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11-19 5:10PM Deke, Blown call on MNF

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening -- -- -- out of a 20 sports talk a special addition you know game week is this week but it's Thursday night so what do the -- they would will be. The deep in the count down to take on the exit for the Saints and the Falcons have liked the course like crown Ross thanks players should go to some veterans boulevard Metairie Isa Abdul Duke who thought that's -- yes. And we'll have our QB QB segment tonight at seventy and Drew Brees and Bobby keep their coming up thanks so much -- you'll hang on during the break and it's and it's kicker Robert Heath. And also Richard discounted from my -- did you. A lot of people excited in I listeners will work out of it at its embarrassment you see some have beaten like all. Had an advocate to fired up I was and it goes off after a Carolina score but then I'm gonna wait a man how do you throw -- flag game. You you don't make the call. And it if you don't make a call tell us why you make a call. There was no explanation last night if the end of the ball game you heard here on that -- radio doing it is -- They had the eighteen yard line. They know football into the end zone he clearly knew that the Carolina holds and look -- him -- he's not. He got the call for a hold it in a similar situation against the Buffalo. Earlier this year you call a pass interference. They get a first down Buffalo went to -- He hopes -- out. And all of us agree with that there was a flag thrown. The flank. With Dan picked up if Fisher said there's no building on the late game was over. Now why. Didn't they give an explanation. The ball isn't it. Thought he was ill before. Oh or after the ball hit it. I'm not make an excuse that instantly an explanation may have been most satisfying. To -- I don't think anything will assess that tiebreaker and you see a play. Amicable. You'd think at least they get it it appears he's holding it it's another down he's a little further up. So but that was the case. Give me your take on what happened last night to the phone we go aimed at taxes have been going along with on my team that people calling that you -- do it. See -- didn't show up mom dad and has the whole deal. -- quick comment and question the doll comment on the game my it it. Now as -- heads -- hole inside attend the whole parents I was at the hole there. I hope -- Barbara mainly -- -- it would be huge you do know there is there is a count of ten below in tasteful Bears Oprah so. I'm just -- and not big like that game last night if it would not have that there Donald Lee have would not beat them to -- them. Or -- legal contract linebacker does no doubt about the little boy and I agree. Everybody. Conservative on that they have and how -- that will allow callers on the is that like nodded picked up. Not an appearance in depth we have a holding penalty given them out of play. -- My question is what you think about after. Were going down you know quarter -- a definite position. What do you think about the -- Know behind you know if you get hurt now Marleau on an open look like they. Well I I think this team book when you go through a season. And it looked you you're not through season what you're UT gave it to a sixteen game schedule. It's about stepping up. And at times I go back to when we hit our injuries that started. In the oh TDs in the mean he can't put into training camp in the -- -- -- coach Peyton today you know don't expect some big name got to walk in the door. We feel like we have the guys here. I think that's what this organization feels. They -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's Austin obviously. The players at the Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton put together in what rob Ryan's done. And a you know. Let's not. -- -- -- That the majority of people there won't his team -- -- what happened last year as you mentioned BC's issues this year. But what a difference what a huge if -- -- teammates. I think we all know that but what -- Brad has done. I think. It's a situation where is. It won't be a part of these these things they wanted to be a part of the success these these things is having. Maybe if we steal do believe that they attack of -- our offense to the score a lot of points if he did steal wins championships. What do they is Saints got to be happy. And you knew you you look over the course of what they've done this season. -- team to Marie Owens as awful Haas -- to do. What's this proves. To hundred no. I mean if you go back and look at that last drive that ball game seven of the ten drives San Francisco hey it. They only got what fifteen yards five and 07. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six months I mean that. That is consistent. Defense and you know even at all you can't -- Q you were lost and advance to Super Bowl year. To me to me. This is the most trusted. And sound defense and that's just my opinion now ultimately the big goal with is the is the -- what you bring home that don't team brought it home. But this to me is a defense. That is certainly in the category of do -- do -- some things. It can put him any elite status I think this is a bear if he. Back to the phone to go to go to Robert on line six Robert thank you for calling that you get you know. Expect her McCartney. I am -- -- and again it might sound bit about that go back or it would obviously hoping it would hit the ball was not at double. It does not have to be acceptable ball sport that we all thought he could -- on the -- and other batted a field that were able AL bottom line against. Not yet but it's far at. Were you pretty Sunday. And every Bruschi and right out that day I'll quit in my quarterback but. -- worry if it Matt if Matt this is one of the most of the quarterback. Definitely in it but it felt like the -- in the world that cause you