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Nov 17, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints 23-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the point after eating -- the world famous for its quota on Saints radio that you yet yeah AM FM and that come along to keep thinking about the apparently don't be wearing the easy in the world famous parents want them -- this is -- awful seafood. Also supplements is not both of the best in the season I think it's -- quality. Mean you as well also IT that was and -- Rocca and Budweiser and Bud Light have a great time but he's bought it seems as if they drop the lowest point three. And San Francisco point about the special teams want -- it may well be part of. Anything over an accent isn't -- regain you will witness in through the greatest honors in NFL history. And Andy -- -- comments -- David Thomas mark that hadn't made approval. Is because of 49ers honor an deeply. And if you look at it that day. This lighten. I don't know what to Jacksonville the fifth or whatever you think the words the fifth in the league. That when I had nearly a great job putting all of a sudden we got the ball well all three yard line you'll remember that. And I thought. Don't -- and all we gotta hang in there on I think it was gonna be like Carolina Panthers. -- and then nine. Are all you know about a thirteen it -- type game because I think all that is explosive. That would not happen but you look at QB get a great job -- And now you're looking at -- more instead arguably hidden yardage. Greg you're starting your drives. Are you like the starting on 3040 yard line vs the 58 yard line you have to look at that look at that at -- for the team. And more I think it is a big advantage but it's almost don't launch which you play the 49ers and then the lead -- with the rest of with that all of a sudden it was starting I'll drive. With a three yard line and what it is -- new. I'm telling you we go to 97 yards on eleven plays six minutes 44 to take. That's seven to zero lead I'm telling you that was as good as they can't -- you have to look at your opponent and who you gonna hit. Now what do we do and if you look at how momentum changes in what happened. Now the 49ers. I mean and the tell you Phil Dawson. -- was kicking a 55 -- as they -- got to tell you right now and that's why Hartley. You've got to come up big time who is that the NFL. This is not a high school or college is that by a different. When you -- three points give or take. You gotta come through milk bath and make the 55 yard field goal now they're up to ten to seven so what happens the next play. So far as today. Appalachian State. Plus 82 yard kick return. I thought it was gonna take it to the house what you look. Taken advantage of that deal was there should go to replay. What anyone yards -- little -- -- -- tell you. If young people at that game. I'm -- dad passed away want -- a lot of small window Brees got hit yet he had the line back apparently invested -- yard game. Yeah articles plus didn't. 41 yards. Now we winning 1415 and -- on -- ten minutes of playing all that was critical. And after that I'll start with Tarvaris can -- we need that now though we don't need. Because your veteran global sport golf -- romance. Let's -- that doesn't like Lance Moore. I think that's hard look good look at even the guys like him the ball. So you got Vlad or at the beginning of the game when he plants new. I got in my notes third to -- the third down you're -- We go with me not to -- -- capable it got to get the ball we don't care you know running back but commodity that -- ketchup like you can't fumble. -- Dave fumble could you wanna talk about a -- field look at what the 49ers in them drive it. -- what what it a goal like eleven yards. And eagle one and one point two yards. That's while the -- unbelievable. I'm telling you look at the party niners. If you position they had. Then tried eleven yards and rob brought them to our defense you get a game on I think it's pretty known knowledge that. -- 96 -- 178668890. Today when we come back we'll hear from Saints quarterback Drew Brees New Orleans point three. San Francisco when he is the point after owner -- radio W do you. And welcome to the point out there welcome back New Orleans 23 at San Francisco 20 o'clock by the NEC world famous than plaudits he goes and made bucket game but what they have a great but he's more. And Tuesday is that they -- to six and oh at home now I think two home games that -- Well let me tell you like -- -- -- fans but you wanna take it or not. -- K holiday it. This isn't the Saints want to when he 320. Reminded through in the turnover ratio and the reason why I say this thing -- In this game double digit. That should have been a double digit winner what you honestly can't point 014 point. The reason while wanted to use that Smart great feet and two yard field. I mean if you look at what occurred. On that go to plays eleven yards to get a touchdown. In. Kamal what is that. I think that the -- -- that has them moving the ball. All of a sudden the third quarter they go -- three plays. 