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11-19 9:45am Tommy, is Common Core helping or hurting

Nov 19, 2013|

Tommy talks to State Senator Conrad Appel about Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy tie records have WL talking about common core and a text. Problems they school should be strict if your kid falls behind and they are not as bright as others is a problem with our society today. Not everybody deserves the trophy we also need people to work for minimum wage. And then nurses and reiterated his leg it is I have a child in second grade and me in another parent was talking and I'm not sure if this is true. I was sold that and maps via a question wrong but -- you've got the answer. They gave credit which brings us state senator Conrad a -- more answer. More right well thanks for taking the time when this when it comes succumbing -- like that text ideas dread. Is airline today in misinformation is -- is there are a lot of my opinion it's based on rumor and hearsay. Absolutely I think that's biggest debate probably have. Is. But that the information. For instance you were talking about a while ago. About the funding and out of funding streams and now on the new US civil. Yet it has very good question you asked them. Lipton that one time money well I would states jumped on board discipline we didn't want some money in the simple answer is because there was no money -- states decided to get together through the governor's. To create common course standards. Many years ago he was adopted freely about the state of Louisiana after intensive. Discussions and abused by different. Bodies of people that are in the education -- And it was propagated. Three years ago and we've had this in place for years. Why the opposition new politics scandal tangled up in this because I've seen things. Where people are saying as the Obama care of education. Well I've seen that too and it's sad because this is not a federal program in Louisiana it was adopted by Louisiana. Voted on by the legislature piece of legislation in that 2010. And an -- say it was put in place by the states that the board which is in mostly elected board. The reason it was put in place is very simple the number 49. That -- rank in the country. As far as educational outcomes we -- 49. We have to do something to get ourselves out of the gutter. And so the idea that we can go back to the good old days when when everything was fine and easy and -- to network or. Doesn't cut it anymore this is the 21 century. This -- addressed at all and something else I said you know if you think. That had no disrespect elated at cult and curse of writing is necessarily that important of that. The 21 century or more. Babies the old way of doing things ask parents aren't trying to ask in my own clumsy just how important is it that you change that to get. You can't you do what you're doing in 1950 years six years seven even because -- world is rapidly changing. When you and I want to school at least for colleges couple we learned the man for instance by memorization strictly memorization. The teacher -- passed. It right on the nose. What we're expecting our kids into the future is understand why things work applied mathematics problems can be done. In different ways he's not just two and two news for and so forth and so. Yes we have to move forward yes we have to keep computers in every classroom because we're not going back to the days when -- -- didn't. It's computers are kids my kids. Probably don't even know -- pencil looks like always you. -- Ridnour I don't mean in Iraq to -- her doctor's office yesterday and I know there's anecdotal with my daughter. And it was a kid their two years old. Common through an iPhone like a lot of adults can't do and that that just. Timmy said everything about this where it's not like it used to be. Well that's exactly right. Say Louisiana has been extraordinarily successful the last -- attracting major industry. But we have a giant problem we don't have an educated work force we need 89000. Trying technically trained folks. To work in those industries -- you know we're gonna have to do have to recruit outside overstate. And now changing the common course into the solve that problem today this is a generational problem. We take in general regions to work our way to the bottom of the list. I mean we're in competition in Mississippi for the last place like that. I don't know what else to say. One thing that that does confuse me and -- I don't uneasiness at all hollow. Some people and say it comes the curriculum down other people are saying it's it's hard to -- How you I mean is that because everybody's looking and it from their personal. Micro perspective was -- about how it affects my child. Well they are in and it's important to. The statements that -- this so don't get me in Washington thank god we are not tied to the federal government. That was stupid. It is moms dads are probably white suburban day -- black and in this matter yes but do. In the simple fact is I expect my kids to perform at a level it's better that I did because that's what parents want they want their kids to succeed. And the only way they can succeed is really -- education and that's what's so important but the. Our -- was so much opposition do isn't because people are resistant to change of any type visit as the caller says it. It's unproven and they figure their kids only have one chance -- do the educational system. Well I'm not sure I think there's there's a whole bunch of different doubles is primarily political deal there's some obvious political some of its a lot of it's just. Moms and dads that are concerned about change. I don't blame them I think they should be concerned about change. I think there's a there's a lot of ramifications of what's going on here it's you you can't point fingers tonight. So what happens from here I mean it's the law right NA is there going to be a much of a challenge against him. There's going to be some bills. The best -- board that meets accommodations few weeks ago. For instance the -- the issue about two. They've gone to an anonymous. Way of recording data so that cannot be traced to an individual child that bad decision couple weeks ago -- -- recent announcements this week. Dealing with the implementation which will address these issues with the teachers in the principles so it was at. So we're we're we're making adjustments. Based upon information that would -- -- I think they're good adjustments. And global sport from here but -- just in the law away at the three years now so I doubt scissors. And go back to -- which -- go back to 4090. I hear is thank you for not taking the times -- senator Conrad -- Okay thank you.

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