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Nov 17, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints 23-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

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And good eating a lot of the the one at the New Orleans 43. And San Francisco old when he really -- seafood and a world famous for its quota for the point after that brought you back. He toes and made -- in but want to be Smart. Use a designated driver. The Saints come up -- this afternoon in the fourth quarter Barack to feel goes by Garrett calling it 21 yard field goal afford to go off Hugo. At 31 yard game winner in the game tire with 211 and a tie the game with 211 map at when he apiece and the and the game winner as time expires. New Orleans 3131. Yard field go to wants to point 321. The Louisiana -- -- -- 250 dollars. Well each turnover created by the New Orleans Saints forced by the Saints at the -- the LSU school with industry it's. 250 dollars or the ones that over the saint -- it. -- 250 dollars goes to the LSU school with ministry. From the Louisiana innocent of the preferred hitless in a of the New Orleans Saints -- just -- file -- six and four on the season three and two away. Basically now -- Seattle collapse that they're delegated to a wild card spot however. They do they do post Seattle later this season the Seahawks why aren't they still remain with just one loss that they dominate Minnesota this afternoon. Al west 41 between now Seattle is off next week. And their next game will be against the Saints and that is on Monday Night Football so basically about two weeks off. -- the -- Seattle for the next game they will play on this Monday night -- but the second. With a lot on the line perhaps the teams that will. The position to be top two seeds in the NFC the Saints meanwhile -- -- into -- six -- -- at home with two more regular season games. For the black and -- increased 3430 of 43 this afternoon 305 yards one touchdown and one reception. As we sit in New Orleans Saints strong defense this thought the game San Francisco hit eighteen yards in the first quarter. In the fourth quarter in at six offensive plays seven yards. But if you take an eleven yard sack the same -- at five drive eight yards they want up with six plays minus three yards into points. On the final drives. In the fourth quarter and that affects San Francisco how down the Saints defense was. Ten possessions but San Francisco seven and -- in possession they went you know on the twelve we always. In five of those seven San -- only got seven yards tremendous defense they. -- the black and go on the coach rock Ron went to come back dictating gaining huge hit his take. Paul has big victory for the black and gold we will continue to point out to from -- seafood different fought duel with point three. San Francisco tornadoes that this Saints radio network. Quit eating seafood the world famous for its caught -- went out and Jonas about but -- -- -- to try to policy who keep TDs and I'd let him do that I would be cooking. Fool you it's also brought you by Tito's hand me pocket in but want to have a great piece on. It's you who's a designated -- New Orleans 43. And San Francisco 48 to Canada Mexico. They undefeated at home and remain in the hunt for one of the autopsy today it can't sit well. But he got out without the real football game last year what a -- last weekend last tonight with the scrimmage. Who have played JV team it just shows you. The best KW got the 49ers in his faith. And it's the -- fans that you could see the three point difference and not fake guy Garrett Hartley I came up big time. To win the game. They look a 42 yarder that that was collected a lot of pressure won Harley -- kicked -- 31 yard it would no time left. To win the game you -- -- said NFL record last week departed for now. Will we had 231. Downs and it just shows you night and day how good the 49ers defense. Not a silly how impressive it wasn't -- we are good the Saints are. We were minus two with a turnover ratio and they'll want you to have a win -- tie the game. You look forward now to the one we had basically two on two bullets won it 31 -- -- a party niners having twelve I thought our third down defense this both defense and got it done. As we were six to fourteen they were only six of fifteen. Conversion rate but the thing is. We won a slugfest all of -- got a football game. When you look outstanding will the Saints -- and and offense and the defense. We had 23 rushing attempts and we average four yards a carry. The 49ers 22 rushing attempts three point seven. And we don't look at Frank Gore you know they wanted to run Frank Gore Frank Gore only had 48 yards rushing. Rob -- his defense. -- -- Now you look -- quarterback Colin cabernet and had a 127. Yards and all it gives you rating was 73. Read them with 305 yards that you're seeded difference there. Like I said. When I picked apartment lately. To think that pat departing niners number if you look at the regular season. We've now won seven of the last eight regular season games against the 49ers. Now if you look at. The ebb and flow of the game but have been a heartbreaker when no one this. Considering got like Corey wide becomes then the Jabari prayer I don't think it looked good. I think it's a serious injury so Cory white having instead been. You picked -- and got one touchdown and all the -- like get a pick six -- he's gonna get it to a one yard line. The end -- fumbling you know those -- the kind of think you got to take advantage of if you look our receiving corps Robert -- only two catches but the 78 yards he came up big. You've only targeted ten times that