42 yard particularly seventeen to fourteen what is that. Native and that's that's that's all I know let's put all that it -- think about this. This is the closest thing. I don't know all patrolled dominate today you got that you know I Drew Brees. Oh my god is like a personality. We might bet -- repeat that whatever you wanna call that. But if you look at it the 49ers. Had a 196 total yards. At this -- age. Would you look at the with the Cowboys had you go back to back you'll you'll water under 200 yards. Who bought it that's ridiculous. Rob Ryan I listed I don't know if you like Bobby Jindal or not or you're like blank through. But I kind of liked the look around Brian. Winners aren't locks latter he -- the governor mayor Rob Ryan. Yeah I can't get mad. Rob it is getting it done but is defense that's wild like out chances it's not because -- got two reasons and Peyton. They've always done it they've always done it. And you get 55 Roland Ville got the best of both worlds we got no offense in the defense I'm telling you it does that happen. I get the team like the party united on the don't look good stuff. The -- -- probably gonna have to go way back in history. And those who view -- has -- one hand when they were plus two when they lost the game that don't happen. I'll tell you who are not -- plus in the turnover ratio and you lose. I'm telling you that showed you how good we are. -- Are trying to be -- because playing the will to. Succeed yeah. Harrison get a handle on line I think if not the one after bouncing very WW. -- -- -- Larry curry there. Brian that is -- but he. Yeah arm he. Very pretty good and we all know that are. Well and operas that club and I think the thing he -- I know the it couldn't do anything -- it well for brunch sort of beat me. No Rob Ryan popular Rob Ryan beat us as the coach of the year. I'm ready to give him as coach of the year are you kidding me. As much as Sean -- -- they'd been there done that but Rob Ryan hell I think not a pair of assists and our head coach he's the coach of the year. Who -- -- that in -- while the -- was the worst in the NFL history. And it wouldn't know what is the fifth its nose. The players are buying into his system. This -- within the meeting goals behind closed doors and they talk it's back. You to -- your coach and there's there's coach threats you. That doesn't happen right now at this think defense that's why they kicking ass because they know they know rob Bryant for the tournament of the -- does that do you. And the players to think lifted. Rob Bryant trusts you -- rob think look I believe that you all look at Malcolm Jenkins. Malcolm ticket has played the best he's ever played and I think uniform he always had the ability. But I'm telling you rob brides get him to believe and that's critical. That's that psychological. Standpoint. Of being a Pro Bowl player. Everyone can play. I at this level if you don't make it an NFL. If you can't play. So let them in a leg that I'm telling you Rob -- got those players -- and look at David Hawthorne. -- -- -- them all that money so why now we give it Hawthorne all that money. From Seattle. Which you know what he's healthy now. You gotta look at the track record Hawthorne was the leading tackler. But -- Seattle Seahawks not at what position with two. I think it's -- linebacker at outside linebacker. We've looked easy that stick through march and he's healthy. Look you teed off on making plays out there. These intimidate about a organize -- he keep making plays and tackling when he had the opportunity. 260187866889. He writes in his comeback if we would hear what Drew Brees had to say if ala Tony three Tony victory. Over the San Francisco forty this is the point after all at -- radio WW. New Orleans -- three. And San Francisco Tony -- ABC -- the world famous for its quota. Amount doesn't -- -- a ball seafood and obligate Tito's hand -- -- at the point the point after it and Bob -- have a great time to be Smart. In June -- designated. Takes quarterback Drew Brees addressed the media -- in the 43 point victory over San Francisco. Yeah just yeah those kind of battling through adversity at times and seeing things not go your way and yet to stay in the course and knowing. You know on the plan and sticking with it. I mean you could argue that. There was kind of 21 points that when he gets this out there. Obviously you know we we we dropped the park and give them seven I threw an interception -- And we get interception that could have been seven. So -- one points right there that. You know that's -- -- fair and yet continue to battle continues to plan. -- has played lights out special teams comes over the big return to give us an opportunity. -- an extremely kicks offensively it. We have three drives inside the red -- in the fourth quarter. Stuck with the I mean. I'd say. You know the opponent being as good as they are and the type of battles we've we've had with them over the last two years. You know certainly probably felt like that. You know obviously there's implications you know that come with games like this. For long term because both these teams aspire to be at a certain place in here. They're very good football team. And you know you can see that the way they've played well coached and disciplined. Whose -- we made enough plays today where. Yeah. Well -- -- -- -- color rumors just didn't close line you know in the chair. And and as a -- saying this guy how to be a flag. And then if somebody came up -- him on my teammates kept picking up like your right to know where there's flies. -- Just took a moment. -- ago. We work on. We we trust it. -- to be honest with -- certain elements that it that