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11-19 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 19, 2013|

Dave talks about nacho cheese, Monday Night Football controversy, and the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL first news on this nineteen. November 2013. Truck and right along -- Tuesday I am tired. Of meeting -- Mean headed for the competitive and down under the wire football games. They keep me up late at night yeah -- literally tired from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom Brady -- the ball apps that time he did it pass receiver. And Carolina mugged minions. And threw the flag out -- is going to be ours down -- yard line one on time play an -- and it wins has gone away. -- like forget the and the experts -- seemed to agree that the right call was there was no penalty on the final play which. Initially looked like pass interference at least holding in the hands down. And then it's a great past wasn't. Near the receiver that close enough to the receiver so anyway the point it. -- Yeah yeah there's three years had to be there added to see what happens Sunday night's game was did of course I was at the saints game late Sunday afternoon game yeah. So that's two nights in a room girl who greatly toward them boy sleepy sleep does not work good on their shifts. Good game. I'm glad that -- I just don't like the fact that that are. They're nipping at our heels it's very conflicting from any the saints fans have to be. Hoping for even rooting Ford hearing forward Tom Brady in the patriot. After what happened. I happened yeah -- exactly. By now witness we won the Panthers losing game it is and nipping at our heels of this play out six. In a row now for them when they eastern Iowa one in every now. Now on six. And Cam -- -- he's really use. It took awhile but he has become. Under effective quarterback in both the passing and the running game. Said the sophomore slump and it's going to be interesting to play in the Panthers twice. Here twice. Twice in the last six games this season the president got a plan that they hated hated now. -- -- and you and you just cannot overlook that game that he you know there's no way you can just swagger in there and go oh yeah now what we got this when all wrapped up. Two days -- Because a loss. To Atlanta ports are sort of in a bad place that's no good we lose to Atlanta and we're allied with the thing out. Not easy. Desperate is coming up a little but I can't -- on my way to the game Sunday. -- 262. Again thank you very much in line with -- long -- could. It was nice page. To accuse them. -- -- People. Yeah okay. They know that everyone's going to be driving in Shearer for Thanksgiving demands going up so of course it supply demand. They -- again thank you David RL will demand you come back in about twenty minutes more offers news it. We've run out of your supplies for right now. I'm Dave Conte will be back with -- forecast is much cooler out there this morning folks will see with the whether it was right the weather rollercoaster. Get Steve Geller in here with sports text messages 76 as good -- -- dad. I am very tired this morning embroidered minutes of my stumble over my words or say something -- makes less than perfect sense that because them sleep deprived the last couple nights and a very late watching football. And I'll stick -- 78 that it is all we have to do is keep winning who -- And -- I get that the saints on their own destiny. If they'd just keep winning and they will be the number one the seed in the play out they would have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. And then you'll have to force. The Super Bowl. The road to this it won't come right through the super out. But that's easier said than done so I don't think there's anything wrong -- -- asking for a little helpful -- away with wanting. You know of the patriots to beat. The Panthers. War you know wanting Seattle lose just to make that little bit easier yes the saints only got to do is win. And forecast its start -- called this morning. High for this Tuesday around 67 with a mix of sunny clouds with a cool conditions will remain even into the overnight hours 43 north of the lake. And 53 on the South Shore then Wednesday at 10% chance for light rain highs around 73 by Thursday. What took 50% chance forces scattered downpours and a little milder with high to 76. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center I'm meteorologist -- backed out. We got some wind out there folks northeast at eighteen miles an hour right now is the cool where is filtering on and it's 57 right now at the airport in -- there fifty in Slidell. We do -- -- forties if you go up a little further on the North Shore boat elusive for example checking in at 49 degrees right now. But I -- wins pretty much everywhere -- chaser at fourteen the Lakefront airport -- 21 miles an hour down along the coast gusting at 25 miles an hours now. To be ready foursome gusty conditions as that cooler air is a one on hand went back and get terribly warm today. Sports time now that we WL -- So that we bring in Steve Geller mourn Steve well good morning I'm looking at this injured scores and WW well -- now. And long thirteen saints nine falcons. I'd like the fact that Tony Gonzales. And today did not participate in practice for the falcons that makes me. Sorry harassment not feeling good Jabari -- not practicing