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11-18-13 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Mickey Loomis

Nov 18, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis.

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And good evening and welcome to this week's edition of the coaches show on the saints' radio network a very very short week after a big victory yesterday at Mercedes-Benz superdome with the black and -- continue to defend. Home to -- they're brutal perfect 60 on the season. As they defeat the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 23. 220 coming up on the program later we will visit with the NFL -- in 98. To get his take on this week's. -- games in the National Football League including a huge -- tonight on Monday Night Football that. Affects us in the NFC south at the Carolina Panthers entertain the New England Patriots also points what Thursday night's. Showdown with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC south and -- will get Bobby's thoughts on the game as well but it's -- not welcome in general manager and executive vice president of your New Orleans Saints. Mickey Loomis -- just now on the -- talk to you as a team winning to a -- week. All of to a hot start and if continue to play well. Feeding -- -- I'm one of the things you say is that. You talked about. I'm not gonna sit here and defend that or say that you know there's another stadium that is louder than ours and I think yesterday -- Was the ultimate truth. So how loud the fans can be and is that part in this stadium where they hold up a character on the false thoughts the penalties delaying the game. Crowd -- called and they were big point yesterday -- game. Well no doubt about that -- That is you know -- louder crowd hasn't had a long -- Damon and obviously they were for a big game as we were in. In -- going to be a physical game and a close game in. And you know argued yet baker has brought yesterday and now hopefully they'll bring in every game their way. -- Well when I look at this and we've been so explosive year -- -- out offensively. On the Sean Payton drew breeze that one back at 2006. When you look at you know when you hold a team like the 49 is -- 196 total yards now the second straight week -- be held opposition. The -- that -- of the total yards where you could united National Football League in this there in age. I mean it's almost that you don't shoot yourself when the pin then that put you gotta win. Yeah. -- our defense has been a great -- and getting you know a large numbers three and outs. And and giving us the opportunity to you know when it -- position and -- and complementary game that. You know -- talks a lot about he is is you know I think he's just compare these. You know you go week to week and give yourself a chance to win and and uninteresting game -- you know for as many yards as we we got. And it's Q is as we gave. He was still you know close scheme Kenya and last possession in. You know obviously it was a product of few turnovers and some uncharacteristic things that that happened to us in the game bit. You know from from one week to the next you don't know when those kinds of things you're gonna happen and -- proud of thirteen and that we you know we overcame some. So critical errors too. Tobacco in the game well. Now -- making you look at it as they -- -- cited a ball away on the about the consistency we've brought Curtis Lofton aborted free agency. While we're just talk about the play. David Hawthorne. He seems like he's getting better and how active he is not like this -- line and then also getting -- Bunkley helping -- And how significant he was -- d'antoni and it's all about just Hawthorne is -- -- help because by things like it is really getting it done. Well you know that's good observation because. Look we we are in those both those players a year ago. And they come off of some real good seasons with with -- -- he'd been with -- number excuse it was Timbers and and David's case -- spent -- years with it's. With Seattle and and it was a successful I think with their team in tackles. Had seven Mary interceptions you know which is a lot throwing Becker. In his time there and and so we expected that kind of production a year ago yet. Nobody got hurt in in training camp last year and in the summer time just tennis is in -- never caught up. It never cracked quite right. In terms of the conditioning and how often. And you know some instances some similar things happened with Broderick and so it's Q I think we're seeing. We're seeing their played this year more -- we expect did animal we've seen from them. You know before we signed him -- it is a good observation both those guys play well and in the I think part of that is is it does take time to. I'm new new team and you know understand what the expectations there coaching to me coaches. And from. From between me so book division did you them. New Orleans part of six and though at home after a 23 point victory. All over San Francisco yesterday shall we -- take on Atlanta Thursday night here on network at that Saints are eight into. Mickey gone back to this you've been around this game a long time and you guarding players you voting