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11-18 1:10pm Angela, Crime Scene

Nov 18, 2013|

Crime Scene…we focused on Plaquemines Parish with Sheriff Lonnie Greco.

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Happy Monday and it is -- happening in Monday yes we have some gray skies but look what we have last night unbelievable. Game makes us happy. We have a great day ahead as well we're gonna start with a very special man from plaque and parish. And after the next hour we're going to do two hours on Obama care. And we're gonna look at the recovery and at the affordability act and with two insurance experts and we'll have all the questions you need answers. So hope we stay tuned but we're gonna begin RJ right. Lonnie Greco spent almost 25 years in the plaque and it's parish sheriff's office starting as a corrections officer in 1986. By 1998. The American Legion named him the national law enforcement officer of the year. A terrific career by any standards. But -- -- biggest challenge may have been when he got out of law enforcement. And became the plot -- parish director of operations. Before during and after Katrina. It was all that experience both inside and outside law enforcement. That he brought to the sheriff's office when he was elected chair and took office in July of last year. Share -- Greco senior is our guest today to update us on some very interesting things that have happened in plaque -- perished in the last year and a half. And the thing -- always have to ask first are you still having fun. I am it's it's they're very rewarding job to begin -- and like I said my whole. Against focuses public safety and (%expletive) keep Stanley safe properties say if that means you make you communities safe and they made them have been long -- it happened. I guess I'm -- You you had a horrific. As so many people did situation in plaque went after Katrina during an after Katrina. Listening and some might think well you know what I've I've got a lot in my life who had been in the sheriff's departments along. And I've you know help them to operations get back on our feet. Unknown laid back but instead you've run for office which is huge news and I'm just wondering what that thought process ones. Well you know stuff from -- years ago. Once I got a house in 1981 my goal was to go and work for the -- terminal college international marine terminals which is just south of plaque Clinton's mean such issues as a matter of growth. And that's -- emergence from you know the post -- area. And now as a -- continue working there. Had few my friends that I graduated would there was actuary for the sheriff's department and I come down talk with -- on aside now and ending. This is a very rewarding job but it doesn't pay Colleen thing. And now like. I'm not ready for something like that right now so I continued to work with the -- terminal -- about 78 years and in on. When -- elected to go ahead and move on. I did go and apply for the -- parish sheriff's office. And 1987. It took me almost nine months to get the job -- -- -- town that was sheriff. And -- finally got there started as a correctional officer on the need him down and point my passion neo -- And down and as a time I was working in zero agreement. A criminal code book and -- -- maturing codes which. Especially lawful as noses in it we mean by that. And and I got transferred to to patrol division. Any kind of I guess I was shocked and and in one way and they compared to now that was that. I just underwent how we get assigned to patrol that I would actually work with room and call -- future officer. And we teach in a rose about six months and critique me on you know conduct my business about doing it right or not. And that wasn't the case and I got home to more like a sudden oh my god that's. I know -- -- -- may bear now as is not nothing to say nothing bad about the sheriff candidates damages those as we towns where. And so it. As I'm working on my patrols like this them. Start to see how things are developing and Wendy has said to myself you know one day out I would love to be share apartment. Because. Even though I'm kind of young to tell us photos when he found resume. I noted I can put things in different perspective. And as I worked throughout the years lay dead in in share for -- -- -- Defeated by -- pain go and continue my service there with him. And down and Percy was going very well for his first four years. The danger is got 2.2 -- -- must have here we go again you know. Politics as usual and I dispute in my heart that is no -- for politics when you deal with people's lives and property. And so. I'm native born two months of I am not -- play politics and counsel law enforcement is no room floors and it's really no room for. Your patrol officers that worked the streets day in and day out night Monday people and allows online and then when they go to conduct their business. Well they might have fooled with the wrong guy because he's politically connected and I'm like kind plane is so when I came in -- too much as look. The handcuffs are off I want you to do you jobs due to Tbilisi abilities professionally courteous. And so far you know I just think there's some of them. Kind of like