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11-18 8:15am Tommy, TSA wasteful spending?

Nov 18, 2013|

Tommy talks to security expert Tim Dimoff about TSA program that may not work

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our says we tell you just now -- 878. Million dollar project since 2007. Was supposed to teach TSA agents. How did notice the threats from people -- weren't threats. Unfortunately now the GAO government accounting office is saying. And at the same results as flipping a coin. Tim -- joins us right now security expert founder and presidents SE CSX consulting. And investigating services or mourning Tim. Welcome as always things taken -- time when there's so. When you heard this report this is your job been in terms of security would you think. Well. What you -- jerk reaction from government -- all -- -- and now they're talking about it. Let me just point out warning old and a five. Where. Did it -- her her security. Date again terrorists especially here but he picked on him at all. A lot of times you incorporate systems. And not. Everybody so. -- so that money. It because terrorists and criminals know that we have those programs in place so there could be turned it. And and they're looking at the wrong I mean I have to say that we had any real problems. Since 9/11 except for LA yet. Recently. The answer now well -- the floor and that is the terrorist and I -- -- don't -- so upbeat guy and they were very effective in the program. Republicans and Democrats are saying it is based on the GAO. Com report -- -- John has stole the solely the ahead of the TSA. Says just that point that. And he did the -- program could be effective without us knowing it I guess kind of like a flu shot where. Is do you get it then you don't get the -- when you say latter -- -- shot when in fact he could be the shot that's preventing you from mutants it. I can guarantee one thing but here are very patient. They usually wait many years in between incidences. Or get something now Manger and their reason for that. Is -- -- -- to go back and get relaxed. And get sloppy. And start to debate. Amongst ourselves. And we opened the door and restart letting go of things we've been calling. You know and go from there. You look at Israel's. Israel the best security system in the world what they do. Don't ever quit enforcing their programs they -- Out and there are. You're the King Kong security and you can't stop anything and everything you're going until you can replace it with something now. Some people are saying this TSA program what is perceived to be -- terrorists strategists that. And the normal stress and exhaustion of air travel where you run like crazy and make the flight ninjas stand in line in January about the TSA is it is anyway because of you say the wrong word. In and I go to jail which you're gonna miss your flight so. As security expert how do you discern a difference between somebody that the issue is stressed out from traveler and a bad mood and some money then intends harm. I think they're way you almost people criticize. You find out who are words where there go I mean has the right questions. You look for that occasion most people approved what they say I mean there's there's processes to take care and your right. People get frustrated. You know behavior detection officers and processes. They're a lot more in depth -- some staying in line complaining or saying the wrong word. Guide you own a business. You know out of business ID and we got a good break here but you on -- business 878 million. Since 2007. And the way TSA. Acts and conducts themselves in general and and that's security aspect of it. On do you think it's money well spent and do you think the TSA is performing properly -- would you do to change it. -- -- Think they're performing good side is there room for improvement yet and we at any incidences. Beside -- -- not really can't we stop. Or prevent it incidences at airports and other occasions I can tag per. We probably progress -- over 2300 incidences. Since 9/11 it's all part of the programs not just that the airport overall. You know see something -- -- than any other programs. I think we're a lot more secure than we don't do these programs. Thank you -- I appreciate your time and have a good day. --

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