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11-19 6:10pm Saints Players Show, ISA Abdul Quddus

Nov 19, 2013|

Deke goes One on One with Saints Safety, ISA Abdul Quddus.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to a special at this area of the course like Crown Royal saint players show Thursday night game against the -- -- -- that the -- -- -- to him tonight. An optimist about the they've picked up a 42 -- and do pay dues he's in the saint presumptive when he three point victory. Oh with San Francisco I thought we. But it's the Atlanta found a decent lead -- go to program again how great it could be -- always -- you -- your program meant. But what was it like in this game so we basically going down to why don't we don't outside it was a high and what was it like hopefully it. Oh man of the physical battling on every play it was it was a war you know I read everything was really physical you know if you know the putting not a team that run the ball lots of you know. You know we -- the ball very playmates that we hit some nights are became news that the ball back you know and it it helped a lot that the fans Zdeno. At last they're now trying to -- them in a lot of us have ever heard that yeah. It's when you go back and that know you guys -- but they put me tells -- that it's kind of like the rebuke. Would keep the it and you move forward and think about it. What the defense the offense on a what the defense pretty close to a compensate everything that you guys that sent out in that game plan did he knows. Always looking to work on that we had I could have what's on -- you know -- -- you do -- -- -- -- -- definitely -- -- we -- -- game -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- our main goal to stop the run and that's we do. Absolutely. -- our special -- If you have a question that he -- -- his career with the Saints Beckett -- -- how he made it to the National Football League policy to six so point seven being. Or 866889. Zero except he's two games to the season. In this -- now 1112 is the third year where would you say you are as a football player. You know I was down this game that it. That the experience that happened at theaters you know helped him become a bit of Butler. The eleventh season as you look back on it now you instantly. And ink that's who could -- that you know undrafted rookie free and so -- that it you know long that the ticket that he had the -- everything right what you have the opportunity. You were the only. Andrei group -- we need to be ain't that the decree and Rouse the thought of the eleventh season. What what was that like he -- it now as you look back on you kind of like look at it a point he came in -- I'm obligated affiliate first -- now when I think about think about the Marlins who have been the perfect number on my leg as strong because I can't -- -- and I don't -- -- you that don't sound right -- -- that the phils who casinos always like a house that's when it's funny so I knew what I know now you noted somewhat easier. But you know I like to lie to them -- he -- and a great thing to be here you know that camp was. Definitely attest to me through because it was so physical sort. We have a season everything -- out of that offense with it definitely on long. -- I like to think -- I think being with you get to this level if you if you'll throw -- -- an infield Pena. You've got to hit it and I think anything bad that easy is it that. Knew it definitely right to it that is that the big separation Atlanta note no we you've got to the if you don't have that with you you -- you can beat faith could be strong he could be great. But you don't have that taken through the mental aspect of that it is definitely middle and it comes down technique excellent. Laments the note that's that we prepare for games every team is night athletic you know it's not notes in -- -- -- not athletic things will be just out. It's been happy enough so it's elements that you know you got to know the game plan know what they're doing -- think it really take -- sensitive of the RP the right. -- -- talked about it it into our game Sunday evening in the game that happened last night it looked we have been if we wanna say we the -- -- We we hit the -- -- quarterbacks where would we felt like they were idiots you know it is it's a park. How different has the game changed equipment if from a defensive standpoint does -- they showed -- on how you've beaten me on what you have to study which you have to know. Maybe that's they what you Kahne do what. People -- all of the areas. Who wouldn't what is considered the coolest volatile you can expect some movement and go yeah you know kind of like an easy target area you know sometimes you -- -- a big hit. But that you gotta remember that we've done it with you know that the hit on drew on Sunday at the end those that physically. In most years but you before this out of an illegal hit but now you nowadays not and I couldn't close -- -- -- -- and please -- He really -- just keep in a vacuum when you get that you know you want to make a play and make make you put that he those. Is that a situation he's the way you. You constantly thinking not just about what's on lap for that late but. If you do you play what what could happen is they don't feel you don't get off the field the risk worth the reward. If reportedly not really you know really thinking about that kind of if you do it now but it's always like. Is tomorrow hood I have to get the ball now instead of the -- Pull my will on the players -- right. So wouldn't use it one of two ways you kind of spot away Utah found a way to get the ball out what's openly and use it because you know that you it is indeed. Result if it's the opportunity and he'll be it'll be -- team not. Well at