WWL>Topics>>11-18-13 4:10pm Bobby Hebert: on Saints-49ers

11-18-13 4:10pm Bobby Hebert: on Saints-49ers

Nov 18, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk about the Saints' 23-20 victory over the 49ers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another question about the second -- show like that tell you about being a bad -- but the civil slip to seem upbeat side and Hancock county Mississippi. If you in the area couple Macias we'll have the big board up shortly for the Monday night contest between the New England Patriots in the Carolina campus and you can hear. Right here at 730 tonight at that UW out AM NF now. And all of them who dat nation will be pulling for the Patriots tonight that's a strange. Thomas situation to be him but you gotta do -- you -- -- you don't trillion. -- -- -- not picking them I think if it does when it tonight. 630 tonight a special addition. -- the yes Saints coaches show right here on this site radio network and won't have witnessed Saints general manager and executive vice president Mickey moments. Bobby today. If that game was just as advertised. Enough football hard nosed football when he read when he. If you here in the pregame you heard me give you to score right but I picked the wrong team to win. I picked applauded not just the -- what he threw quality it was one of those games that. Acting in bop it came down to which quarterback -- make the play. And Drew Brees under heavy duress. When he made the plays in critical moments in a full of water. Colin property bit. Both the fences with the -- all legit and what they have got us they would war. Pro Bowl caliber linebackers on that San Francisco -- -- on the team he does the -- a player on that few yesterday AM -- We put on it also -- formative about a primetime TV and that guy if you had any question that he's an all pro football player. You got it last yesterday he did tremendous performance. And another great day at the office for rob Ryan's defense. -- a -- 200 yards total offense what applauded not that's all -- all but it came down to number nine make the plays. I predicted. Well and and I think. They gain with the colts' advantage should have been instantly because that's not good to think -- they were minus two in the turnover ratio and and you still win the game I mean. Usually you lose these kind of gains that you give them. I go to college -- field is basically a red told you to get the ball. On the eleven yard line in the 22 yard line. Usually you know -- in that situation you would have won the game but it just shows you. -- to think are in. Now if you look at the late in the round is not coming to play out the regular season the Saints have now beaten the 49 is seven times in the last. Eight regular regular season game now with that being said. And you can defeated continue to happen. With this offense that these players. -- Marcus Colston -- caught five passes for eighty yards. He's fit to -- career record in the process. He became the franchise's leading receiving in yards 7923. Pass an -- -- Seventh out there -- it before and all time leader in yards from scrimmage. At 7930. Also surpassing. American born while I was very fond of but. You know these are the kind of game you have to win. Not you -- question. The rough the quarterback what Drew Brees I mean that was something I was gonna bring a blood that that that that's the rule that in schools I mean I don't know what you caught you wanna call it like. To me it went out now you know -- line. You nobody but it was that kind of thing going to be going but it neck on the head area. Still I think that the official had the call it. And now that being said. You know we have to realize that. They're probably gonna call that both ways and we might end up getting a call if you think very similar to that but they got to go out and protect the quarterbacks and that that's the bottom line. Before you you cool with it now and I -- about -- -- your career -- -- it was wholly different bit. But you know what it it would a couple of shows up on the post it was same with committee you know late in the game like -- basically. You just got to let the teams play that was a marginal call no it was small -- -- -- all of the rules that a set today you think about ideas. If that was the case the -- he's actually let Colin property. On that intentional grounding that explanation for that what was it was totally bogus I don't know what it was CNN that that was an intentional grounding call. Are really play on top export that they call but not let that roll a little bit. And they gave him the benefit now I don't think as a makeup call but. I don't know looked like humans in the lap pass there might actually do with in the pocket and and the only don't know where everyone tolerance safety safety. Now -- could -- at the right thing and think that the Pistons made the right call you wanna keep all the physical inside. And I and know that if the give and take it to me it all evens out when all's said and done if you live long enough now as far as the call it but you have got to figure well yeah back -- -- view it different on different era that Paul would have been made all of 49ers ball I think that's the I mean that I have a little bit Joseph Montana and a lot of different Adam -- -- but I still. It just looked worse that what it was. Especially when you look at what the rough really made the call -- we -- motion. You could say well he's actually in the chance -- in its flight. Could despite the whiplash effect with -- breezes and what is happening so fast that it looks like. They called it UK being here the head area. And -- -- -- and I'm not gonna complain this year because. Greens because we have to read he's probably been. The beneficiary to probably. The short three or