don't really understand where I'm wrong with that so it's gonna take me a little while to change what was down the list when he years. And and it's gusting about maybe almost a whole term to get -- where I really want that. To have two innocents trust. While they have they have -- trust factor but you have to adjust you know again I guess in of them I've made by sheriff -- and I don't want to. The thing is I always made my comments is he has his. And I have mine. Their style was somewhat accountability for things that need to be done I'm trying to hold it accountable for all things that are being done. And now when we got there until people and I was running for office that I'm gonna have everything transparent. And we are doing everything transparent as we can. You know I'm gonna make everybody happy -- You guys you know maybe sound that. Especially groups that one assay I'm look at discuss interest for me and is that about me. It's about the community. It's about my department I got emaciated these guys have the tools to do their jobs. I got emaciated you have the skills to complete we need to get done. And I've told the members of my department. My job -- service and make sure -- said to have the success. Dave is not an object. When you go to knock on the door of the complainant how animation today complaining is is going completely indicted professionally. -- it when you walk away that these people understand what we have accomplished here. Will then have some challenges absolutely. But people who are so used to everything given to. And we did they really in this thing now is that once I took office the microscope is on mini van. We had 22 newly elected sheriffs this past year last year when election -- on and down. Ranged US attorney general and that's how we is spoke and he told me point blank. The microscope is on. Because of what took place in your parish. And people just don't realize that and where am I when I'm -- explain years. For instance commissions. When I got an acting in office. 517. Commission's -- actually issued out throughout the United States. And I'm I'm bound by him listen to my -- the attorney. Who advised us you do not give out. These commissions. It's a liability issue. And. And it commission just that somebody doesn't know is. You commissioned me to be. A definite -- correct and I -- and I imagine you look at you know identification card is that your picture on and it says deputy sheriff. But a lot of you would think that I must begin now I can because this is that something like team. This is something as very dear to every police officer has to go through not only did do were trained and again -- go through but you know they. I guess you saying when you go to apply for a job. We have extensive. Background check to really go through multiple of two tested you have to take to be wouldn't even be considered to have him coming in employment and -- parish sheriff's office. And now. When you get people who wanna say and you between a thousand dollars on a 5000 house for a commission -- gonna happen. And now what is the benefit of getting commission. Well for so people it's. You have a ticket a license. In and in -- and -- all of them like they're not now. But you you do have some that are abused and and it's a crash and because what happens is a liability falls back on me as a sheriff's office in his something is dying could -- Then here Graham -- -- and the bag in my hand in house on losses pendant on main positive in Bagram and -- and I can't afford it. Our special guest today is sheriff Lonny Greco of plaque -- Paris and he's been talking about. Really since taking office in the last year and a half -- -- a culture change. That for twenty years or so if you can run one way and now you're trying to right the ship. And that's both within. Your department and with the public to let them know that it's sort of a new day I hate to say this new sheriff in town but there isn't and share content. Yes -- and the thing is. There's just think of some things that I -- day in day out is blocked -- A new initiative -- -- speculative and Mahinmi received it very well. And and now like -- citizen ownership and I'm. One lone team to this year from the sheriff's department into -- community. And the thing is you guys some people who -- really just don't know stain would it really means. And if I can have long -- -- my department in -- to me but didn't staff of people ago. And an -- it is day in and day out. -- department that works well together functions well together and the thing is that law enforcement we're such a unique family. Only law enforcement and people like to fire department now -- and EMS will understand what I'm talking about and just like you military. When we go -- dared to to take an affront whatever that is and we got to take care of code trial is on whatever August on a patrol. You know that person as you have as your partner. Is your partner. -- you gonna go through hell and back with him no matter what you have to depend on him putting your life and his means. And him put his life in your and so it's. It's a giving go in touch and go for everything in Indy these guys just got on the same -- you -- to be -- not -- -- immediately -- each -- And -- I keep trying to push us in a full front. The talent that you know look when -- o'clock here we work in the -- China. Create division and -- doesn't do as well which CNET and this is due to job that you -- hard to do and -- take care you communities. Take area your partners. And and when I try to also instill in them as. What was done before was money isn't spent just respect. I'm I don't have a guy I try to be very frugal my morning. I know we took office that was my next thing you inherited. Gets mad financial situation -- we inherited a financial wreck and I mean when I got in office July I want and within thirty days and we had a little more six point I mean now. Against anticipated revenue. But the interim sheriff at a time was -- for France. Very nice guy. In north along and he -- mean December. To come in and start going from department department to start looking to see what I have by the time my takeovers of rappers I have a better understanding of the workings of the bar. And I think there was a good thing and I commend him for doing net because they had many people tell them don't do it. But. That Mike is is Mike is Mike to begin with he's straight guys. Are honorable and somebody who is. This is willing to help anybody. And now he's one of my deputy seasons is on east bank a -- and -- down. No matter where you go I -- as you say when I was campaign. Okay in the first question is -- you O -- -- you going to be sheriff and you Lama -- would be into it might mean it just goes to show you how much -- -- really care for his guys so. You know a communion for -- community oriented police officer and that's what I'm trying to drive it in knowing. We knew that person that you can go over to and you see a neighbor or stranger and you going to give them them haven't asked Mike. You make a phone call Mike is common OK with that idea Tammany. And so it. If you hadn't done that would you have been aware that there was a six point five billion dollar shortfall. How wouldn't have been nowhere but she would have gone into office and bam all of -- manually user interface. But. What have you done took to fix Soledad you know when I got in there in January -- article it's a downward Monica and coaches who is the chief financial officer and now. And now we started talking with them some numbers and I sort of seeing a lot of things that I didn't like as far as his. Wasteful spending insane and down within three months time went through and now I mean you can see here where I have given you. For this program. Lot of things that we a cart and three -- have mean now as the current three month. And so by doing that really. Give me a chance to survive on an honest backs out of Meehan and the second six months of the year. So evidently we can make it through and as would you talk right here in -- right. Fuel cost. When I got an office there was 97000 dollars a month we reduce -- about almost 57000. And his -- Changing. Certain patterns and the way we operate our vehicles. We've got a 40% savings from July 2012 which reduced to about 111000 -- -- -- And we can't add it had and new lady who -- hired for my -- an apartment. And is now belong. She was with the power for thirty years as a civilized for purchases so she understands the -- very well. And I told us that I want to continue. To find ways it's not a give us some savings. And she recently had contact with few man. Reduce and another 15% which kind of a 44000 life. And receiving have a 154 month approximately. Just on fuel and then Sergio your cell phone cut by 59 cents 3000 dollars per month if I mean people fable 3000 -- but 3000. Plus 151000 you're saving on fuel plus all of a sudden. If the -- those are larger numbers. Elated as. As you can see here right below that we had and computer related savings. We cut analyses that found down on the budget by their budgets Maine and so programs and eliminating outdated programs that we have from prior. And we had systems and a place that he wasn't using his capacity. And we was getting ready do win one of computers cause building which actually you -- -- put all -- reports in there and you find out all the information about certain people -- -- you and I think his. It wasn't done to its capacity Hamlet -- we -- we almost eliminated and winning and actually guys came in. Explain to us everything that was they can be -- distinct in his capabilities. I'm like are you joking almost eliminated this thing. And to know now where it has the capabilities of doing and so now. Phnom you can see how did at 65000 right 2000 evidently saved was was phenomenally today it by itself would be your consultant for -- reduced to 90%. Yes ma'am that was consulting firm out of Washington DC there was -- 151000 dollars a month. Winning to a to see what we've been didn't back -- grants and that Tommy was his dormant so why would I keep paying 151000000 -- and that equivalent to about a 180000000 years I just got -- vote. And until I can see where. It's feasible again now seeing them go -- -- -- that. Maybe we can do it ourselves. Travel experience we reduced 80% to. Then equal to about 250000. Dollars a year. Right now I'm I'm I'm down to about. Maybe 