are that are kind of horrible horrible off. So when we get to it it's not like it's. Just that special that you need that situation. Something we're very used to practice while we talk a lot about. And we prepare. We'll just say we believe in -- here -- got. I mean we all day I saw a lot of guys just here and there you know give them coming back. Listen you know. And always go the way that you planned. You know. God doesn't give you what you wanna give you which means sometimes somebody get a you fight through that adversity and understand that's that's part of it grand plan and it's it's there to mold you strength -- you -- -- to become a player that you know. And that's being. Embarrassed you had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the course is offers made a lot of big -- force. To. And I think that's just. The life -- -- kicker times. -- just fortunate to not thought about this today. Thanks very cool that we have a ring of honor now you know and obviously we had a ring of honor our first three ring of honor members conducted last week Archie Manning Ricky Jackson hero. And I was looking up there at those names and just couldn't help but think about maybe some of the guys on this team that would be up there. And Marcus Colston was guys and certainly feel lucky that had the opportunity players and great years and hopefully we've got quite a few more together. They've been great and and listen it's starts in the trenches there that's that's how the game is you know established and you know when you think about imposing your will on an opponent and really setting up everything that you wanna do offensively from. The run game. For the past game two shots today and did everything that we do offensively we ask those guys do a lot of we do as an offensive. Man they're great group. You know they've just sort trust when Miller desolate pride what they do and you know. Obviously they've had some tough tasks here. From every time you know there's always formidable aspects of a defense that you know those guys have to handle. They do it magnificently. It says a lot you know because you're gonna have games like this you have days where. You know you have a plan and you say man if there's one thing we can't do this -- turned the ball over well. And we had two critical really freedom that we gave gave one back after we got you know so again that's when he reports. And did did not swing our way and yet you still find a way to win against it playoff caliber opponent. With a lot at stake. You know at this point in the season that's that the -- There's a lot of there's a lot of physical teams there's a lot of you know physical defense is obviously this will. But you know we've we've played planning. Where you know you you understand how the game's going to be played based upon the other for the count in the fact that you've got to match that exceeded. You've got to set the temple was certain things certain elements. And we talked about Russian football today and stick with and I thought we did a great job of that throughout the whole game. Rush for a hundred yards. Which you know. The statistics show when we're able to do that we won a lot of games. Ever. Well -- each you know each game brings a different things but if you can have consistent play all three phases. Then thing you've you've got -- them and listen it's not always going to be perfect there's going to be times where one side picks up the slack. For the other in in in ways but. You know. For the most part I think you you you wanna play complementary game you know where were they were feed off for defense receiver plays they're making me sick to where they're battling. And we want to. Do our part in order to give them rest on the sideline in order give them favorable field position when they get out there in order to you know build momentum. And confidence. I mean. Yeah. I guess in a way you know just the fact that we lost the last two -- you know that's where it's been about it is. You know we lost one of their place in the playoffs say hard fought game close we lost and here last year where you know we turned the ball over two times and give -- two touchdowns off of them that's. Those are those are those are killers. And at that game was at home you know so it's kind of like hey they abuse their place they abuse our place. So maybe the default was that they. Had a the better team better mindset whatever was but. You know there's always some proof. No matter who your plan I mean we didn't we will look through four and of that and it went about. Coming out here and get our respect him in all that you know at times you know you kind of throw those lines around. We're just about get a win against good football team. You know teams in our our conference team that. You know we've played for the 49ers just about every year we've been here exceptional one year so -- seven times. Sort of see this team a lot you know and you know they're good team that story. Yeah there's so many variables that are you know. A incomplete pass or you know -- you use a -- negative play you know. But he gained yardage you know you kind of just based off of that and just. -- our defense was stifling there and gave us gave -- the ball back with good field position. You know playing time -- fifty. One time now. You know just needing a field goal obviously that -- should be a bit more. And