the New Jersey area now been put into all of saint to take a look back on -- east at Duke haters got it supports. I've got to be successful for the Fordham Rams who were up. -- -- undefeated streak before his pace bikinis in the top five ballclub that it kind of upset about -- before decided of the equipment hopefully if you. Yeah we are looking pretty good out quarterback that -- let -- be he was certainly set out. He's back this week you know we the most of that where hopefully you learn from the you know we didn't so we know the -- -- -- -- -- and we did like you know use that momentum yet clip. Good deal it's a special addition to -- is like are All Saints players know -- -- -- -- next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday -- -- -- that I. Zach -- Saints offensive tackle will be on -- is -- -- -- it's not a point to -- -- do a -- -- and it made the saints' roster the only objective recuperate to make the roster. At that -- prominent status in 2011. Went on to a great year good year last year but to go to Simpson he's. This year how close have you been to gain the pickle ball. I've -- -- in the you know as -- normally it was you know world right boots on the talent back collecting. -- you just you got to put it behind you think not ample but I think he's there on Monday you know after the game let him and he after the capital. He had nothing to -- to educate Goodwin got to vote with who you don't want got to. Yeah the lack of physical game last week and so both sides of the big -- and authentic. What they do it it's physical you know ran the football -- physical guys all think he can't do. There's -- last week with him might suit him rush the football. But ultimately it's been effective is -- with that people that the -- made it -- -- -- -- that all -- there are really physical well I guess this is -- -- standpoint that is going to be physically you know. The foot not put a lot of big guys and do it makes it it like it's not a ball you move very about the book but I know we know we had a goal Hamas and on that. So in order to win this game -- that's -- the line and that's like that's their. That's the first it's that you go through things right in the -- so you know -- it was a really -- the game prior our most physical entity but that's. He said now let's go back to the days like you you yell stuff. You get. Do do New Jersey right yeah okay. We have it use Pete involved in sport and what -- with the pros and I'm -- first what was the -- Involved when I moved from Elizabeth the union -- I'm of -- opinion of that slowly methodically and although a go through there -- ballpark to a nine. They're like maybe found an excellent OK I guess -- Now you get into wealth of Wimbledon or -- people I played basketball and of -- has. That's huge success of those of you out pretty good lies basketball I -- -- my stuff when you're right detract in the winning the county tonight. And basketball because there. Do you know what what kind of basketball fan or you go to its own zone. -- -- six is now big ai ai and David again at announcement and you -- you can't -- see him run around and have been out there -- Now he's that you -- to keep -- little older now basketball attractive football. We can't beat you get to the point maybe you guys who all I don't know maybe before that that the coaches you kind of you kind of details maybe be your. You lose it if you have a bit better than it did though the players with the what does that dawn on you that you have pretty good this. I have a much in the you know multi year. Over it. Went pretty well you know I'll plan a Klansman linebacker management and I had a really good season nine and a beer and -- player of the year in my -- and I don't make it's that if you lost it right though and you you -- to be in front of the at that with the -- looking at. Along with on about eighty. Yeah it's -- breakaway three you know most people out of Africa -- that was you know -- the city. We're pretty good view that the I say thank you junior year. You start to realize. Wind do via what their finances and as we could be. Do. You remember the first of that that you. But -- out. I think it was Michigan state of the league is instinct and me program you then I had a lot of big that is coming in but none -- -- off me. Right I do and at Fordham who was what what is that he -- like -- -- you know we did. You keep it that allow people officials. All -- system that -- take -- quick to -- but. And I can't I want to what is that's got to be a -- -- is my first that is -- right now in my dream that might come through you know you know growing up -- big and like. Has the recruiting and also in tonight watch college football so. The fact that act on the next play on TV in renovated by a Saturday the -- because the big story that we with humans who went to and we didn't get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- but I found what -- of these football what he's kind of flatter her body. So before practice every day off coach bill column we have we have Lincecum went seven divisional battle with the same year poet the clips of the with Dillon if you with. If you look at south of that is it like everybody gives the whole the whole people -- they can hit it took a lead here. Problems who. -- tightened up the you know and I'll be there and that's what I was as the -- that's. If they are both proud Mexican back and he's basically a practice ethic ethic and it was not a good -- So capitol office. If you want if you had to come -- now I don't know Fordham -- The more relaxed out I -- -- -- -- -- if they beat him but I went with it like this then -- OK with them on the list was Johnson that's that's pretty ridiculous it was that that now along now like it is over there is an idea it Bob -- a Soviet and putted it about politics -- don't know yet I decent why did you decide on fourth. -- -- a fellows great -- please. