WWL>Topics>>11-19 9:10am Tommy, does Common Core help or hurt?

11-19 9:10am Tommy, does Common Core help or hurt?

Nov 19, 2013|

Tommy talks to State Representative Cameron Henry and Terri Timmcke, a parent with Stop Common Core in Louisiana, about Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We get serious now talk about. Common core Arnie Duncan secretary of education says. On Friday and then it was a transcript of this and he didn't deny it it's fascinating to me. That's some of the push bag is coming from sort of white suburban moms who all of a sudden their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were. And school isn't quite as good as they thought they were and it's pretty scary. You bet your house in where you live and everything on my child's going to be prepared they can be a punch. In the gut I don't know what. Race as a do in this I don't know where they live windows that has it would it would seem to me. As political as common Corus has become that you would leave specially as secretary of education leave politics out of it and talk about. Common -- its own merits ordered talk first off with people. That are against common cooler -- we'll talk to Conrad Appel. A state senator who is for the common core standards brown Cameron Henry joins -- state representative. As well as Terry TNT. A parent with stopped common corn Louisiana -- and a -- deal more out. -- Terry let me ask you personal and Arnie Duncan's comments UA white. Suburban mom who all of a sudden realize your child isn't as brilliant as you thought they -- at the school wasn't quite as good. As you thought they -- Well you know what I think is amazing as we keep being told over and however that the federal government has not -- to do it then. So why is he even commenting are getting the ball I think that just goes to show. That said he isn't about sitting at the vested interest it passed out. You know for -- on out here we're just we're concerned about our kids' education. Control at the education and our state am and we don't want -- got to control our kids. Is -- the legacy of this. Wasn't complicated enough. Did David Jackson ride David Axelrod one of the president's advisors there and -- -- is not equipped to run a campaign used to be as chief of staff. Com. It is said that the Obama administration is taking credit for the common core standards but. Yet they say that it was developed by a governor's organizations a camera continued to any sort all ozone forming. Look at the biggest problem is that no one can sort of that and -- the biggest issue with having -- -- is that you know for the longest who told consult on on the local level. And a tremendous about a local input and it was a governors association net put all that together and then now that parents historic question. And legislate to start the question it. Did the truth is coming out and refining it. It's it's kind of gravitate more towards a product of Washington and really a product of of any about local folks. I think that obviously agree concern for every one is that you you to hold one thing. And the more questions you can ask. You that you really get the impression that people throughout this process -- have really been led all but two people on the whole as as kind of where common core state standards for the came from. And I also see that you know it was it developed by governors that under the fear of losing stimulus funds but if that's true then that's not a recurring money anyway in the nonrecurring money anyway and you'd be. In essence change in everything in the states for temporary money or am am I wrong there. Well that that's what the issue is bad news is the short term and the long term cost of this and they gained just trying to get data on what quality actual cost of it has been very difficult. I can speak for -- staff which I talked to yesterday. To try to get -- what is the cost for a Louisiana to take the park tests which detect associated with comp court and then what is the cost were taking now and is their different. And the only number we can get from our department education is that it assemble. That's it that's a big that's lately with the email says it's assemble. But went when I read this story it seemed to imply that governors were doing this Jesse get the federal money not necessarily to cover the cost of common -- was there any incentive for the governors to adopt his serve or was it based strictly on its merits. A that they absolutely federal dollar cut to on the public school level there's no doubt about that you don't implement something like this com. Just because. Everything it all on educational level was always -- type of federal funding. And even have transcripts of the governor's stance stating that this is going to be paid for by grant. For the US department education for the first two years and then in the state to pick up the cost. And again a lot of that goes almost goes back to -- it is an unfunded mandate in the locals but locals -- this is great. How to we -- you'll want to pay for the. Terry TNT -- -- -- coming -- Louisiana we've already determined that you're not a white suburban mom who wanted to sudden. Determine your child wasn't as brilliant as they thought our what is it about as a mom in these students held. On my mind -- graduated there I'm finished with college but does that. The that this is the big thing -- that will be collecting data on all of our kids from preschool up into the workforce -- that could still be crap for patients. How -- how did you come to be involved with the effort. Against common -- Actually back in twenty can't started hearing a little bit about that that's. And it just sort of got on my radar and I started reading up on it. And I think it's very un American that we would want national standards that are common and standard. For every child in every school in every state in the union and it just seems. An American to me -- the beauty of this country is that we have fifty different states. We can do fifty different banks out. That that was really -- this just doesn't sound good to me him and -- more are the more I read the more I followed it mark concern. A misguided. Program or what do you think the motive is I guess -- It's really truthfully I think it's. It's the collusion between the central government that they state government and big business. To form a public private partnership. To. Wrest control and power and money from we the people. You know why are they taking that decision away from. Parents like these these standards you know they were supposedly voluntary and what they really are copying right to me Sunday. That tell us what we have to teach our children we have to accept them a 100%. And some say that this -- the floor. But they MTA also placed at 15%. The only time that you cannot add anymore. And we have no ability to