coaches and assistants and everybody in the organization. And you just never noticed someone pizza but it just seemed like from the time it was announced coach Rob Ryan. When he got here it would be a good -- the did you have that Phelan and of that one when rob was brought here. And now what you've seen if it does seem like it was a perfect fit. Well yeah I'd certainly have now. But this we don't do it but it. Yeah it's it's it's great fit for a lot of reasons and and number one is really good football coach -- And you know the second thing is there are players. I think respond well to him and it gets in the cage where he's been I think the players. The East Coast of respond to blow to him to get he makes excellent form and it. He had. You know -- -- learning and -- and you know -- kidding me kind of things it did did he wants to do I think he could sit on and and he certainly did it for war and this city and so it just it's -- -- good Mary Joseph. And you know I think it can continue. Now are making did speculating here you know you look at the injury report and obviously it looked like it could be key areas. Long Jabari Greer in the consistency that he brought. How much pressure that you could say next men up but. It just seemed like a note better quarterback you always try to maybe attack attack what you think or what you perceive as the weakest link. Sosa is like it's a great opportunity. According why. I thought he had -- lower training camp but you really excelled in the regular season. And obviously we've seen significant plays double positive and negative last. Game yesterday in the 49ers. He jumped the slant route. Could had to return touchdown they've picked -- of the fact shall we approach then have back coverage in the red film but. Just talk about maybe. Replace -- it you have to Jabari rear. All of a sudden -- is that Chris Carr may become a more about competing at the million at a -- signing. And then also according white because. It looks like Keenan Lewis obviously positioning him he's had a significant impact. On our secondary. Yeah. Ring -- -- so you can go through. You know first of all the -- all feel really bad for -- Berry and and I would say this story is -- and really the epitome in the type of players we you know like having what they have -- -- and he's he's agreed to him and being Greek community embraced teams do embraced. Lawrence in the very beginning. And and he did everything. That we've -- him on the field he's been really good player for a on the I think I think oftentimes underrated in here now with these two -- keen. In terms of his on field play. And so you know for for -- -- and -- -- -- -- him for structure it's. Duke couldn't wait again that we we drafted a year ago -- hopes for we have four. And came -- came from a smaller program. In college and yet he has gotten better I think you know each week of this. Of this season's end he made some significant straight I think just in the last three or four weeks and and made some some real good plays including interception. Certainly well wished that that they hadn't fumbled it at the end there but but it was a big play in hand are expected he will. I think personally gained a lot of confidence from -- play in the last few weeks -- I think he'll continue to improve. And and certainly. You know teams go look for him be in the mean -- starter but I think he'll respond positively to two that. He's executive vice president general manager of the eight to New Orleans Saints making enormous amount Bobby Hebert and the ability when we continue. More on the Saints also point toward a short week and some of the challenges. -- and the Saints have in getting set for Thursday night affair in Atlanta to take on division rival. The Falcons this is the coach's show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Johnson three yards deep in the end zone it. Rusty when he put it -- I think he's a 35 putted but you can see he's still. Not only slightly. You put them at the all the way down. Our mind that -- -- saying that touchdown and 82 yard return. And welcome back to a special addition -- coach has shown a very show with the black and go get back on the field in three days as they take on the Atlanta Falcons. There's an iron right here on the saints' radio -- -- -- -- to be visiting with the executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints. Mickey Loomis Mickey 828 to through ten games. A lot left on the table and this time he had people come by -- November into the September and when this team has done well. The years we've gone to the -- the Super Bowl. They had played well in November in these -- Oh what what you had been a part of where does this team that now Miki at this time a year as far as where -- need to be in order to get what you want. Well. One can question. I think this politically too so and so penal were. In control of really their destiny in terms of the division. In terms of you know home field advantage is almost certain things and so that's that's really all you can hope for at this. You know we would get a -- of stretching gains here with Atlanta and Seattle and Carolina that would happen and so. You know I look I think we always kind of