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11-18 11:10am Garland, ObamaCARE...

Nov 18, 2013|

Today on the Garland Robinette show: President Obama says the solution to Obamacare problems—wave a wand and postpone it a year. But, Mr. President – it’s the law! If you do that, you’re violating the law. Will Republicans and Democrats change that law? *And, how many Americans still have enough faith in Obamacare to apply? Or, are most concentrating on what they got? We discussed the health care perspective of the president’s statement with Ron Faucheaux, Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- within our own prone to understand. What is the status of Obama care -- the future of obamacare. If you who have put them as well as food the president came mountains that look put a lot of problems with the ball accurate that point in time. Who's asking the insurance industry to agreed to renewal rates to end. The policies. That they would cancel it and and generated so much media and worldwide. Asked him through extended. For a year renewed every year. So events this or will take a look at the political side to see what's happening -- this and that there issues. Ron portion once again -- and it's our political analyst and Washington DC president. The colors research group run telecommute Guillen appreciated. -- this accord promises to -- -- personal read discussion almost in England who knows anything about the insurance business. Would have alerted the president to the fact that his proposal is and workable. Insurance industry experts agree that the very idea of the canceled -- policies. And be renewed or extended for one year is laughable. All of insurance commissioner I don't have those records and problem. But I think it's a disease concerned about whether or not this is -- regardless whether it's. Good idea. Of the remaining question is doable. I'm looking at Huffington Post right now on the lead headline says. Health care -- take -- on Obama's credibility. What's his situation. With this current situation. Why they did the whole health care issue. Has been a difficult one from President Obama. From the very beginning. And it probably most Americans were. Focused on the economy and shops. Outback and -- in the island in 2010. He he would focus on healthcare war and it caused a lot of problems for him -- the democratic or they. And as a result that they lost a tremendous amount of outreach. Aaron Simpson actually -- governorships in the 28 an election so close so pulpit -- pretty well there but then going back. -- -- -- -- -- Of course President Obama had to water all the defense is the Volcker proposal was reelected to that gave that some of -- new momentum and build new political standing but I think what we can change. In the in the last triple weak tree has been. -- perfect storm. Well well well political problems. That call model double double fault or slept. It really be called the -- because it is -- important competence. It is tax is credibility or the -- And in and one president. I have to deal with that. Like it and pushed it for a couple Katrina. And Lyndon Johnson has to deal with that the war in Vietnam. It. It makes it that much more difficult because. Today or -- leave it up. Policy position that people. But their own credibility. Talking about the issue is covered but many Americans. We're thinking about the the political fallout and what happens now complete obamacare. And a number of other things when it comes to problems facing the federal government and the country. Ron quote shoot where the political analyst president of the clearance from search group Ron. What could be quote from associate of precedent. Democrats could soon conclude that blaming Republicans for depriving forty million Americans have health care. Is better than having a 114. Million American households. Furious that your meddling -- their healthcare insurance. And ridiculing there hallmark accomplishment. There is a chance obamacare could be -- people in the bipartisan vote that was opinion please. And and Associated Press today what are your thoughts in a chance of this being repealed. I don't think Obama care can be repealed as -- Obama as part of it because ultimately -- -- the ability -- true. The appeal. I also don't think there's and the support among Democrats to repeal obamacare I think. What you flying is that some Democrats want obamacare or stay the way it is and don't give it a chance to work and other Democrats will. Well what affectionate. And wardrobe make revisions to the law as we actually. In the last week or so -- They have but I don't think it's like that that you Tennessee Democrats. In any significant numbers. Some supporting the repeal obamacare. If the Republicans just don't have the ability to do that right now public. Control of the house that already passed the repeal obamacare. I think what forty Fort Collins. But it never gets anywhere in the senate he should get that. The president would veto -- Do you see the Democrats are beginning to battle each other's opinion of some -- and one changes and others. Organization whose given the chance to -- it is. God I think you can actually more happening. Assuming that the situation. Continues the way triggered or gets worse as it could very well could be end. You know I think -- actually Democrat. Separate themselves from President Bush to the extent that around for President Obama to stand. -- -- -- And and baker come to -- Sort of get the best of both oral toward him before. Healthcare reform and the benefits on the other hand take -- position. Retriever. But you know of more competent. Mechanism could do it your computer smoother more war. Can politicians like as soon to Maryland group. Who is back to obamacare and now -- started to have to make some adjustments for -- go back -- And very rich state can she survive politically Euro would be. Car wreck that obamacare has become at least so far. Well it certainly will be -- eight issue in the campaign probably the biggest issue. In that campaign as a as a will be at the end closer race circle around the country predictably it. You know -- the other states like go Arkansas for a triple in North Carolina. Not for the great Michael and Scott. -- -- it's -- you know for democratic incumbent in states that who voted for Republicans. In in the last presidential elections particularly. Alaska Louisiana Arkansas. Where Republicans won one of interest rates they tortured and entry to beat them bowl issue and and so we're gonna give -- toll -- oh please note that. A year ago between you know the now in the next election and there's a lot that could happen and they're connected to their feet away -- actually here. I -- I've caught bits and pieces of the president's. Live news conference. -- Rica announcing the -- -- Questioning that the insurance companies -- per year can actually. Canceling projects. And the part. I call it he basically said. He's the president should've known. From past history -- the bureaucracy. Of the federal government. Would have a very difficult time putting this same kind of thing together and he should be given it. More time and and and work harder. To get it done two questions. If if he knew that ahead of time what is it politically would then don't go okay. Everybody knows from the federal government does anything when -- beat clean up after BP could truly you know or build health care system. There's always a lot of waste a lot of trouble and why don't they ever get out ahead of you with -- thing. They would have the best experts in the world. Doing crisis. Predictions -- know what could happen and how to -- -- report. Garland that's an excellent point and in for the life of me I don't understand life. That article three would not bode -- for the Health Care Reform which will -- And made it clear the administration or time to look at there -- a lot of money available. I'll have to spend on technology. Infrastructure. Bill risk. And attitudes. Interest dispelled that that these types -- they wore adult. And and you know we feed this over and over real world again and government. And it's one of the reasons why people are increasingly skeptical of letting go problem -- -- big operation for. On a look at the governor's today and he is in world was Washington Post. Kentucky. Connecticut Washington. They came out and said it we've had some technical glitches and and -- obamacare. We're still working on it and improving and but it's a good plan and worse that can whether we're not even go and request the insurance companies delay what they're we're gonna do because we think. By canceling insurance and offering assurances can end up. Cheaper and better in the long run we're gonna stay the course. You see or are these are -- these three states and UC. And we kind of backing that they're just -- stay the courts there. Well I think -- situation and in the number of states particularly -- democratic governors. Who have supported. Obama care who -- war. What the next state to La route to do with what they could do forget about it. And they feel like it's been in their State's interest in their own political interest to stay with. And and and not a move all over because now they're. They're sort of committed to them and they want to forget about it best they can -- And and one of the things they're doing making these kind of statements -- that they're there and that sort of -- -- distinction in their their. Making totally. It's being called their -- is fueling it and the federal government do it true that this state is doing it better than -- local. What do you see coming up in the futures sequestration. On debts dealing what what the hurtled were pacing near term. Well there's there's an awful lot of that -- -- well congress and has this nation right now herb -- troops actually could. It looks like for the most portrait sequestration. Is live there it'll continue to be with that doesn't mean. If it can't be calm until -- altered so while it but I think for the both sport. The ball so well the record straight putts. We exceed Wall Street with. In terms of debt -- being just like in the out there wouldn't be political oppositional racing -- but I think ultimately will be -- And the question is what that the opponent -- that they're feeling a truck from the government -- -- will be quite written on. -- and pretty major wanna vote against Pittman and let it happen. And in permanently actual market. I think it's weird experience and and eventually he says. Federal deficit is small but it was a couple of years ago it looked at -- A portable heaters though so one of coral between -- tax increases in in the improvement -- calmly and certain Clijsters. And because of the cook like sequestration. In airfare cooperate affect all of -- lower the deficit by. But one thing we talked about on the program many alliances is there at the long term plan and the that the nation doesn't have a long term. Fiscal plan that the proposal on term economic plan. And it has no consensus in congress -- order though so so we're gonna continue to treat for at least the next 23 years and what. You know going from crisis to crisis and peace real solutions. Without any any speak. Old orchard. Approach to -- to get a -- It live I've I've its release I amble through the median Eads. Sequestration. And debt ceiling debates. Knowing that than none of which really get rectified and none of it. News. And reaches any kind of conclusion but every time it comes along we -- -- my goodness. But you shut the government it's going to be horrible we've been we're gonna have all the things going. That they never can do that then -- we could kick the can end on the road as long as they can't do anymore. When it comes obamacare -- saying many of our experts have said the same. It really can't be repeal might get fine tuned in and adjusted but can be repealed. This is a danger of people just get Condo. Knowing to the whole thing they hear the same thing too many times. People stop voting stopped getting getting in ball do you see any indications of that in your Poland. You know I think the long vote voters are increasingly getting -- to -- to the whole process if they feel like it. It it's all means and nowhere. There that that people arguing that they are playing politics. That there there is no end -- that there. Directly relates to to protect the country's interest. And I think more -- more voters like that that includes democratic and Republican voters in encircling independent voters and and there are -- increasingly frustrated. But the thing we don't know political analyst what are voters right now. Oh well hopefully do it the next presidential election will preview of the upcoming congressional election. We'll be scared all the incumbents who would be against incumbent sugar one quarter. And got -- it's still pure political will be. -- report. But the truly a true point voters or polling director or protest the vote where they go. Complicated issues always and -- a little bit better -- talk with you appreciate his time as always Ron -- should you have a good day. Political analyst president of Baylor play hours from search group -- -- analyst and Washington DC comfortably next. We'll talk to a doctor Robert Hogan and professor of political science -- ocean. You've got comments you've got questions Gibbs call 260172. -- -- 866 -- 90. Stuff.