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11-18 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 18, 2013|

Dave talks about the Saints win over the Niners, if you faith is restored in Garrett Hartley, and beer, bacon, and bikinis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this eighteenth of November 2013. How about. -- -- is not our father redid one mores grew up we were gonna and the whole thing -- yeah. Then there's some things I still don't understand no. Guys domino understand why that wasn't a safety cabinet threw the ball out of bounds while apparently still in the pocket yeah. And he was falling into the end zone and how he did it yeah I don't know why that wasn't intentional grounding in the why that was in the state -- still don't know why they didn't review. That alleged touchback on the fumble or interception. That size me baffled. It's oh. It was just one of those games but you know if I thought we handed one more thing on a silver tray we -- as voters go home. Why wasn't there and Olson returning punts and it. When he was in their running the ball catching the ball and then he did command -- on special teams I don't resolved a lot of it had me baffled by it. Well I don't know graduated -- partly. Put it through those up rights. I don't now the -- stayed on the dome that was in -- and I'll definitely. Definitely. It was it seemed like it was that allowed -- all game. In we were actually a little bit late. We -- and checked out the marbles on. And indigo C well we have an update -- on the ship all of and so we walked around tactical but pictures of them put up it to -- W dot com while the league needs stuff. I'm in his luxury boat that's been completely redesigned. And rebuilt mean. This is the thing with the water slighted Don and it just could stay on their for Harvard is -- at this long racing one slide bigger than most water parks. Got a -- scores it's gotten -- water park -- -- -- -- -- as I was on the boat. And everything -- finally got caught by train was running along the river did not so I couldn't get from the port. Down to the dome because that's trains. It seemed to have more cars than any train ever seen because that really won again across badly and of course was going by anyways my point is. As we walked into -- up to that don't we were outside. And my daughter said you feeling here's. The crowd was still. That outside. You can that reverberations. And the noise. Outside of the -- Was amazed outside yet this is early in the first quarter. So anyway it was a really an amazing game is fantastic. Opportunity for saints fans that feel really do it and it was a whole line because -- won well -- yeah. Absolutely yeah there's like yard bird drew says of him and that's done -- -- would basically gave away 21 finds. They really. Well they'd -- they turned over the ball on offense that turned over the ball on defense amateur and over the bonds specialty keeps up. Did it turned over the world there's certainly. And still line. Which is the amazing things detectives and they did reviews touchback fumble altar of mr. he would know. There was an explanation given. That they re -- to see if he was touched down. Before he began running. Interception back OK but we have that under the hood thing in the superdome. Which UC. What the referee sees -- he's looking it he never reviewed the touch back he never review the fumble after the interception all he reviewed was that the if he was touched down. When he initially made the interception. And he gave some explanation which the crowd was so loud I could hear some last Steve Geller coming up that he can make it clear why they only be -- the first part of the plan -- that that it. It's not about the review was initiated after the opener so. Or the -- as some of it that way they want. -- -- -- in -- Rape and 26. And now well. That. That. That of course and the yet they can't seem to was it tripped up. Here it -- Thank you didn't like about the -- -- news and sports hear them read him -- him them. Rain today cooler tomorrow to forecast after this and Steve gallery and text -- 787 me how you feel and the saints win that game. Or did they knew little help where they -- lucky to -- one they -- it. Do you feel about the way the saints won just glad they won you know there. 519 days go on nearly every WL first news as four four flights. Bizarre fumble. Right at the goal line that book -- I was sitting right behind that goal post about fifteen rows out. Look to me like it did not cross the plane. And it looked to me when we watched the under the hood we can see on the video screens in the dome what the referee was look at -- And he never went past. The interception. And detect a sea of white was touched by the offender turn -- fender to see if he was -- he never -- viewed at least as far as weakens the whether or not it was a touch back -- tax credits and it's -- says that he reviewed the entire. Play summon Al says they reviewed the -- backing captive. Anyway. As for why Sproles was in and out of the game. Does he was injured in getting -- yeah but he was in as a running back in between kick returns and wasn't returning tactics. Another