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WWL>Topics>>11-19 7:15am Tommy, medical ethics

11-19 7:15am Tommy, medical ethics

Nov 19, 2013|

Tommy talks to Art Caplan, the Director of the Medical Ethics program at the NYU Langone Medical Center, about the ethics of feticide laws and abortion

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker trying to sort all of this out moment in Baton Rouge. Allegedly snort cocaine which causes eventually her seven month old fetus to be stillborn and she's charged with -- aside. And now there's are some legal securely. Peculiarities. There's some different things that the case hinges on a police officer corporal from the Baton Rouge police department. Says the age of the fetus didn't really matter here that income and their decision. It was a fact that. Cocaine was an illegal drug which makes me think will what is this woman had. -- ingested eight bottles of night Cuellar. And thing Els and damaged fetus joining us right now art Caplan director of the medical ethics program opened NYU lingo and medical center. Morning aren't you Dylan -- Thanks thanks the thanks for taking the time -- now when it comes to. This whole issue of of abortion and and time limits and the rationale for that. Some states evident Tony weeks and sixes say it's evident when he four weeks what about -- late term abortions what does a loss and what is -- say about that. Well the law says no too late term meaning in the last third of pregnant. The basic idea is one of fetuses viable could live outside the moms. But the the right to abortion. In and so we've seen a lot of push. To make third trimester abortion is legal. First of instances were defeated couldn't serve where metric that always makes sense that some terrible genetic defects that sometimes don't get picked up. Until that third trimester but generally speaking losses. -- after viability. So when it comes to. The viability mean the town being able about outside of the world. It was a case handed in front of me where an infant was born a fetus they thought it was -- it was in the -- answered crying and what's the youngest that a child can leave. Guys in an incubator and and and medical ministries on -- they cases where that's happened. So basically do -- on this living is the development of the law if it can read outside the body. Did you can't be viable command usually occurs around 21 and 22. Trailing 23 weeks. Those Big Apple is where I'd say that premature each. Would that you a lot of birth -- they have a lot of problems the chance of disabilities. Very very. But the limited he is are you won't remember little. Fetuses in the -- before that point and basically breathing mostly mermaids that -- in the -- In the -- That's where they get the rocks and so loan development is fatigue. All right so as far as the ethics of Tom whether or not we're killing human being yeah because they think it goes in the charge -- -- to sign in seven months seven months of doubt that the child the fetus is viable outside of the moment. Twenty weeks or 24 weeks some states say while 24 or be close -- point where it could bomb that thought process there is. It's a woman's body politically lately the medical thought is well. This child is an extension of the mother because he couldn't live without the mother and that's how. In medicine handles as -- battling Burton. And you know the exact way did you basically. Bump in control in the pregnancies that. Developing fetus needs the bombs the way she wants to. Make it available stopped the pregnancy say before twenty weeks when he won 22 weeks. That's a different zone -- once you're into these. But -- real strong ability seven months into the pregnancy. You get -- early show a viable fetus that a 100% but which. And I had a lawyer but you deal with things like this as a medical ethicists do you think a charge of feet aside. For a woman that say ingested cocaine allegedly caused the death of the seven month old fetus is just. We'll be clear you shouldn't be using alcohol or drugs when you're pregnant period didn't story. That this. The -- excited that you two really different third parties you know somebody. Kitchen with the -- until you needed somebody. The Russian Jews and -- what he -- it wasn't quite intended to govern what happens when the mom does something bad. You might try these these sites that she took that thing. That that those pieces don't deserve protection but the reality. Very tough to win these cases -- mum though that the cocaine was gonna this definitely have to -- Betancourt. Was she so despondent when they're born differently after that she can -- -- a little bit of Bender. That's gonna have to be proved that you was competent they're really tough to enforce putting aside the politics of women that -- -- of person. Justin forcing their Camelot. I'm gonna tell topic -- jail time coming here. In terms of the illegal drug that was used I presume there are legal substances out there at night equal one of these and sure readily available that would have accomplished the same thing. Yeah and remember just to be clear we don't know which you want this lead to dire in this pregnancy she made just to sit. I'm really despairing. Portrait is now that lead in the opposite and often. As we don't have been so. I'm not presuming she wanted to be just died in which you could understand that the much. And same thing if -- abuse Michael or anything directly. Thank you doctor appreciate it to -- my pleasure.

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