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11-19 4:10PM Deke, Bad call on Monday Night Football

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They -- -- -- to a special edition of sports talk a Tuesday night. Course like crown All Saints players who have hooters because the Saints will be traveling tomorrow -- getting -- take on Falcons Thursday night right there on stage radio. If you don't hear a -- the key to today's program Christie -- Saints have a report will lead us off. It -- today's practice report to her ball went on in the laster part replaced on I'm on it out for the season. Our QB QB takes place tonight -- obviously it must have been the Saints quarterback it Drew Brees. Drew Brees at seventeen it prior to that it is All Saints with Isa Abdul pay -- Saints safety and special teams ace for the black and gold talk about. The Saints six and -- perfect record at home and 82 overall record for the next. Three games have very often think about to have him on the road. And in the year Carolina Panthers that's a tough when you talk about with the Saints have left and looking at this schedule now. The black and gold six or go home to a two owner rule. Four of the last six -- on the grew into this and Atlanta and that big Monday night showdown with Seattle. Well it's beacon of last night's game we talk about that too as well controversial call at the end of the game will be -- take on that also. The LSU Tigers or a four point favorite over the Texas a and M yankees at what point Osaka -- in the and I to a four point favorite over Texas the -- Now in the Johnny -- there era. The two times he's been hail to the least amount points. Well last year seventeen points in a loss to Florida in nineteen points in a loss to LSU that's the lowest total. He has -- it as a starting college football quarterback. Will it come down a in this game maybe defense you go back and you look at Auburn and Texas Stadium you go back and look at Georgia. In LSU all that offense for a full 41 point 54118. Down the stretch which the -- to step up and make -- play. Anthony's defense is here. Even if the book on C which want the nickel plate because they're both. Not where they would like to be in maybe a -- -- you often to stop me how often do you see a solid sound. He fits a team -- -- high powered offense. It's it's it is best that now when the goal in college football is -- it 77. In fact eight events of school taught you that he snaps a game. I mean you put your defense back after a quick quick quick. I mean over a course that is the greatest players in the world but you've got to be worn down. So we'll talk about LSU and Texas seen him a welcome to talk to tinian Saturday two home games this for the by keeping with 8 -- and in. Next Friday at -- -- console and the final regular season game for those who is very important the next two games the Tigers. Where they local bullet. Because right now you -- in the west. I would Ole miss and phobias what are knocked off Missouri Saturday that would really boost his status of talk about the one affordable. At worst particularly peach bowl but that's going to arise this status and they got good good standing in the Cotton Bowl -- -- -- -- -- -- voted or if fans. And they played well. Let the big one this -- we talk about shaping up if not likely destinations. Next few minutes with Freeport. That's which is due to look at it that's where you -- -- veto but fourth fifth sixth overall. -- division on winning the conference also will. David auction former NFL quarterback color analyst for the Atlanta Falcons radio network who all these Atlanta Falcons. They were thirteen in three. They were the number one seed at a conference a year ago and dominant at home. This is by far the worst home slate -- and it meant grad Mike Smith -- five games at home so fought to a three. 05 owner wrote last week they fell behind against him may 24 three and 386. And one point. Modest three turnovers and a pick six. Who audience and a foul do they have enough off and him on the surface looks like to give up -- It'll roll over and quit. But this is the Saints at the Falcons. And these two teams know each I guess on a short week that's part of the loss. Thought both teams is that -- for -- is a divisional foe. So look at the latest on David -- who's been with the thought with every step of the way and seen his teams fold up its state what is unfolded. This these idiots Isa Abdul cadence who has won a bit meaning names that came with the camps every -- back. We've gone like or how -- -- -- -- pain and now we know -- he makes plays. Guys like camp -- bush if you go back to a Vietnam got you know seven. Beat out a fourth round pick and Antonio Pittman this is the land of opportunity. For players. Because as coach Payton like to say they go with a right 53 at the talent you thought it right feet three and it meant for. A few seasons now with the black and go but -- conversation with Drew Brees at the 7 o'clock hour. -- As the highest ranked team in the state this season winning their first conference championship in fifty to use. -- -- course now we're at the -- -- palace on Saturday afternoon in the southeast and now ranked 88 team in the country is two