one says -- was a foot outside of the tackle box and that's why it was not intentional grounding and safety. Me those are some explanations. Though baffled the weather that's a baffling there's another cold front coming so it's raining. Rain looking likely for the morning and then tapering off into the afternoon at 50% chance and the roads are wet be careful out there and I commute eighty for a high today. But temperatures begin to fall tonight and that front moves through lows in the forties on the North Shore. And fifty south of the -- in partly cloudy on Tuesday high schooler at 68. And Wednesday partly cloudy and a 20% chance for light rain -- have set before. From the Eyewitness News forecast sent her I'm meteorologist Clark tell. Drizzle rain fog -- all around the region right now 71 at the airport in -- 72 in Slidell sports guys. That welcome and Steve Geller. A win is a win I'll take it anyway but man that was a difficult game and all that weird stuff -- on on all the turnovers all the questionable calls. It's also good finally -- partly came in and made it. Definitely a part pounder to the end yet what three field goals in the fourth quarter -- it lie under currently the legs make it happen. Suddenly the man is now clutch. -- -- And even hit one from his debt 42 -- and accurate and having trouble in mourns the. Good morning and how quickly things change in the NFL. To start the week your jobs on the line -- to -- -- -- the hero of the day. 31 yards away from the -- right. Smith placement for the win. This makes you -- yeah. My teammates who tore off the bench. Garrett Hartley hit all three crucial field goals in the fourth quarter including the game winner as time expired. To give the saints a 23 to twenty victory over the 49ers. Drew Brees threw for 305 yards with a touchdown and interception while Marcus -- became the franchise's all time leader in receiving yards. No time to rest for the black and gold though he -- sideline reporter Kristian -- with more on the saints Thursday night match up against the falcons and he into the saints. -- turnaround on -- we can play the Atlanta Falcons. This Thursday night in Atlanta Falcons are two and eight on the season the saints quarterback Drew Brees says don't look at the records when these two teams meet up. Throw records out the door you know with this team it's you know a Tug boats can -- it's always that way we play at their place seems like so. I'm ready for full -- game one to come memoir. On Sunday Night Football the last unbeaten team in the NFL has falling. -- -- We -- so Marino behind -- on second down three step drop in the past plus Julius Thomas touchdown plus. It's always. The Kansas City Chiefs suffered their first loss with a 27 to seventeen setback at Denver leaving them tied with the Broncos atop the AFC west. Peyton Manning didn't appear bothered by ankle injury he aggravated against San Diego last weekend. He threw for 323 yards with one touchdown. And no interceptions. And LSU football back fresh off a body in now get ready host. Johnny -- -- in Texas a and M. Here's Deke Bellavia with the latest. Issues suffered at the loss of the season two weeks ago against Alabama although they're just two games remaining quarterbacks that it says there's no lack the -- fall by the by you bagels read. No other place for you know a lot of pride a lot of self respect. Did we -- tough games coming up that you really need to win to -- sees strong. It's an issue and AME on Saturday at 230 here on WWL. Today at four it's the second guess show from the silver slipper casino that's followed by the saints coaches show with Sean -- in. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports point. Four minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners Dave on Steve -- with you on your radio -- see if you -- answers some of these baffling things to me. Did the referee review the fumbled. Interception that they called a touchback on the field. For more we were sitting we never saw him look past the actual cat to -- he was down when he first got the bond on the. From my understanding though yet the entire plea was reviewed to see if one he was down and then to find out if the ball in fact was fumbled. Out of the end zone OK so they say that they did -- right maybe just in the stadium we didn't know that because the under the hood video. He really looked at like seven different. Shots angles series I just it is -- was down. But never looked to see where the ball went -- yet Allen -- took awhile to review I thought that he was down. When he when he made that pick but I guess the ref saw it differently about Hillary gets through his very he -- catch -- ball right -- Of that happened that was gone why wasn't intentional grounding in -- and accurate out of bounds no receiver in the area and appeared to still be in the temple box. That one also to me I was curious is the fact that the ball also didn't seem to reach the line of scrimmage. So much of it several reasons it was intentional ground right I'm I'm still not clear on that and a -- to find out. What why some plays our review -- once. Why some -- and that's very unclear and NFL. Sometimes even the -- don't know that cholera or -- that -- write the rules so weird and Sproles. He was -- as a running back he was in as a wide receiver. In between. Punts and kicks when he wasn't and they came back. And was returning -- -- was that was kind of -- yeah I was surprised to see Lance -- back there as well he's got a book full of what it's usually do in Sproles throughout the season today I agree absolutely and -- been phenomenon kick returns so we don't know why -- on politics mellow -- they'll be into -- -- -- controlled pain today when he has his. Monday date -- the end when they are about that I think -- played Thursday's a tough threat and I get to celebrate the victory for one day now it's just forget about that. On to the falcons we play them on Thursday night in Atlanta yet luckily. Like I like what's coming up against the falcons because if you saw the Tampa Bay game at all yesterday. Mike Glenn in rookie quarterback lit them up so it can only imagine withdrew its gonna do Ametek to more about the sentiment gets an injury updates and if you know anything about a couple players to thank them for the cents. It Beckett went Imus more sports on WW. We have rain out there this morning. Watch for that rain this morning there will be some showers around for the morning commute look for highs later about eighty degrees and the -- should taper off a little bit this Saturday and -- cooler overnight tonight lows dropping into the forties and fifties. And only up to 68 tomorrow with the worst sunshine in the forecast. Then Wednesday partly cloudy at 20% chance for light rain and -- since 74. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Mist drizzle light rain 71 in Canada 72 in Slidell summer as a reporting fought as well. So sur seine was holding -- a very interesting sign that we posted to our FaceBook page and it's generating a law. Chatter and talk about it what it was coming up after the news here -- WW well AM mass -- count on victory -- 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this was that the eighteenth of November 2013. Time to get the bird in the oven and opportunities. Well actually Thanksgiving. At relatively late November this year it is -- way the month fell in Thursday's. Itself. That's what when he knowing who Thanksgiving 2828. That yet as we normally think to be this week but now not next week you know more time we put the burden the we've posted this picture to a FaceBook. It's -- saint. Holding a sign on announcers saying made it. Be -- aren't -- beat that club -- he grabbed it from someone in the crowd or -- got it but it says and are the diver Chris Bennett took a picture of it. It does have faith in the heart with a five in the middle and -- LEY. Have anything then partly our plan he had that it was hold up during the game. And so we put it to -- FaceBook page and people you have in your -- missing its number. He kicked three clutch field goal off the fourth quarter after missing four out of his six previous. Someone. Wrote on our FaceBook page that. No like -- -- and Hartley but he get the pass this week for beating. The Weiner. That the 49 and I still can't believe Ahmad Brooks agrees with the doomsday device from the field that VW update and it does get that he has no faith in Hartley -- even after what had even after that another presence has never lost it not a fair weather man. And -- haters love me some partly. Can never -- them connected Super Bowl. Now Nicholson let's think about that years ago playoffs yeah. And -- if one has an opinion of partly how does that tend to being hateful so there's some people there are some other negative elements. Guy -- -- you know probably even Hartley the F faith in Garrett Hartley and some people. Around I don't I was pretty impressive performance. I thought it was impressive earlier in the year I thought he was hitting the ball cleanly and and strong it did it looked out a way to meet Danny. I think he got into one of those kicker -- trip things. -- called John Carney in the late in the game as it -- again this font yeah whenever product album art. It worked it worked real nice that has tea Bagger bat. He nine NBC. Tell me you weren't nervous even the biggest -- all -- -- -- you weren't nervous on the 42 yarder that tied and you weren't nervous on the game winner. You weren't at least in public. I had to family members leave the room when watch. Do it is it is sent to go to animal. But then they could -- may fifth. Probably you know the people the -- even ten miles away gas in the neighbors and everybody else that's did get the executive talked about that planets or persons here on Debbie WL am FM and -- up next of that jail for. Holland. That you haven't heard yet Wednesday's forecast and a stated are demanding. No meteorologist Laura but now all Hawaii down well it's Monday it's rain and other than that I'm here but at the saints' victory -- business we want to and it feels better that that has liquid sunshine in the dark falling from this guy. I don't think any game last year bother me in much of forty niners game and such as the fact that we were able to beat them last night Correll. Redemption on several and it and it was a