not or -- in the call you know in the jet -- Data on that I was a bogus call Ryan Wright admitted it you know. Morgan groin area and the -- that's about bacon because we have reached its like Tom Brady era rises though Peyton Manning. Oh we gonna get those calls that's a good thing. -- you know going forward. Is is that more book called date that. -- -- ask you this question -- know -- -- would be is that horrible call today that that and Aaron Rodgers looked from Reeves Tom Brady Peyton Manning get. What that was and Alex Smith. Or if that was a Christian on that would eliminate that. Paul you know maybe Alex Smith might get in the that the shortest out there. -- elect a journeyman who's playing outstanding. Or let's say one of our -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- If that's Lucas Josh McConnell. You know that's that -- right right so the rules the rule but that the bottom line is. The faith not that that we gave that game away it would but I almost did at because this week we -- played the point nine that's what was so frustrating. Now we got the talent a lot and to tell you neatly -- I have to wait to hear the official report but I think you are right there probably out for the year. So uncle Corey white gonna have a big target on his chance -- is back everywhere and they pinnacle right at him. And you know here's an opportunity all of a sudden he plays great if you play great that you can get pretty. And you know UT got beat and -- cut down the back -- part of it right out of the kid had a -- -- are a great job on that slant -- According why watch the Falcons are gonna go I Corey white. And then he he'd become the rest of the season we count on him and Corey white was very I think we went to the point -- Corey white. During a pre season. We were saying well we don't know beat the corner of the quarterback of the future of sport that nickel. I thought we get a better option. If you look at that third corner -- -- partnered Ian Lewis and Malcolm Jenkins even before according wipe the Corey white -- and played outstanding in the regular season he rob. Would've gotten probably that spot had he not gotten hurt his the other thing about it. The -- possible with the god this football team took a long look at the off season. He signed with the -- on -- instead he's a Rob Ryan guy rob coached him in Oakland. He was cut loose by the 49ers. You wonder a little bit is if you go for the veteran guy you know a little bit about -- a bad day. For short term which you go for the I'll be possible to make the place. Jabari Greer no one the relationship they have what rob ride and that's the way it works this week. Now the only thing is I don't know this is BS on and that was you girlfriend that they keep them movie stars something but. It was on TMC and they are talking about how he's kind of supporting -- I don't know her acting career whatever. With opposing when he got let it go about a 49 -- -- it will money's not right. So if you can't run it is he's not right in the same tournament gonna mess with -- but you don't have that leverage obviously. And he's hit you know hey don't have a wide right -- I don't know how healthy he is. -- taping of his name right now that -- have to look back among those with the nickel. Corner by the 49ers actually that whether he was hurt -- not actually beat him out there that. That's no question B yeah about that and -- that you look like an old -- but you know what every look like an old man announced that. And it and you know it's -- -- society basically started just before. Well up short term goal. I don't know how we can address that it's in house -- the quarterback position but I know it's a great opportunity according white. According white. That take advantage of opportunity in and I think like I think he's been lately a lot of conferences -- in the regular season. And it picked up against Dez Bryant -- looked -- was not a purpose of but I thought what don't want to get a good job with him while a lot more here on the second guess show right after the break the other negates that. Welcome back to the second issue -- it that your Bobby you've been alive at this also casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi today's evidently operatic jaguar opinion poll. Sean -- is eleven and do. Against Atlanta Falcons. You pick up which you've watched this season with the Falcons at another loss to the Saints. Will it cost Mike Smith its head coaching job with Atlanta at the end of the season. You can cast your vote it -- PL. Dot com Bob odd that you what Mike Smith under a lot of pressure here. And basically you've got an older that is not gonna be real patient it was all chips then. Yesterday was a humiliating loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I really think what might -- to death nail is that this football team really puts a -- -- on Atlanta in Atlanta. I think. At that point in time I think it's all hopeful Mike Smith that you like the NFC version of Marty Schottenheimer Dicky get to team to a certain level. But -- put it over the top they put tapping into that. Yet I don't they do the life out of an -- -- -- make changes is not you might on the staff they might have to make -- on the staff because you look at the Falcons history. They've never had back to back winning seasons but they've had five winning seasons in a row. That I -- think giving him a Mulligan in -- in the wouldn't get -- general manager are the head coach in that -- to -- we think. Give me an opportunity to turn it around. Now -- -- next year I'm not saying he'd -- well surplus. But he -- be back to back seasons and and that's why I'm saying gonna look at bout with history. Going it -- coach make got -- never had back to back winning seasons then under him they've won five seasons