weeks ago. They were 24 they climbed fourteen spots. And they host nickel state. Thursday night the -- -- classic at the end you'll find out what their playoffs on and what's troubling is when you -- he wanted to polls southeast -- who beat their -- down. Is the right behind it needs so when it solves. Shaken out SE it should be the school that holds on only beat who's who's in the subway. -- but certainly they should be accomplished and so a lot of a lot of knowledge about their program the last do you think about a third round draft pick and Robert offer that with the Falcons. So it's if they aren't as hot. Byron Scott Hannan four Lions football it's a great story to follow. As we see it going to last week. In at the eleventh college football programs in Louisiana for. Which into the -- conferences to already had some authority wanted division SE authority won their conference. Two innings to the last four conference USA Louisiana College can feel with Davis and -- the -- can't win the son bill that would be five teams in the state. With a conference or division championship. And hotbed of prep recruiting in prep football. I think it's something that we have talked about how well a lot more with Alicia at the big dog in his state but that's a good football. A lot of the programs in Louisiana Grambling is the only program. That was well below 500 this season of course that they've been through an awful lot. And today's pretty jaguar opinion polls he's been a staple in the Saints secondary. Since he came. -- from Buffalo as a saint sent. How big a blow is -- -- that Jabari Greer. The Saints defense you tell -- to 601878668890. -- and try to get that actual sound from Monday Night Football for you. -- last -- called if you happen to see. -- into the game. Hear a lot of go down for a great drastic at point 41 in the over New England. Now that makes a team ethical all the way down through the -- that you know what's going and has no chance of like talking the other day you know point 320. You miss it go to overtime banned at one point off that -- it full points. You're going to lose it so New England had the ball. Going downfield at the end of the game the officials throw a flame. It can't pick it up. No explanation now I think that's why a lot of he would sit Tom Brady. The affiliates that verbally -- -- -- out of the -- I've ever seen him operate these official while the facilities. But walking fans close to him. Asked him what went -- And it there was no explanation. At the very least from my vantage point it should have been holed. And they should have moved the ball with him the up and given. Doing in and attack them. What should take 2601878668890. Rates and. Audiences know Carolina. On second down couldn't move. It's not news it's. Likely thrown. Their confidence up. The end zone by Carolina and growing up my run who -- -- little -- has been thrown at. In the middle of the end zone where there was old plains of congestion this is going to be exiting as to whether or not it's on the pitchers looks like it's on the pitcher. -- -- all the no line and it's warm and it's. My fifth consecutive week with a pair of -- took. Golf -- won't go into. And Carolina wins in his sixth consecutive game but then go to Scotland. And the Patriots lose it in Charlotte tonight what uniform or not pointing him out. Ruler. And that was last night Monday Night Football call was -- won here on WWR radio. An interesting down the stretch if you had to see typically. Gronkowski was hailed. There was a flag thrown in the official as you -- he picked up the flag I think if there would have been an explanation and I think it all sometimes we we have a a bottle only knee jerk reaction which is Yeltsin. In new England's youth that. If that work the Saints and I think you'd look at to -- the phone. Eight if gronkowski was not -- How much closer to the ball would he had been in any ability in the pace of -- call. And beat you if you throw play what are you sort of flagged for -- picking -- say it is not not on a -- -- -- the ball. So I ate at the very least efficient drop the ball by not -- an explanation. That's that was that was -- -- I came away with which it takes its go to jail on I want to thank you calling WW. You know I didn't actually see the players -- -- watched it on here here and well you charged today. Yeah it's it's hard to -- but the ball a slow motion replay. Well no secret that ball if it's not that you Bolden Vicky -- spirit got. So you didn't you didn't see you didn't see in Rio it is not odd to concede in real time. I I'm not sure picture will not -- what just what -- that you -- all of it all in my explanation was -- thing. Because it would -- inner structure in there and the church there. He thought about that thing was saying that all -- triple -- don't get me wrong I watched it picture a lot while doing little problem lap record. -- -- a little bit breathing -- -- Peter got through it could be ought to try to be. You think is stay at it like you said hey everybody. Gave an explanation but the officials they -- -- deeper explanation last night mean if you throw a play -- -- you throwing it for. If you pick it up to say that you know the ball wasn't my point is that. If