can bet. With the way it worked in the past there have been Kyle on that play at night. So it's not like I'll let you get in what was -- Kolb would dispute to -- it. There isn't the way it happened -- what being the answer so I. Understand where they're into a two part talk and not so happy group green pointed out the bad it is now what Lee. -- -- -- Well and then it -- me and I think is I think it's he didn't make the call. Having McCarthy called the official may become a look. I think those guys and look they're great. Act I got a -- really Theres. -- rate look thought it was a great player but you know you don't play no more emotions get got it in the effort they won't TV award in Maine -- probably knows that he didn't want to pass that come out and after they got out here it got out and got all this but it's it's like you say it's the -- -- game is called now. I think who ought to Greek troops they have looked. Our defense. As -- play you know we we don't we don't is that we don't aside it's cost us field position calls this opportunity to him to do better ball games. Oh it's -- quarterback so it's it happens to everybody the way to gain meters. But do you know to -- they'd say you can't blame it on him if he could have been quarterback from another planet. It was a call that was made a quarterback you have to be -- welcome back to sports talk. I'm Deke Bellavia the big one Saturday how big is it when that his biggest hit a risen thought it was going to be all mean it was -- with -- be. Texas AM at LSU long time rivals the Tigers. And Aggies -- to a great wanna let you know if you want him. Our College Station point four in nineteen just the second lowest output point total in -- downing and they'll harassing to right -- -- -- -- -- -- thoughts on this right now Brad disappointed fan base you lose this one. Mathis. There's feels report one of those likely destinations have bigger game is this with the LSU football program. Well I think it's important. Because most people mentality. You note can't win this is what. Top tier program expected. And LA if you get to get to the -- when -- got a winner at three ain't going to be in -- market on alert winnable. So that. That's an important game you know. I I'll they get is another thing if if LSU loses Saturday in him that means is that going to be two straight years. Where amp will have the better overall record you know so. I think that it's an important game for LAU. As you -- looking at. You know holidays are on the finish this year you know ot think if they lose this game it. Betty -- the bowl game. And and apathy and five I think that would be a very very you know -- -- winning the belt in that standpoint it's it's that big enough. You know beat you talk about the bulls' situation. I really think. What the lightning playing not I I see the LA you really well below the Gator Bowl. You don't like they lose to both there and M and Arkansas not think even if they split it up Peyton -- I still think I don't you know right now. Going below. I think Gator Bowl Jacksonville. I've got to is is does that satisfy fans maybe because it's different. I guess our opponent would be too you know for an. You know late you got to play big and mean and right now you know. The eastern and it would probably be good Nebraska nation in the deck I meet the queen mother and it's not Bad Religion. Nebraska or you -- on against nick in. So. But I really yeah I don't think I don't think at the he's gonna let el like you go back to Atlanta again. And a high note LA and Georgia and about the Saints. Position in the pecking order been as LAQ I don't think they want Georgia. -- played Jacksonville again they get played air might actually cute George -- go to. Chick filet bowl -- Lockett beat Georgia on the net Elena which gullible old -- it over to. You know. To Atlanta for the chick label and Alex you -- gators let that you are looking at it right now we're up. Yeah anything can actually build the next few weeks. Shall see derided activate backup at the Yale Bowl its what do. Brown is all well respected top journalistic it was a -- genetics and not just football but all the sports on a day to day basis Bryant. This program is that Ben -- is gone you -- a good a good group of skill people company and so far recruiting class. Defense of -- I scratched my year I don't know what's coming back because some of these guys that we thought they were gonna make an impact that -- -- on to the depth chart. I guess my question is. Where is -- team after the BC I -- the question mark about some guys that leave it and let's say and Andrea -- probable -- You say that's a good incumbent receivers got some talent that is there but it is a question welcome. Who's the quarterback but. This to me. Moving forward after this year it that's where that's where I got my biggest question Hawkins 2014. And got -- Right I agree with you on that -- offenses that are rebuilding. You know Beckham gonna leave Landry can lead. Jeremy -- gonna lead you know are there any doubt that those -- got I think Wales column. Probably gonna come out and -- are you know you look at him back. Met burger at at quarterback you looked deep and -- You're it's almost like the reverse from this year you know they hear a lot of NFL Lawton on defense yet to play a lot of new guy now. -- the same situation and take place next year you know the the only thing that you will experience in the offensive line. Though. You know those guys have been grabbing -- if -- you're you're talking about. You know I thought it would be traded Iraq out -- deeper or story I'm -- on the night this week. And you know he was talking about. There at the receiving position next year you know you certainly would expect -- out of the top receiver either on the John -- arts. It's working in the slot and looked like that somebody to very good blocker -- but -- you know who else you know the only