WWL>Topics>>11-19-13 10:35am Garland: on Louisiana's wetlands

11-19-13 10:35am Garland: on Louisiana's wetlands

Nov 19, 2013|

Garland talks with Garret Graves of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority about whether the levee authority should sue the oil companies over wetlands protection.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- about lawsuits and lawsuits in particular against. Large number of oil companies. Accused of turning up the wetlands. Accuse. Operating under permits that required. They've replenish water brigade affected in the wet and when the -- in Portland. And claimed that they did not news or and that what the lawsuits very simplistic later based on. We're talking about one from the southeast Louisiana flood protection authorities. That would choose or leaned in for me or the ones that protect us. They're filing a lawsuit now reduced that through talking to lawyer. For germs and and pluck and spares they all -- -- Bodily lawsuits. In the Mahan who's kind of right the middle of the is Garrett grave Sherman -- protection registration authority. Executive assistant the governor for coastal activity Jordan's lautner and appreciated that time. The immigrant tortured take -- all this so from from things I read in the media. Some of these views seems to think that because Blackman in terms and represents elected officials. You when the governor aren't. That concerned about the lawsuit but when it comes to the Levy board -- and unlike. In foods and your programs that are secure votes. Where were those where the statement. The world and that you have to support this. So that and let's look at that we operate silently lubricant and didn't have that it's. Room and received the permits them to. This equipment into the -- the -- was it past them that. -- natural resources to rigorously drilled through those permits and and ensure that troops are. The lights are so that the from its compliance it would be to be 22 we do to force. I don't know that we need to bring some. Of our. But it's and the -- because the person. -- -- state law. Two. Two in the worst. Those two questions and so it took the first instance there's a note note that those that. -- Just distinguishing. It. From the flood -- lawsuit. -- split. Under state law to report that -- prove -- And and that includes. Our compliance would permit conditions so so the student and the that that option which it is incredibly inaccurate I'm the dark room happening still being. I was sitting. There -- hundreds of those -- commissions across the state of Louisiana. And these two of them and then. Return to attempting to exercise. -- in Brooklyn and each one -- just wondering. Why did as governor. Agency and so. You know that that -- -- We. First person compliance with the conditions different to comply. It's what you need to go -- to -- its way into a much -- and complicated issues -- -- -- also need to be addressed. Our Olympic quick break -- would come back -- as soon we can. You're about to go lawsuits against oil companies vote one levee board to perish as Garret graves with this. -- -- because protection and restoration authority government. Right quickly gripping the -- lawsuit filed against oil company is four. Alleged. Tearing up the wetlands and not pleasing that. When they did what did it look and Garrett -- this. Chairman of the language and coastal protection -- rouge and authority. Gary correctly forum wrong and a thinker Jews. -- lawsuits. Take a look at it is and and convince the state. To force the companies to. Abide by their permits if there out of compliance news is that. The -- in game you're looking for a on this through the end game you think is fair game. Well in England. And that look at this from lack of respect which would you need to look at that issue. Under a microscope says that the problems and -- Them. Back -- which. Yeah most obviously partly in 90% of the consulate and watch the movies that. -- children to the corps of engineers. You huge implications right now but it shouldn't -- -- Implications structures as I was beaten. Thank you so -- as -- need to be addressed that. I would consider requirements and implications. -- an attack groups and senator but I had beaten him potentially as a it's up. And apparently didn't step on science and then again. The bachelor -- and it's great to discredit first or do you go to that extension course. Architect Ers. -- and I play and Christian group attack first but can -- currently trying to work. I look we're discrete efforts such. Group situations. Were certain entities should try to respect. But she's that that story and it's sort of compliance doesn't absolutely and. -- and Brad Garrett. That support -- don't quite understand. -- -- civil war hero per jumps and end apply opens perished. And -- bread from Louisiana administrative code do the oil companies agreed mineral exploration production sides should be cleared re vegetation detox abroad. Otherwise restored as practicable to their original condition upon termination of operations for the -- to -- -- practical. And he's seven. They had filed a motion to Coco. Where they judge. Who ports oil companies to turn over their computer data from the 1930s. And -- found hundreds and thousands. Of violations of these permits. How -- making sure they do comply after they don't comply. It -- how was that important verses. We've got to get 5200. Billion dollars with the superior to survive. And I've never had one expert on the show. Tell me where that -- come. Parents -- together about two hours. Six -- to realize and that's in there actually with that in Switzerland. In document it was an effort. I'm I'm concerned and it's to put that you can we don't beat it and 100 dollars more complacent. About four weeks. Different sources. It took to collect their children and those dollars. But that would. That at an average three dollars a year the match went out and twelve billion dollars a year in terms of its implementation. That to heart -- scenario. It's important so -- -- that your. Which and in the electric outlet programs in their hours. -- -- There but the -- -- And that. That can go out so so -- as well -- to which whenever. You've. Put some distance -- -- -- Libya's first issue of the lawsuit or -- vendors and the lawsuit in the week ago. -- to get us to know how the state did or didn't imports from regulations. And also. Where the -- Where in the statute is to give the paris' right to enforce other than in court. But -- The should about the results were concerned. Then that -- And at first it would have written a letter path -- resolution and that -- room. To determine that can't speak to the reports that orbits an and so that -- natural resources. This used outlook and right now to -- government support -- Red -- in Jerusalem and that. The first and you pick. Them as opposed to him and well actually it's been. So that the problem. That we at the -- aren't sure where it should. Straights and and and protection that shouldn't. But with the environment you -- here and so you know it's just an example of a powerful. To have that we have to think it's that important. Little. Let me squeeze in more more cores and four runner -- time. Bits of auto Morgan says. Gambit. Claimed this week that we need a hundred. In due to build. Those that come on the show from all over the country and experts from all over the world. Both receive fifty billion they say you can at a BP you can have a judicial -- -- it. You can add up whatever we don't have the money are you telling me that we doom. And if we don't where are we gonna get the money and isn't this of all of college. Didn't you for us to pursue and if the law was broken. You know and the rest of them good food I don't know that it actually energy programs you have to -- look at the authorized. Senator objects -- you can easily get into the chamber of billion dollars very easily. Get into the attempted that and the dollars certainly add up the resources. And -- if you -- suggest that that. Were ridiculous and yet at least when we might I don't I don't think that's the right -- -- has a problem. Patent -- who was to sit in an attempt to try and liquid. The. Court and not say -- -- if it's not true until we're getting reports that the law was broken. And and their report. We should pursue getting revenues that for our survival. But I think -- and -- hearing about from view and we've got the money. I am hearing that brawl. I'm just and but ultimately the most aggressive as. -- which I am it's it will shorten the judgment that that -- and little else and so. -- will include that with the problems Abuja. Two. So you billions hours. That I am not support a little too late -- and that the attempt to realize that in front. How much of this -- -- probably in the next ten to seven years yes I think it would -- -- the hours contingent upon DP government and yeah and it was church idea and that's what the brewers. But if we guys on several billion dollars in the future to the movement to stop -- they didn't. We shouldn't and troops accountable repentant and it and it was absolutely. She continued. Like two dollars and it didn't states it -- we should continue to talk to them accountable. Garrett look this is so obviously you content -- soon and very complicated issue. A really do appreciate it time give his love to get back again. Because we're gonna continue to follow this story so -- importance to all of -- I appreciate caller. Yeah. I'll be welcome back.