close one and -- with you know I didn't doubt but I was a little worried you and I -- doubting yeah Hartley. You know in the troubles he's been having play well I -- I felt like you know in the -- -- come through and it like it was kind of redemption time pro am. Yet he's he felt the redemptive -- because. They've struggled with the 49ers the last couple times they played -- that was to get that victory you properly predicted it would be victory he also properly predicted the weekend whether that was -- David Blake. Nailed it down to the score. I'd say yeah that's -- -- and he needed you bring money but he got that he felt right that the -- -- when it about him that was need to. One began as a pretty the human rights given -- raining right now he ran for one yeah dad difference working and right now but it's it's not a fast -- it's kind of a slow -- so heaviest rain has along the coast coastal tear -- the -- Jefferson plaque that's -- as with the heaviest rain but still some showers in the city. Some showers north Italy we have another batch approaching it more or really really mark -- that north and south of -- like keeping that 50% -- chants and for the better part of today. Right but it is -- front that is if it has rained yet once the rain moves out late today finally cooling off feeling a little bit yeah -- I lows tonight dropping back into the upper forties on the North Shore and the low fifties felt -- it's not a strong cold front but it is enough that it's gonna coolest down from the eighties that we had yesterday. And that will likely have against Angela the -- eat -- -- after you for the front and pretty much all week it's been the thing dies you know we're going well cooler tomorrow's 68 tomorrow and I don't yet feel cooler tomorrow we'll start to fetus ice clear a little -- were back in mid seventies on. Wednesday and we. Close to eighty maybe by the weekend that's ahead of our next front and actually and -- spot in the -- and Saturday. It's going to bring them much cooler weather Sunday's -- at least sixty. Uh oh goodness aren't a stronger called -- rain on Saturday and -- -- we get some rain chances like Thursday Friday Saturday just kind of scattered about up until. Go to a women's basketball games have my college that's -- that's college for shark and it did -- And in Davis and enjoyed and have -- Well -- -- college and it really struggling to fill the seats even that good schools the schools was really talented women now. -- -- It's sign something new okay the coach is buying beer for the first learned when he 500 fans -- who are 21 and over and have an idea right that's -- To come to the women's game we'll give you -- free beer. It's paying for it. And LSU and ever give away three break it. If you came to Ohio and. Upon how I sheets women's team is really good so I'm surprised that they have trouble you know getting people to go -- that there -- Get televised in the man even when the -- and knows you -- this. It's just the things that just basketball and -- -- now with such a football oriented you know you have -- kind of nationwide if Republicans get people to go to women's game you know even at the release its schools -- But I know they can't. Most most is not a whole lot of dunks and it takes one element that that what it is it's just not. It's exciting to watch here. But it. And that it -- beer and bacon gets in the state. And at this baking -- just get -- they can have a well typically. I don't know -- feel any added me but he added that wouldn't be real good being detained -- -- little -- a couple of break -- -- like a. I wouldn't turning brown Allen. -- my hand and -- them balances stadium but I mean to sound well. A lot and on the stadium for a net just variety. Yeah right respected -- yeah out isn't on like a BL team and that makes that I guess they have a partnership so that would -- Yeah a bacon beer you get right there in each year is that is different. Beer later on disappeared into the lights came into. People don't win a wonderful work against wealthy. People and in our. Regular look at. Let's go live and direct these forecasts and -- text messages and -- Timmy -- about the saints sports with Steve Geller coming up right after this. 42. Yard attempt right hash marks snapped placement partly steps into it -- is on its way and it is good. Garrett Hartley connects from. -- town and the saints have pulled into a tie with the niners. That was the one that really worried me because that forty artists areas where -- is gonna happen most of his problems of late night. A lot of fans around here -- essentially gone forward on fourth down and put the ball on partly Portland has any you know. Several people Texan mediate 78 and he said they won't have faith and partly until he doesn't a couple of games in a row consistently others. Keep -- -- keep this in the Super Bowl is still can't allow them he's not had many problems -- -- Steve Geller ran to helpless recap review would talk about the game and everything else in Monday morning sports safety. A wonderful Monday morning good morning everyone who who dat nation held its breath as kicker Garrett Hartley would miss -- his last six kicks. Lined