other scholarship slot receiver you know that yet to do it registered eight repeated it and then not when -- Leslie. Just like -- redshirt and played very little help me you're going to be playing you guys there. The running back situation. You know he'll leave -- talk to Kenny Perry believing now Alfred blue have gotten it here for her last year but. Stopped talking to people close to the program I'm not treatment they get here you know -- eat they think -- let me go -- yet felt that though. You know you lose. Blue you know you're -- You got Terrence McGee and whichever. Running backs they achieve you know not to bring him people wonder we're not a great player but. He's not great dominant record in -- fairly Eric ball when he -- So why -- you you beat you right when you look you know the personnel. I don't think he didn't really know where this program in looking at the next -- he actually know. Com you know two weeks into January we decide to come back into the side the week. Senior -- anti debate that Zambrano Zambrano activists -- it's wouldn't. At the L the way I feel the Horry you know being out letters like -- yell at you at all game if you wanna. All right -- suspense of a game they -- not I have you have video on and the on the great Jodi tonight at the peak at the -- and fragile senator pregame. And post game in the critical point at the with the lack of poor -- thank you so much. Thought purity OK right thank you Keith is on -- first of tainted -- -- on I want to thank you for calling WW ago. But yes or -- problem here we will not that you. But they lost nine of eleven store. More juniors and seniors are used to. -- Bristol or the step. Bubble or whatnot but this year well I would say a regular bill you're of them or recruit. -- yes. As for what they stand based -- have a very good recruit -- -- -- do you know the opening. Mean I would give them credit I would straight buckle well at a -- the importance -- sophomore junior and -- so. Well you don't you use it if it depends don't know what you came out of high school as far as being thoughtful as well or not up. But the thing that thing is James if it goes cute that date they lost their defense that evolved maybe they would let alone with those years. Not what I what I'm saying is. You know those kids certainly would help -- you but let's hear. That they won a championship last year. -- -- -- you know when it comes out as you'd change right now is real simple it's just like the rest ACC's. Everybody is judged not the best team activities everybody's judgment of this team accomplish it just. On Alabama LSU and Alabama game that is being -- -- lawn rob. Alabama's got him to see if they got off. -- -- -- -- be -- now no question about it but that's been a big -- go back as you can look at Alabama the way to make it Mississippi State. That was looks equally good but if they don't believe it if they don't -- it -- the week before they have that -- -- it's at least they may be. Right now Alabama on another issue. You think about the math that means three to two Alabama won the last three LSU -- two before it. I didn't make the rules. As the waited in the -- that it bit disappointed by the way the team got physically nominee. In the second and that ball it would anything fancy. It was like Alabama with Adrian. They land up Alabama and it went deep as -- yards in his second at 83 draft. The employees fourteen plays well they can't ban ban that now that now that little run right there on net a couple of -- it. Is why people -- upset that you BA and you'll be is the heat that are real lives and they call -- that you did you know. That he'd beat. -- to go back had a Brees hit any NFL you know general. What thing two things haven't been brought up. Ortiz hit on these play. I don't know duels but yet the bill now being paralyzed projecting them. I'm a bit -- the stand up and I can't I do. Evidence is not exactly -- here in the with a you do OK okay. And and on on the things breed quote just the quarterback keep top quarterback okay all your top receivers or running backs. Be on the belt -- that bet that interest called morning. But these guys don't get -- And I gave me an example the Sunday night game -- spent Sunday night principle of the Green Bay and New York Giants. And they -- that gain -- And they'd be put stand in Kansas City for the Sunday night game on the let's do what we want to watch the Packers now they don't have Aaron rod. So I think the NFL. What with the money that's involved they don't want -- top players get hurt I mean it is. All you know you you vital are -- at that you're that you're correct you have the equipment. A -- I think it it's a little on in the way. Because the Canadians -- I don't think that's that. When I got recording it -- -- it didn't look to me like he was intentionally go for your head you know look at that he IE hitting. Well I mean it happened that way but it ought to call. Them a -- I'll get a cocky but they don't call it they don't call it or not I that we. We can't we've been frustrated hopeful we we may cause like and we -- we felt good clean but that's. But that's the way it is now it's all about eight they wanted to be. A thought process. And I don't need to be like no wind when it -- minutes now but you know they they think -- just minutes out a certain way. It's the it's that memorization of not to do it Ian. Well in a way -- its a -- out there because this thing you know if we penalize you and -- to appoint a fine. How -- week -- definitely think. Maybe it -- that he is the risk worth the reward. And it's like OK I -- -- its quarterback and they the risk is not worth the reward. There'll autism -- -- quarterback it now you now with a wrist. Knock it off the field. -- continuation. They want the ball game and if it plants. I think that's all a part of process Algiers but Jeffrey. WL. Our -- ability. Okay thank you. The world competed in