were playing. But yet we don't see that we can we can improve and do better and so. I know this we we we don't look at it in terms. What's gonna happen two weeks -- two weeks or four weeks from now we're looking at the you know each game each week it you know it is time and -- -- so he can do. -- in the National Football League because. Because you know each week -- -- -- completely different they're almost certainly do what happened the week before and in that we have to approach it. Now I'm Vicky that they hit it just my opinion. -- I am more impressed with with a win against the 49ers. Is that you beat them at their own game. You know what you look at running the football and stopping the run. And we you look at these numbers and I thought that was gonna be he could you know they wanna run Frank Gore you hold then the three point seven average. But all said and done that they had 81 yards and you look at the flip side. Pierre Thomas barking and rolls. Gary four point five -- a four point 25 point three we have 93 yards. And average four yards a carry I think we can keep up that mentality. And you went in the trenches. -- does Seattle. You look up their structured. You know what Russell Wilson Marshawn Lynch and you look at Carolina. We can you never kind of compared them like young quarterback like cabernet. Of what you look at -- challenge D'Angelo Williams that I think that's a winning formula that -- if we continue to. Did not that that's what I was most impressed with that's how we were able to stop the party matters right game and we ran the ball. Yeah -- obviously that's good sign and you know we did we didn't do well against Ellison and we did it really isn't much better defense com. Sunday against. And sisco and so that you know that that's a good sign is no question about it. You know this notion of a finesse team. Look at it we've been real physical team in the past. 2009 to handle and you know we had we very physical team in. And you know in the go. You know would we need to in each of those seasons so it's I think that. You are not running the ball well earlier in the season -- it was. It's. You know that was more the anomaly and then. You know what happened recently but could see it back to to do well -- game. Now -- look at the avid flow of the game and I thought this is critical. If you look at the party united there was just coming off Phil Dawson kicked a 55 yard field goal to take it since -- and the and all of a sudden. You have an outstanding kick returner Marc Savard could hit 82 yards. In his second water that's been a long this I think that Darren Sproles did that had a 92 yard back at 2011. Against the Falcons and the reason why bring this -- I'm. Look to get in their return game whether it's a par return kick return all the fun Darren Sproles is nicked up. Lance boards back there primarily. You know we trust that field on the ball not so much as a returner. Is there may be a case in point that we might. Utilize the skills Chris Williams I know he's on. The practice squad right now if you look at lead this EFL last season. With 1000 learn seventeen yards and seventy returned. So you know for fourteen and a half yards per return five touchdowns does that. Maybe what you look connect trying to have that adds that he made it might give an opportunity down the road -- what. -- -- -- Looked it's you know -- -- -- -- happy to have Chris there in our program here and and obviously we we know full well. Please -- the compilation. In this he would sell it and look we've talked about about two him have a -- Feel -- this season ending yet to challenge is. The challenges by -- -- roster spot to clean wing you know you -- -- and you get some injuries and some bumps and bruises that they had. There -- some of the positions and you know look at it was a trick at this time of the year and so. It's -- we'll talk about look at each week in and you know in -- we've we've get you know obviously have -- Wouldn't actual return into Bears did you know content future and then and then obviously the big return in the game is David. But he gets some other good returns in pre season. It would equation this is it if you play an eighteen who's in kick after I can put it into the back of the end zone. You know. And seven out of eight times period ten times whatever it is and then it's that that term return game isn't quite as critical. Because he's gonna have many opportunities so those kind of things we've got to consider before we can make a roster move. This is the Saints coaches show New Orleans 23 San Francisco point the black and gold get ready for a short week as they take on him and a -- tonight a special guest. It's executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints -- little more -- we we continue on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Saints and green -- camper and can -- there any. Hit from behind and dropped my game. Whether second sack of the quarter by the city's. And welcome back to a special edition of the Saints coaches show New Orleans 23 point over San Francisco black and go perfect on six and 082 overall. And coming up back to back big road trip to show we this week at Atlanta and the and the Saints will