if they have -- gronkowski. He continues his route deepening and zone how much -- is he doesn't -- we -- about Tom Brady and they would come I got me go back to look at their body through gives us. I mean he's you know -- he could throw the ball to the small wonder that's. Ask don't want to I just like I could barely. It's an citadel holding call and he should have been a wanna cut and wanna come down from that but. You know it what now move forward. What comes up in the fall out of this. You know Tom Brady looked at and I say it is that'll be like you know -- at -- He would -- the official. But I mean he was close to have you walk outside assigned there close to -- but he was he was a frustrated so. As -- literacy the league -- on that because it was it was profanity used in the league doesn't act on net and that's wrong they -- It's your body on my team I keep calling at Uga -- Yeah I'll. Yeah in my comment on that outlaws in a lot on TV. And it it did did he ran up there and hurt them out. And and now they got bombed in just couldn't stop Brady can't get. On. Well I think I think we do have to do yet let's wait a little while wait let's wait and see -- -- he about mid week. It is not if they don't sign that you yeah absolutely right but I mean they they got a -- coming they would anybody else. Yeah Kenny joke -- and go out there and didn't sit around parade they've gone right up top. Yeah now. But otherwise it would. Whether -- there there's a proud as a -- I don't necessarily I don't necessarily stated they find them right off the top because now that you go back and look at. They're reviewing the hit it happened in the Sundays game on Drew Brees so. You know that's let's wait and see but I would say that you know with the idea. Would like soccer official caught kind of -- with the costing caught output that. Aside boy if they do not -- Tom Brady and that's that's completely wrong these games up in nuclear. Young people watch it. Well I know weren't friendly words you the saint last night and it was -- through the field the moment you face in his daily. That's what I got -- cooled off the year after the game -- don't have wanted to walk off the field though they got it to fifteen minute locker room cooled off the year. Before that it can be eaten. -- and not only not -- Ryan mallet to me he was right it didn't move the backup quarterback though or Arkansas quarterback in -- let them have a two. Back to the -- fall to go to school to Gary on line three Gary thank you for calling that you get yeah. -- a play -- last night and you know we talking about it he threw that pass the pampered and carpet probably 32 yard. In the end -- And you put going to be right there and one yard off the back line -- in the lead back on the -- only ten yards. If you take to get out. Can't put them to step the -- -- Unique in the vicinity of that ball not to mention -- he noted he tied ball would try to catch it a little path like that. You know it's been taken out of those seven yards. Don't -- -- and let. I would alternate. You know. I don't agree actually -- that's why I say it's safe call they would have been holding yeah we're. All. -- OK yeah thank you very much present and you pass -- about last night's Monday Night Football game between the Panthers and the New England Patriots in which the Patriots failed to 44 point two Carolina. And a controversial -- to the game analytical look at what. Johnny has done point 26 loss to Arizona it's an open but if you can't that would closely for a week -- this season. It had some bad breaks that we don't a six game point streak a lot of things go your way. But against Seattle when they lose twelve to seven the first game of the season did privately he -- the Williams get a ball a third sixteen he gets out today in your -- fumble. And and they lose twelve to seven. The following week there at Buffalo they like they've got the game one they call looked -- full pass interference in Buffalo eating Emanuel throws a touchdown pass. Is the final play on the second to the last play of the game so there's evidence three. But you know they -- a bit better directly indicate. They've won six straight games have been doing it with defense it a lot that's -- lost fitness and -- you know hate it would be because anybody because of the popularity. Cam -- Is a you don't start obviously. He had a tremendous. Year and offered -- Without question. He's not the first doing you'll be the last but what's Austin news is that all this hype about this game gonna do is -- Was about Tom Brady rarely -- on the golf which is true he's two and three point underdog last night. Ain't cam Cam Newton can't he do all the big state you know -- society everybody you know analyst -- make it to the draft. Sports analysts look -- the plot holes. Flat everything wrong to the -- want good things in and out think him all night all in all we can't at all. I'm driving home Sunday night at our game at all you hear isn't Kenny doing a big states. Well what's who also is a thirteen play 83 yard drive in its when he optimistic the again. -- -- -- It's more about Tom Brady get to call his way to a -- -- is down is that goes for it. Carolina -- New England. And they -- right now you look