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11-19-13 12:35pm Garland: on the judicial system and the poor

Nov 19, 2013|

Garland talks with Lauren-Brooke Eisen of the Brennan Centre's Justice Center about whether it's impossible for poor people to overcome heavy fines and extricate themselves from the judicial system.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where -- think about something that. A lot of people calling there are new debtor's prison here in the united says it's. She called it judicial corrections services -- yeah it's. I stumbled on this rooting -- economists feel and I'm. And it was an article about an album a calmer a coupled they're driving with the expired license. And -- -- -- and a 150 books they couldn't four days so they were placed on probation. Under the supervision. Of judicial correction services. Which is charged with getting their money -- And one of the things they did was towards them or five dollars monthly. Service -- So the couldn't afford the ticket and the couldn't afford the -- history. So this story -- policeman -- them in the home threaten them with a -- told them their children would be placed in state care took him to prison. And they were released only to win. Neighbors and friends got together and got 900 books and government. Number of them so I thought it's and interesting anecdote and doesn't releasing there. And I'm not sure enough to do your show on the and I read this. American Civil Liberties Union is COU -- these simple lines get rid of this covered in parts. Of the operating budget of Orleans parish criminal court in Asia so juxtaposed. The example being Alabama couple here. And we need to knows. In enough numbers. Of Poland and two thirds overall operating budget. And one of the studies are wrote about was -- -- -- and report justice it's a law and public policy institute. And lucky enough we have Lauren broke eyes and counsel for the Brentson show -- sooner. -- welcomed the -- appreciated time. Thank you so much -- had a having me on. 11 of the things that that surprised me because a believer in not in in the content with privacy both sides of everything. I'm gonna solve the JC guests. Overseas. Getting money from the -- people. And without Jaycee has only about 30% comply with their services 70%. Complies. They offer their services at no -- cost of the taxpayers. A thought well. Maybe there's an argument there are bought. And tell me upon reading this wrong your job losses sooner. Found at least thirteen -- fifteen states with the largest prison populations at Louisiana preacher. Allowed probation to be extended beyond. That -- judicially imposed terms. Nonpayment. Of criminal justice debt. So. There are actually violating the laws are they not with some of these actions. Come back and very interesting question and actually you know land line on this -- that was profiled in the pattern and added. Studied criminal justice at a barrier Q reentry. On and it's very continent nor did it occurred in states. That we're not profile and the -- and understanding as loud and frequent me. Individuals he Grammy party and half there original probation sentence because. Is he having heat Japan. There. -- gap which can be beat their fines or restitution and or that they can see their other practice he's our nanny. And -- -- -- times -- and -- period of Propecia. -- activists peace can pull it. Aren't that -- photographers Craig won't come again more detailed we're talking galore and Brooke doesn't count for the president's -- justice sooner. We're gonna come back and and talk about something that certainly looks like. The news debtor's prison here in the United States governor bill -- seven immoral by three. Well we him. Have heard governor of your approach to drug -- opinion poll where governor and the question this hour is. You think debtor's prison with a lot of people can't pay your bills still exists. 58% of you say no when I was -- that number to book or read the article in the economist called and you debtors prisons. And there Tuesday. Super busy every year the organization called judicial corrections services. And basically wanted dollars and is poor people we campaigned upon and like driving with the expired license and they -- going charge from a monthly pre. And then try to proportion to pay the money and I became more intrusive and when I've found out that. These values in Poland covered two thirds of our operating budget and New Orleans parish criminal court in Louisiana. So it certainly looks like builders prison if report and you can reported you're gonna have more please put on news room. And Andrew Gordon. The Brennan Center report Johnson's long public policy institute. Was mentioned in a number of these articles and we have via counsel for the -- with the floor and broke Eisen. Lauren. One of the articles -- -- says your sooner. Found that none of the European American states with the largest prison populations from that collection please. On remodeled -- is which were often payable to private firms. But also look to them. Supreme