hate. To Seattle or losing -- -- the executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints. Mickey Loomis and Mickey when you look back now over the course that time I've been -- since 2000 GM a since that 2002. Executive vice president for several years in the the contract you kind of kept quiet and it was announced a right before -- who -- through 2017. In. I -- you you take things one day at a time when we can attack like the coaches do with that to the at a place and I think in any any profession. Consistency and longevity is is probably two things that you measure success that a lot and to be in one place at that long time. Your thoughts on being in his organization and a fourth for a very long time now and and at the GM for since 2002. Well. Look at -- morning. I mean I've I've been blessed to be that's a lot of good people. Because with the Seahawks for fifteen years and now I've -- you know pretty good -- and thirteen fourteen years here in in New Orleans and and but most importantly you know we have agreed -- And you have you know great coaching -- -- -- people in our front office. You know. Davis Love and in the and a great -- going and just -- day in vice president here. The club and personal days that bitter you know first after preparation Greenpeace. -- and that's stepped. Longevity is a product of in all these people that do do great job -- and have been fortunate to. He -- a lot of great people and obviously. You know great players that we've and particularly in this class -- you know separate years. -- a lot of good people and so I'm I'm really just a product. Their good work. Cool about it. In that the personnel. I want you to comment on this because if you look at where we were last year -- -- we've gone from the out house. About that a pin house we already talking about -- Florida law that it Bunkley. But to me you know a lot of pressure on these guys and and they come through. And mean got guys on the edge a look at flagrant -- -- and that and also do you -- but this is a prize that you don't -- -- -- with. A look at it team -- -- with seven tackles second most on the team. You know of getting his second sack of the season. -- felt the you know people at the tackle that high as far as when all's said and done. In total tackles with just elaborate. -- -- Nixon junior eleven and cam Jordan this it might be getting better every week. Yeah about that and it's good observation and and look at that are -- hicks just on the surface. I thought he had his best game since he's been witness. Sending in and all three of those days. I took considerable page you mentioned young players in and -- -- is usually a big lead between year winning here two and so I think we're seeing now with a team. Timid in is that they're here it's sink in and and you know he he -- a big -- a year ago and I think you mean equally. Big -- in terms of of his play this year and and so the year definitely with him and and -- -- we have expectations coming into this season for juniors and and you know I would say he's fulfilled those so. Or some of those guys you mention between high level. Relief from week war and and I think they're real secret to. The success super team -- key ingredients that play in those three guys. Now have Mickey I don't know what you comment on my comment on but I don't look at in any game -- it was it was the a lot of controversial calls and I kind of look at -- whatever role. Obviously I. You know United States than Dario -- is -- you complaining. About the roughing the passer penalty to me that the clothes line now going across the chest whatever. It was still the head area on drew I thought that was the right call. If we would do that catapulted a quarterback -- I know that the penalty. According to the rule but that this thing is that I -- -- suspect to me was when they called through -- -- pitch you know grounding. It seemed like he was -- direction I had a lot of velocity on it. But if -- like it was toward the receiver. You comment on that and also. Colin cabernet coming looked like you went from the last -- has been right -- still in the pocket. And that the -- it was dethrone the ball to -- -- safety that is the break down those. Replays that it about the quarterbacks on that in that they game. Yeah. You know in terms in terms of the rushing the passer and I think here you can disagree with the rule you can say you don't like a little bit. But you know -- felt like it was deployed properly. You know there's Armenian history like the -- but that that's a protection cornerbacks -- getting in. And end. I thought it was called you know like you should have been end in terms of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outside the the tackle box. Just samples and the last station he was almost to the right page and that's outside the tackle in terms so that they are subject call was right. He the -- with withdrew. From looking -- I think the key there is is Indian address certain there and think you I don't think we try to use and address so. Somebody called it -- -- you know we overcame it. It and -- -- -- there's always calls in these games you don't agree with icing and if you just -- if you're on the losing and