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11-18 10:35am Garland, Affordable Healthcare

Nov 18, 2013|

Today on the Garland Robinette show: President Obama says the solution to Obamacare problems—wave a wand and postpone it a year. But, Mr. President – it’s the law! If you do that, you’re violating the law. Will Republicans and Democrats change that law? *And, how many Americans still have enough faith in Obamacare to apply? Or, are most concentrating on what they got? We discussed the health care perspective of the president’s statement with Sy Mukherjee, Healthcare reporter for American Progress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The debate over obamacare goes on and on. The president most of you know by now last week coach decided that he would delay the in -- side of it for a year. To be viewed some confusion. And technical problems. Them was getting a lot of publicity and where were looking at this today just trying to figure -- where we -- -- where this may go we have some have occurred you -- -- health care reporter. For American progress so I appreciate the cauldron. And let me read something from Associated Press. -- that -- a cursory discussion with -- all moves in the one. Who knows anything about the insurance provisions would have alerted the president to the fact that his proposal is unworkable. Insurance industry experts agreed the very idea of potential health policies. Can be renewed or extended for one year is laughable. -- -- what do you see when your reporting on this or or insurance companies. Giving you the indication or insurance commissioners and the different states giving you any indication this is doable. So -- there's a couple different things count on here on. You're absolutely right that at the end of the day what the president proposed on the is sort of its options for an insurance companies it would force them. Actually on extend these policies that -- and cancel. Now some of these insurance companies may choose to do they may think you know this could be a good business idea for us would like to expand these policies. Some different companies may think that it's easier. Just to go ahead and ultimately you know increase. The obamacare standards and you know -- plan that's compliance with the law. But at the end of the day this is up to state insurance regulators and several of them have already indicated that. They're not even going to accept this fixed for example I know that Washington State. And Arkansas that both said that they would be opting out of this on available option but some states such as California are saying that they well. So you know it's a little bit up in the air it depends on where war and it depends on what the insurance companies want to do. Dude did you -- Washington. Yes Washington State insurance commissioner sent them they would not be accepting the proposed fix from the Obama administration. -- a bit and and and you know when I'm when I hear that. That's suggest that he disagrees with the Brenda according to the Washington Post the governors of Connecticut Kentucky and Washington. Are happy with a portable. Kara. The area and had some technical glitches which are being improved in their quote news. They're Affordable Care Act has been successful owners -- is because our political community leaders. Reps the importance of expanding health care coverage and avoided the temptation to use Health Care Reform as a political football. -- and compute hearing that Washington says. There -- they're gonna pass on the delay do you think that is because they think it's working. Well here's here's I think what the ultimate reasoning behind that. I think what we got to keep in perspective here is even this -- I mean this is by nature to be temporary. And you know quite frankly this is meant to address a political or not not not policy crisis. The policy of the Affordable Care Act is to take. Every broken insurance market a market that's failed millions of people for decades. I mean we've heard the course stories about people not getting insurance because they are sick not you know having their rates. Skyrocket the minute they get sick. Not having coverage for things they might need to save their lives like prescription drugs hospital coverage these are the kinds of policies. That are being formed by the Affordable Care Act so when these states are saying that they are happy -- what they're seeing. I think what they're doing is they're taking the wall which is that ultimately at the end of these at the end of the day. A lot of these policies that are getting canceled should've never existed first they're not really insurance they don't really help -- if you. Actually gets sick and need medical care you're still applicable apple if you can't pay it that you like your costs are pretty much passed on to every other American. So these plans at the end of the day we'll eventually expired however the sticks I I think is largely consequent. Of people were opposed to this to be Affordable Care Act kind of using the you know these cancellations stories as a political football to smear the entire. -- about your portable. Character or obamacare. And the fact that live were present moment told the insurance companies. Hold off Libyans from canceling insurance. Policies that people already have the number concerned about losing. Doing have followed to better understand exactly what's going on. We have side -- do you -- this and sign is with. Healthcare reporter for American progress. So logical mindless bring him -- callers have been -- on keeping Brett appreciate it turning it around so long welcome to show. Pocket bank eagle and sure -- like amnesty guest -- confused on solve the cool actually controls. Who