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Nov 18, 2013|

Today on the Garland Robinette show: President Obama says the solution to Obamacare problems—wave a wand and postpone it a year. But, Mr. President – it’s the law! If you do that, you’re violating the law. Will Republicans and Democrats change that law? *And, how many Americans still have enough faith in Obamacare to apply? Or, are most concentrating on what they got? We discussed the health care perspective of the president’s statement with Thomas Miller, Resident Fellow @ American Enterprise institute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This hour. -- -- strive to better understand the status at this point in time we'll bomb torture. What what isn't pleased what might happen. What seems to be. Planned broad pretend to be done and so forth and so on rim a couple of experts are pursuant Thomas Miller. When your enterprise institute former senior health economist for the joint economic committee. So whose health care policy and regulation coauthor of why obamacare is wrong for America. And he's -- -- on the subject before congress on the war and sure appreciate it done. It good morning to give us an overall idea what what did President Obama do. What did what did congress. Propose doing Friday and -- -- -- succumb. Well the number of president looked around players and indeed -- that would keep beating -- All -- -- Basically his proposal. On Thursday kicking and screaming. Woods to. Try to. Acknowledge some in the -- some of the blame for what -- promised in the marketing laws and that net. In terms of keeping your client particularly in the individual market which turned out not states and they would argue a case when he says it all believe. Regulations. That carried out that provision in the law were written to be very narrow and so while investigating here individual marketplace cancel. So what he said on last week. Any news conference what. I will ask. Or -- Oh. Private insurers in that market and insurance commissioners in the various states. All of two. -- authorized to renew these plans that are being canceled -- next year. If they -- now and whatever was in the law about the requirements and those -- 2014 going forward. Doesn't apply anymore for at least the government suspend the enforcement that might figure in the party which some questioned all about it -- That you'd actually carry through on. That was. Immediately so the -- in his own poll ratings on its larger beyond just that. Well probably teaching web sites and stroll on implementation. Well a lot of congressional democratic allies and state senator. I'm -- -- who worked like each. All four. Voting citizens court and saying -- we never -- -- and so that they blame me. Tumbling and doubling much rule and links insurers and insurance commissioners down -- All. In the House of Representatives there was some legislation -- -- -- on now on Friday at 39 democratic votes all but not veto -- Which basically would say for any of these and individual market that are currently on the market already -- remains. As you admitted yourself and so in 2013. Big Indian been in 2014 despite the new requirements going in and out and follow those small -- -- its requirements. Other restrictions all and it also doubles planned to new customers a big difference between what that Republican will beat -- wonders it. And that's literally called -- if you're already covered by one point -- all your insurer can't cancel it. And -- to -- -- not just for a year but when it's written and it breaks and indefinitely. -- Somewhere else. So that they -- art -- -- good about the postponement to of certain segments of obamacare with Thomas Miller witnessed. -- enterprise institute enters testified before congress about this issue. Coauthor of why Obama -- long Peru America. A ton of -- and Nick -- president Joseph said he too long I did I'd have for you rule for a limited you'd do it. Does he have that power. Well -- at least try and please stop. Can -- be the lot of operandi lately and -- administration. There's a constitutional requirement the president goes straight to keep the law as written by congress. Although a lot equally landed trying to stretch and at least in the short chair. Wendy king explicitly. It is -- -- going to enforce pretty clearly written law which it that they. Well hard to do. Are you -- currently it short short period of time by claiming a complication. And being able area -- original and our technical detail make -- not feasible moment. The year two years in the org -- would be ignorant -- mean it just quite there it is not yet if you will. Is pushing the boundaries there are hurdles to challenging then in court legal you'd need to find a place. The actual injury that's a little harder in the case of these claims being restored. And it takes awhile to work its way through the courts are gonna end spot in the news. Trying to argue for -- I'd have more latitude administration changed or are you would channel two things going on. Currently it is higher natural that a new challenge in court that someone Bob. It's not a opening shot at -- certainly taking a bad and that much -- as they possibly can and