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I east and now we're we're up to the point thrower when you thought it actually it's. It definitely ties -- -- maybe take mr. wanna get what you've been asking him here early point maybe for these two. Close I had a couple. Two years ago I had it in my instances where now you it's Elena. How prevalent these amateur that was actually blew a hole was a big track. -- It was a Colombia Colombia and that's the -- in his. And -- picked out who got out -- -- the count but these but the quiz bowl with -- with -- -- like football and that's what it is it is it that it. You go to the battle of New York Soviet like liberty coach them and you played them it do that because rival wow I didn't the reason -- a second thought at the -- problem. Right so you can't get around him -- -- Don't down you know you're toward the end before you graduated yet the -- and then had to be a proud moment for you fans volume of the excellent McGahee. Having -- a degree it's huge you think you be if you make -- B yeah I threw out the bubble but. I mean it. Let's face it I don't know this the university's. Fullback to repeat his degree to get it what would you graduated a graduate. A degree enough -- finance accounting. So it -- a vital to a police at Duke and I don't know I have no idea that you know maybe it. Put this thing with the thing at Duke haters see -- this site. Read that right now they are eight to. And they all the row -- night against the Atlanta at about it is the course like Crown Royal Saints players know hospice against these -- and Duke paintings this week with music with Ethan. And to Saints they are all the road Thursday night expects to games all the road do you think about -- When you go back and figured the way. We played against San Francisco and make -- made it it was nighttime as Pratap. Played Dallas have proud down into Florida has gained a grand plan. Atlanta is -- branch Dan. Seattle they're proud dad and -- might flex. They count -- -- game at all that you can't have six games literal based real proud of that and it should know you win official. Yet it summit that he helped put -- team you know proud that you know likely that it was on the -- 30 absolutely absolutely. I didn't get to watch game last night. I'll watch the outlets like good job for less than phones when I got I was about due to the right right near the end of the land him with -- temporary -- -- look -- it. I don't did you hear about yeah I heard about that I see you know watched it drop. Carol Carolina school taking it in audacity south Carolina school you were down closely in -- -- put it down. Bobby -- you -- you gotta work you gotta do it gives you. So we would you start to hear about all of the data you contains a ticket -- replays I -- and it's easy to play about it I heard it was a pass and all of the mail is being that the the talk of the town and everybody talked about it so. You know of course it had a it directly at it went through it that's that's because we -- play Carolina but. It's been interesting now he's -- back to your career at Fordham what do you do you see each year. Is there a point time -- do whereas now. It's a second how somebody on your team. They have the -- -- written media coaching position goes diseases you know -- -- that was asked about the take take me through May be what you've got to first. Feel word of mouth -- about. The anything it was we had a clinic Johnstone yet he's a solid and the thing I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so. We had the bases -- Was that week and now this run the same time we ran forties in Max amount that's -- -- -- the scout today and I in the run that's forty. And definitely not on the map announce that right at the -- Simpson game and at -- of definitely that I think and they really could be the through. You keep yourself. Hopefully would use -- yeah I can understand where it's not you know it's obvious the right to do with -- -- home walking. -- be like. And you know -- things about me you know how happy are you hoping that you know as you want to stay humble because you know it's not there you -- it if I you can Mickey you know it's like. Q can you still have to work -- we're considered executed. How do you keep yourself hope that they'll know what you are you want to make it in everything you're part of something good -- -- -- -- -- so that you locals that they've beat it you -- that -- As they don't look at dollars not be better -- something you know it's always it's always something not work harder at or be better so. I can't really give Heilman though when I know of that can be a lot better in -- perfect thing. I'm not never be perfect brown -- -- because. I had no -- -- talk to you the last couple times that we've had few years that. New York the way you grateful thankful for what you do but it is is there a sense that you know because you've had success. In the classroom but if you hit it it did you hear people say we degrees of the fall back on that you know you have a good job regardless. You know he did you think that would always want to elect Obama for his glove and it's only vote you know so. I don't loses that you know you think about it Beckham thing yeah I passes against with the you have it. As as it might -- -- he keeps it beaten a couple of Andruzzi be people like you got down that now. If you were playing football and the would you be. I price do you do with -- that was which you know Friday in the -- coat maybe -- -- at -- not always out there on that and now. Denoble 42 with that I was. Mama noble is that -- one and number and highs with