in a row. I thought they -- health facility that stability. Obviously I think Falcons fans that they are bandwagon fans that you win they can sell out the door to build. I can't count the thinking if you gonna go to that in anyway because of atmosphere. But you have to win and I and I -- this story before. Being a horrible organization that has faith. Truly have. A fan base whether that team is winning or losing between 4045000. That it might have changed -- back to like the early nineties. But then the Falcons had a strong fan base for only fifteen that -- now. Than aware of that bout with a winning Alou and they're going to game but that's nothing compared. The fan base the foundation. That you have here with the golf college golf Colts -- gulf south think. And that that's why I I just don't think. Even if they continued as the point I think he's getting given that the year not a QB coaching changes. As far you know assistant but I still think it would give coach Smith and general manager of opportunity. You see what happens in Houston with -- onerous thing you know what I'm gonna give Gary another shot. And that turn really that yet football team you want to look at it today's age understand what you're saying maybe used to go to a lot of indicate but I just think. Today's well -- fans want to win now. Yeah they don't wanna hear about what we -- your -- -- that you want but it right you can always use that term what have you done for me lately yeah there's a football team a lot of people. Well -- -- -- the thing has gotten off the Blanco and I do think the man that he is you have patience. The next year look it has been. That's look at the peg in the Falcons. An additional job -- could change quickly if you look at there expecting to be able thought. It's been a year maybe go to through global. That they've been profitable that the pointing. And I can remember a while in the morning franchise's fourth expectations being detected then the Falcons. So. We can have a slight bit that I can tell you I'm humbled. Positive that they'll be back next year now they gonna have to win next year but I'm just telling you because they've never had insisted the -- even had back to back winning seasons he went out there with the playoffs. Oval we did have a winning season next year with like a constant role locals there and the coach Schmidt they've won five straight season. No I I if you look. And I'm on the brink of stuff if you look at whole record. You know in the last four years the Falcons actually have. A better home record in the thing. I'm just telling you that not not this year but Beckett this that the look at their track -- it. That the Falcons are in the top honestly three -- like 45. That's fourth hole record regular season. That's why I don't think they gonna make those changes simply because. They given him a Mulligan because of what they've established not been very disappointing. But they have actually 15 -- the. But it would have to be on the offensive side the football -- because my condolences on the job. Why I think talent wise what they don't have is a big time passer for John Abraham was a huge loss. And and everybody on the floor rather globally and Arsenal to leadership the hot dog at the line in. Who was hurt Sam Baker and in than they usually able to coach known that I think that -- Dolphins. And there's a lot of that you don't I'll office a lot of times you know -- we you -- like -- make its infancy. Are all but the line is like all broke -- to the Falcons. That you know within Matt -- to pay him the big bucks before you actually went through Bulls a lot of pressure on him. But who's making that decision to bring in those offensive lineman Aminu and that's double play you don't want to cut loose I got to play -- You should've known Todd McClure was gonna get old eventually so way so that that cost the fall. Anyway and they look at him from brought it David Jackson at think that would you know excel are brought their running game there. With that we've seen how good -- Manning and the things and he got hurt. He -- you have to think we need to get all -- he has not this thing right in and Tony Gonzales that gave him the -- back back and it wasn't the same yeah. And so this season would have been a disaster for the disaster. Between I don't know who's more disappointing that the detective part of Falcons. It's been will admit that it's a tough choice that you look and I put Andre Johnson leaving that you Lou was Mac's job and it you know here you that you got to established quarterback that you know -- -- -- probably look at Max out our our grind no doubt about. But I think that look what I mean it's you know it just no way the -- -- -- with that -- you this way who you don't survive. Know that I think I think we got them at any given them orbit and I agree with you now. We'll have more you on the second gesture right at this news break with Chris Miller. We'll have a back to the second guess he'll likely take about -- about but it's almost over -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hancock county Mississippi gonna put the Christie -- Christian yes abuse on a possible -- on. Yep my enough I think the group agreed to terms according to a source -- spoke with privately -- back. On the former seventh round draft pick and only twelve of the Cleveland around. So currently in the -- of course is coming on the heels. Last night -- yesterday. Injury to Jabari -- -- necessary. Significance of that injury but something they've put into injury on the injury or partners. -- in the way the former seventh round draft choice of the Cleveland -- Agree terms they would ignore -- Our Christian thanks a lot that was the goal with the -- is that probably the guy that. And a little bit of body with the -- point