for the things that. It -- that. Ever practice again for the census and bring in another. Defensive back as a whole lot going on on this very shortly before Thursday night game yet and as the Carolina Panthers celebrated their sixth straight win a Monday Night Football. Tom Brady in the New England Patriots were left wondering why a penalty that could have saved them on the final play was wiped out. There's nothing you can make it looks like -- throw him. You know. -- The officials ruled that Brady under through tight end Rob Gronkowski. And the Panthers held on to win twenty -- warning Carolina it's now 731. Game behind the saints in the NFC south. With Jabari Greer season in jeopardy after suffering a horrific knee injury in their win against the 49ers the saints have signed cornerback Trevor and wait. He was drafted by the browns in the seventh round in 2012. With more on the black and gold -- sideline reporter Kristian garic. An 82 the saints have to turnaround -- sure we can play the Atlanta Falcons. This Thursday night in Atlanta Falcons are two and eight on the season the saints quarterback Drew Brees says don't look at the records when these two teams meet up. Throw records out the door you know with just think it's. North -- battles convened its always that way we play at their place seems like so very ready for full -- game wanted to come memoir. I'm Kristian garic Belichick it would be Sylvia for a preview LSU and Texas a and M this Saturday in Death Valley. Michael fine wine quarterback -- -- Zell has gotten better with age. At the winning as many in his freshman season. He's gotten a lot better as a sophomore -- -- coach Kevin some. I think he's done a better job of -- the field. Not beyond. Right away. As he did a year ago and then when he's rolling in I think he's he's he's pretty good judgment and -- -- balance or sliding which he didn't do last year. Which we -- the slides to. Demons LA is still very much considered one of the top candidates to win the Heisman again this year. Today therefore it's a special Tuesday edition of the saints players show from -- on bets in -- with safety Isa Abdul cadence plus Bobby -- goes QB to QB with Drew Brees. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning looked. -- -- -- three minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL offers news and it is Tuesday morning and I stayed up to watch every second of that game meant. Very interesting called the and dagger and koskie was clearly. Held yet it was -- he was pushed out of the play he was not. Able to get the ball but the ruling was that Brady who had a defender at his legs as he was unload net. Did drop it short it was intercepted. And all of the former. NFL officials whoever comment on this day it was the right call that Gradkowski was mugged right but it didn't matter because -- get the ball. Yet Panthers linebacker Luke Heatley had both hands wrapped around imminently arrogant as it looked like a clear pass interference but most surprised easier to that everyone agreed that it was a clear pass interference because. To me. How can you determine that if the guy is basically just completely. Wrapped up yet while the holiest -- crew afterwards disagree. Now the announcers and analysts in the former players all thought it was a wrong call but all the former officials in the people who. Intimately know the rules of the NFL can together. Well they say it was the right call whether you whether I like the rule. They say it was properly interpreted and the call was correct right so maybe it's a bad rule but you know. But there's and that's the way the rules. The players if that ball is under -- and it's not close enough to -- effort to catch it certainly could just pair of them push him around to every ought. They can't get the ball but now some athletes think how do they know he couldn't get that he's pretty athletic guys that called that was really long arms. Yea then you're you're coming to play a lot of unknowns -- -- there's a lot of doubt that left upbeat where you have to make judgment calls instead of just making the call it the way the saints -- control their own destiny and thought if they win everything's fine. But it. That's among wrong with a little help along the know in the the game after Thursday's game against Seattle big matchup and then after that Carolina and that's -- to be -- shaping up to be a huge game battle for the division falcons Thursday. -- then traveling to Seattle. And following Sunday possibly getting flexed. That's that gimmick gets answers that pentagon could become a Sunday night. I well -- up time after Thursday to get healthy before they got to place Seattle because they'll need it will take a closer look at the injured report due to back in your point Clements was forced. -- WWL AMF them back now I'm Dave -- -- eve gallery and the happened or about alsop -- after those doubts about the left. Size I want to thank president Texas it's -- it's an award GM gonna less than four hours sleep here in this is two nights in -- -- -- relates the Seattle Seahawks game is a Monday night game on December 2 Thursday night this week -- Monday night next week. And then Steve pointing out that December 8 game Sunday in the superdome against Carolina Panthers currently set for noon. But NBC could likes it and make it the Sunday night game because it clearly has playoff implications. Here forecasts colder air is blowing on any air. -- later today only in the upper sixties so it's gonna be another cool one ahead. Enjoy it while it's here it overnight lows in the forties and fifties tonight but we warm back up to 73 tomorrow with a 10% rain chance. And Thursday were up to 76. And rain chances jump up to 50% for some scattered downpours. From the Eyewitness News forecast than I mean urologist Clark a -- Mostly cloudy 57 at the airport -- fifty degrees in -- Coming up latest CBS news I'll ask you are you satisfied. Results of the survey is like as -- WWL first. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's is at the nineteenth of November it's 2013 it's Tuesday. As tired Tuesday at -- calling. It's there's a lot of debate. Over the last play in last night's game between the New England. He tree it's still -- are still going on I want to thank the people who text and mediate 7870 calls Syrians the gas on the explanation that the officials have given for picking up the flag on that final play in the game and -- the Carolina defender -- I mean there -- -- wrapped up. Patriots senator Rob Gronkowski and kept him from having any shouted any pass no matter where. There'll be able to Jackson pointed out rather appropriately. Then there's the officials frequently call hold on players who were nowhere new year with the play ends up. Well -- defenders who grabbed the receipt of dividends to hold ground and AAE just for tugging on their -- let alone bear hug them and -- them I don't know if push them around. So yeah I think they definitely -- called defensive holding on the play it was not pastor appearance apparently according to district -- but. Defensive holding in the end zone. Would've meant -- one on time down. And the patriots would have another shot at it that all having been said. The saints do control their own destiny but several -- protects -- -- DeVon it's everything all right what is the panthers' schedule look like the rest of the way. Because the Panthers are chasing the santeria -- out. But he got the dolphins. Being maxed that too bad the box should you know take care although I want to route yet the saints. Twice in the last six games they got the jets they've been plains cotton gold. And they got the very cold falcons. I know I'm very impressed I don't know that we should rely on the Panthers to lose other than in the two games that we played them. To help decide the Seahawks meanwhile. Have to play us. The 49ers. The giants. That the giants began the point that it could be a game. The cardinals. And the rams that's tough the last couple. That's how I'll and it shakes out there sounds like we've got to do damage on on -- on the the ball everybody but the Panthers specialist also staying at the -- out of the bye week before the playoffs so we're playing Thursday night's game buffalo late Sunday -- game. The optimistic Congo on. Which is Preston and year Erica another piece of pizza yeah. It is that. Are you satisfied. More than 90% of respondents to the UN a quality of life survey who live in Jefferson say they're satisfied with the quality of life and Jefferson Parish. In the city of new or 74% of people say they are satisfied. That up 8%. While the last year and a half. That's I would say for any city. -- that's a big rang and that's more people who are satisfied with the life in the city of New Orleans and were before Katrina. So that's life is apparently better now that as pre Katrina and most impressive numbers 90% in Jefferson perish. And nearly seven New. Orleans that week. More than -- gone anywhere and -- says yes we're concerned about crime you know what's your biggest concern crime. But then these numbers show that really affect concerned about it because 90% Jefferson are happy with the way things are at 74% oil and they're happy with the way things. So while they say I am concerned about crime. Eight over and over again -- it you know that no one I'm really concerned about it but -- -- -- -- -- do anything about it than that it's ruining their quality of life unless they live any crime ridden neighborhood and around here. -- -- -- -- -- -- And relatively small pockets of feel like where you live presumably you've got a good job. You're happy. And those people who live here pretty happy levity here -- 90% -- 74%. In. About that really is amazing -- or be happy. Well. We'll talk to tournaments more first news it's Miller has people are happy that president gases to implement he takes a look at why we've seen that new entries at the pump. Still down from where we were a month ago on a year ago yeah prices creeping back off. Oh god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness -- forecast -- figured. Today will mean that -- meteorologist Laura but to. You say yeah adds he's asked this before their -- or worse for the month as the worst it and and along that I went back it up last night last game every play to the very last one -- -- and then get caught up in the controversy and had to watch all the anti -- interests me. I'm gonna listen wirelessly. I'm not about -- -- -- news. That little sleep but still needs is two things are -- tired after Monday in. Now but anyway we're almost to Wentz and it's got out but I am satisfied with the forecast weather at its outlook -- yeah we don't blow it on -- yeah. A little breeze here. Everywhere it's mostly just in New Orleans -- received a little bit of a breeze her