Court ruling 1983. Double poor record jailed someone propelling the -- and repeat it must -- That his failure to -- was willful. And that he could have paid but chose not to. Do you find that that the Supreme Court ruling is being. Honored. An academic question and you know what happened is unfortunately -- -- -- title and now I'm concerned named. And -- someone in -- I at all on her the show and say for not paying their -- and EU's. Com. They have -- know. Remote slaughter and another reason to limit at the other track pack lacks. Committed and -- you know usually very not technical violation and while on probation from Rolf. And then what happened did that judgment be a -- or not Iran and yet he signed -- peace and you know and I mean he -- like -- that and in court in front of the jets. But in Adidas and not matching the fines and he's a lot of times needs. Eat that and and order these individuals well map pack and NJ now on the Disney reportedly about extending probation terms. And unfortunately it -- and -- -- packet across the country can expand and be in terms when individuals have not heed their their heat and find. And you know it's it's very flat and up and Chad -- the -- The financial part and have criminal offense that. Really fault current context Stanley cup of a lot of these individuals and the Stanley is going to be there people are unable to channel. Confident that the Stanley. A lot of these individuals are not -- our pocket PC. All right colonel monolith throwing -- one of our listeners David Cameron road David Euro on with the lower an approach of David with the we lost an arm and laurel and if of this. You have. This. Organization judicial correction services. If this is is so needed. When you when I've read about. These decisions all across the country. A read about counties and parishes. Paying more for this service. Then they get. From the money they eventually get from the port. Does this benefit costs through to have this. Probation supervision by a GSC. I'm -- yeah. That isn't. He's all cracked the trench need right man I'm not -- familiar -- it just. When you have that is the case you mean that causes more. You have and that a lot of Friday companies -- -- and need and that are missing -- court. Keep me -- -- nineteen. And and what eight he went there basically collection agencies and -- you look at that meat section and was at a cost a lot far in. Trying collect that back. And the county actually receding and -- frequently. Currently -- In me in jail that once they leave jail lot and it needs an -- find that evening could -- -- that -- for a lot as well and now. On -- and -- practically heated state programs. And what happens it you know all of the data passionate but at that jail rare me -- Where he received. Much of the money back and that is owed to act and it's usually -- -- and as he'll collect money on the individuals. And that actually receiving and return. So that -- we -- some of our text from our listeners that say or boo -- and basically they don't understand that it's costing them a lot of money and. It's not kids fiscal policy. And -- -- it it doesn't make sense and that the fact that it's true that it's an effective way to collector ravaged town. On a lot of Indonesia and a lot of politicians -- back and techniques and our policy meat and Glover really hasn't he like it had been app addiction much -- -- -- -- beats me on. There's no actually. Men are not go to mama a lot of people have their lives and groups and civil what did you do with the people that you didn't. Have a license to played their car aboard. You can't do political what do you do to. Alternate and others and find would be -- for example a lot of heat have. And it's stat sheets that permit judges you. -- you're allowed dependency performed in the ethernet and we're playing fine and he. I'm the president and has issued a couple of report. Indicate that community service and -- -- and he makes a lot of parents because me. That and then higher paying back their debt as society. Term. However there. Thank you very much of this attack against that. And I hear and Orleans parish the report says. Courts routinely offered dependent tours of thirty years in prison hundred dollar upon you move the city had to pay the pair share of 22 dollars. Heard a preacher and mated sentiments. In the federal appellate court for the circuit that includes Louisiana. Found that such fine or time sentences or illegal sort of violating -- -- Brooklyn court rules and local restaurant. We'll get familiar and not put this situation in the meaning and content. And unfortunately each spring and he's a -- on. They're very content across -- -- Cheney. And -- A lot -- -- are speaking out very similar problems and more and mark me well hopefully he carried in this -- smartheat mean. When he -- to treat their descendants. And fines and even out of that jail time. However unfortunately it isn't there a common practice. Lauren -- -- understand a little bit better appreciate the time very much organized it. Double bill big exhibiting AM and 53 up.