big time to blow the game was 44 yards goals that surpass that Eric Barton. You need twelve yards to the all time leading think receiver as -- five receptions for eighty yards. So while that this is a total team victory. That's not volatile type McCain and the Saints coming out on top wanted me to want me. You know we did dominant at home we rushed opponent and asset is that the pre game. If you look at it I don't care we will win like we have in the past does win about one went by do whatever. But this phase going to this game we're up five and -- and home this season Al average margin of victory with three touchdowns. We were beaten opponents 35 to fifteen. In the superdome. Well the bottom line is we used adult -- Danica but the problem outstanding. I thought they allowed. It had done that basically father proud and one of the things is what evidence he -- -- that's the crowd picks that. -- -- -- -- You know going forward and I like not at Disney but on Monday night in Seattle. With the way out -- that display and I think it's truly special right now. But you know I thought. It would come out the baby yarn overs but he did -- what you I'll go to where we've been even better if we were plus five coming into the game departed as a plus or. And love the turnover battle and we still won the game. The bottom line is -- we get average start we got the -- of the third tonight -- did a -- Don't want him. You know to upset us that and that's going to be -- their only feather and a cavs they could do that come Thursday night that we got to avoid that. And -- realistically what has to happen I think the 49ers QB is the ultimate fan friend and knew what that number once the now blown way ahead. Well -- gonna have to beat Seattle unbelievable Monday night in Seattle. No we don't have to go to Seattle in January they kind of got to -- all -- I think that's going to be key and critical. An unbelievable. That's what I know but that's game. The faith played a party united slugfest type game and Rob Ryan. And the defense that was hang with a party not his woeful low and I I thought that that. If we take advantage of the balls really bounce and I'll wait. We won by three points but but I thought at halftime we should've been up by ten. Our baby -- down the bottom line is you want when it counted in all count the same that you don't like. Think right now what more could you state what more could you think -- you in this situation. What if they can get you got to take. Back to August training camp where now aided with the 49 has been six before. The bottom part and I -- -- the Super Bowl. So we beat you don't have been a -- you got to beat the champ. What the last jab at the end of the 49ers. And we will -- adults that all right. Did you with the point after on the New Orleans saint trading him. Marcus Colston capped off a record setting day with a twenty yard reception to get the Saints into field goal range. In Garrett Hartley kicked a 31 yarder as time expired. Lifting the Saints to a 23 to twenty victory over the 49ers. Yeah replacement for the win and it's. It's really wanted. My teammates who tore off the bench. On the final play at this game the Saints come back and taken over the niners. Partly who had missed four field goals in the saints' previous three games made all three of -- field goal attempts in the fourth quarter. The Saints overcame three turnovers and improve to eight in two on the year. -- meanwhile finished with five catches for eighty yards to become the saints' all time leader in yards receiving with 7922. Passing Eric Morton's two decade old mark. In other scores around the league. Percy Hartman made an impact in his season debut returning a kick off 58 yards of late in the first half. To set up Russell Wilson's nineteen yard touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. And the Seahawks rolled to their franchise record thirteen straight home win and beat the Minnesota Vikings 41 to twenty. The Seahawks improved to ten and one and stay on top of the NFC heading into their bye week Bobby Brady busted out with the big day against a struggling Falcons. What will run the ball looks like about Bobby -- torch through my step by this I try to. And rainy rush for a 163. Yards and scored three touchdowns to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 41 to twenty victory. Over Atlanta. The Falcons have now lost four straight by combined score of 135. To 61. Andy Dalton threw two touchdown passes in Cincinnati returned a blocked punt. And a fumble for touchdowns during a 31 point second quarter that helped the Bengals to forty to 21 victory over the Cleveland Browns. The seven of four Bengals head into their bye week with their division lead intact. Rookie Matt McCoy threw three touchdown passes in the for his first NFL start. And the Oakland Raiders extended the Houston Texans franchise records get to eight games with 828 to 23 victory. -- glowing an attractive free agent was eighteen of 32 for a 197 yards in place of an injured Terrelle Pryor. Will Ben Roethlisberger passed for 367. Yards and four touchdowns. Including two in the final five minutes as the Pittsburgh Steelers rallied to beat the Detroit Lions 37 to 27. Antonio Brown caught seven passes for a 147 yards and two scores in Pittsburgh's defense. Rebounded from a horrific second quarter to shut -- Detroit in the second half. Nick -- threw for 298. Yards and ran for a touchdown LeSean McCoy had two scores on the day. And the Philadelphia Eagles snapped at ten game home losing streak with a 244 to sixteen victory over the Washington Redskins. -- improved to six and five and sits in first place in the NFC east. Their