what they've gotten it in front of them. Only -- polity BP the ticket AFC south race. -- at everything -- found out of nobody everything from new parts of the one of the top two seeds in this conference there's a lot of football -- to be playing -- you don't win six games in this league in a row. And not be good that they're real good. Like that the whole post game -- beat them -- you know with a bad call I agree with. Can't do you -- -- -- they -- out of -- Scola get him to read it. Saints that I reporter Christie Garrett told them forget backed all the calls uncovered nuclear have a lot of have all called the rest -- -- to hear from you you've got the past about this it looked crisp and it would help us -- -- Had doing and want the ball. Yeah I -- -- rheumatism. And listen to your assessment of the Carolina Panthers that's a scary team now the and that's a really scary team because of the fact that they. Can do defensively in the way Cam Newton is not come into zone here. And really comfortable running an offense Steve Smith looks like he. He's he just doesn't doesn't -- he's playing as well as network can't do it layers I can thank game Christian man man strapped. Was almost scary -- dangerous to me. It when he put up almost big numbers as a repeat you saw him eat it as -- -- could compensate. About. Got it there was -- was if he doesn't they held his books. He's able patient back -- be looking to make some big throws at Colorado beat beat draft but he's taken his spot when he does have the run the that's what makes it's scary it was one. We got outside the pocket made about four guys miss and turn the corner got a feel for. What about a thirty yard gain so but he's much much more patient passer now -- he knew he was earlier in his career racism. It's going to be fun to watch -- FC south race shake out with two men matchups left. With the Carolina Panthers the -- We'll get to let's think back to support a light practice today looked like Nolan Thursday night's game with the Falcons here's an opening statement coach Sean -- following. Practice this the schedules. Obviously a little different. Just with regards to a Thursday game. Kind of combine and a couple elements practice you know we're we got a lot of our base. Done that day in England also. Our nickel on third down. Who stayed out of pads in. You know the key is just that balance of meeting room and film study and then you get yourself on the field so. Be very similar schedule tomorrow. And then now we'll traveled more PM. Only two players held out of practice went back Darren Sproles list with a knee and ankle injury and offensive lineman Jahri Evans also listed with an ankle injury -- provides an update. On the saints' injury situation with defensive back or career he's going to reserve injured. We signed cornerback. Traveling wade teary BI and wade. You'll be in Jersey number thirty and linebacker Victor Butler back on the practice field -- Butler suffering. An ACL injury during the offseason here's coach company -- might have picked Duke Butler in remains on PUP but returns to practice in. Basically we have 21 days -- Victor. With regards to making a decision to activating him or not. And Apollo was on injured reserve with the opportunity to recall him of course or something to say there there 21 days to make a decision whether that had him. To the active roster or continue to. Put them on season ending injured reserve. It's always a one position kind of game of the Saints and Falcons -- With regards to. This series then he'll mention this in the team meeting you can really just go back. Through the last 678 years then. Yeah every one of these games seems to come down to a one possession -- game. Regardless of how one team is doing. Or how the other team is doing that's been really consistent. And despite the Falcons to a record Payton expects another tough on Thursday -- it's tough place to play. They've been very good at home. But going back to the the first game of the year. I think that you're going comes out of training camp looking forward to the start of the season and not. That game was no different than what I just said it you know came down to us. The last possession and it just seems like he's you know it's hard -- even. You know here for me you know seventh season you're a Qatar three to reference every one of the games like a lot of times I normally can because that just. They seem do. He played in a lot of a lot of ways very similarly in that they they end up with a fourth down. They end up with a field goal away or. And you know that's what makes it exciting. -- so much discussion today about Ahmad Brooks and his hit. On Drew -- on Sunday personal foul call Ray Lewis thing. He would pay him Brooks is fine from the NFL former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi today -- -- -- Brees needs to get tougher well. -- was asked about those comments earlier today. I I I seventeen their talents and effort that they come on -- I assume there's by defense players who would disagree. No I mean it is -- they -- there's there's I don't think there's anything malicious about it -- think anything was intentional about it. I think anybody that's watched in the evening real. You know -- speed. Who knows -- -- -- that -- tell me now and slow down you know it looks like he he hits me here you know which kind of chest. But I give my mouth was bleeding so. I don't know if you did it just in the mouth was. Radio city you're working there. There's a few bigger the big -- -- -- -- He's in Melbourne is behind them. That's. I heard something about. Well it could be made a lot of other things like your -- six starts there but. I'm not complaining this case to -- six foot. Saints and Falcons Thursday night right here on Saints radio -- are from saint -- back to the -- for more sports talk to matter. You know Chris you may look I think it and a tackle back into you there's a lot. I say you know cautious at a bravado OK I think we all agree that that quarterbacks and how profile quarterbacks in this league on our heels. To a different light. That even maybe it did not so hot quarterbacks. We've seen -- if frustrate our defense attacks that we -- we did you know last but we thought we we had good clean hits our quarterback. -- -- But I mean for a particular got into a -- aquarium but Drew Brees -- competed notifying him. When we spoke to do what we thought oh no no thank you rip will take off or no you don't take -- call. Yeah economy if it is it's some of the things -- -- it look I understand it but that's the game and local. The team is -- changed completely. The day you know it means. That they of vote knocking quarterbacks like they used to it. Its -- albeit it's only go get. If -- say more protective Christian is not although any other way. And the alternate I think even that wasn't the reason -- It sure he has that Michael Jordan -- Deal where are Joseph Montana kind of deal where he hits -- the calls that are on -- border on the front but. Have to keep on and any other quarterback that is not have. Drew Brees is the status as far as you know superstar. And likely get that call if you look at it -- you know. One of those officials close to say oh drew had adopted and one going to be a penalty -- me it's way too complicated at that point. He see the penalty that's what a violation you throw it and it's -- sets -- -- In it and you can question some things we Drew Brees but one thing I I don't question. And I think that he -- -- would be wise not the question is the guys that toughest we've seen him and -- up from groups a pretty monster hits in. Man now I just think that's silly it is to question his -- -- say he needs to get tougher man you know got a lot of respect for Tedy Bruschi Super Bowl champion in. Pro bowler impeccable player and heck of an analyst but at least they canceled like that about Drew Brees it's a little. We'll head scratching. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk a little pelicans basketball tomorrow from -- street shots dot com. -- Christie -- folks -- 32 NFL -- our report those weekday mornings 6 AM but to have Manny in street of the you know it's the morning drive it double -- -- -- -- they have fallen more athletic Christian -- want. Chris and thank you so much I think many -- very passionate about what took place at the the last night's Monday Night Football game you heard here on WW radio Carolina winning 44 point controversial ending an eight. Flagged down withdrawal the picked up and waived off no explanation. Just say it with they'll call -- the penalty on the lake -- on line five they keep calling WW well. I've enjoyed everything here watch the game at night and be like screen TV and how we played anybody calling it. He didn't see the game you really don't have that appreciation. Determined. Brady in that way or did that to my mind that Gradkowski would call it. We handle the call -- action in and now. -- -- but my point here is kind. Of listening to see. -- national analysts. Making the making this. Stating met her and think that. For that Crowell Indy. Important game they -- once again you know. We know that Francisco. That I beginning. At all however. -- And cup ski. Caught the bell and Boldin caught they would definitely -- acting. Well I think it yet I think what did -- on counted thank you break points I think with it don't hit it just obviously controversial endings but Seattle I'm like cute. I don't think he could compare those that's cool too low Ryan -- -- I want -- thank you for calling WWL. There's cool way to go or reach of the of the likely right out of there but it. It's apparent. That big who Oakland you know what it all human and that. All right -- I think a lot of people would agree review he was without question being hale and at the very least. It should have been a holding call. And then you know that he -- -- them like passing -- was -- it is he threw the football if they gonna say well it wasn't it while. Look what these guys nowadays there's these -- that -- eons. What is a typical form. They've they've make fall where indicated that not I need your passion about this Robert heat here if it meant taxes I don't wanna make up against the clock. But many wanna sound off course the Saints have been a bit benefactor Pennington got that call and it went on to win next game controversial inning of Monday Night Football give us. You'll take blessed brings it seventy that night. This is WW.