had control all the law itself. At this -- given the option. You opt in not opt out look at. So probably that was there six states that opted out including. All Louisiana. So can and the senate so -- senate is old rule. State if -- -- this senate Google from the different. Political Puerto. Bucket and -- and need to -- Apple's okay can copy at the democratic governor who optic Ian. But get to senate is quote totally game. Okay Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. Yeah Louisiana and now we've got a domino that -- how about that. But we got a senate that -- the change the law and get so that maybe he can not been cool actually is in control of the law. That was bought it includes. A -- -- that that is great questions so calm so here's here's how this works. So the law have to be implemented on a state by state level you know each state is responsible. For enforcing the law. However there are certain parts of the law where on the federal government -- this bill passed basically said okay. You can make. Your own insurance market. And when when the bill was first passed to be the assumption was that most states would choose to do. Part of the reason for that. Was. You know there was sort of an assumption that especially you know -- states that are. More interest in the happy state powers states' rights that they would say okay we won't have the federal government process. However the law also said that it be if you're a state. That does not choose to make its own on Obama care marketplace. Then the federal government. -- stepping in and Ron a marketplace on your. So that's how it's working in those states. That opted out as you said it's not that they are not subject to obamacare they still are it's just that the federal government for them. Is running in the marketplace. Instead of the state itself. But at the end of the day it's still going to -- this state that is actually in forcing the various traditions of Obama care. Question. Dollar -- should go unbeaten. Have you who interviewed talked with the -- -- all the record in the insurance company representatives. And do they say this is an easy thing to do or impossible to know what what you're hearing along the insurance. So I haven't personally spoken to any of them but you know I've heard some chatter from the industry I don't I don't think that the industry is is a big fan of this on. Some of them are saying that it would be difficult if not impossible. On to take a plan that -- that they already canceled. And to reinstate that plan. You know -- so you know that they're not very pleased about this at the same time I I think some important context to keep in mind here. Is that the insurance industry. Haven't been very honest with these cancellations -- but they've been sent out. -- for example a lot of these letters like on the on the map it says oh you have display. But now because of the Affordable Care Act. This plan it's gonna cost this much all of now that's a very selective. Pool of information that they're giving what they're saying is for that specific point. To -- Affordable Care Act. That's how much it would -- These these notices aren't saying that there is this entire marketplace. Where you can go you're not obligated to choose that same plane. Wanted becomes obamacare comply. You can go on that marketplace and see a range of insurance plans and you can get more from that and chances are on one that search. On one that is cheaper especially won't -- get the federal subsidies. So you know the insurance industry wasn't very honest when they were sending out these cancellation notices. And on I think that that's also part of the reason that they are very that they are not a big fan. Of what the administration proposed because another thing that the administration. Proposal would force them to do is send out a more. Explaining look. Yad like we're discontinuing the planned by. These are the benefits didn't have under the plan that you walk will will. Under an Obama care compliance plan. And these are the options you can look for in the marketplace. So. I don't have that direct quote in program but. -- compared -- -- room we took a break last week. A listen the president says something to -- -- back to. I should of known meaning him. -- -- with the bureaucracy of the federal government and it's past history in these -- -- where Asians. That they needed to be better prepared. What evidence do you see that the federal government what that this is good play and bad play and can carry out something this complicate. Well you'd -- I I think that one thing that's definitely been repealed. All over the course of especially how poorly the via the web site healthcare dot gov has been running. Is that the federal government has a big problem when it comes to IT procurement you know when -- top when it comes to like text technological projects. Especially aid complicated technological projects like the Obama care web site. On you know it it. This very difficult because of the various rules. That the federal government have to follow when it comes to you get contractors to build the stuff. -- -- You know maybe the best people for the job to do. So I appreciate the time very much show like to call you later date this subject to plug on the way anytime soon. Couldn't step it is not going to good talk and you have -- -- Thank you so much so that that was so -- clergy. Healthcare reporter for American progress through Thomas Miller. With enterprise institute percent to try to give -- the conservative side in the liberal side of Obama care. Coming up next noble talk about the next snow will we'll talk about the political ramifications. Of this in both actions. Governor Abdel -- seventy area moral 53 --