half game ahead of idle Dallas meanwhile defending division champion Redskins failed to three and seven and the Buffalo Bills defense forced four turnovers in 837 to fourteen drubbing of the New York Jets. Geno Smith shotgun formation. He -- Santonio Holmes wide left side to snap you get a stroke a hole. Touchdown Buffalo. Geno talked it up again that are seriously makes him better. Buffalo improved to four and seven while snapping a three game skated. Carson Palmer threw for 419. Yards and two scores and didn't throw an interception for the first time all year leading the Arizona Cardinals to a 27 to fourteen win over the Jaguars Michael Floyd had a career high 193. Yards receiving including a 91 yard touchdown on a catch and run. The Cardinals won their third straight and are now six and four Miami held San Diego without a constant touch down over the final three quarters. And Brent Grimes broke up Philip Rivers his final pass in the end zone as time expired. Giving the embattled Dolphins a twenty to sixteen win. Ryan -- threw for 268. Yards including 839 yard touchdown to Charles clay. The resurgent New York Giants won their fourth game in a row with 827. To thirteen victory over the slumping an injury riddled Green Bay Packers. You line Manning threw 26 yard touchdown pass to former LSU tiger Reuben Randle and Brandon Jacobs added a one yard run as the Giants handed the pac. Their third straight loss. And Robbie Gould kicked a 38 yard field goal to lift the Chicago Bears to a 2320 victory over Baltimore. And the game that was delayed about two hours by torrential downpour -- Currently now on Sunday Night Football it's the Denver Broncos leading the Kansas City Chiefs three nothing. Still 1051 remaining in the first quarter to look at the NFL scoreboard eyeing Steve -- on the saints' radio network. It is the point at Dayton eighty seafood in the world famous -- -- quote they'll put out the door on his point three Sam does go to when he. It's market by Tito's hand made Scott Proctor and Bud -- but while the want to have a great time but B squad to the designated driver Bobby. That's San Francisco -- -- and with the Saints beat deep into the attacking but just thought it finished eighteen yards on eleven plays. In the first quarter in the last quote about it. Eighths on their last two drafts sixth place they got seven yell -- you take an eleven yard sack if the Saints put on them. They hit three yards in Atlanta with eight and minus and then be able. I'm really going on at a crunch time to explain a crisis time in between manslaughter durability and the state beat the 49ers at their own gain publicity thing it's an offensive possessions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I've got a budget three and out in five and 07 they only got seven -- No the hopefully I'll be bad to me to get everybody on defense. Rob -- a game ball let me tell you know what you noticed about. Both these teams. You very seldom seen him miss tackles. I mean if you know yards after the catch me play other teams you know drew it up but off with media double want team in yards after the catch. Since 2006 like us that the Packers. And I look at my notes of the net top three or four when you played a 49ers when you catch it. What you going down but I thought I'll -- -- You know when they rejected that they were going down to also know miss tackles I thought. He keeps getting better better David Hawthorne. I don't know yelled at them a 57. He's represented that Ricky Jackson -- pretty good. Hawthorne led the team in tackles with eight total six solo. I thought Cameron -- billable. He built upon his performance last week he's been dealing with injury I thought he was outstanding now against the problem departing on its back to back weeks. Don't let. Hakeem Nicks. All guys all came up which sacked. And I'm telling you wouldn't look at that we beat the organizer at their own game. And when you look at that when trying to you know win the time of possession controlled every fluent and that. And it's just possessing the football and overtaking your opponent. I looked at this that it it was unbelievable the show you that this defense is old school. And this is like you win football games that you fourth and three and out. That was that sequence. At the end of the first water. You know of the saints' defense. The last 163 down. -- opponent were 00 for sixteen. Now you got to go back to not talking about even like the Jets. You know going way back the last. For third out but it Jack -- -- before the copilot and I'll build a copilot are open nine the need to convert on third down. The 49ers their first 33 down 33 down plays. All for. Now we ended up we're three and nine at halftime we look at third now your berth in the 49ers. In that being a sixth. Fifteen. The balance outstanding. Throughout third down defense players making plays. And be -- think they don't deal with on line. How far. Coach -- the Bulls to be solid Q with the offense. And haven't them roll that's why I think a lot of times he's the white marble floor -- so confident in all these fit. Coach things up and out like the fans and Britt are good solid defense is taken after we do that I'm telling you. We did that we got one magical game for a think as far as they care Falcons. Beat the Seahawks on Monday night McCain did you have one slip up. I think Carolina's going to be tough. We get out one more slip up if we can beat the Seahawks. I'm telling I think departed on -- gonna beat them at home. Do we get up that number one seed in the wrote that it hopeful it's gonna come to -- birthday and for all I think that's good. So I think it's 786688. -- technique to the