change these standards in which we have to go to Washington DC. And you know talk to and CA SEC at that. How how we couldn't do it. You know it's just -- -- controlled by bureaucrat at. It's just you know people that -- nothing else matters that we. In terms of the standards themselves anything that -- -- -- Terry or do you Cameron and Terry Agassi and go first. -- citizen so specific instances of things that. Make you think this night and help the educational process. At all and it's misguided. Well there have -- earmark more studies you know they'd they are untested and try and thousands more. We see people investigating them we're learning that it really is a lot of instances that dumbing down of our education there actually. Moving like Matt -- Cold up several years -- in -- schools on games you know Graham and standard dot deeper to that they. Educators to -- on the validation communities cities have spoke about and that can't -- has that these will make our kids. College ready. But what they really mean is that two year community college -- Not you know what upper Echelon kind of schools which is where most of -- -- for artistic. On the Louisiana has -- Cameron Henry to adopt these standards as a hands on and you can't speak to the some Catholic schools -- frank. Yeah and kept the schools the beginning of the school year. World pushing these are fairly typically since since I believe that and -- -- -- And parents have gotten much more about the I think allowed -- schools backed away from the and really -- it would deal in the material that -- that students are required to use. Gonna meet these standards and I think that that that tell. Incentive backed away from the little bit I think that cause you know may help help some of the captains will -- a little bit. With the consent mean it still calling me every day push in -- want to creep back gains in the they wanted dated Tuesday -- effective -- the tactical work. -- an -- wouldn't ask for still forward to some type of historical data that says that this is the standard what can. Again every cent that I talked to says the same thing -- not concerned about high standard and that concerned about it rigorous curriculum. When I'm concerned about it in the Q that was when he used to achieve those schools. When we got to bomb. Amien Lafayette here it is I think she has an interesting question hi Amy good morning your -- with Cameron Henry in Terry TNT. Hi that idea and new. Common core unit and history -- I bought it there at the briefing Gary Wright it shocked me with. -- changes go. Me and new. John why I was really proud edict that often. And the one. Any way. Are you willing to display it. I'll bet they'll -- right talk about day. -- Common core Paul. Well I think -- -- piece of legislation that -- I think you'll have legislation that stopped it. In the implementation completely in Louisiana I think you'll have legislation that would policy. And -- that the parts of comical -- it that. Parents feel they liked -- that some the subject matter that they feel will benefit their child. Schools will have the option to use that. And I think anything that we do we forces schools to use any type material. Is going to be a problem. -- we'll have. It is -- -- talked staff we have roughly sixteen piece of legislation being drafted. Related to comical so it will not just be one it will not just be you know -- camera and Marie -- five field. -- you have several pieces and it's a work in progress. Let me ask Amy -- quicker -- white suburban mom who all of a sudden realize you child. Wasn't as brilliant as you thought and that and all white and. And mom and I hit my. My kids actually struggling with common core that's not really my concern on their struggles -- school. As the bar been lowered with common -- your opinion. Here again weird how this and trying to get -- specific. Does that I mean for example and illegal help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No question about Kate yet I am a white suburban that I did not because. My children -- you know that hearing -- actually that it is -- I'd like hey Erik added that -- hours everyday and today is that in. And that children not as -- as well that actually -- -- my concern is much bigger issues with common -- And that's why I mean once you start Betty. Easter means the trees and it. A -- bill is not gonna do it perhaps because the big. Oddly there's more you can see everything peppering up. More that we don't like about it so. There's that many -- that view it that -- I think overwhelming for a lot of people look at it's not just about the injured about this whole Arctic -- so complicated. And so much. -- is now last 030 this -- -- -- the common court peoples say that it's -- to aiming to improve students' readiness for life after high school they say the standards. Outline grade buys your grade skills students can learn all. Though the actual lessons need to teach them -- lefty schools so is it. Do you pick in June Missouri -- -- -- colony feel like one from column B can you reject the mall how many do you have to -- and who decides this. Well ever and I guess ability on. Florida and that that's the issue that the overarching issue that win win schools were told they would have local control of the curriculum. So they went looked at all of the data Kate we actually don't have much will patrol because we have a limited amount of information we can use and yet we want the students to achieve. All of those schools no 1 on -- -- -- in America speaks everybody on the call but in the company known as opposed to students achieving those goals. But. We we have to cuddle have a better blueprint for both teachers and parents. To be comfortable. With what's going on the classroom in which is not there right now without cause. And and Amy Lafayette hill Laura. Tom do you think there's anything to be said that common core we can you do the changing nature of technology and and society in general would prepare a child more than current curriculum water standards. You know I think tech technology computers are -- that we definitely wanna use but it's concerned these that they seem to be moving towards. And model where the computer will replace the teacher in class program. They're going to be -- a lot of our students' personal information and plugging it into it database which is also part of that. And you know in Louisiana we've already seen. Art Department of Education released personal information student Social Security numbers -- all of our students the third party though. That's another piece of legislation we need very strong protections for our personal information for students teachers and things might. Gerri appreciate your time Terry Tim keep parent was stopped common -- Louisiana Cameron Henry -- state representative.

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