high school in Texas with the University of Arizona couple years under his belt with the Cleveland Browns. I'm not built along the lines of depart -- but by the end but party but now that's in my experience in that category so that was the guy that. Apparently being on the radar and decided to go with the younger -- over maybe the veteran. Maybe healthier guy to intrepid way. You know and then looking at it I mean united -- from -- there are they couldn't certain situations. But the ones that -- -- step up and had an opportunity yesterday. He's been on all the team a couple of times Chris Carr. Chris Carr you dropped an interception of a lot of movies him the ball coming balance amid vessel -- -- -- like it does it. Don't look like like it was gonna knock them down continent it's nothing that surprised them. But we -- be the veteran -- critical part of step up I think Malcolm Jenkins will probably be more you know cover corner of situations. Could you never can have you know and I think you know to -- cover corners that you look at where -- training camp all of a sudden. You have to. Know that you start getting a little thin so you could say next man up. But we all know that's not reality solid -- -- that would be rob had a chance you know to play a lot of times he was the one a little picked on. And he was on a roll -- got good game now than you get parts we know what happened last year against this right the Cowboys -- about what the case. This year and a great opportunity for Corey white. That's the -- to -- gonna provide a lot of the leadership and has been out whatever it no problem lately Keenan Lewis has been outstanding. A leading the team in interceptions the past the pin that that pianist in the C. You know who's actually activated and and lined up and in that situation you'd -- want to be the weakest link if you're like that fourth cornerback. -- and a better quarterback like -- Matt Ryan. Are reveling you game plan and and you see the progression goes through in the game yesterday at the 49 that the part where -- went down. -- -- likes -- thinking political riding him. And he's seen him a number of times in. You know according wide -- and they put on that interception. No -- didn't finish the -- and -- -- that slant -- until you've got to see that. I would think this the way it is that the better quarterbacks they. They look at. You know who's the weakest link any -- -- -- there so maybe Rob Ryan fouling out some coverages that maybe help block Corey white. You know what I think he'll -- it. Al Keenan Lewis a lot of times that you mix it up you don't they go one coverage but you mix that up a lot of times he -- year old. Which you can't tell wanna help Cory white so he has confidence. And then in you know and to tell me -- a great opportunity the year that you. And young career to make plays and then. Alternately -- make plays. And now when you contract's up and you get eight. One of the former assistant coaches -- driven way does that mean this -- that just last week he had worked out of their book chronicles. So apparently he was a guy that the Broncos out of their read Orton so Christie Garrett reporting this -- outside -- wait for a seventh round pick of the Cleveland Browns got a couple years in the week. And is one of his former assistant coaches at Stony Brook just text me that yet actually worked out for. That several brothels last week of one of things to in this football game up what's so great because of his it was a few. Position humane and QB was hitting shots like that he only made it almost Morse at the same way but you gotta give props to the guy refuel goals lot of pressure. Garrett Hartley came through when you needed. Well Garrett Harley and it's always what -- -- department lately could you look at the pressure. That -- with under. You know we -- -- any -- can get 73%. Accuracy that was the -- it's an NFL. And you -- in this week's field goal attempts this season though the second most in the NFL. So it is what every department lately we all know -- than he -- But who detonation. To put incidents of -- is the Vikings. -- have a global record at three -- so well forty yards but. You know you sit here veteran and you have a establish yourself. But it's still whatever department lately he needs to get to where. You know ease your verdict you know what it in the game he was sixteen -- 22. And you gotta get to the point when all's said and done -- -- the year where he's picking -- it taken these. Policy 808384%. Now you wanna be perfect but it can be. But his percentage point more. That -- 7838380. Board that you think he's doing the right job. Get the job done so to speak but. The bottom line is. When you have a game winning kick. -- is that Seattle come Monday Night Football. Are -- -- the Falcons really if you have a game winning kick in and you don't like the -- to be so close that you missed the kick and -- him a decade. You maybe equal in overtime what you win the game. Like the Cowboys game when he missed the kick and the Olympic figure doll a couple of them that he didn't really have an influence -- -- crushed them. But there comes a time that all Bulls picked a meaningful. And that's why you know being professional kicker is is is a lot of pressure. You know they get paid well considering. The couple are Stanton and believe that's the best. Because document if you can do that and be that accurate control the ball. The main thing that we great kickers and even to watch it is built off that it's like they're rough and I use the court but is it -- hit it five yarder pathetic yankees making Nike. They're that bit about what I like hitting it from six until I'm just telling you how it hit the NFL is. We knew it scored position and you have an opportunity to score UK -- McCorkle and I might