forty that's the way. -- company -- -- -- -- guy that was good news though I don't know and it gave me an Obama -- you know you know I want to like you know with a -- -- 43. -- -- So what that's when he goes to when he does need to -- So -- Right foot the first piece the game at its name Mejia would something different and you went through but he always say you know you -- beat at the you don't wanna be that got in the places they like them by what you wanna -- -- daddy please began. It that Jersey it was. In any talent to go on if that means that you've got to be good hands the ball shopper what we Jason David with. Hopefully it in there got it it turned around them. It was a it was a good answer what you got to go to Canada and that he's at now. You get word from the NFL scouts take us through the undrafted rookie free state you know you don't get drafted. With who who wants a team that call you talk do you think it may be interested in signing you as a partner to -- Well the Rams call me the -- -- -- home. The this happens July though because after after the draft -- the that the lockout came back and place though. Okay so on a prudent to live in Atlanta and content team. But as soon as indeed the Lions Saints plan that takes those. Call me in when it was in its not right. Dad didn't hit it -- you -- her racket now on knowing that there was nothing -- Not that the anticipate him border racquet if you follow -- it and everybody was today the talk but. That that's not no business at all we get -- pretty much what you guys are holding on that -- -- once you know because I negotiate -- really put -- ball. Yeah -- -- -- you know you know how is going to be the had a lot of rumors that like teams aren't gonna take a lot of undrafted rookies because. They need vets -- and you sort of Kampman to lose -- I was thinking -- took me in this league. And but that's in over an -- from. Is that now. Is that I don't like the is it as soon as it like. College like it it had a recruit eat eat -- you you can beat the BQ thank you if you wanna go to replace it. It this suit you out of hosting an opportunity -- they all all for you you know to -- -- -- Williams went on -- the note you get to you and the goats so on the tees -- on the money on confidence whatever. So I have -- things right now with that the majority your choice if you haven't -- in and you get you guys said that if you don't that there had been a lot of guys that. It had a lot of success if there weren't directed priority -- how I guess. -- KP you hear about the teams and at the suit you -- you -- the heat the other babies. -- -- Well it was how could you millions of mosquito because it's night. They started caught on like -- -- to 7 o'clock and -- of -- and I like the you know so that our from the out of the -- -- -- The it -- late in the like -- and then I think Peyton solo game. Yeah those thirty cents of it back to back and we will -- it was just like I think a verbal commitments so basically and that's days' time that army base and use that loss on us as almost like at the moment yeah agreement the pain and outside -- You might view and it comes in agreement in the states -- with -- right. -- for instance that -- the this and that it might look like one day as they just don't have -- hands at that means you know one day it was like. Who I was at home you know working now under the next day one -- -- right and it's nice. What we could teach you. Isa very active but in the community in Europe may note that all may not know a couple of statements you would ease at -- -- news sentinel the gate tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. It is the westbound -- coming up tonight at seven fans are compensated with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- QB yeah -- now -- you -- -- -- but all that duties of that amount that you grew up. Opposite to pediatric ward a lot the system why you do that. You know they those -- autopsy you know. This experience and let what fans of whatever so always when -- how to make a bright spot and today you know it's night. It's kind of hard to be an environment -- on -- which I think you'll take with me for a little -- I would imagine that you that's a good -- decoupling recorded instance of -- but it definitely you know it's always it's always great seasons mom you know. -- -- Or else he do it down. You know. I I try to help out almost friends fund like charity events and everything and not have its it's very good days and get right foot on the -- fiddle player of the month month my teammates and everything outside of -- or if not them sent home you know -- team you -- not yet. I've got -- now we view. Give -- football team. He had no I talked to the locker room honestly he -- -- -- -- -- unique. Around a reason that what type of music you listen to what you have like one of those lately is it just shuffles. Hasn't. -- it -- him -- a -- this -- was not they kind of excuse me in the right in right -- applicable you know as much on my right. But I like Aaron and so on I guess makes you remembered it activists like that we really intentional. Right right so like that exits with him like that have occurred given the man. There's that night was it like it differently Toby he would make that the other so -- you hit it right that your life. Any other thank you you freaking -- third Sox the -- he prints. Regain view anything idea Ollie thanks kind of put my -- my pants on. What is on zone offense on the same town so. Nice he's like an hour before the game. Right out and out before we don't fill a couple of -- on a night when we did go on that -- as. Right through you we want we want to say we beat Bobby Bowden walked him to Sunday evening and now we saw one of the closest couple is this with the that we