45000 -- the U. Aircraft maintenance reduce that 80%. Ackerman sheriff Lonny Greco is our guest today and he's been talking about a six and a half million dollar that he inherited day one. And has now totally paid them off and this year you have surplus. Says volume team. Well -- initially -- it is clear. When I took over July 1 -- gave me a zero balance but I only had enough money around for thirty days. And I had to go bar six Arafat meaningful icing ultrasound device commission. And and when I may get through and have been on a cut a -- as far as wasteful spending. It's saving their backside I didn't have to draw down and Arnett and we anticipated revenue alone till November 1 and we had hurricane -- Which cost -- one point four million and ahead two to three spills. The -- eyes and we only on drew down 2.5 million from the six point five. And was paid in full by February 15. And that's fantastic that's what -- taxpayers need to hear that that there's a responsibility. -- -- -- looking at it and -- this is what this is how we're gonna run this department and it's not gonna cost to taxpayers anymore. Right well the thing is it's a psychiatrist just -- you -- -- -- tower bombings. I tried to give them all the information possible. But I know people very busy and I mean can we show -- town on me that I wanna get the information out to. The sheriff's department is bits and just like your -- so you only got so much money and operate in Winamp when he's going it's going you know with the next -- -- So we try to be -- from the -- and the thing is when he gets people out there who. Don't. Completely and the stain do we sheriff's office is made up on -- operates. An -- -- -- transparent they wanna know something about finances go to the finance department will be morning glad I do is I fear for -- information act. We'll go ahead and take care from there and give you information. But. When people go out there and changes create. -- -- -- Would people realize what a share -- with any law enforcement agency in the and it district attorney's office or even with the judges. We deal in facts. That's how we do our job. Weekly -- we going get less difference is a case -- single arrest you and allegations are generational facts. Then we bring to the district attorney -- and he's gonna go in screening and these are prosecuted accordingly. But when you get anybody who wants to create things -- they -- allegedly are. I think so or may be. Look this is really creates a lot of division for a lot of people and -- not as much as I was any shares solace or any government body and the thing is if people would just stick. When you've got a problem but he got a question call and ask will be -- went -- -- Sometimes you right now -- in here and but the thing is I'm gonna be very direct which you you might not like it but I'm mentality and very professional way. When we come back I wanna hear what -- -- what's happening on the crime scene and -- and everybody battles something. And plaque -- probably doesn't have the crime that our little wonderful urban area does but you still fight the fight we have a caller I'm Mike. Good afternoon here -- the -- I got two quick questions first question. You want your approach -- implement -- yes I am. Second question. Law abiding citizens we beat -- top class street they're separate Kia. And I -- that they did an advisement now well it's it's been debated question. It pales in. Our rights and -- That approach Second Amendment should have no problem. And Poland and let me explains -- the first of if you ask me -- take guns from people I'm mad donut. -- that's now up my. Mind plastering. As like -- assault weapons. And it's -- gonna go really -- a case by case you can't just tell me are you expect me Nancy -- questioned the CNET I'm gonna take our guns away is going to be a case by case faced person. I'm -- -- -- -- or that the pilots that are which requires Laporte mister K. Now you go in the federal regulations. Noted that federally I am qualified to have it that far better regulation. The application need to hear hear -- Do a background check going first and that's our problem I mean he did it if -- know. What you sign up plant tree forms. When I look at the background myself we don't have that the -- has got to go -- a case by case okay thank you Mike so much for the call. Appreciate that very much wanted to ask you about let's talk about the crimes to your apartment. One you had one murder this year or last year -- last year. We were able to catch that suspect if there break it. What is the biggest problem is drugs. Judges a day is probably got a plan as passionate draws everything it drugs for downs Berger is -- -- because they got to buy or steal things to get dead drug. The only -- I think. And meth labs we have methods. We shut down for. Home in the last year so we also close -- seven houses that would participated with the drugs. We. In a very short time there has been near between patrols in narcotics and like 600 probably 631. No six I -- narcotics -- has combined between patrolling narcotics. Eleven search warrants and like this that we shut down -- -- which was four and seven homes. Once you shut those down has that sort of