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11-19 5:20pm Deke, LSU vs. Texas A&M

Nov 19, 2013|

Deke previews LSU vs. Texas A&M with Senior Writer of TigerBait.com, Bryan Lazare.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk. Deke Bellavia debate on Saturday how big is it -- not as big -- it -- -- thought it was going to be all mean it was bottom of the Texas say I am at LSU long time rivals the Tigers and Aggies -- to a great wanna let you know if you want him. College Station 24 nineteen just the second lowest output point total in that outing and they'll -- senior writer -- -- -- Rattles all its not just right now -- disappointed fan base you lose this one. Mathis. There's -- report one of those -- likely destinations how big a game visits with the LSU football program. Well I think it's important. Because most people -- You know can't win this is what. Top tier program expecting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's an important game you know I hope they get is another thing if if LSU loses Saturday in him that means is that going to be two straight years. There where example that the better overall record -- -- so. I think it is an important game for -- here. Tag you're looking at. You know Holliday are on -- finish this year you know ot think if they lose this game and then they lose the bowl game. And then got but he and five I think that would be -- very very you know very disappointing beaten felt that they -- is it the big one and not. Know beat you talk about the bulls' situation. I really think that. What the lightning that's why not I I see the LAQ really falling below the Gator Bowl. You don't like they lose to both the a and M and Arkansas not think even if it they split it up -- or I still think I don't see them right now. Going below I think Gator Bowl Jacksonville. It's a gutsy and -- is that does that satisfy fans -- because it's different. I guess our opponent would be too you know -- Yeah Ali you got to play -- and he meant and right now you know. If the beat -- and they would probably be good Nebraska nation in the back I -- -- what are and it has not been in Nebraska or you know let alone against nick in. So luck. But there are really yeah I don't think I don't think at the he's gonna let L if you go back for Atlanta again. And I -- LA and Georgia and about the Saints. Position in the pecking order in at LAQ I don't think they want Georgia. A complaint Jacksonville again they get laid -- not like at the refute George would go to. Chick filet bowl though Lockett beat Georgia pawn in Nashville that which gullible -- -- it's over two up. You know to Atlanta for the chick filet bowl and Alex who gators let that -- -- -- -- it right now but look. Yeah anything can actually build the next few weeks. Show -- right anti debate that cop at the -- dole to at a -- is -- well respected top journalistic it was a -- yeah Nixon not just football but all the sports on a day to day basis Bryant. This program is that Ben -- is gone you've got to good a good group of skill people company and so far recruiting class. Defensively. I scratched my year I don't know what's coming back because some of these guys that we thought they were gonna make an impact that -- on him on to the depth chart. I guess my question is. Where is this team after this year I know this question mark about some guys that leave it and let's they had Landry impeccable both called. You say that's a good incumbent receivers got to town that is they have but did it a question mark in. Who's the quarterback but. It is to meet. Moving forward after this year it that's where that's where I got my biggest question -- -- 2014. To go out there. Right I agree with you on that -- offenses that are rebuilding. You know back and gonna -- land recently. It Jeremy healed totally you know are there any doubt that those three got I think -- column. Probably gonna come out and Lee are you know you look at him back. Met burger at at quarterback you looked you gonna have. You're. It's almost like the reverse from this year you know this year a lot of -- -- on defense yet to play a lot I mean I will now. They're the same situation and take place next year you know the the only thing you will have experience in the offensive line. You know those guys have been rather inconsistent this year. You're talking about you know I thought it would be traded to Ralph -- deeper parts store in the on on the night this week. And you know he was talking about. There at the receiving position next year and you know you certainly would expect -- -- of the top receiver either tell -- -- -- the arts. It worked into the slot and looked like somebody to very good blocker -- but it. You know who else you know the only other scholarship slot receiver. You know that yet to do it right Saturday repeated it and then not when it is slightly. Just like Richard you only played very little -- -- you're going to be playing you guys -- The running back situation. You know he'll leave it talk to getting -- -- -- believing now Alfred -- had gotten it here for her last year. Top talking to people close to the program I'm actually in it they get here you know -- they think political -- the -- -- though you know you lose. Blue you know you're ill you -- Terrence McGee and whichever. Running backs that you you know not to bring an -- wondered or not a great player but. He's not great dominant record in net fairly Eric ball a lot out. So like it yeah you beat you right when you look you know the personnel. I don't think he didn't really know where this program in looking at it and actually he actually know. Com you know two weeks into January who decides to come back into the the week. Senior writer anti debate that Brandon Zambrano activists Laviolette wouldn't. At the L the way I feel the glory you know the -- -- like -- yell at you at all -- if you wanna. -- That's of a game they would having you have video honor and the late great Joseph. And post game in the critical point at the with a -- will put Brad thank you so much. Thought purity OK Brandt thank you.

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