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11-18 6:15am Tommy, Saints beat the Niners

Nov 18, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints win over the 49ers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In the right national. 31 yards away from the -- right -- placement for the wind and it is. -- good. My teammates who point out event on the final play at this game that's made them back into -- over the niners. What he -- when he. In sport given number of. AL I saw that kicked it reminded me. ABBA moment we played last week which resist -- Newsroom this thing -- once they're not any good but Vietnam War laid -- carrier. Just -- your kid does. Here's why it isn't me here. Easily competence I think Sean Payton exhibited and Garrett Hartley when it comes it. Kicking ass like dolls everything in the world has confidence between years -- to tell you a joins us right now talk about yesterday's game I don't like. Although. We appreciate your time when you when you come on this days to be a long day for you -- UB second guess and over the Silva slip on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi. Tom your impressions your thoughts of the game and. Well. Probably be honest with I really thought this was the game be able -- move back. Actually it is -- right at the wrong thing. I don't think and -- your money doesn't. You've got three point yeah no. Well look at it is kind of -- like -- thought it would play. That bowl teams in what street. The different and -- football game turned out to be one guy who worries. I mean in the late open -- If Drew Brees got to the plate and Colin Coptic. In that spot. That got it is that in all of football field that war. Basically you could -- potential or signature. Linebacker that all pro player the best that the player in the popular with Cameron or. I think you get injured. Again separatist all in the back more than. That he had played extremely well they did not let. Frank Gore no running game kind of beat him but that's what they do get away. All -- -- football like Alabama. They want kitchen we -- people's forward over and over again where you're out. And they didn't get that edge. When he came down to the end. Drew Brees again made the play. And with opportunities. Colin property kitten. And that's what it got a ball down to that. And you know what that would not live there and safety baked into the speed because they want and grateful for all day. It turnovers. Some of the things that happened in the football game. But bottom line to put it don't -- -- against a very good football team. And a football team that this play all the spirit and being in that they'll regain everything else it was the Clinton all the. Senior you know you anticipated my question Mike because just watching it on TV that's what it seemed like. Let me put it as. Didn't want it. -- it -- games that ended the game has no way to yeah yeah -- went that is. Mathematically that not the case but it you know inquiry it's basically -- so what happens but it would be on the road besides -- that whole. That someone on the line yeah -- don't get stripped out but you gotta play almost gains. -- the -- maturity in Puerto. It was a playoff game and it was the game against the team that you know -- -- to destroy nicknames. In critical spot. So in the football it was -- an avalanche. Turning the football and not make him play but yet. You have an opportunity to win to gain and who reads that anybody. Two minutes global war in -- in the McCain and Louisiana company actually know that there. In the game today in. Well in the Baltimore deported and the audit yet. Uprising actor that big -- about some balance. And you know what you get that what you got that came down bookings basically each example one position. Quarterback. Yeah and something else Mike alluded to rejoin in -- second text comes and don't kid yourself roughing the pastor -- bonehead -- -- penalty by San Francisco won that game. Otherwise we -- knowledge that they haven't flow of the game don't kid yourself we don't turn it over three times we went again so. Yeah yeah -- like that but -- put -- you know the end zone. You you know you've got point now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tommy Tucker good. Monday morning here at WWL's saints beat the forty niners in -- -- -- against always there we need name FL analyst and college draft specialists nine embodying bears' second guessing -- -- -- -- a casino on a beach in Hancock county Mississippi. And 630 saints coaches show Sean Payton and quarterbacks coach she'll Lombard Nancy is related. And of course 730 Monday Night Football. Mike -- ready jaguar painful as -- state and Garrett Hartley fully restored 21% saying yes 29% saying you know and -- and because 50%. Are saying they never lost faith and Garrett Hartley and yeah. What have you done for me lately let's talk about you know focus -- yet the saints playing on a short week the falcons a team that you could easily. Take for granted especially if you're looking ahead to that Seattle game hottest putter of the saints and how to -- on -- keep that focus on Thursday night. Well one that thing I think he is a -- Guerrero. Is the ability. To get a team initial. Focus on really what matters and that -- so mentally prepared. You can't be out there you know that brown had -- small metal while gold medal game in a short week. Think really it's more on the it'll rule and a fourth reason -- thirteen game he's coached against Atlanta. Couldn't do. You don't think he got their own. -- Let them -- mobile. So people more in Atlanta -- would be loaded up all election won five game. In the lap ninety seconds to play -- -- -- games this year. So you've got a situation here where it looked around and it. Seattle but on the other main I think -- a football team that is playing well they've been overt focus football team all reasonable. The comedy what's keeping him no way out is how good did you sense as late. And that's the biggest change the content that plays better. When they won the bullet and no. Appointed not elected to -- -- and just. So. Even when you don't like -- or opt outs which you really need to in that. You can still win because these secret -- so well in again up pointed out. -- you're looking at development of an all pro football player and Cameron Jordan. You just played lights out yesterday and that includes a line up against one of the battle until blunt -- ball. They did -- -- job. Not letting them kind of run on an actor and body. -- the way actions so. I think the way to deeply display and you know you can move the football you passed up that really well against him in -- year. I think the -- it was more like it is war. Thank you Mike I appreciate your time listens afternoons 4 -- second guessing by BA beer at the silver slipper casino. On the beach -- into -- in Mississippi candidate Mike thank you do.

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