diminish or they just pop up someplace else they'll probably some residents who. And the thing is I guess I get very frustrated when it is. When you look at leg around ups that we -- Is the -- It just keeps coming back alone we keep couldn't do the same people back in jail is like a revolving door. Being on you citizens someone should get a get upset because we arrest and then before you know -- back on the street again. Well in this business philosophy that's out there right now and -- says what you know at the -- not the answer for. You know they gotta get there help. Well other programs is going on right knowing company that did everything my turnarounds the same ones we arrested. It's sad when when society itself here we are which I take care law abiding citizens. And you turnaround and we living amongst our criminals it's costly new ones that over and over and over again announced that must know when is enough enough. It was up to Maine put in jail -- serve their time. Stop all this those suspension and I sit down with that with the judges and saying you know let's ruling. -- thing is -- they're bound by the end and the legislature on as far as how they infineon and laws you know when the laws are written as we got about -- -- But sometimes you know uses -- and Nelson off. Look. People don't realize that. When you kids in trouble are could be -- -- can be a wife whatever. You don't look yet you live up to you know the expectation you you commit a crime do you attack. Aid if you you can -- -- -- -- I mean and it's it's -- to say that way off for some people think well yes he's if you just say it many easy to do it well. Look see things counseling when it went. I guess you can say live up to. Like for instance it's this last americanized both. When we -- today and you look at these guys and they. Give three kids that was in. School uniforms. -- seven narcotics. Ask yourself this why question. How much money is enough. To restored a kid backed away in -- via. We're doing so much -- with -- to try to educate our children. And mogul is now to repair them I mean dep prevent them from going to go bad issues is that a repair them. One ounce of prevention. And -- a lot of Joseph Klein and success if you do have a bunch of pro -- -- and we find success in all kinds of ways they have it. You still gonna have. The ones they gonna -- if -- hit a peer pressure. You know. They gonna push him to do certain things that they don't wanna do and it's not dead. You know I try to be cool with their friends. But sometimes we do is go live the truth and now. You've got some people listen my kidnap my kid. Pay attention. Are rather prepare your child now you have to repair later. And I'm always been more core -- it's not that I'm trying to be of me today it's now my guys the confidence out. But I want to prevent you from going to have problems that I have seen people go to for using means years. You work all your life. To work for a a retirement. And I guarantee you'll lose every talent of Dachau is in the drugs. People don't realize it but you will. It'll cost you not only your morning but it's gonna -- in your heart and so and is gonna -- it three times over as a parent. It's easy if you just sit there. And say my kid the -- he's in jail he adapts but when you at home and that phone rings and you don't know prison warden. While Webb is the person America Gresham facility went to sing it charges IQ how do you replace that. You don't. Very fortunate to have sheriff -- Greco apartment perished. Giving us a major update on what's been going on apartments since he took office about a year and a half ago and clearly it is a sea change. And yet you are sort of riding the bumps as well but I think I'm -- that you have confidence that within time. The public and those internally will understand what you want to achieve. Yeah I sure hope so I just know it's going to be like run the seven -- -- few years but. Well we trying to do right now throughout Korea reaches and better educate our children because I think that if we can -- the the -- with them. You know all runs and help them prevent them from turning to crime. A lot of these young kids are realizes that as a coming up an analyst and years they still do not know -- when -- do in life for career. But what happens as the mistakes that they may need a -- young age is gonna cost him later on for their past for their future and have seen a lot of kids. You know just recently who has cost -- Korea's. Oh when Allison Joseph lawless zone I was very fortunate every kid that would get in trouble -- -- -- and put him in a call with -- talked on. And that one today. Back Muppet show days. Are having problems they are very I could save beneficial to society they. Successful business men and women and marriage and husbands and wives and kids. And so it is. It's a plus of them stand from a lot about me it's about them it's always they wanna make it today. While I can't thank you enough for taking time to be here today and funky chicken on. See how things are going but I am very very much sheriff Lonny Greco and I hope you'll stay with this -- again going to have two hours. On the Affordable Care Act insurance I hope you stay with its.