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11-18 3:10pm Angela, Affordable Healthcare

Nov 18, 2013|

: Could President Obama’s “fix” put a bigger break in the foundation of Obamacare? How will it impact the insurance industry…people whose insurance was dropped…and those of us insured through large companies? The reaction from insurers and lawmakers hasn’t been good. Some are concerned about the potential impact on the overall stability of our health insurance market. Are you? Angela was joined by Patrick Taylor, president of Benefit Planning Group; Gabe Janusa, President of Demand Insurance & Benefits.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are starting our second hour talking about the Affordable Care Act which obviously we cannot talk enough about because there's still so many questions. Not lucky for us we have two great experts Patrick Taylor president of benefit planning group. And game -- -- president demand insurance and benefits that would excuse me. Gentlemen I can't thank you enough and in thirty minutes were going to be joined by Jim O'Donnell and who was our insurance commissioner. Were getting a lot of calls so let's get to them first and how about Angelo. Good afternoon appreciate it -- -- I read recently. If you're an employer less than fifty or. In all our help here view -- here's some additional benefit trivia Affordable Care Act is that court. And it that and that the benefit that you get actually increases. That sure employees that you. I think what you're talking about is that if you were to buy insurance in the shop exchange. Take -- same article regret that -- you have a lot -- forty. Not offer any type of health care benefits to -- and one of the employees. Is eligible for subsidies. Bet you order that take that up but he now. Car is not correct what what would be orders. Small order. Arm and I don't have. The ability to offer -- player what is Eddie Eddie all orders plumber electrician. There there are no mandate whatsoever if you have less than fifty full time equivalent employees it sounds like you do you're not required to do anything. Okay Angela thank you for calling. Let's go to fail film. Yes good afternoon district giving information my wife was from I'm unemployed she got called for a -- on cobra. We eventually went to de Louisiana for a glass -- insurance possible. She's such been canceled collapse. Effective the end of the year we're trying to get Obama care we've got everything possible on the web site. We're basically non responsive from the web site it's been over two weeks they tell us within five days to get back to -- about five days keeps expanding. Basically cool running out of options at the end of the year we want to have insurance but it just does things possible. Felt the suspect Taylor -- couple quick questions. You know where your income lies as far as the federal poverty level below what you're below the federal poverty. Then if you can afford to buy the insurance don't worry about going out on the exchange. Go directly to the insurance company through a broker like myself forgave. We can -- help -- complete the paperwork which takes about fifteen minutes if not that. And you can obtain coverage as of 1114. But I don't have any benefit. From being below the poverty levels and I have to pay. Shall we say the full -- correct that's correct which is extremely high. Yes there. What will still be extremely high if now that one of the benefits of obamacare of course is that if you do have the pre existing condition you can. Get insurance sure. It your your pre existing conditions are going to be fully covered you're just going to pay the full freight of the policy right. So maybe maybe we you know we look at a bronze level plan. Which in the metallic plants just -- in with its bronze that just means that it's going to via a higher deductible with a lower co insurance. Maybe a car out of pocket around exposure. Then a gold or platinum plan. But it's certainly much better than I will tell you all the planes that I've seen so far better than the guarantee -- state Louisiana. And the rates are probably better as well. So appealing if for some hard numbers you can contact us directly if you not politically subsidies just call us directly we can give it is hard numbers for any of the metallic -- you want sold off the change. But but obviously if I qualify for a subsidy the plan would be shall pay half price. Well not what the tens of that your income is the -- one of -- -- price of not but again it all depends on your income. But my income six while -- -- basically nonexistent or elderly. If it's nonexistent then chances are you're not going to get any type of subsidy I hate to say that that. Like yeah honestly seems like -- -- third low income. Isn't this who were trying to help. You know what we need is some hard numbers releasing low income the low income -- made the higher income for somebody else so 4000 dollars a year 4000 a year and a household of two that you were gonna be below the poverty level for -- so until he slipped into the crap that's exactly well you know he might want I don't know where that falls on the Medicaid level in equality for Medicaid. The kid doesn't exist in Louisiana. OK well then. That is curious. You know the people -- one chance coverage then -- -- -- -- I wish we had better news for you but I do appreciate you calling Phil thank you felt let this go to. Charleston Baton Rouge. A bit of background -- social worker social worker -- social worker forty years. I and my basic question is wide. And the -- -- -- have to be forced by law to subsidize. Anyone else policy. For me it's a personal responsibility it appears more on insurance all my life. For me the system is broken. And you know we have more more socialist government here so I'll hang up and listen to -- -- our program. William bottom line is we don't make up the rules that you share the rules that we play and yeah so we can really. Charlie well I'll answer your question -- the same predicament so -- is gave financial and everybody else we're all subsidizing. Keep in and everybody's health insurance are those that are being subsidized I should say. We're independent agents we didn't have anything to do with obamacare it's been shut down our throats or second as everybody else. Where our job is just. What were your thoughts remain about you know what could but this. Policy forcing us -- subsidized. But we got it -- picnic and 4000 year what you that they put up their insurance. Angeles praying that I don't -- congress probably not there's not enough time and today for media react to that for you but I just gonna tell -- probably feel the same way you do things. Her -- call. How about Janice. -- out yet yes. I and I. You are out act out. So I will be -- in the and -- just. Change it at year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean. It will be. They -- be. Out. How old -- you and I hit it pretty and I spoke on. Mean you're going to -- -- good -- subsidy but a 121 bucks a month for us over a plan that's what it image issue filing as a single. Person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. What