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11-19 5:35pm Deke, Saints vs. Falcons

Nov 19, 2013|

Deke previews Saints vs. Falcons with David Archer, color analyst on the Atlanta Falcons radio network.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Atlanta Falcons host the New Orleans Saints coming up there tonight in the Georgia Dome all -- Ottawa Edmonton that we lean on -- we talk about the Saints at about the match up color analyst of the Falcons. But the radio network is David ought to David always applies you know David you never know but when the schedule came out but we all -- disappointment this late this season. First place may be a top seed on the line it. I don't think it was thought that the faculty of the 28 with what's what's gone wrong David. What does a lot of things go wrong picture let me go get a document. There have been a lot of things going wrong here and I I think there is a number once he's on the line as the world number one achieve potentially. On the line on Thursday night an animal but Dockett couldn't do anything to affect that but. But it's been -- grossed over estimation. -- what players what some young players were gonna be capable of doing. Are there are that you blind namely. They -- that you guys that they felt like it you know they cut loose with Todd McClure for Milledge -- tiger -- -- -- for a long time. I let Tyson playbook go another long time player -- that you tackle. In the sciatica looked young players they used to have not played very well. And in the and you couple that fact that you guys who ever played at the level there -- -- the -- Matt Ryan did a wonderful. And now you're suited to make you look them up to the walls nobody else. Dave at what you're looking at the Falcons now. Roloson ball look. Two and eight. But where. This you know we hear everybody and I remember W going into the season about the window of opportunity. And we were taken that huddle we say close but when when. You know that's Allen's desire to come back it is you have a veteran like Steven Jackson and things like man this is you know. Ran as -- look at it maybe is now it's our time. -- move to follow wanna be where where's that window now whereas opportunities and you just noticed season out out the window to saint fans scratch it. And what it's no -- we got to -- with all fourteen. Well I is that to really the only thing we can do at this point unfortunately. None of the circuit -- younger. And namely that you guys are can be put uniforms target numbers with Tony can result is gone. I think it's a really good chance at Steven Jackson up arms in it next year. That Ryan's a year older Roddy White to light that is slowing down a buddy swallowed them over the last year. In fact actually -- him in that Warriors march of last year that they Belichick by trade Roddy White the try to get -- the foreign. Now he's the point where he slowed down an injury like -- -- so yeah I -- when -- -- on the window. Now you get a maybe build new window. But 'cause Bryant still going to be here -- I know some of younger players and hope they can Roger makes lunch. -- -- away at certain if there is it to doubles at a similar. To the Steelers wanted to few teams you look around the league that they've got their quarterback but it's like who would you do with the rest of the group David now Thursday night. The Saints come to town a week a week to expect another Falcons Saints battle now on the outside looking in I would think if if -- laws -- to get opponent and a maybe they start to kind of say well you know -- to a date you look at. You'd you'd you'd of the two record got to start thinking what anybody else the same about -- -- team fight to be Ian. Well I'd like to -- they're gonna fight to the end I've played this year he's not played this game and in this -- a little bit more in the tank that most games do that they'd say that your play Detroit or somebody. But it because it's both as a New Orleans. It's there's got to be a local -- tank for all these players understanding that you know. The other -- that -- that is why -- for for you want to launch the beaches unit. Beckett might it would seem like we are all spike the seed which was going to be out of the cellar. They'd been out recently it's been about who's going to be on top -- right now the walls and on top and it look like they're going to work so so Atlanta's -- fight but. I think he'll fight I will be very disappointed. If we see some effort where they -- in the sometime before or what looks like you don't couples course which potentially could happen if there's not a -- empty. All of balcony color analyst for the falcons' radio network David ought to David it is always a pleasure thank you so what's -- -- the -- now. Rick carpet and ticket are right you think.

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