chuckled about it from an era. Yet that's who. Yeah that is something this game means means more the way that we wanted vs. You know had those 21 point gone our way and all of a sudden you know you win this thing by three touchdowns. You know. -- it took to be a great opponent the way that we did with all three phases stepped up when they needed to make plays that's. Or it's a complete team win in the these -- the ones that just. You know -- you. He'll build confidence room for. -- there's no doubt there's no doubt loving every second of it. You know -- and -- we've we've had some great wins we've had two tough losses. And and and so it's not that's that's not all roses. But -- battle through and if if you wake up everyday and say you are going to work because the guys that you work with him because of the challenges that are ahead -- your preparation and and just. You know the blessing to go play this game played the way we do. So that's what it's all about. All right is Saints quarterback Drew Brees at the Saints 23 point victory over San Francisco. Well if you look what -- car and now the rules are the rules. You know the 32 situation. Personal file on on Brooks roughing the passer. Now the 49 is -- I think -- -- the that's just the way the NFL is today. But to me if you look at I don't know those that make a call. Let. I don't know what they do that thing was trying to. Maybe you worked at the Angels be not necessary commitment to be correct I don't know that's the right term. When it was second in nineteen cavern activity was in the pocket and that's that's that's -- -- mean if you look at. 3003. -- won the game right there in the and and I don't know what third nineteen jeopardy. -- scrambled and got sixty yards. Now I don't know what I do think in. -- that was applied it to pitch Sproles is returning the punt. And the had a fifty yard that we get a fifteen yard penalty on Osgood. And I think you know what we can again if you will range not a big we get back -- a couple of Garrett -- that that's glorified. Extra point he came through big time. So regrets. To Hartley not skin in the game in overtime but winning in regulation. As -- six plays 47 yards. You come up with a win 23. It's 1 April when you when you look at that I don't think make -- called. But to me it was like. I know I thought it was a safety out about that about the press box and we gotta be. You know it is cordial but I thought that that that was the one. You away from the lighter than -- pads that are right hash and he threw away. And I don't know I think ground thing is that just a few whatever not put faith that he got out the pocket I think he is trying to. No we want to -- you know just keep the rough rethink his side whatever you wanna call it. But that the bottom line is I thought a crucial play if you all remember this. You've got to have them -- It was third and nine. And that and all of a sudden. Now they go three and out the score now of the 49ers want me. To say seventeen to 39. Now. That the Frank Gore dropped pass. You are remember one night -- thank -- and I thought about the balcony threw kind of low and all of that has an advantage do you think it just dale mark receiver. RRR -- about cricket game cabernet. And all of a sudden Frank Gore dropped and I'm like -- On those Frank Gore and space I kind of like those chances I'm Frank Gore and I dropped the pass and I think that was crucial. I'll put that -- stars but up with three stars. Around that play. Because of you look at the next time we got the ball. That's the -- drove down who -- twelve plays and Hartley made the 42 yard field goal to tie the game wanted to warning. I'm telling you those kind of things that work you know they have. But it just goes to show you that the 49 it -- it and the Cowboys are. That's all I'm trying to say is like this and I -- 49ers. Through the 49ers are good teams Jerry Jones and the Cowboys thought if -- -- the better. Fifty in the playoffs I hope the Eagles. The Giants know the Redskins anybody in the NFC east they deserve to be here with the cowgirls and Jerry Jones don't. Has been at the JP. -- -- Lifted it this that we knew in a battle of the foreign you respect that. When you play I'll go play the Cowboys every week we'd be six feet -- -- the Cowboys know horrendous. All right back to the phone to go let's go to mark here in New Orleans on time -- -- -- honorable -- and -- don't think radio that you -- you have. Oh god -- that. -- -- -- -- Conditioning of the team it seemed like he opted for a while on the defensive line. Early in the game you know late in the fourth quarter and that's the key part of our success but we've been here but it certainly work that goes -- and we've got up there -- we talk about the scheme that you spent. Almighty god but -- -- keep in -- to play and they leave without a doubt in the fourth quarter. Well it you don't let I don't know they wanna call it cross training or whatever but coach -- is nobody that energy in this thing. This isn't a coach Clayton as like a young stud and the whole team -- a bunch of young stud. I'll tell you we guarantee. You know what and it just goes into it shows you. Like -- you attributed. You know you if you watch the game. And now all we all appreciate what we move along -- the with the line and who's doing the dirty work but I tell you what if you look at. If you look at what occurred. How -- Brodrick Bunkley. -- and he hit. Brodrick Bunkley and then I'll watch it Brodrick Bunkley he's making plays. If you look at what all is said and done now there's only three total tackles but he's disruptive. -- this relative. That let the linebackers flow and make the plays now I think -- along with Jonathan Jacobs. You don't and a core of Roger -- to get that rotation. Stay fresh. So whoever's in the -- water you feel like you're the first quarter. And you know like because of the day right now -- continue to -- -- SOB in the world -- you -- tired. You become a power. And the reason why I think that pitch but Girardi said that -- -- make a power not anyone. That's why you gotta have depth. You gotta have that rotation. So when you're ending -- -- -- -- people wouldn't affect it -- -- -- -- starter. When you're -- and you're a starter and you got a picture of it at the highest level and you gotta win you've got to get the job done. But I haven't Buckley back. That's what's happening then it stretches re kick it pass in the -- that's the bottom line so all our linebackers. Whether it's Curtis Lofton. Whether -- Hawthorne to look wherever our. They -- get done because -- winning a front. Back to the phone things in this field to almost you put me on one Tony thank you on the point -- the wrong thing for you because you. -- We think Tony Allen with the dominant car. We don't really good you know between. Yeah yeah. Point it definitely probably wouldn't put him ordering out. A -- that we. And we get it wrong as we have that inside. And we go -- has. Gone too opposite and we. Stick to -- Yeah -- thought that imitate what this is water bottles. Trapped gains whatever you wanna call because of the problems -- -- -- -- they suck. They have such a disappointing season the Falcons did they Houston Texans. Are like what we're supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. I don't know we might win four or five games there are that bad so out of foul with like nothing more fit that. The Saints comfort that I like we did last year when they were -- known that we beat them. So you gotta be. You got it from a psychological standpoint. Listen I think -- average yards that it best that normally you have a 24 hour rule knowledge that twelfth homer of the twelve hour rule. You celebrate this win. -- that you look with the game was finished. Twelve hours he thought the film study. And balance the win that game that's that you got to do your professional. And that's what we have to do and I think coach made me laugh is ready for the Falcons took therapy guys. You've got to expect -- back to business and not vanity at night -- believe more. There'll certainly. Yet. Without a doubt you get -- -- and we're a mentally tough team. If you look at rob Ryan's swagger he brings the fan vote they back. No listen we handled adversity that they -- you know. Would you mind if you're in the turnover ratio. And you beat the Falcons beat the 49ers. That it's been -- -- and that's the big time win. Tony solid equipment to take him on man. Correct I don't think anybody. All right Tony thank you and Tony cognizant and went down on -- on straight right to honestly -- him. But he's effective element that we yeah like that will wrap up next the point after on the saints' radio that you. Wide receiver Marcus -- -- they record setting day with a twenty yard reception to get the sink in the field goal range. In Garrett Hartley kicked a 31 yarder as time expired lifting the Saints to a 23 to twenty victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Placement. For the win and it's. It's really wanted. My teammates who tore off the bench on the final play at this game the Saints come back -- -- over. Hardly could miss four field goals in the saints' previous three games. Hit all three of -- field goal attempts in the fourth quarter Colston finished with five catches for eighty yards to become the saints' all time leader in yards receiving with 7922. Passing Eric -- two decade old mark. In other scores around the league Percy Harvick made an impact in his season debut. Returned -- kickoff fifty yards late in the first half the setup Russell Wilson's nineteen yard touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. And the Seahawks rolled to their franchise record thirteenth straight home win beating the Minnesota Vikings 41 pitch one week. The Seahawks improved to ten and one and state atop the NFC heading into their bye week. Bobby Rainey -- rush for a 163. Yards and scored three touchdowns to lead Tampa Bay to a forty wanted to what -- victory over Atlanta. The Falcons have now lost four straight by combined score of 135. To 61. Andy Dalton threw two touchdown passes in Cincinnati returned a blocked punt and a fumble. For a touchdown during a 31 -- 31 point second quarter that helped the Bengals to a forty to 21 victory over the Cleveland Browns. The seven and four Bengals head into their bye week with a division lead intact. Rookie -- -- -- and threw three touchdown passes in the for his first NFL start. In the Oakland Raiders extended the Houston Texans franchise records get to eight games. With eight to 2223. Victory. Mike -- in an undrafted free agent was eighteen of 32 for a 197 yards in place of an injured Terrelle Pryor. Ben Roethlisberger passed for 367. Yards and four touchdowns including two in the final five minutes. As the Steelers