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11-17 6:50pm Sean Payton

Nov 17, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton talks with the media after the hard fought win over the San Fransico 49ers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- horse. Just -- tell our guys you know. -- I'm proud of -- number one I thought we fought through some tough breaks. And yeah told statistically -- things we do and when his game. Rushing yards third downs. Every one of those things I thought we held them to what was Saturday. In front yards. But there were some tough breaks we fumbled punt. We score touchdowns -- interceptions. In a touchback him and the turnover late but I just thought that they hung in there and they -- when that game. I was pleased with how we ran the ball was pleased with defensively how we stop the run. We thought that that would be. An important statistic in this game so we. Look closely at how we want to play it. And a such those -- possessions and those turnovers and those are those significant. What was important where. It's good team we play it seems we always real good news and told them while the players. -- it's. Routine so we we respect them in the it was good record for questions. Absolutely great it's. Good to see sort of -- during the week you know there's a lot of white noise we don't pay attention to we're just. Keep you. Keep focus and look I love the way you respond Jonas that this. -- a week ago was offensive line and they've ruined this week he was here Trixie so problem. -- -- Like his work through all. I thought listen we did I think we've we've done the things necessary at the little scrimmage. It would do that look that's not always easy especially against this thing it's that's a physical team and them but I thought we ran the ball very well I thought we defended their rush very well. And I think I think that ended up in. It pretty important. Statistically pretty important. Key to the game. -- Don't -- listen we're the last and we said it was a real play bigger games and this is just beaten a good football team and then. We're seeing a lot of good football teams here. Down the stretch so we have a lot of respect for him should they're investing we have seen a year ago and a team that is. Isn't there tough out there and beater and you got to do a lot of things well we will coach -- In the advertise. Well I think you know there there's a stretch where. We got off the field. That we had it. The point turn over in the right where they were back on the field so there were a couple of those possessions. That. You know from the snap counts -- point. It is difficult but I thought from a conditioning standpoint they they handled it well. But there's just that attrition of you know physical weren't -- thought. Until we stepped up and then maybe we do a lot of good things. Okay. Yeah well it's hard to get went through the -- like that can. In. And not commit -- the safety down into the front if you you know you if you've got to mix up how you do it. Between pressure between coverage. That they they are as good as anyone in the league Russian football so. -- your gets tackled well those are all things that are that are important I thought we handled the end of the game real well with. Just the time left and you know we rarely get the stopped -- to the clock stopped use one time. Protect the field position to put it all those things but we handled well of course to -- it is a great job with the in the you just. Credit the players -- -- I think it would group real well. Just that we you know we just felt real good about how we played defensively. So. You don't just use your tuition. And you go with that. -- Well I don't know that. Six freak injuries and injuries serious injury appears that we'll see with the results or it's always difficult -- both teams loss at corner today I don't know. About there. There injury status that it's difficult especially someone who's. Who's been real effective -- and you've got to this point of the season. But the kickoff return that led to a touchdown believe. You know felt it was time for us to do so in the return game -- do you know. It's those were pleased for for those guys on the field do Reagan stands real good job players. It one play like that you don't know what's gonna happen but it's significant. -- we try to point one. One single bit negate that they all lead to final outcome and that -- created field position force we -- we'll score so. It's a big play. I think. Their play was not grounding. And I don't think ours was the end that's what I don't know when drew got called you know. Because generally there's -- -- in ball when you're in the pocket I didn't think he was under duress and I think there was a receiver in the area Norton I think. There's was grounding because he's just gotten. It's the pocket with you know thirty yards so generally the benefit of the doubt goes with. With quarterback in I think was passing efforts in the first half at the end of the quarter either. You know so maybe we we overcome that. We were able to -- it. It's part of the deal you can't control that so. I would think it was a those good coverage of those really good coverage you'll be hopes. It's just there's room you know -- interest to do your arm is just and we got a computer guys rested come back. -- --