you feel like it may have cost -- the game and -- There were calls in the New England game for example that we lost that we you know didn't really agree with and so likely to be you know difference makers and so. But that's gonna happen -- we tweaking in that you just have to overcome them. That's executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis along or Bobby -- and he Bellamy and we returned one more segment. With Mickey Loomis -- Saints -- now 82 in a perfect six solo home at the yesterday's thrilling 2320 victory. Over the San Francisco 49. Let's -- ten seconds force station identification. On the New Orleans Saints radio network. From the right hash mark. 31 yards away from the up -- Smith placement for the wind and it is. It's very similar. Not my teammates who tore off the bench on the final play at this game the Saints come back and take it over the niners. 23 to twenty. On any sport given number of. And welcome back the New Orleans Saints a perfect six and oh at home eight in two overall this season as they hit into a Thursday night's showdown in the Georgia Dome against the Atlanta Falcons. It's the coach's show on the saints' radio network where visiting with executive by general manager of the Saints. Mickey Loomis to make he would go back to when I asked you a few moments ago we talked about being surrounded by some great people. And how debut a few minutes here it is to reflect on Saints owner Tom Benson and will miss the bits and has done and and that the millions of dollars he'd donate to charity that answer too astronomical numbers. What he has done a -- For the Saints -- community in -- grant was telling me earlier that they'll win the owners and it in the fall meetings. When he came down it was announced that they would be three teams in for the next available suitable in New Orleans will be one of them. And missed -- got up and spoke to the owners that was there and really gave me being an emotional. A speech about the city -- Ward's will to Super Bowl means here and in like an ambassador which he is. And they went over so well with what everybody they did it will what does it liked it to be with mr. B it's not -- base. Well I'm looking just easiest you know loss for a spectators. Lucky he gives you know he gives our football team everything we need to be successful and and and seemed so support. You know perfectly -- when things aren't going well and Q did you stand -- in the -- get -- of wisdom from him. You know and just about football but life in general and in you know obviously he's talked about you know everything he's -- for. The city in New Orleans and and in -- continues to look for you know things they can improve. Improve our city and improved you know standard lifer citizens so he's he's tremendously to be admired. Mickey you were here with a lot of success in the current administration from a coach's -- all with the -- has the start off with a bang in 2000 you elevate GM. 2002. -- -- what are some things at that point time you learn from GM. Two when you voting coach Peyton that is about this group that you brought in to be more successful over the course attempts of success there. But but that the consistency and the success with the staff has been the best in franchise history some of the best in the game over the last -- 78 years. Well you know. I think local -- You know whenever you get a position you know you'd -- from experience in and you know only unfortunate thing in in professional sports shop -- time is that you don't get a chance to make mistakes and can learn from them. Come in and looked that way I appreciate so much you know Tom Benson because looking allowed -- makes some mistakes and and and learn from them. Came in and you know obviously. You know you'd you'd get the great coach in place he did you give. You know and only quarterback -- and you know you start with those two elements and you can build around those and hand you know that's we were able to do and and you know we get a good run and here effort for the last you know century years and but but that's key is the key is to have. You know embryo starts there. They do they do your organization and a chance to be successful. And he definitely does and then and then if you can get to -- approach in the race. Quarterback -- in. In the game -- get a -- that to be to be successful and and we certainly have been. Now -- Q what do you attribute this to if you look at last year. That this year I've not done it -- that decided the ball. Basically the same players. That if you look at last year we were average -- eight missed tackles that game. And obviously that's not in the case. We did a good tackling team the only game that discourage him. Well with the Jets game. But why am I mean it is it technique -- just court drop -- the players paying attention to detail. All of a sudden. You know with what we're we're a solid tackling team you look that's one thing you look at the part about his -- game yesterday. That that -- -- many yards after the catch that at the 49ers. A great tackling team was with the with the thing that wasn't the case last year with that you attribute that to. Yeah I think about Lee hooker I think it you know any kind