yeah. Yeah. Hours this you know blind justice has a good job of trade no seems them last Hamas -- -- They just did a great job of you know in -- -- to move enough last scrimmage -- -- -- second level and you know when they trade those type of scenes in most it's easy to be decisive and I don't. With that performance last week. Some folks are asking can he sustain it and can he do it again and again kind of a repeat performance she's going to -- Yeah -- I. I think that's what we -- -- strive to do every single week we wanna be consistent. And you know we wanna come tires and we can prove. We're not just a finesse team that we can lineup and we kid on the -- we can be physical. I don't know I think. Our running backs and every single and while I meant fullback tight ends I think we take a lot of pride in that and one improved to -- we can be consistent with it. Marquis -- Colombian. The physical team. Who really good test against the niners their physical defense so I would imagine you guys talk about prepared about prepared that all week. Yeah we know it's have a game is going to be we know that is going to be a physical -- some -- lots of big collisions are some big hits but around. We just go out there and we execute the game plan that we have -- just install for this for this weekend for this team. Well I think there will have a success and -- have to go out there and be physical play hard execute. And play in place thanks for brawn and if we do that I think we'll have. And -- -- success. Mark thanks for -- appreciative -- cardinal ground thank you. Its first two games of the season one point two or three yard precarious New Yorkers care and it's -- advantage in Tampa these last two full games and active -- point eight yards to carry. Against the New York did it you know what team you ought to -- it's well. Snapped -- -- talent Dallas Cowboys a week ago. Well of them look at look at this I mean you look at that the weekly neighborhood now defense. The -- nine is that the sixth overall defense. But did not as good at Carolina I mean -- -- that gets the run. If we can get they give it up a 105 yards that game I'll take that for sure if we get a 105 yards. I mean I think all -- with a line through their job now. DL levels against the Cowboys can't they opened a hole against the 49ers V it looked at the team. We averaged a three point eight you know that back to governor wanna get to four point oh. Four point you gotta give as the Bard gave him right now he's averaging five point six yards to carry out that a big game against the Cowboys. But it is what you got to prepare him what Kerry Robinson. Have very similar type running back and become a separate Pierre thomas' roles. -- Robinson had 33 carries. Averaging four point four yards -- carry marketing and had 35 carries. Aaron you five point six that the name of the game made it to see -- can do this and I'll we have believer if you could do it again. The lights. 49ers -- -- the Carolina Panthers defense Seattle area but he also has to get going to get started off with a line. I've got -- put on hold easily got hit in the backfield or any of our running back that it. Here -- Derrick Rose and whoever ran the ball it's. We look at that you -- the but right at them with the elbow has. Science review. -- -- comeback that was like out there to kick off but unofficially -- the don't think it's time I go behind enemy and I did talk about today's opponent the San Francisco 49ers you know with them about what happens. Niners beat writer for the Sacramento beat Matt Ferrell -- -- we talked a year earlier in the week about this far and his team. We just about the health of Vernon Davis scenario Manningham. And also Eric -- how the health of those guys. It's all good all three of those guys that are ready to roll today all three of them will start and back in. Especially Vernon Davis and especially. Eric -- easy either key players in this game. Vernon davis' missed. Parts or all of three games this year for the 49ers and those are three losses for themselves. He is very much game -- component. Of both their passing game in their running game so he he might be first and foremost most important guy to have back and then. You know Eric Reed obviously will be facing off against Drew -- this game he's the free safety. He's from Louisiana from Gonzales. He went to LSU so he is not very much it up to playing this game so both of them off our back involved from start. Now but to speak of hockey player to look at college cabernet. He's had just won 200 passing passing yards game since the season opener against the Packers. But explain that neither rhyme -- reason with this has -- pleased it was finished with -- David -- -- line up. Is 62 and a half but if all the -- everything. Went out Davidson did you look at in the red zone in and actually throw a touchdown passes. Davidson -- 70%. Seven of nine this season. I -- did feel like if the -- on his. You don't wanna pass the ball -- obviously don't let Bernard David be involved. Yeah I think it's as simple as that and what when Davis isn't in the game it means they can't happen it really only had one go to receiver in -- Anquan Boldin. And that makes it very easy where the defense to to adjust so now as far as the 49ers are concerned that something that. Can't predict needs to work on from from this point fourth is developing. Some more go to guys in in Mario Manningham definitely will be one. Michael Crabtree is going to be back and a couple weeks. He's going to be one but at this stage. The only report that he -- really got going is really. Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin and and it's it there is making that the third guy an easy distant third was Kyle Williams. Another wide receiver and they they released him earlier this week so. That's a a huge concern and in defense -- have very much and keying in on that issue for the 49ers this year. It'd -- that you bring up Kyle Williams and you never like to see that that. I guess I could see why they kind of made -- look good defensive team. He's only averaging five yards the par return kick off return of the forty yards and nineteen. And but that they have confidence that I had that he -- is the guy in the kickoff return of Michael Cain. Navy could -- -- -- -- Because that you look at in hindsight now take -- junior who was outstanding. Last week but the Panthers where he -- basically 43 yards. Apart return so what do you think -- their return game if you look at it two of the best. But -- gain what you look at and you leave Thomas horse dead for the by the hidden yardage field position that could be a fact that they gave it the. -- over thirty. Yeah absolutely the the field position game is going to be key in your right the issue with Kyle Williams was at there was it was just zero. Explosion in the return game you actually led the league in fair catches. They're hoping for a little bit more energy and and figure out of that position and that's why they moved up Michael -- into that role. And James and how much experience last week was his his first week. Returning punts in a regular season games self. I -- that's something to keep an eye on obviously not a lot of whether you are zero weathering it in the dome but. He just doesn't have a lot of experience handling that and you know in the game like this -- a turnover in the punt return game could be. Very key in so. Forty -- obviously don't want that like today you got two guys win. Very little experience handling means the return game snapping -- gone. One of the things that -- the -- up with the organizes that principally schools were linebackers. We sort -- so many years and years here woman from the dome patrol. You guys got it now with the -- Brooks. Patrick Willis all thoughts bit but it watch initiatives like best player you've traveled to me that's it's not just football is deplorable way. No -- -- a little bit -- -- the ball roll baby does that overshadow so whats up Patrick Willis in the -- Richfield football -- bit. It and let it play out there are hopeful went. Really is the best it's not -- back in the NFC -- season -- Yeah he's been mr. consistency and you know the best way to describe tomorrow moment people who don't known as. He's he's really -- a carbon cut out carbon copy of -- Patrick Willis they're the same exact height. Almost the same way. And out there there are basically the same speeds they got to. Very very fast inside linebackers there and and that's what really makes this. 49ers defense unique in -- very near -- team that keeps both inside linebackers on the field. All three downs. You know both been in base in in nickel. So it enables them to be strong against the run. And those guys are also fast enough to keep pace -- with tight ends and running backs and of course you know we're in the big matchups today's going to be Jimmy Graham. Against Willis and Bowman and -- can be Willis that probably draws in more than Bowman does but the ball beyond the times himself. You know obviously Drew Brees -- loves going in that direction. Jimmy Graham has a height advantage over both of those guys I think that's something to. -- to watch in this game. We'll the 49ers try to cover green with a linebacker in that they do really Drew Brees take advantage. How can both probably what. I'm Matt at Matt -- at NET TP a RR OWS in. Be tweeting throughout the game today. Thank you so much we appreciate the -- based -- sentences. You welcome -- -- on guys right. That was the point is that the Sacramento beat arrow through its cute but I can't -- -- one thing that you. And nova get after the game and I your -- Estes -- up -- anybody there. But what I had it easy in the world famous quote we have saint coach -- made. Drew Brees of the players ankle and we will also -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. But it is easy commitment what it articles about don't mean for the point at the Saints radio network. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow we're Saints passed rested masters to collect it is now on facing the San Francisco -- -- you I would imagine you guys would expect this team. First playoff series -- c'mon try to establish the run that's kind of what they do his first off come off the bus almost one of the football. Right I mean. We noticed smash smash rough often -- -- -- any other -- Vince running game when we ought to do that every guy -- sounds like I gotta -- you got some of the run. Because when you do other things we have a -- feel like you know you can -- there's registered please stop the run. We don't think we have verge of doing anything else. How much have you seen this year how many snaps have you seen other zone read. The UCL a lot of the first -- -- you feel like you really do with a lot in the first team place. They come on try to put emphasis on the order Maroney didn't seem less the kind of mix it up at the road throughout the game -- on. Affiliates of Damon notre Cavaliers are talented and can move. How lousy -- of these little runs real good -- -- challenge recipe one of these shows up to date this season and through the physical standpoint. Also we got a -- really see how good we are. These guys -- and I'll be jarring -- potentially good test for you guys. But and he city dates and try to run on the first fifteen yard trying to run that zone read about why is that they're trying to prove you figure out. I'm not this problem either you know the game plan uses what it looks like are now good -- The last two meetings this team have worked out well you guys and they've been a real physical group so you guys from preparing for. Don't let that best -- so we know it's loser and one of those was in games dubs young group. Plus monthly use does she was division you know playoffs. Including last year I was hurt. -- home -- USA I think we did a real good job coaching them last year Rome is a whole new year and hopefully we win. This is one of those scenes we might see later on line -- be better off the kind of you know. Don't wanna ring now so who knows he'll be a good game which is -- come -- play physical and do we've been doing all year and just not have been finished the game. These guys are some pretty nice in the conference and also in the division. Does that play a rule many do you guys think about that with Carolina and -- materials and and also trying to keep pace with Seattle. -- to try to take one game at a time but it's human nature you look at it seems you know seem to have record. You know like I said before this one -- through most likely gonna see you know later another road home so we know we were just what about this game right now. The minute I think you've figured this everything else take care of itself to -- what do you what do you guys have to do to get to get a W. Gotta stop the run -- also the run and resume the long night for us. On himself to run. We need you know can we contain this quarterback. Another way