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11-18 3:30pm Angela, Jim Donelon

Nov 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are now joined by our insurance commissioner Jim O'Donnell -- and I truly appreciate him joining us. Clearly the last you know five days have been incredible. With what is happened sort of topsy turvy and I'm just wondering sir if you have. Had any word from Washington about what you're choosing to do. What I would ask you if I have -- on Washington on what I planned to do in Louisiana -- No and frankly I don't think any of us at state level. -- or expecting to hear from Washington relative to our -- let our clients. I think that they are obviously. Of the mind that whatever each state chooses to do they are -- to -- And have you made up your mind what you want to do. Not not finally we just got the the president's recommendation. On Friday as you know well late Thursday afternoon and Friday. And so for my information is half dozen states have announced that they will not be. Pro pro proceeding with. With the change that the president is recommending those states being. Washington Massachusetts Vermont. Rhode island Georgia and Oregon. And in the region is similar to my real concern is that he would. Does well two reasons one is its use the parties saying. Well folks who are moving into. That compliant. Market -- Not the exchange market not -- federally sponsored in our state in most other states. Federal marketplace where you can access coverage. And also you use the marketplace. And -- entitled to a premium subsidy in the form of the tax -- -- are what have you. You can get as well. But -- compliant. Policies also include those sold in the private market. By the private market outside of the federal marketplace. And all those compliance policies. Column would have -- new mandated. Federal limitation. And it and you need. -- large pool. In order to make those. New benefits. -- for themselves. And if we keep policies out of that court poll. Then then those policies in it in the compliant pull. Will spike -- we hear the other thing is. Are in Louisiana. In many other states including. Several of those -- -- -- they're not in implement a change. Have already allowed companies to early renew. Those who chose to do so that most of our company's. Have chosen to allow their policyholders. Too early -- knew if they had a non compliant policy. And I assume I didn't hear the first -- our show. Eyes stimulus and know with a nine non compliant policy is by now do you think. I'm not so sure any of us understand any. Well and and and trust -- I learned something about this every single day it is not. It is it is a very complex. Very intimidating I call it bond Bartley. Proposition for or consumers studio. They compliant. Policy is that which meets the limitations that mandates that -- bridges. That the Affordable Care Act. Imposed on all policies going forward except that -- ball number that grandfathered. And we're not talking about that. And those that have not yet they expire. Those that or in place as of uncle -- and are continuing in placed into next year. And -- that continuing into next year that the president is attempting to address. As we have addressed already in the Louisiana. A lot by allowing companies to do early renewals -- policies that may be. Would've would've canceled. Canceled in February march of next year if -- early renewed it in September or October. Well some jumper this year they got. Coverage in that non compliant. High deductible bare bones or some other type policy that is not. Meeting the standards of the Affordable Care Act they got to keep that coverage on for twelve months beyond that early renewal that. Okay insurance our new world of health insurance so much to learn so many things to know insurance commissioner Jim O'Donnell and having joined us on but you had a comment Patrick. Page impact Taylor how are you sir. Are are great I have got a couple of quick questions you may or may not be able to answer but -- the first one is. Have you heard anything from Washington. As to win healthcare dot -- will. Be working well enough so that we can start run and lots of people through the process. -- Unfortunate. Information. And it's anecdotal it's not. Official is that. That's not likely to happen any time soon. -- and so my body. Plans are to prepare as if that's not going to be available to a certain conscience. It's. So what do we do with many of our clients. That qualify for subsidies that have had -- policies that have been canceled. And they know as of 11 they would qualify for a subsidy. And their insurance premiums are relatively large. What what do we tell -- do we say to score inside have now when will go back and get a subsidy later on down the road. I would hope so. That that's probably the best advice that one can you. Certainly that he needs to be insured. Even without subsidy. It's in their best interest. The plan -- the experience. Both of these additional benefits that come with. The Affordable Care Act -- what they're all winners and losers in the affordable care. It's caps on premiums. Older. Policyholders. -- that. Are shifted to the young healthy policy holders who pay more -- -- with Thursday but put that out. On others in the same poll. One of the benefits. That would offered up wore these tax credits that are in subsidies. For lower in -- the working poor if you will. And pretty good definition of all or is from. An 111000 dollar. Single person to -- 94000 dollar Jim Leo form. Under the 100 to 400%. -- poverty levels that are are included in the affordable care but as you point out. You -- only -- you all -- of that is if you can get the coverage. Through the marketplace or exchange. I mean they're very got a lot of let me ask all of you something because it's a question from a a listener. What's to stop people from holding off buying insurance until they get sick and that's probably younger people. Not -- nothing nothing will tell all around. But it is not a that's. Yet -- understand nothing consultant from actually behind the insurance issues that they want a tax credit or they qualify for sensitive to the -- -- -- -- -- only. But our question was what's to stop them from just going on there is nothing. Yeah other -- tax penalties and it great do. -- they do they exacerbate the problem yes and and that's why there's so much consternation. Amongst regulators all over America because changing the rules at this late date is so disruptive to the market. That it invites folks to just say a pox on at all but not sorry insurance instantly. Jim have you reached out to any of the executives of the major insurance carries in Louisiana -- discuss of this new Obama affects. I have not and frankly because we have been doing this all wall in that it would. We have been giving them the option all along to do this and most have been doing to my knowledge giving folks purely. Early -- options what. The president I'd guess what happens to although he doesn't say get in the executive order. It's almost all companies to do that right in there and in addition to the disruption of the market that that represents. It brings what that whole plethora. All legal question does the president have the authority to border states to do that. I frankly don't think he'd done. But I'm getting input from our our best and brightest political minds in the states and getting assistance in that from my colleagues around the country. Who are sharing with me and and our other colleagues what they're General Counsel to -- And legal advisors attorneys general in most case or in many cases are telling them. Jim O'Donnell and thank you so very much for joining us and we're gonna stay in touch as this thing. Continues.

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