the -- -- by the hole Tom Brady and the teachers there that they'd be there. -- weekly that featured earlier this year at. The pitcher but it drop it now Julio. It'd go. We go after the at the -- you -- -- vote go out there are people at the bar -- tails he goes the page. Activity they went in the game. Being at that it was dale Mitchell it bakery bit -- it did yesterday. And everybody's have been all about. Yeah do. To me it like it yet by what have we Jews Drew Brees being coach -- that there have been operating. You would have been. I would hazard. It. Not disparity of it out to different if we just would -- -- -- -- up. With the other did -- throw that Medicare and I you know if it we didn't want out there you know we that we don't know we're all doing it and they don't get -- -- -- We we would award and we became but it -- last night it it can't Ottawa got all the holder don't know maybe -- -- -- -- but. Way way is safe but not every is that it's it's it's a pack our drama. All coming in the next few weeks you just look at us alone at the presently. In us thought about time to get him a plane Kansas city New England in the mechanical with Kansas City. You got to -- to these three games threats look at these three games. Atlanta and the potency out of them going to be UT's -- youthful if that rattled. Yeah at Seattle and Carolina. Many guys them being big stuff in a lot on the line the Atlanta Falcons host the New Orleans Saints coming out there -- in the jaw out you don't often as Ottawa Edmonton and we lean on we talk about the Saints about that that's a color -- of the Falcons. But the radio network is David ought to they've always a -- and I you know David you -- -- but what -- -- -- came out but -- also produced them -- this late this season. Birthplace may be a top seed although minded. I'm thinking it was thought that the faculty of the 28 with what what's gone wrong David. Well -- a lot of things go wrong a picture have me go disputed document. There have been a lot of things gone wrong here and I I think there is a number one she's on the line and -- all of number once you potentially. On the line on Thursday night in an animal -- -- couldn't do anything to affect that but. It's Derrick Rose -- the estimation. -- what players what some young players we're gonna be capable of doing. On the offensive line namely. But he drafted some guys that they felt like it you know they cut loose with Todd -- for Belichick tiger's been here for a long time. I let Tyson played vocal and a long time player all that to tackle. And try to -- young players they used to not played very well. And in the and you couple that fact that you guys just haven't played at the level -- there -- the player that Ryan being one of and now you're suited to an eight -- look them up the door old nobody else. Dave it would you're looking at the Falcons now. -- those smaller. Two at eight. But where. This you know we hear everybody and I remember W going into the season about the window of opportunity. And we were taken that until we say close but what went. You know that's -- desire to come back it is you have a veteran like Steven Jackson and things like man this is you know -- Ran as -- -- maybe is now it's our time. And a move to follow what happy where where is that window now whereas opportunity now you just noticed season out out the window Hussein and scratch it. And it -- it's oh -- we got to -- with all fourteen. Well I is that to really the only thing we can do at this point unfortunately. None of the circuit and the younger. And namely that you guys are going to be what the uniforms -- -- understood only result is gone. I think there's a really good chance at Steven -- up arms in begin next year. That Ryan's a year older Roddy White who I think is slowing down and slow -- over the last year. In fact actually pushed -- in that Warriors march of last year that they Belichick by trade Roddy White try to get some important. Now he's the point where he slowed been injury like belliard walks so yeah I -- when you start on the window. Now you got to they -- -- would. But 'cause Brian -- would be here which -- some of younger players and hope they can run as the next flights. Yeah and in in -- way -- it is -- is it doubles at a similar. To the Steelers wanted to few teams you look around the league it they've got their quarterback but it's like -- what you do with the rest of the group David now Thursday night. The Saints come to town we we expect. Another Falcons Saints battle now on the outside looking in I would think if if the laws were to get opponent and a maybe they start to kind of say well you know -- to a -- you -- pick. You'd you'd you'd of the two record you gotta start thinking when nobody else to say about it all all of his team fight to be here. Well I'd like to think they're gonna fight to the end I've played this year he's not played this game again this a little bit more in the tank that most games do that they say that your play Detroit or somebody. But -- -- -- both at the door once it's there's got to be a little more in the tank for all these players understanding that you know. The other there's that they're that is why. Well for sure you all want to launch the beaches here and in back it might it was seemed like we are all spike the Q which was going to be out of the cellar. They've now recently it's been about who's going to be on top four right now -- -- -- -- on top and it look like they're building work so much Atlanta opted like that. I think he'll fight I will be very disappointed. If we see some effort where they is in the sometime before or what looks like it out couples course which potentially could happen if there's not a fighter in -- -- balcony color analyst for the falcons' radio network David ought to David it is always a pleasure thank you so much -- at the impetus now. -- thought that an accurate all right you think.