up for a game winning 31 yard field goal with two seconds left in the game. A final play at this game let's say it's come back and take it over the niners. All these court given number five. Partly kick was good and the saints improved to -- in two beating the 49 is by the score of 23 to 218. Marcus Colston finished today with five catches for eighty yards and became the franchise's all time leader in yards receiving with 7922. Passing Eric -- in two decade old mark. No time to savor the victory though as the saints are back on the field Thursday night in the ATL. Here's sideline reporter Christian -- will. More on that match -- a quick turnaround for the saints this week after the win over the San Francisco 49ers the black gold traveled to Atlanta faced thousands on Thursday night football. Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton says the next three days will be more about mental reps. No walk through just visualizing what you gotta do watch and -- in to improve prayerful what do lands on -- to do a number of reforms. On Sunday Night Football go Broncos ended the chiefs' perfect run on the season. Manning drops back into the Golden. Globes who is left second down gets the snap gives the Montae ball to the right side Walton applied to triple a all good cuts down the. Denver rookie running back -- ball ran for two scores on the night helping the Broncos take down the Kansas City Chiefs 27 to seventeen. Casey dropped to nine and one tying them with the Denver atop the AFC west. And frightened tiger football it's fresh off a bye week you're looking to finish up this season and a high note he is the Bolivia with more LSU. Hosting Texas CNN this weekend one of the most electrifying players in the history of college football will make his debut in Tiger Stadium Saturday afternoon as Johnny football quarterback Johnny -- -- Aggies come to take on the tigers go to less miles this is tiger is -- -- excellent week of preparation to prepare for -- demands it. Tell him absolutely. Neither quarterback it's just very talented and you know certainly won't spend a good portion of our preparation on him. Archivists -- to 18 AM Saturday morning here on WW -- Today at four it's the second game show from the silver slipper casino that's followed by the saints coaches show with -- pay in. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports -- that now that the saints don't think much about injuries but let's talk about what we do you know it -- career does it look like he's done for the season and what is wrong. It definitely looks likes something happened with his and the a lot of folks were tweeting about it ankle injury but when he comes down that hole let his leg buckles look like his knee gave out open air cast right I'm just worried about this season come potentially. Do we know why Darren Sproles. Was in as a wide receiver but on either end of those places not in returning kicks -- we know what happened to him wearing ankle ordering need to we know we news getting taped what was don't know -- -- Yeah I do know he was in the tape job on the sidelines some times but yet there's no been report or even anything close to any new information about what was wrong with him. I was wondering if it might have been something with a hand injury which he had last year to. He had broken some some bones in his hand. An added note something got re aggravated there -- -- -- apparently apparently could be -- as a running back in -- as a receiver but not returning kicks for -- came back in a return ticket. So it was all kind of -- some questionable moves by Sean Payton but at least gone all the got a W standard to players have missed the game because of concussion hopefully they'll be back. And yet this was a game that data back. This was a game specifically I feel like the saints drafted -- the -- before going up against a guy like Vernon Davis. Unfortunately we didn't see him in action we're gonna need in this week go against Tony Gonzales. Thank you sir cut to about fifteen minutes more sports here at WWL IMF them and that kind of barbaric text messages today 7870 if you lost faith. And -- if you re find it that you have it. Then. Play action -- Brees looks for meats and dumps it off. Do not fill. The bill would just this. Reception as a pro in his first touchdown. Good for a three yard strike as the saying it's taken me. -- ran around going who is pat and the fact that -- in Baghdad before him now -- the toys are reception but congratulations guys fail and Drew Brees forget them the ball. It and in the end from a tech today that idiot that is how can anyone -- -- -- -- never been and had trouble before and he helped win a Super Bowl. And also I won't have faith and Hartley again until they put a few games together and stopped missing kid. There's jury's still life you know conversation on FaceBook go look at the picture we got answers and there and -- comments. On FaceBook out of context to mediate 78 to -- to forget the beer in the bacon to get women in the -- that -- -- to get people on the -- of women's basketball games. But the basketball players in bikini.

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