make you might not know you've got -- we can make. Because is that -- -- the divot to let you win -- -- that they had David Akers and he was the most accurate view goal kicker pro football well but. In years you missed a couple level yeah. Out the door that. Well a lot more here on the second issue right after the break him. Welcome back to second guess we got it report that Christie Garrett reporting the Saints have come to a quarterback revenue waived cornerback almost forty brook high school -- Texas went University of Arizona. You want it is so high school assistant coaches just a text media to -- made the announcement that the that I actually worked up with that Broncos a week ago so he's a guy that was on. Some NFL radar as it was with the grounds for a short period on. Wanna put some money your pockets just that now but I holidays as possible. Acts Donald Lindsay went out from right here -- New Orleans is the final week OW BO that you have more chances to win thousand dollars every weekday. In a 1000 dollar holiday cash not yes this is the W uphill all this week right before the top argues that 8 AM noon. Read yemen's 6 PM for the -- word. It get -- the code -- it definitely out dot com slash parents are quick on the -- that's like that definitely out but now. It is just as easily -- on your Smartphone or tablet or at your office computer are suffering at home. You can win it anyway there every week date -- lucky listed -- nationwide. Went up thousand dollars each good luck and remember the cops solicit. Right before the top. Our news that 8 AM -- three and 6 PM on definitely out. We had to go to an awful -- speak John in the city picked on in the huddle with Bob and Mike. -- -- -- -- That you might keep you alone in the bowl and I'm glad to I'm glad I want them. That you could go home -- on -- what made -- -- -- want to play at all for the playoffs. And what they Seattle hope they don't come here for the playoffs. I wanted to say something about the -- and -- we -- scenario wanna say something about close to -- you know my. Bobby and yesterday it was a great days celebrate the good ghosts and watch and all those nations and -- -- and I walk on the field like that that was great. But yet they thought that was debate exercised pretty damn close to my job dale and Jerry Rice problem -- the goal line in 1989. I was in -- construct an assurance that -- -- -- to have in the opener Monday Night Football on 1990. Goes rhetorical being dragged down by Jerry Rice who batters in 92 American flag court because simply was injured. Jerry -- Yeah I deal with the call on on -- against him not against her brief -- guys that Drew Brees and Marshall called but it wasn't keeping with the rules. That's -- you -- experiences that you got you yeah. Well now you know who detonations. You still couldn't happen to a nice to group of people on -- -- December and all -- long. -- get a little -- on -- it's. There are a couple of the -- time yeah. -- aren't offering him you the most. I don't know at least one more. If you did make an intentional it was our great coach. Yeah -- clock management put him absolutely among the league. The call a timeout right before these games -- feel old simple mail story. And -- it -- to kick. This is a good time -- the team and -- But he is an arms race -- those -- miles. Been able. -- I'm a little game when it matters is what nationally -- head -- and it shows. More than me how important ones that we didn't. Last year and we didn't see him she. Yeah because he's done it at any rate right now coach Peyton. He's gullible they can approach you look at so far ahead. Partly it's gonna make these cake and we get a win in regulation we have gone overtime. No I'll tell you he's planning. We get a tie the game and gonna win in regulation. And a lot of coaches that they don't think that you know -- for a -- to look that far ahead. -- -- -- -- -- beat John and I give great credit score at two picks is underrated that want you built. A not a blueprint of the type organization of players you wanna hear -- get a lot of credit for that. The bill that not a moral and then. General managers scouts everybody we get those players on the second thing is his ability to compartmentalize. A situation. Before it happens and I think yesterday was a great example of that he was able to think like two steps ahead. A lot of coaches in this week picnicking at the moment and I think it'd be steps ahead -- departed on. Is that added that the bottom line is that we beat the 49ers at their own game. Look we had 231 out global don't want to -- well. You look at total yards and two weeks in a row -- whole NFL all but just under 200 yards we have 387. No we beat the 49ers that there all of -- In the correct it it wasn't open nets game hit a benefit nets game motto one by throwing four touchdowns but we battled all year. You know in Florida's gain -- more of a pick in the superdome and Peyton threw out of bounds. I don't like the 35 that sixteenth that that's ridiculous it is back. You know we got the half and -- not that the NFL ever elected play -- they -- bid that Dominique. And you know the crazy part with all that's Frank Gore may expect that out all yet but you know sometimes you gotta have a Lil bit of football rock on yeah yeah hands they got a little -- other yesterday late not early on but late -- and I'll look at that OK that's the -- the the gave no reason that -- that's it would Brooks. When he lifted. -- you get a great play at that ball it's a foot higher all of the addition of Maya and tonight we have a big gain votes won a good it should all know it. The club 49ers that they would -- it's not a now and not give more. Not born here on the second guess you're right after the break you out of the gates evident that could be done.