means you have you know turn -- it's it's it's a variety of things. And and we we would certainly can point -- team we can point to players but we can also point two offenses special teams and and look where we are winning time of possession battle. In these schemes and so or offenses. Is that crank -- -- first down and keeping her defense off the field and and you know we're we're we're playing in the days between real solid game in terms of field position. And you know that that's. You know that's credit to our special teams and intimately most of forget this week we talked about two days earlier David -- -- And Brodrick Bunkley and who deal weren't at their best a year ago -- injuries and some other factors in and obviously there was. You know the distraction of that -- seasons so it's a variety of things. And and it's not anyone's saying it that. You all those things come together and and obviously the leadership that. Page on provides is certainly approaches is you know critical element in in all this and so all of that has come together to. To. You know it the rear end result being an improved defense and in our guys there you know. It's it's scenes each oh Sidney confidence and have confidence in Kenya conferencing ability -- youngster playing without thinking. And that that I think that's where we're at right now. Mickey you speak and coach don't think that we know with success you guys have had what would you say is you're -- Sean Payton relationship like. You know in. It's really it has been from from the very beginning and you know achieve its. He would evolve it's happened very cheery and and in appreciate. That. You know -- -- that we can speak honestly we teach you know we have seen philosophies and we don't always agree. You know when we don't we when he we have the ability to -- you don't work to talk through it and and do what's best for. Come. You know -- best in north saint we have we have trust in in. You know the goals and aspirations of that each of the or -- improvement over team and you know it's it's. Your I don't know that it -- capture of the -- and have great relationships with their coaches -- today that if certain situations and contributed. -- of that you've been all over our -- thought about Seattle last Thursday night on Cowboys game blow or you what you -- a good thing and as you're not nervous at that Oregon Stanford game the Patriots and at -- William marks and at the same thing you know Bob and I talk about this a lot with same -- and that's that he would. Grows up and let's say yeah and Alabama family LSU fan on Saturday family. And they have an open mind and -- go visit their campus in Eugene what they've done to those facilities. And they don't Saturday at their heart has to be some west because what they have done it would -- university football. Is phenomenal but you can group with a facilities and I thought it was a resort let's not make everybody. Well okay it's it's it's been testing again and you know you get a -- throttle and the University of Oregon and proud of what they've -- to do with their program. Over the last you know and -- fifteen years do it. I get nervous about bringing somebody here for him because different this facility -- so much better than any NFL team NFL team. You know did you get down. But. Look I definitely agree team against him in the hand different deserves to win. But it did -- -- bounced back this week -- this last week in and in -- and you know look I think therein. You had a chance to be an impact of him Duke game. Mickey now holiday Benson entries into injuries obviously a part of the game is -- the roster what you have the practice while what you have him. Woody would do you do now to monitor. This team continues to have the best possible players available. All all you if you have to get some should something arise with an -- like we suffered yesterday. Yeah local media. We work some guys two day. But what we have. Have you we have some guys practice squad -- you -- confidence in. You know at certain positions so. Or you know what we know going if we have an injury obviously we hope that we don't. But it used to be the you know they -- toward the game we have to you know I have to act accordingly bit. It would be -- are on top of who's available who's in cheap. -- Staying -- and you know if we. Because you know we have an injury depleted and -- -- position will get a group in here. Make decisions districting. He's executive vice president general manager of eight to New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis Mickey thank you so much has been some extra time Weathers who appreciated -- look -- in the team Thursday night. -- speak about a good. Day. All right McKee thank you very much -- Knicks will talk about eight big week in the National Football League showdown last night even in a losing calls. Maybe it got approved a little more of their 90 record last night the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos of course I'll matchup with San Francisco. And huge were tonight how was from the AFC. And nothing come impala in the NFC Carolina in doing that my affiliate joins -- next this that the coaches show on -- New Orleans Saints. Radio network.