outfits is about five to ten miles per hour and even so those winds today even in this city will die down a little -- that looks pretty nice afternoon kind of a mix of sun and clouds today. And -- hyped up the mid to upper sixties. All right so those wins even -- down along the coast and they're being -- down there too but otherwise -- right here in the city -- up to what eighteen to twenty miles an -- -- out there this morning app but it's not gonna last that we don't -- as it does not last all day out so you can where you can go and where that's here this morning America fight with it this morning but this afternoon it won't be an issue. It's gonna say cool -- to keep that in mind it's gonna stay in the sixties alternate the Atlantis. I want pants his commitment -- equal. She's the proprietor of -- -- folks in Jesus -- -- so we'll put that way. And now a look at cooler weather today what about tomorrow. Yeah into tomorrow with back up to the seventies so it's it's 67 today 73 tomorrow. And then 76 on Thursday it's all because the more moisture and inspect and re really picks up. For a chance on Thursday and -- of having -- -- watch parties on Thursday you know maybe plan for this to be in two wars because we will have some showers around. Came than those showers are coming with another front right. It's coming with another front at this point looks like Saturday Moreno some when the front moves through we're still several days awaits the timing on that could change for right now we're gonna faced and brain. Leading up to Saturday morning that temperatures dropping during the days Saturday and cool -- diet that's -- -- -- I guess on Sunday. 55 but it's gonna feel more like the forty followed a high high time. Hi is at 55 on Sunday. Okay so again this definitely is the up and down and out and that's. Running out with the question of the cult and just stay -- well -- that we never done that I -- I'd other frustration I know that feeling of you know -- it to just be went -- they would interpret. We don't forget that you know we sometimes have eighty degree Christmas does an eighty degree you know. New -- an eighty degrees. Mardi -- and it really we're not going to see that kind of get cold and stay cool now while clearly glittery. We've given a subtropical climate data on the gulf which is very warm in front of wins come off -- it's gonna want to with all day coal eggs. That famous Texas and Florida yet they have -- apps that. If you want to get cold cynical at a at a north -- -- ride when you go to a football game would you like. At a football game I get a game dialogue update you gotta do I gotta do not it is OK I love not to an hour you like that with that within it. You like like a loaded not just like to the planes they hear ideas with that I'll opinions on -- and they don't have that metallic electric -- -- -- -- But yeah it's and yet you I'm just chips. But I made no need to attack comes -- -- now now I don't wanna they had this like crazy voted not to kind of lies you're just plain not at Allegheny and the. Now when I go out I don't might get in the big power of not just that well hungry football fans could find more than. More choices on the menu. There's a new list of vegetarian friendly stadiums. And the Eagles Lincoln Financial Field as tops again for the fourth straight year -- while Philly is famous for its cheese steak. They are also offering a vegetarian hoagies in a fellow steak sandwich and veggie dogs. Kansas city's Arrowhead Stadium is -- and one of the country's top barbecue cities has veggie dogs veggie burgers and spicy begins sloppy game of football. -- that's -- Now I don't. Is that the trend that -- you know I'm eating healthier maybe -- maybe you know at least having the offerings there -- there to stadiums are offering today I guess they're making money they would keep doing in the -- accolades from -- S. Since we -- we talked about the European sold at basket -- women's basketball. Game lineup free beer women's right I get pretty right pretty creepy or else. And then today we got the that begin and or maybe more health conscious. Stated that football I don't see any of that stuff for the super down no apparent today foes dating to dealing veggie dogs -- burger that's the trend we're gonna be the last stadium to get that do you can't tap into your probably right where we may eventually get there but I feel like we're going to be one of the last ones jump on -- and maybe the only stadium also that there's been keeping balls and -- lives and that's -- That's everybody else's loss on the island and we ran that led that game gave Laura advocate more of. Talent and right from the -- -- it is forecast Steve Geller was sports -- along in her apartment a closer look at that coming up. 515 days ago in the early edition of WW offers intimate -- -- -- 78 and does not as a football camps have plastic tees it's not plastic it's. Kelly she flew very cheese products. Are there any real teeth in it. The district east yesterday I love that picture as what to believe that matches -- and the little cup for a while it's -- -- it sagging -- got a tip. Doesn't crack your side I got to go to the crisis you know like he'd sit on it too long hostility if -- it for the contractor. Act you're out of -- says there's still some -- last. You do the two fingered dip and lick the fingers absolutely and hopefully I have a hot pretzel as well