they'll. I. Not a gold silver rounds and that there platinum -- Then there's. I. Don't buy what. They get it -- -- I -- out it -- a web site where you can go and you know I don't think -- at -- -- -- extinct there. You can visit my website demand benefits dot com I have a tool that. The cream but this is compare rates and plans. We you can get there is the actual number for any kind of metallic plan and the name of the plan that you would not see the benefits since it was their plan. -- Now you'll see the name of the plan but -- that's -- we kind of from down -- ports that's the price wise and then we have. Ancillary materials that we can share with you to -- it is details. Thank you so much Janice. Let's go to what Justin Vincent. -- -- First time I did tell industry and I wanted to make a little little little statement first and that is how old are bitter end. Just. Shellfish can someone. It works for re election or. Like your caller. It's like I have no children -- that -- property -- their schools. -- like that's such a horrible horrible. Mindset. And the thing that our politicians -- that would politicians not want someone like me employed. Be able to get four wild -- I don't understand. Pitched cold and healing people out and it made my statement. -- question is what we want them to extort users just see. What a bit while. Well there actually is an alignment number he'll look on your text from the final on the spot on the first page settlement that line initials year adjusted gross income stand. Others say you have a chemically the -- of IRS kind of how we can manually -- would you modified adjusted gross income is from that point and once you have that figure and you really -- your way -- tax credits if you. Our independent insurance -- can you can help with a plan to yes. Guarantees. You might get your phone number. Here that they need to go shopping but you need it yourself an agent I don't have little creature stage so. -- give us a call 504390060. There are dying in here that are simply -- thank you -- my Jankovic here or. You are doll thank you very much for calling let's go to what Jeff in this city. I just talk to Jeff Tom and the plot. Hello there I'm term -- and -- just wanted to to state that. I'm a personable is -- From this program himself all of them single father. My son had been covered world and number of years. Because it is rather. It didn't bother qualify for Medicaid. And is being covered by Medicaid in don't qualify up for anything with Medicaid. One of the saying that it definitely and it is that you're as an individual that I didn't want them have health insurance. If you as an individual. Have health insurance -- -- than -- perhaps five that your child certainly understand that shift the quality. But what I perceive the quality of what was available only on the individual market and the lack of ability. Certainty that that a that it was gonna you know -- -- get from one year to the next or. The preexisting conditions except for a it. It made me very nervous about particular muscle -- an awful lot believe Wednesday -- solid deal with with Medicaid that no matter what happened to him. That it would always be protected now that it's did not want to be -- law. And I didn't fall within the range because -- you may remember me ask you some weeks ago. And you can tell me I'm still waiting on the information that the nationalist. Patrick Taylor gave -- our special guest talking about the affordable health care plan. We're sitting here what have we learned I think what I've really learned is that people still are very overwhelmed. Still many many questions. And I've really learned about for the independent business person's self employed business person there's a great upside. And they clearly were hearing from some people that this new Obama plan is going to be beneficial to them. So you have to look at it as you said -- this is an educational process and you got to know the math incident. That's it. But it's a lot of at all about the man it's all about the math and as you say -- has no politics let's go to Robert in -- -- -- -- A couple you know I mean. -- would like to get hot and dusty you know. This just go to provide health care for people who could not and that there is no pre existing condition -- -- to prevent it from getting comfort. I don't know like time limits and if you do have a catastrophic spill. That prevent you from having your insurance. You know what I -- is you know epic -- that. You know we -- fiscal -- that. Which we great road tax we pay for a multitude. Of people you know that -- and yet you know decrepit that. Bristol. Recently eliminated because it would pay for -- eventually come back in Egypt because more people people -- insurance costs. Yeah from from what I can you get the color that that. You know. You. Many people -- rooms -- their primary health care that cropped up or other people -- you know actually. -- -- in India and later -- or did the cops drop -- it like we like it. Refused to forget the date and end up in India affordable -- Care. You're seeing people's opinion -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- first of all arm is Robert yes this Robert. We're seeing -- rates rise in Louisiana because of the amount of -- health care costs we have in Louisiana purse while we're not the healthiest group of people in the country. Number two -- in the the federal government state government didn't expand Medicaid. So you can get a subsidy as long as your income is over the federal poverty level of a hundredth -- a 100% which for an individual about 111470. Dollars. Well -- not denied that question -- at that you know that it was not bad but. So he can't refuse to expand Medicaid plan would have done it carried at cost the -- -- That's right yeah. That she had to look -- you had to look at what the cost of Medicaid was going to do to our state over the next five and six years also. It was almost going to Brad -- could bankrupt this state. That's why they chose not to expand. Does state that it's an operative -- here in California. You know he ordinary citizens in California alone. -- which the largest expansion of the Medicaid. They're not they're not going bankrupt California actually -- -- -- Nothing -- on the net you know. The government will -- got. -- -- if you think that -- accident it was panel and what bank of somebody's -- California New York where an upper body for the citizenship you know out of 400 and it kind of out of -- -- -- at challenger. Other people hadn't yet been outrage but we're gonna take them of that state. Our other objects when those those were the majority of the fact that -- -- -- -- it's got to expand Netscape. Because we're not where I work at citizens and our state. That object I would not like that and we're not getting anything for a dollar in the final two that we've been hearing that currently. -- the end of the day we have to worry about her own budget. You know we're using other people's money to finance things we got a way about her own budget I can bring this up guys and it's wonderful conversation.