it's like seeing. Rewriting a law which is basically flawed. And then basically deciding which parts they want it for which they don't look like an example but they don't really applies. To what's being -- Washington Post had an interview with the governor of Washington Kentucky Connecticut. And they basically said. All of our web site have been publisher of technical glitches but we continually approved don't belong to him and it's and working well. Amid -- -- character has been successful in their states. Because her political and community leaders -- the importance of expanding health care coverage and of aborted the temptation to use Health Care Reform. As a political football. How much does this is political how much is this is technical and do you see any of these -- ago. Well let. At -- -- was political and some respect most of their Crocker is being basically. Expanding enrollment through Medicaid. Private insurance offerings behavior change well. There's a little more enthusiastic about the law -- made more progress. You know you've been relying on these final changes which have been pretty much disaster area so that whole world and certainly -- the federal money. In people who are desperate for insurance coverage low income high -- you confined to customers they may have used paper and digital quiet. What it looks like argued that nature most even states that the patent problems and coordinate. Information so. Basically just such a complex law that was acquired general interconnected that way. That it was this seemed to have these type of problem they're not bugs in. Nature. Contradictory law. All that means there's not something could be done -- better targeted subsidies and more transparent information about -- pitcher mark -- Also -- I think the build on that front. -- -- -- -- -- -- A law was written earlier era with different shadow all the -- and support for it which does not around anymore. Albeit not yet sufficient. Alternatives court to do something better to do it different so. We are wandering around in the swamp which is beautiful art on page. It's not pretty to watch. Currently -- wrong for you -- what -- red over the weekend and it it sounds like this is up to the states. Our own insurance commissioner from what I've heard said he's not really sure. If -- even physically possible to do when news limited amount of time. Do you see the states deciding this and and and so. If the states decide not to pursue this or not to back to what happens that. Fred well I needed a lot of the uncertainty unknown to most of the state insurance and get very much against -- -- what are now. Late last week. All the all the food that might have been pretty good about trying to commit other people would do its job and -- -- -- They put explicitly -- in the states. Duke a rewrite their insurance laws and disregarded that. Few things to renew call -- which by federal law while but he. Illegal -- going a bit. Our next January. So. All -- do is say what the congress is spending these requirements now it's up -- To move forward and it's a mixed bag among many in the insurance which is in the states. Arguably a deciding what to make industry and whether it is. Your problems in the grooming playing and whether restoring them or having to replace and mr. -- price in yet to -- certain agencies the garden state this -- what. Is required to advocate deterrent on time and so we bring back the life I'll wouldn't weaker Q. And their running at a time that people having installations early January 1. Are extremely complicated picture that a lot of problems during -- as well. Also what we are we are which are different version of the skating. Columns and then -- -- -- moved forward to reduce in Portland ordered as the last question. Lives kind of screaming in the national survey commonwealth. On church organs. And it says quote some 37%. Of American adults. Went without recommended health -- did not suit our commitments a due to fill prescriptions of pastor because of cause. Compared with warm person in Britain six -- and Sweden. Nearly a quarter of American adults could not -- medical bills insurers problems. Goes on and on and on and finally breaks it's about the the bottom of the barrel at. Countries that have so call adequate health where. If if Obama Karadzic drunk dial. And what the chances of them Norman bit the dust -- We'd go to what we've seen to have seems to be pretty fracture. Well let me just say department getting into a long song. I would challenge quite substantially. Finding most of these Commonwealth Fund survey of the longest bet. Bodies questions selected samples and what it or trees that. The evidence that you can -- him and -- it leaving it saw. Our help as he is not working well I agree that completely the probably not pinpointed the problem. And -- -- it's sort it's what you do about it and the approach we took in the Affordable Care Act. -- -- -- We centralized thing we need more political we compound old errors at New Orleans in just expand and I'm -- -- so that the answer. I think it though opponents a lot of need to step up and talk about other types of reforms and more transform. Transparent system. What are consumers are