other phone -- we know. And let's go to wouldn't hear about it let's go to Coco -- -- on -- to -- thank you called the point out on the saints' radio network. -- want to congratulate everybody counted them or change -- I treat things like that everybody stood together. Barry at -- no question was pitched around call -- jar you -- man he can. Thank you thank you as a knock on the 00 we appreciate. I'd rank him right Michael thank you much. Back to the well we know it's the count on him a thank you on the one at the Saints radio network which -- be in body. First off. Sure shout out he did a -- Gabriel Collins. My daughter Colin -- Yeah -- A big game to date him making any duties. Bobby committees and sometimes you talk a ninety yard TD you -- boos when he goes on plays eat away from the football to a B. Yep yep like you look at it. Well we had a collective goal we got it in his game and that's against outstanding defense. You don't -- -- you can't fault the -- or keep your head down you know when every is that yet to how many did I know he's a very capable outstanding. Passes between running back what is he knew he put that in the past. And we put -- calling his number it short yardage on the goal line. We got it done. I thought that was outstanding. Because it's at times we're not necessarily confident we look at that was supposed to get the first down -- Third and a half a yard art than a foot but today we got it done and now you got to give a lot of props out. But the talent could tell he jet was outstanding. If you look at it. Only two carries but three yards. And those are an important three yards you know when you when you look at -- and he did did his job and and he's been outstanding. Overall. You know so far this season you to fullback we can count on. Let's go to do all the DL thank you because the point after the saints' radio network. Is pop it. Think all wrong and what -- that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thinking that you. Look at what you do it again about -- Anyway. Differences but when we go out there was so -- You. But now I am so excited that it won't -- one out because. -- Got so many fans again. I stick with it. They Wear out I'm full. -- OK and you are what you got to do -- theory is that dale yet feel like you -- dale at that look. You look at the NFC's. Looked out the Giants play the Cowboys don't look now -- of the Cowboys the -- That the Giants struck struggled with down -- 14 -- -- my neck injury -- and I know what I mean realistically. The month that the Giants. And like the Cowboys that there -- like that JVP. I think what where when we play the large city today and we beat the port city it's gonna take another varsity effort come Monday night when we go to Seattle. Now we've got first things first the Falcons. Popped out indefinitely got to stay focused. This is the mental part of professional football which you -- shortly. -- -- coming off a unbelievable win that you had to win and -- for outlets like the problems are playing. But that they're right there so bad right now Tampa Bay crushed them. But but the problem -- nothing bull or -- -- I want you memorably won that game at home we get them when the Falcons slash new wave in no. We beat them. -- Chris Ivory pretty slow read over and I don't Steven Jackson back. They -- want nothing more to find fault or -- and operate. Now instead of Thursday night. We got to take care of fitness a -- and a lot of thought they got defense is even way better. We've played and we want you don't make out to the alarm and then obviously you get out that long week almost like -- -- -- to get ready for Seattle. All right Bobby 2601878668090. Needs him he wanted wings 23. When he over the San Francisco point that's gave up let's go to mindful that won back to. It was three time all players back you can blame me. The -- sound off as him -- it. And thought man. I. Went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it it listed that -- that this is special wing you know why is this a special -- because the -- three. Respect the party niners act as one of the better teams if not like they're not give you the best in the NFC and you know what. We -- a minus two and a turnover ratio at the one. Tried to get that game at a party guided that was still want him if we were plus do we beat the -- out of a touchdown. I'm telling you. And -- Jim Harbaugh I go to more often this. When I was there him and I go way back 1983. He was at University of Michigan. I know John given all the whole family deep down he he would tell you. That -- that those kind of gave to you plus do you got to take advantage of that and win. Because he knows not that you think are not I know he's going to be thought that it started. Would you got that roughing the passer and Drew -- you can -- like. What the hell arrival and solid play remain Bobby if there was waited Havoc on background but that's the way the league yesterday all I know it -- It's like a Michael Jordan of the NFL it's gonna get the call. Tom Brady's gonna get the call Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning they can get the -- that's just the way -- those those solicit you don't cry. They'll cry listed college cabernet. Comic cabernet has a long way to go before David in this saves typical route through. -- all right final score daughter was born in San Francisco. -- onstage at the Saints radio network and finally thank you so much heat on a Thursday night at the same -- on the problems on this that the New Orleans. Stick around football -- the point active for Bobby got the ability at the Saints -- -- to point -- -- -- -- Visited New Orleans Saints radio network.