of pretty good shape and thanks appreciate a lot of -- us. I I could really Saints defensive stance was CF if he. You can let let junior go letting cameras aren't they wanted to -- Cameron -- snakes that do you lead at five I think people capable obviously -- their ability to get the double digit. They got Accutane college cabernet. Don't let him get a base he built to run. That also of motivate the defense to stop Frank Gore running the ball like put Bates said you can't find aboard durable back who could pitch in the balance. He's strong. He's guided -- to bring down one player we need to rally to the football related tactical not just one guy. -- -- break tackle at the end of wood to a three and that's going to be key stop in the morning I've often. All right look you did you -- the but like countdown to kickoff on the door on the same here. RIQ is that for the Saints and the thought it kind of -- It's the but I can't etiquette of the saints' radio network -- Boston's second place identification is that -- won't say it's great unit. Coach another game at home in the Mercedes being stupid on the same Cisco team it really comes here as one of the top teams in the conference. Well -- their last year's conference champion and for good reason. That god. You know great team played. Very good complementary game their exceptional on defense the coverage players. Play very tight technique you know there most of what we see from them defensively is man to man principles. And not as much but drop zone I mean it. They they get on receivers and tight ends and backs and they do a very good job of contesting throws. Their front seven is is very physical they can rush the passer. That's why they've been one of the elite defense is here in the last two or three years offensively. They present a number of challenge challenges. Not just with the running game. But obviously that's something there they're very good that they've got. Play makers at the tight -- play makers at the receiver. And quarterback who can take advantage of all that so. You know that you that's that's what you're looking at when you play -- older football team and you know it's so secret as to why they were successfully a year ago. I think that kicking game is going to be important. The third down steps are going to be important -- it in the game especially at home and and we're gonna have to. You're really play our best football game is billionaire running coach in his six Weems and 83 yards and haven't even in the loss and this -- this entry mark is a run first team. They're very good at it frank Gore's an exceptional player they've they've got one of the top offensive lines if not the top offensive line in football so they're physical. Then you add the element of the quarterback who's involved in. And not only putting him in certain run plays but involved in himself the ability to. -- to take a play him more than just five yards and you saw. You see a ton of evidence of him -- the major weapon running the football. So you did they force you to defend a lot. Go to when you look at it each team is different but the ones and we always partly because it turns over about me three losses -- my instincts in the -- him. On the fourth society how how is that all the cross from the do you look at internal battle on the team in the morning. -- on the plus side. Well as the game is is changed over. Shoot a number of years. That that's one constant and those are possessions. That. You know go in favor of a club and then one less possession for club so every time there's just a single turn over it's one additional one minus. -- -- of that statistic each week. A lot of times tells the story and now those turnovers often times or result of the good pass rush a result of an emphasis to strip the football so they come and a lot of different ways. But ball security is going to be important and I think our players understand that goes best on the basic. -- All right David oh Bobby what they want to take to make -- -- hot day for the Saints. -- hop over the top beyond the most is we want the three. Only thing yet the only three points and I think it's -- like Courtney said. Paying attention to detail the turnover battle we get -- on the plus side this in the states it's been ridiculous. Five and eligible this season they've won by an average score 35 to fifteen. The Dodgers take a win -- -- -- it's one play. 3.2 seven points -- the -- we've been dominant at home. We've trailed only four minutes of the second half that moment not an all the past four games the bottom line it just come away with a win. And I think you're critical factors going to be. Protect Drew Brees and yet still run the football. Nomar play by the 29. And obviously be even when the turnover battle and I think that'll be enough obviously to beat the Lorena might. Saints at three -- very. Yet the game is spot here I think Frank Gore is to keep it ought to -- -- solid property lose today. I think it I think yeah a few more or running back today so I think it's a double thing here you're gonna have to be able to slump Frank Gore but not -- -- -- try to hit the edge. What -- property at one guy who has absolutely ridiculous put his football team would have played against them. Vernon Davis so if you get that running game going that sets up so many people patterns. Now you put department Davis this is a street -- I mean this is playoff. Atmosphere at its best sort of mid season it's a must win both football teams. All right coming up next is our team gay group from the press box at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Manning all of the work behind the scenes but he's not I think -- the great Robert Carroll on the sidelines thinks that that are part of basic Garrett. Christie Garrett want Owens put -- throughout the game. And top quality of the guys on color analyst -- the -- team that is having -- Saints and supported them. And -- right Clinton but I think you're describing it as they scored a mid to high forty's they went for -- actually believe that both scoring it is outstanding so that's going to be a key. I'm gonna go with 27 to wanting -- think when we -- Mike Miller. There right group which is score. I'm gonna look that -- 31 49ers. Well right. If it gets parades games with a -- is if they lose -- they lose any hope they got. For the divisions. All right Bobby eight minutes I may object to this they have -- fought back at it now but now it's it it's not -- radio network.