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11-18 7:15am Tommy, tipping

Nov 18, 2013|

Tommy talks to Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute about the etiquette of tipping

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- 718 continuing -- talk about the saints and there were a couple of tipping incidents. And last week that that is seen just strange and odd there was a waitress that. A couple perceived as being gay and kind of trying to she was machines anything about it I guess there were on appearances only they. Sister on and 93 dollar tab. And wrote a note on their checks I am sorry but I can add to -- because I do not agree. With your lifestyle. The I was in New Jersey then there was a case in Minnesota where I guess that she was on the other foot. Because they stiffed the waitress at a Perkins restaurant 48 dollar tab and it says I don't tip women. The note on the receipt does especially ones who believe in -- talking snake. Nellie did that because she was going to crucifix on her neck and apparently making a reference to the snake in a garden beaten. So I don't tip women especially ones who believe in and talking snake from a proud gay Muslim. So yeah dad -- gay person on the end of nine get that tip and on the end of not leave and a tip. We'll talk to you about tipping in and when it comes -- service people. Have a problem with what they are who you perceive them to be -- post joins us right now coauthor of Emily Post etiquette eighteenth edition good morning you don't. Good morning -- you know. Very well thanks for tag at a time when this evening's first off that believes aside what does. Polite society say about -- Are -- out -- control and that no matter what when you go to a restaurant. You are entering turn into an agreement that you're going to -- And really important -- will be back chip you're chip is not often only going cheers -- it goes sort. Bartenders and gospel -- On the front and split between all the -- -- directional. So it really important to be or can't. Make sure that that you pay for the service that you can see regardless of your beliefs. Typically -- to between fifteen and 20%. Not in the and all about the service in either case the waitress says that the Perkins where where the note came from the proud gay Muslim. She says I served this gentleman in his brand she's 37 years -- by the way. And we're gonna air for three years they said the service was excellent when they paid -- to clean up the table it's SO one of them had written on the received my charges. My husband and laid off from his job it's a tough times support you family. Much less being ridiculed for your religious beliefs. Yeah I mean the only -- that happens and it's just wrong I mean there is little bit better. And then -- like Turkey time in -- nowadays you can simply create that strong protection trauma. You know bad and it's also inappropriate and a note that they were having a conversation about religion I can't let. It is it is not the way to learn of it if it's something -- making your culture. Oh yeah you wanna leave that you don't wanna you don't -- do that currently you know bringing your. Leaving no attempt -- just. It doesn't Serb and greater purpose. Rather than making a point about you know not wanting to triple and got a little or -- not wanting to -- somebody. -- mutilated you don't believe then what it does -- it makes you look like a real jerk. You're not standing up or something doing that -- making initial look worsen the situation and. The only thing that drives me crazy if we -- -- formula to go to. Sure generally accepted manners by waiters and waitresses it's a small thing but when you're there was a lady and they come up -- that title lady in the waiters comes up waitresses and says hi guys. All friendly distress and increase. -- -- -- -- -- Not a man -- that next news though. -- -- and it and you know that generally geysers are virtually -- you know that you all were trying to bring you back. -- understand that you know I don't -- parenting. So when it comes to things that waiters or waitresses should do I know it depends on the quality of the restaurant you're at but. As -- -- and a Booth I engaging in personal conversations about themselves are asking you about yourself should there should Dana. I'm taking. It's one of the territory great don't think you wanna get cute quote. You wanna be friendly and -- consistent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're 813 get anchored -- -- -- pretty evening I wouldn't worry about how I wanna -- people are based. And that time to enjoy your -- Al Sadr and getting into you know. -- -- a -- and or even just you know. Armed conflict and more personal conversations and -- their. I had some you know observers really don't want to get in personal. And you know having people find out whether or not marrying her and my -- so do you do wanna keep a little bit of rational -- And service people and only on -- much -- and -- Erica and myself because they get tied it on the Barbara in here and as soon as they put they cable and I'll tell you what's wrong with congress. Are yet you -- -- being government arrogance or here to listen. Or are right out there in the same thing with service people where -- company your house and he starts and you know one. The united the TV on this that Obama today about then Obama or the other way around where those out of Republicans. Shot up and sticks with you here to get out of my house is that -- of me. Well I think a little bit. Yes I I ill. Similarly where you know I am a -- homework and -- and I have someone -- You know do whatever it is during talks were. That I feel like it's important. That you know you need to -- work and. It's you know one thing -- pretending that you -- risks. You know you need something need to come -- hate it's what's going on which electoral determine I need to tradition of the Arctic as part of it. Of course one thing you re telling me about your article future religion it's what -- happened all the way. I I don't need to know -- and why you like the actual the. Menial labor fight last night in its commitment to good and turns -- drive every. Close co author of Emily post's etiquette eighteenth edition thanks for your time. Some -- by mr.

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