in the army tech news that sop up with the hot -- exactly color ones that. -- to sports Steve Geller well Camden new in the loves the spotlight and shined on Monday night football -- the Panthers to their sixth straight victory. -- -- It gets up goes to do except go to one -- -- -- -- -- -- Newton threw three touchdowns on the night in Carolina beat the patriots 24 -- one week. The Panthers are now 73 just one game behind the saints in the NFC south. All the black and gold have signed quarterback -- -- after Jabari Greer suffered a significant knee injury in their win over San -- Wade appeared in thirteen games with the Cleveland Browns last year with seventeen tackles and one pass defended. Now with even more on the saints here's sideline reporter Kristian -- A quick turnaround for the saints this week after the win over the San Cisco 49ers the black gold traveled to Atlanta faced -- out and on Thursday night football. Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton says the next three days will be more about mental reps. No walk through just visualizing what you gotta do watching CN. To be improved -- what do lands on -- is doing -- Red Cross. I'm pershing Garrick LSU those Johnny -- Elena Texas a and M Aggies Saturday in Death Valley. WWL's Deke Bellavia has more. It's the biggest home game of the season for the by you being -- at that Texas Stadium Aggies rolled into town Aggies coach Kevin -- says winning in Death Valley. It's gonna take a good tough moments from top to bottom from his mega ball club. You gotta be opportunistic can create turnovers but offensively. We don't hang onto the ball and that's pretty much a recipe for success on the road. Opt out of begins at 2 AM Saturday right here on WWL. Today at four it's a special edition of the saints players show from quarters on bets in Metairie -- safety Isa Abdul Kate news plus Bobby -- goes QB to QB with Drew Brees. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning looks. Awards night 53 Dave Cohen Steve -- with you on your radius. Look at the saints entered report and it gets thirteen saints players on it. Well of them limited yesterday Cameron Jordan then -- schematic -- walker Curtis Lofton Jimmy Graham Gary Evans Chris car -- we. -- -- -- -- Benjamin Watson and Watson's. All. Limited in practice to -- Greer did not participate in panel think anyone expects him to participate is. For awhile member of the black and gold -- again this season after that significant knee injuries to -- bring in this other again what does it. It is -- in a week. Played one season with Cleveland. He was apparently a special team are mostly writing got cut at the beginning of this year yen as listed on the counter percents but -- shows you that bring in a guy just have them. Body in -- and released field run drills in practice. Because he -- is out -- Patrick Robinson he's not come back this season Jabari Greer is now out and look like he's gone back this season's. Did the in. There are nine falcons also who are on the injury report so I guess it's just that -- media. Yeah I'll look at the positives in the index and -- Carlin Ben walks or at least limit it with their concussion -- -- especially the car from hoping -- be able to come back this year. But other than that the definitely encouraging I think not at least these players were in a limited role in nine. You know sitting out completely as just another day of rest after that game against the 49ers in an initial week what bothers me is -- a lot of -- players. Usually in the saints and the injury report they list one body part. You know cause why that in -- and you look at Darren Sproles -- slash angle. He's got to injuries -- can explain maybe why they would put them back kicks in on getting more banged up Chris Carr hit back hamstring three -- It's Jimmy Graham elbow foot. Have completed their parts of the body that it knew about the foot injury album when is that we saw on the news it popped. That -- -- -- -- Injury. Wealthy who can bite through the injuries the best in the victorious them. It was such an entertainment or sports and WW well conference that's rated them need to make all the -- substitutes as and its nuclear tees that looked like. It's been exposed to nuclear really it's just tastes good it might get a bang on a cheese I like it obviously a lot of people like -- can they keep eating it. After it is high school football games yet again that the dome. It's like that matches that as a football together although I make that as a home. During away games that you -- real G. Sometimes it's real -- With them. She's still looking beautiful partly cloudy skies and some cooler weather around look for -- later today at 67. And then lows tonight only in the forties on the North Shore and low fifties south of the lake. Now we do warm up a little bit by Wednesday 73 with a 10% rain chance. And Thursday's high is 76. Along with 850% chance for some scattered downpours. From the eyewitness these forecasts sinner -- meteorologist -- backed out. I -- -- which again. Well up to the big headline day 9 o'clock we're to talk about common core curriculum and the secretary of education Arnie Duncan. I apologized. But the transcript says he was talking about suburban blight. Mothers -- parents who are concerned about the education of their children. Controversy. Common scored 9 o'clock. That frigid liquid cool news talking sports leader.