more involved in baking sheet and the customers that the system works for we need to rearrange art subsidies in the morning need states. And we need to basically insist little players and performers actually yet. Yet to step up to the Clinton accountable for what they do and people bring your business elsewhere depending on 14. Told ms. Miller appreciated time in the extra choose hopefully what have you on again you have a good day. Our coverage of the actual have the health care reporter for American progress -- try and -- conservative side and liberals and the outside coming up the next governor of -- it's celebrity him implied three of the debate over obamacare goes on and on. The president most of you know by now last week decided that he would delay at the in -- -- out of it for a year. To be -- some confusion. And technical problems. The was giving a lot of publish and where were looking at this today just trying to figure -- where we dorm where this may go we have some have occurred -- -- -- health care reporter. -- American progress so I appreciate the cauldron. Thank you. Let me read something from Associated Press. There that says a cursory discussion with -- all moves in the one. Who knows anything about insurance provisions would have alerted the president to the fact that his proposal is unworkable. Insurance industry experts -- the very idea of potential health policies. Can be renewed -- extended for one year is laughable. What what do you see when your reporting on this or or insurance companies. Giving the indication or insurance commissioners -- the different states giving you any indication this is doable. So -- there's a couple different things count on here on. You're absolutely right that at the end of the day what the president proposed on the is sort of it's an option for an insurance company it would force them. Actually on extend these policies that -- and cancel. Now some of these insurance companies may choose to do they may think you know this could be a good business idea for a would like to expand these policies. Different companies may think that it's easier. Just to go ahead and ultimately you know increase. The Obama -- standards and council -- its compliance with the law. But at the end of the day this is -- to state insurance regulators and several of them have already indicated that. They're not even going to accept the stakes for example I know that Washington State. And Arkansas they both said that they would be opting out of this on available option but some states such as California are saying that they well so you. It's a little bit up in the -- it depends on where war and it depends on what the insurance companies want to do. Did -- and Washington. -- Washington State insurance commissioner sent them they would not be accepting the proposed fix from the Obama administration. -- a bit and and and you know when I'm when I hear that. That's suggest that he disagreed with the Brenda according to the Washington Post the governors of Connecticut Kentucky and Washington. Are happy with a portable. Kara. The area and had some technical glitches which are being improved in their quote news. Affordable Care Act has been successful owners -- is because our political community leaders. Reps the importance of expanding health care coverage and avoided the temptation to use Health Care Reform as a political football. -- and -- hearing that Washington says. There -- they're gonna pass on the delay do you think that is because they think it's working. Well here's here's I think what the ultimate reasoning behind that. I think what we got to keep in perspective here as even the delay I mean this is by nature to be temporary. And you know quite frankly this is meant to address a political support not not not policy crisis. The policy of the Affordable Care Act is to take -- every broken insurance market a market that's failed millions of people for decades. I mean we've heard the course stories about people not getting insurance because they are sick not you know having their rates. Skyrocket the minute they get sick not have coverage for things they might need to save their lives like prescription drugs hospital coverage. These are the kinds of policies. That are being formed by the Affordable Care Act. So when these states are saying that they are happy -- what they're seeing. I think what they're doing it they're taking the widget that ultimately at the end of these at the end of the day. A lot of these policies that are getting canceled should've never existed first they're not really sure they don't really help -- if you. Actually gets sick and need medical care you're still applicable -- if you can't pay it that you like your costs are pretty much passed on to every other American. So these plans at the end of the day we will eventually expire however the sticks I I think is largely consequence. Of people were opposed to this to the Affordable Care Act kind of using. These you know these cancellations stories -- the political football to smear the entire. All right boom we come back -- caller drug -- still with the hopefully is so put him on would you. 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