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11-18 7:45am Monday Morning Quarterback

Nov 18, 2013|

Kristian Garic's interview with Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in a -- morning quarterback here on saints radio Monday Morning Quarterback we Drew Brees has brought you got a great employees of Crosby toasting Galliano and Joseph septic. Gotta go call Joseph on crushing Garrett joined by saints quarterback Drew Brees the black -- pull off a thriller over the San Francisco 49ers won a record to eight and two in the process. 23. To twenty over San Francisco. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Drew last week you won by 22 this -- you win by three -- these -- closer games so that it. Yes ready you -- hard -- the team even more I mean these are maybe more beneficial. From like about a words. I think he wins like this will certainly. Help build character. Had his best way to put it you root for them just build confidence knowing that. Million these type games and some -- playing the fourth -- the -- we got guys that have done it before and we'll do it again both offensively defensively and special teams. Gary Charley came and this came struggle a bit at times the 23 kicks -- -- really big ones today and did you guys talk as a team with him -- mean. Offer him words of encouragement this beginning on them. Yeah yeah but you don't listen. Garrett here it's been around longer than you think you know -- been through a -- been through ups and -- makes a huge gift -- in the past and there's been some tube -- and that's a select the kicker -- But but the real stories to tell you respond you know after. Those little bits of adversity you know those little maybe like a -- -- for -- Some might say and this -- for six -- the comes out and and bags three through today none bigger than you know. The two in the fourth quarter there which you know obviously work. We're huge kicks. You know talking about -- the -- in the one -- took to win. You know -- was you. -- as an offense I know you guys don't wanna turn over the football but we have a defense is playing as well as he dances so allow you guys -- -- play a little more freely knowing that. They look taken they can stymie an offense. -- and we played in the same way I mean to a degree you know you're you're you're you're paying attention to how things are being played on the other -- ball just you know. You know is this is this one we're gonna have to you know be a bit more aggressive or you know -- Let's not you know it's that's still conservative but it's safe and we don't need to taking unnecessary chances. Based upon you know the way our defense plan but. Listen this is just great team effort all the way around both sides complementing one another and get a big win. Can you talk about just the adversity from the university standpoint which -- battle today in the character and a lot from that allowed you guys it can't overcome some of those things yeah. Just can't say enough about our guys and then continue to battle continuing to. Bill press Ford stick with the plan you know stay the course with you know. And what we said about this game coming in and listen you can do everything perfect coming. We knew we control the ball over we did it in a couple times and an obviously. You know we need to make sure that those things can address what I mean the fact of the matter is when those things happen. You know I think the tendency. A lot of cases would be for teams to kind of tightened up they'll only do we said we're gonna do him. These defense against -- you know not to say hey I don't we how we focus on the next play and worry about the next drive the next opportunity to. You know going redeem ourselves. Besides the obvious what what does the nation also effective in a two minute offense it seems like. I mean. We we we we work -- take a lot of pride in it and a lot of it is just an extension of what we do as an offense you know I mean there's some some similar reasons so. And you know when you're when you when you've got guys have been with for a long time -- of the trust factor Vick feel factor you know Sproles and -- and -- Marcus and you know. Whoever's working in there you know you just. Which things that we work on focus on all the time and that allow us to be successful in the situation they'll listen -- got to do a great job blocking. Maybe they've done that two -- before -- Marcus Colston being the all time receiving leader now I'm sure pictures stoked about that that's awesome. Could happen to a better -- a hard worker a better teammate. He deserves everything that comes his way. And always and your humble about it and that's -- but so hopefully there's. I don't know if there's any more records she could break here with sensitive he's got -- -- records but. Hope we will continue to have those little bit and finally land on -- shall we just talk about the challenges that don't want to. Yeah divisional opponent coming in and it's throw records out the door you know with this team it's. North tugboats and being it's always that way we play at their place seems like so. -- for four quarter game one to come memoir true congratulations thanks so much thank you. But -- turnaround on a short week this Thursday night against the Atlanta Falcons for saints quarterback Drew Brees and crushing -- this assays radio.

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