rallied to beat the Lions 37 to 27. Antonio Brown caught seven passes for a 147 yards and two scores. And Pittsburgh's defense rebounded from a terrific second quarter to shut out Detroit in the second hat. Nick -- threw for 298. Yards and ran for a touchdown while LeSean McCoy had two scores on the day. And the Eagles snapped a ten game home losing streak with a 44 to sixteen victory over the Redskins. Philadelphia improved to six and five and is in first place and NFC east -- a half game ahead of idle Dallas. The Buffalo Bills defense forced four turnovers in a 34 to fourteen rout of the New York Jets. Buffalo improved to four and seven -- snapping a three game ski. Carson Palmer threw for 419 yards and two scores. And didn't throw an interception for the first time all year leading Arizona to a 27 to fourteen win over the Jaguars. Malcom Floyd had a career high 193. Yards receiving including a 91 yard touchdown catch. Miami held San Diego that a touchdown over the final three quarters and bring Grimes broke a Philip Rivers final pass in the end zone as time expired. Giving the Dolphins a twenty to sixteen win Ryan -- -- threw for 268. Yards including a 39 yard score to tight end Charles play. The resurgent New York Giants won their fourth game in a row with a 27 to thirteen victory over the slumping an injury riddled Green Bay Packers. Eli Manning threw a 26 yard touchdown pass the former LSU tiger Reuben Randle and Brandon Jacobs added a one yard run as the Giants handed the pac. Their third straight loss. And Robbie Gould kicked a 38 yard field goal to lift the Bears to a 23 to twenty win over the Ravens and the game that was delayed about two hours by torrential down pull. Currently on Sunday Night Football. It is the Kansas City treats trailing the Denver Broncos seventeen to ten that's a look at the NFL scoreboard eyeing Steve Geller on WWL. AM FM and WWL dot com. I Steve thank you very much you can keep up with Steve Christie's there at the book Sosa thing was the yellow and -- you -- you -- Today's operating at jaguar that your opponent that you got your back now I think this thing because I was 20 am this morning -- 82. With a one of the -- Seattle game in two weeks if that number one seed in the NEC adding officer as saying yes 9% of saying -- While only got to take care of in -- on the road against the Seahawks. I mean. And it has to be realistic and objective I think we played Seattle and New Orleans we win. We've beat him in Seattle will be announced it. I mean I think it truly that's where both teams are at right now. When they tell you you know everyone has pressure -- -- support you family trying to make eleven. Let me tell you depression that Garrett Hartley with them. And -- I didn't get account he made three field goals 23 for three to 21 yard. Field goal 21. To make it. When he is seventeen where it down wanted to fourteen at like an extra point. At the end of the game. I'm with a 31 yard field look that have that extra point. But to survive that game with two minutes it's six seconds left. A 42 yard field goal I'll tell you got to have the vehicle owners both go to speak to make that. Not everyone can do that but if you're an NFL kick your your professional. You have to get it done if you look at the pressure. That Harley was done there. I mean I think he's married at that -- and get married to his fiancee. His wife is probably like this please god. Please let it Garrett make his case. Because if you look at where he was that at that time. He was -- only 72 -- really 70%. -- kicked. Sixteen of 22. That's the lowest rate in the NFL. Going through -- -- He's missed field goal attempts this season over the second most in NFL if you wanna talk about pressure. He could go about you -- in a coal mine. And I halama being involved water bill Harmon a pain in my electricity bill that it's a different level. But that was pressure and Garrett Hartley came up big time but that's what it takes. The NBA and NFL kicker. So congratulations that Garrett Harley is he came up big time and help the Saints win and it was the field goal game. Las Vegas thought you know the thing that -- three point favorite. In the end up being a push that but that's what it was the thinking winning by three now we don't have the turnovers. If we don't give them a short field went up minus -- The Saints are double digit winner would win by ten of fourteen points against this 49ers the. I don't forget coming up in the morning your chances sound off with Kristi can keep my -- in the morning. As don't have double coverage for your freedom you know -- 6 AM to 9 -- plus Monday Morning Quarterback at 740. -- Tommy took on the topic focus -- the ball out of the same told -- so we'll recap everything now with the Saints coach Sean. Payton. For everyone back in his studio. Often thought of it -- -- and Steven government and outside the Bosnia and Dominic hits and all the time folksy eating seafood. We thank you so much to do it again to the point after finals -- -- logs 43. San Francisco pointing out the ability as always talk about that agent can't -- -- a -- They can have got to give props out to Robert Meachem welcome back from San Diego I think this is his best game and I think uniform. Two big explosive plays but that's what we need from Robert Meachem. That on the really resolved -- people.

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