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11-19 6:15am Tommy, Saints CBs and selling tickets

Nov 19, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL sports reporter Steve Geller about a new addition to the Saints roster

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve Geller joins us right now one of our sports reporters here at Debbie WL talk about. First off a new a move that was made by the saints yesterday Sean -- very quiet about Jabari Greer bit. I think we can all pretty low figure out what it would happen what went on. Yeah we saw of that injury over and over again they've been playing it on television and also online you can see it and just. Looks brutal -- have with him coming down on that the -- buckle. And it's I've also read that they're not just saying it was a knee injury but also saying he rolled his ankle coming down as well. Elect terribly reminded me of that basketball player and a final sixteen I think it was from Louisville right exactly. Who painful watch so do you deluded they -- Trenton waved. -- -- 20127 round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns. Five foot 10190 pounds out of Arizona. He played -- thirteen games in 2012127. Tackles one pass defended mainly. A special team -- And I think shall be really in that role with this team as well you're gonna have Corey white and Keenan Lewis as your starting quarterbacks for the saints. Corey white. Seemed to struggle a bit on Sunday night with the I think the first penalty on a punt was against him as a non right. And then the the interception that wasn't or the interception that was -- and I hope he wasn't moving the ball around a decent -- and I hope he was trying to protect. That's a -- looks -- he was trying to out stretching get that extra yard to get the touchdown but to me when he made that interception I thought he was Staten. But apparently the refereed did not see it. That way you know us on Jordan had earlier I never. Argue about calls and finding a way to game was his officiating that's done you can't do anything about it -- over went what happened happened. Eyesore -- -- about saints stands and selling their tickets saints ticket holders selling their tickets to the opposition and I got a -- attacks yesterday sand. You should he -- buy a ticket if you gonna do that it's it's true being a traitor who who dat nation you're -- giving aid and comfort to the enemy. An island to lead did you see -- big game I mean I would there are a lot of 49ers fans naturally you would know who who get their tickets from where. Womanhood that -- still packs the superdome and -- -- to me I would say it was. The loud as it's been all season there so I can't see how folks are complaining they were to too many San Fran fans in the stands to be the one time that I felt. There was an overwhelming. Abundance of the fan base there was when the saints played the Pittsburgh Steelers on Halloween. How much for that was two or three years ago in the dome but. You saw those Terrible Towels everywhere and it was really overwhelming how many Steelers fans were really in the dome. Other than that that they -- detonation stacks that plays and he does a very. Little contingent -- I would say away fans and that dome. Yeah and I guess if you had season tickets and you see people that are normally there. You will there are people that are normally there and and you see 49ers fans as it were to get the tickets are bought him some money -- -- I guess maybe that makes people feel as though. That the fans are being insular bubble would open a fan out phone lines NC one things short week. It is saints are heard. Taken a day off not practice in the entire time know they're up back at practice today there's no time for rest for them they were at a yesterday yes it was basically the Wednesday. So today -- Thursday tomorrow will be there Friday and it decibel meter on Sunday and sunny afternoon Sunday night. There's a new thing they done it before you know I feel like it had been it had been their first sometime -- that I thought the NFL had. Put a rule out against that you couldn't do that but apparently it is legal once again I had noticed that though in the past -- now thank you Steve.

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