can on thirty that they that the and I don't know I you've got to but he said he knew when he played with two books that they would be one in their real early. But that being Utah State we unit that it would be wanting to come like -- the -- and hourly does that. You guys I'll go to saint that was a two punts this team is there to listen yeah I look at their endless right in the united if they hit that. Yeah I think -- and I'm sorry if you get the locker room accomplished a round of the telecast yeah. So like what you guys get ready in that locker room is it is it kind of -- a quiet business like atmosphere or you get as it is -- topic is that Michael -- is serious it's game day. Yeah everybody if you know some people like that night recite lyrics with there activists who -- Other people quiet you know people write off people left but it is not right but it's like some -- -- It's it's I guess at the wide you get to know. He -- now liking it personality. Within like. Oh yeah I think we we go they would talk north Catholic -- in his own zone is if phone zone this is not to be missed. Most of our portable game day of the socks on before you -- -- -- -- last minute like. I enough things and makes it on the same pavement right Latin mostly approachable so it's it's now Michael a focus collectively but also -- -- if it -- -- sent a team that beat -- at times on the thing. Let's go to Al on lack three alcoholic he's at -- views on Saints radio that you get UN. They you can. How much it meant yes ma'am at the end a do what you play. You gotta like that we played it in that game last night in it'll put you on. Yeah I know I'm hearing about it though. Rarely that it's but. Controversial play because things happen. And I'm glad to Patriots pro -- on it and it once in awhile. Looser Carolina little beyond that the. You know it. My question that you did it but I think are easy upon all the changes in the rule change and but it's got to be really -- that it might like he could make changes that you gain. To change the rules. See pinpoint the -- being here. All the let me get changing technique he got stuff but you and we do things and apply it what you are trying to secure it. We got a -- -- -- employed. -- helmet to helmet contact. You don't know it yet that you try to changes little things good you know you never really talked grownups like -- my -- because you know if you look at high. They can like they can like this directly with their eyes would have and so you tie and Lola at the waist or and it's a -- -- whatever. So it's it's to keep away from -- helmet hits we had that'd be more discipline and I technique instead of aiming for the ball. May -- yet they -- for like consistent. Beat like grab the ball -- it sometime in -- bought the helmet and have been too high you end up in the -- on them. He's -- like the Michael of a football play he's that is the that is your third year -- through tonight execute you got that done practice at all to beat. Will you pretty -- to plant denied -- defense -- did you -- separated. -- -- like to what you saw there it's complete absorb everything and if you at all that you've got like I had a septic system where you do what you all week. It does not that -- -- -- That's once I come home though I try to like take our two away from football you know he knows like it dislike it -- -- -- come back -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now look at the film against out of -- and it's it's it's -- -- At the end zone who you're playing maybe what what what they're asking you to do the -- -- -- this team did it because these -- easily -- covered -- -- thing. Or do you put in a set up now both both feel on your -- When you go yeah like I have seen them they would welcome Watson's days you know excellent Monday -- lots of things down the golf to return right there. Someone else are you Monday I would and in -- two -- Ottawa third down. And then there's now to come back to because that's when we do third downs on Thursday night that's been. Gay people always like. The it's like on a little cloud on and it's so I've got my game everything that they do what they so it is very. What it now it Isa Abdul take is Thursday night -- how difficult is it to turn around and playing on that. You know the recovery process it was a bodies right hardest thing you know yet BP in the eyes -- to get to him son you figured things that we. So. He knows hardly know it and get it done yet. Now opt out -- that the pluses that you know Seattle's all so you guys are focused on -- -- -- -- you guys come back that's. At that restricts thought that that that we built a follow up on that night so. It does he talk -- -- -- recovery -- -- if you guys -- that it's definitely a vehicle that you know the big game you know you know over the canal and right now that's the ostensibly the big one so you know we get the rest -- -- Complexity of the English eleven days yet in my. What are some of the town did you guys face it it. Let it you know even though the latter her team but they still look pretty good team and have a great passing attack is trying to run a ball a lot more you know. And even know that defense is struggling a little bit you know you never know with. You because they don't it's definitely absolutely that you have it you you can thought you wouldn't again Yugoslavia today I am he's the 1 I am. I am I as they -- all right problems we couple of weeks of the season Q because with a you -- we how we do it every week. And yet it was a Q would you -- yeah I thought he won't want to have been the -- I am easily won. It's I I am I as a one. -- at Duke made -- folks but the 42. For the black gold visa always of Elizabeth and David Silva I think -- all right this is what's awkward that we -- that.