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11-18-13 5:35pm Bobby Hebert: on the Falcons

Nov 18, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with John Manasso of Fox Sports South about the Saints' upcoming rematch with the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have on the line with this John but Massa who covers the Atlanta Falcons for fox sports south John thanks so what's his daughter that's. Carriker and John we talk about teams headed in different directions. Admit that I had to -- embarrassing loss yesterday. The Falcons losing that Tampa Bay a football team that basically two weeks ago -- on the ropes stood. Now he'd like to support that they're not up keep Rolen and they'll lose to them in this spot and knows that a lot of injuries. -- to the Falcons but right now you catching a red hot Saints football team. In -- these little evidence to look at Atlanta. And there. I don't see any silver lining anywhere across the board you put a Falcons. No silver lining I mean it wasn't just. That they lost to Tampa Bay it was how they lost they late in the third quarter they were down by 32 point. I mean that's about what -- -- the partners -- -- Blanton and put in their back up I mean that's just. You know the Falcons did that they took out Matt Ryan and they put their backup Dominic Davis when he got hurt and what that line back insult. The final score. -- attention people -- to the game by. You know Falcons -- -- -- Tony -- wasn't nearly that close. Now -- with that being said obviously would have beat them form lately in and look at what I know the -- with the organization and all the blame game. And now you look at the history of that organization not having back to back winning season. And the coach Smith they've won five consecutive see what they've had winning records. That they get a Mulligan to read the -- say that. Is like if you look at people don't realize this but if you look at. Like home records out the things that -- -- played in the Georgia Dome. But if that -- have actually a better home record. Did the faith in what -- department lately that you look on the road record. I thought this that they -- that this 2009 Ford has season only to think that the Patriots. Have a better road record in the bout with that I thought I think -- -- get a Mulligan. And and they'll get that next year have an opportunity turn around and they won't get fired -- because of the consistency what they've done at home and on the road. I know what the government lately but I think now that Michael given that the benefited now because they've brought stability to an organization. Yeah no doubt that since Mike Smith and I'm gonna -- opinion they've done a great job. They're the real question that -- yesterday after the game -- blank saves -- what you pretty much said that you know based on their first five years. They they deserve the opportunity to to turn it around. But the one question that I guess remains open is. If you saw how -- the Falcons played yesterday and against Tampa Bay and you look at the remaining schedule. You almost have to wonder can they could they when he -- I mean there. Washington here December 15 perhaps an opportunity. At the go to Buffalo and two weeks. It looks pretty top. And so the Falcons were to lose the last ten games of the year finished on fourteen. You have to wonder public might reconsider flat. I don't like that in the -- injuries to really keep players -- cool song and Sam Baker Sean Weatherspoon first six weeks. You know help it could be at my -- look like they will get a call. John on the other quarter it's how quickly can you retool this team because they need help along the offensive line you don't have listen to pass rusher. You on back records been enough looks use Steven Jackson has been hurt so where's that running game -- know for me and that's a lot of -- a pieces of the puzzle here for Atlanta for a team that putt I had all chipped sin but this year everything in to try to win it. You know Super Bowl or bust because not you gonna have to not a re start all over again there are a lot of holes on this topic in football team. And you know to say okay will get another shot. Has Mike Smith almost become like Marty Schottenheimer wasn't San Diego out of the NFC person that he brings it to a certain level but to be -- somewhere around. As far as expectations. You know I don't want people compared that the Falcons for the Texans and there's a lot to be said for that. -- you know like you -- you mean you look at on the offensive line Sam Baker. He is constantly hurt last year it was sort of -- it's a healthy he's ever been here a career year he in the got a big contract. Put them in here you know they had are both a backhand he's so. That's a question I mean you'd bring him back next year maybe try to move them to the right side hope he is healthy and can draft a left tackle. Pillow out there are a lot of spots to -- I mean no human -- not a pretty good job beat. He had two sacks yesterday -- he -- out on pace to do with John Abraham that last year. But at the left side in big Siberia -- -- a Tottenham last year in the middle ear. -- -- pure and try and -- spot this year that they have IR him early. So basically they're playing rookies on the left side force in a round draft picks and you know guys from past here who are like mid round exit. You know put a linebacker -- -- a couple on draft guys played pretty well. Abu really want to pick your spots to go and get people about present the problem last year. Probably cook out there yesterday. And you know what what happened golden birthday here. It puts -- moderate rookie have a compact promoter came out there are pretty tough spot to put it did against -- -- -- a little bit of that by it. Probably who has really had left here. Yes I was I was gonna say that there -- some personnel spots here. Post a little bit about called the front office feels about development of young corners and -- -- and and also Robert out for -- so. Young man from Louisiana with the southeastern Louisiana. You know go to hasn't really been one of the biggest fights spots this year means Trufant arguably been one of the better players on the defense. And rock offered little bit more up and down but he made his share it plays. And even yesterday against -- an audience I think quantity and they pulled a lot older starters. -- -- quarters so rock golf partners and played a lot. I'll do one change in any kind that went through the year was moved Trufant for the nickel back into the after the bye week. And so in those situations they play Robert -- at the right corner. So you've got on a -- -- hurt early in the year he started a couple games but a lot of playing time so. I'll -- when he talked about all the holes those are at least to a spot where it seems like they're probably gonna be -- look at. Now -- Jon you're the you're -- it's an offensive line that's one area. Will we look back -- as Saints fans when they won approval and all night became the greatest offensive after the 2011 season. We'll oh we see off at the line maybe not as good who we could see them getting better. To me when I look at the Falcons felt that the line they've taken a step back obviously. Is that you look at leadership. Mean I know we got old -- Todd McClure they have not replaced Todd McClure thinner now you might say we prejudice he went to LSU with. Todd McClure that the consistently brought that -- tropical with the line. -- -- retrospect that -- is starting to look not very -- -- -- -- -- did wanna come back. And they kind of -- -- -- iron and in fact. You know I just pointed out this Alex Smart that's story you know Alex writes for foxsports.com. Where apparently the opposite approach or are early in the year if you want to come back didn't. I can -- and just change their mind to back off that but yesterday Peter Conte took over from -- was -- second round pick last year. I'll be moved into right guard they've started -- Ollie in a three sacks to Gerald McCoy in the first half. So they bench in the whole rest of the game and Garrett Reynolds act in at right guard so. Yeah I mean I asked Mike Schmidt -- today if they thought Peter constant. We're grass in. He kind of talked around little bit but he did say you know we put out -- five guys that we thought were the best in our evaluation. Computer -- -- a lot of those guys -- You know -- like Atlantis back round pick last year so that's. I pick look a little problematic. Going forward right now. John thanks so much for joining us we appreciated and this was. One of those games I think when you looked at the scheduled to start he said this is going to be a meaningful game Thursday night. You know a lot going to be on the line why. It goes to show you how quickly the NFL changes rapidly. How what team can fall apart we see it in Houston we've seen it now and Atlanta. And you know what John let me tell you right now why this state that you better be aware. A third the united shark week he's still BW -- pretty good to be departing on its. We all know what happened last year the outlook too high on the hall there were eight mil would have been they came to the superdome and the -- beat him. We all remember Chris Ivory could beat the long run game and what do you brought that 89 tackles but it sixty yard run Steven Jack you never know I'll tell you -- throughout the racquet. I think about that though will give a good fight. It's back to hang in there at the beginning. John thanks so much with John in this we appreciated. Chart record all right on NASA -- fox sports I'll cover in the Atlanta Falcons.