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11-19 7:10pm Drew Brees and Bobby Hebert, QB to QB

Nov 19, 2013|

The Cajun Cannon goes One on One with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our weekly conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees at quarterback Bobby Davis brought you back the great employees of Crosby to exit camp and now. And -- set the got to go called -- Who looks like a physical game plans we want I want all the way down the wire pretty big fourth quarter Yugo with the Saints that I don't 43 to two point to a lot of offered to have you here. A few talk about it I gained a close game a playoff like atmosphere did that would have liked a a playoff like atmosphere in the might -- don't with what was spare elaborated about the penalties. Yeah there should be allowed to say that's a huge huge sport. -- that victory. -- to argue that you'll know they needed that. The way that it is -- out Bergeron situations like it would work. Momentum shift back and there weren't. Wouldn't that be correct about the stops they did it give a few opportunities. In the fourth quarter that we had you know the drive the ball go to Newport. Make the plays in Portland game you know those are huge huge huge -- -- that -- Now -- drew look at that. The crowd noise home field advantage you could see was a factor right from the beginning. You'll be Colin cavern Nate they went three and out and yet that you know burn a time out. And with two games coming up on the road obviously Matagorda Georgia Dome Thursday night football prime time in. You got the Seahawks Monday Night Football. And when you look at that scenario considering the last time on the road against the Jets in all the trouble you all had in the first quarter went. Alston and even in the first quarter -- -- timeouts I can address. That thing going forward. It was a big challenge in this sport the -- fact that I was in the seals them. Yeah I mean at that they're -- -- -- -- better prepare for probably not be allowed to -- -- to -- Seattle post about where -- partner that you know so. I would still like we've been pretty good job indication of it the huddle and get the ball -- There's times where you know it's it's not like Booker or you're not you -- -- -- -- the play what you wanna do work you know hey let's talk about the sort. And then you know that's the that's when you use your timeouts strategically out recently. Didn't do very good job in the first quarter that Jets game but everything seemed to go smoothly after the. Drew you know what same real promising. When you look at it he -- the 49ers come in the town how they're always felt. In the trenches and and way to avid flow of the game consider -- reminders to an turnover ratio that would kind of be the 49ers. At their own game when you look at this him on the -- -- the detail. To stop Frank Gore but it -- stopping the run and being able to run the ball you look we hold them. I mean him and I thought was outstanding at three point seven averaged only had 81 yards Frank Gore only 48 yards and you look I'll contribution. Almost a hundred yards and we average four yards a carry. Pierre four point five Ingram four point two Sproles five point three. It just think that we have those kind of numbers backing -- that has to give you a lot of confidence that you can keep defense is all about. There's no doubt and -- stressed all week and not like it and all at all is it MITRE in my view of -- pesky cheaper here are just consistently. They'll be able to go on the ball at least in my -- and mature and and are you having that type of bouts. And you Dario. Out -- -- aircraft repair outs in the run game or not just the overall. You'll pass run ratio. Opened up and play action it vertical drop back game and all the compliment each. Now -- looking out of the game progress. All of a sudden I guess you'd say it 49ers got some momentum back of Phil Dawson kicked through the five yard few Ogilvy ticket in the seven lead. But how important it was one -- you prod him. Travares did hit -- dead at 82 yard. Kick returner because then all of -- done a right before half that you go three plays and get a touchdown and -- take a forty to ten lead. You know there -- huge moment -- you know they take the lead and then we get that particular position -- You know score. Particularly going. You know that it's obviously. There a notary of the Welker out there in the third quarter -- as well so all of her a big momentum shift the game where you know we recruit are all -- About the return game aperture leader. Of the game changing play goal -- -- -- -- tortured. Oh. Now drew looking at the beginning at third quarter and what transpired in I don't know if you revealed is that and -- -- -- groups of foreign you know players -- -- one another. But Jimmy Graham sure got short arms on this one play with 33 -- and -- exit thirteen yard pass. And you were trying to hit him of the seem like it would have been about a forty yard gain all of a sudden. Jimmy's arms got chart and and then you look at -- -- dad played maybe Ahmad Brooks and have a chance. You know to make that greeted deception and at thirty forward is now the what you get it over is dead you have a big play will know how athletic Ahmad Brooks is that. The yell give. Jimmy Graham had a tough time about well this thing you know gain -- -- televise football a little bit further outside. You know so he wouldn't -- -- in great shape be in order greed was kind of -- down on the poker. You know put the blame should -- -- outside you -- catches you stood on the maybe get into. Now drew when you look at that numbers and all that a blood test of being courage and you know you always want a -- to stretch the defense vertically well -- -- Devery Henderson has been in the past. And Robert Meachem and all of sudden Robert Meachem is back in the fold always -- Kenny stills. But only two receptions ball boy they were a big as long as the 44 bit -- -- to receptions 78 yards. And along those lines -- Marcus Colston. Being the all time reception leaders surpassing. One in my -- receivers to help me look good Aaron Martin. Yeah horrible personal major. So about back. You know like -- And -- again you know we're richer and offense -- usual. Every unity or a great job. And you can look like he's a future there. The personal -- out and you know he takes a Super Bowl 34 yard shot that in -- that -- -- for border so. To really. Big situations in which you'll keep Ichiro figure it is great job all that law or else be restored. It blocking it. -- stretch and he opened and and -- -- You know can you pick our game Marcus Colston -- Parker or you know that you and mr. reliable. Or they like god. -- -- -- -- -- It sort of believe -- you know it has been years and salad out. On yards there -- -- number they All Saints yardage leader. Would that also all the records. But yeah -- special got. It's QB to QB out conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw the Saints Bristol put 43 point victory over San Francisco 826 though it on the and they all the road a two week two days of the day. But it's the Atlanta Falcons drew a year or him sound football peaking at the right time -- coming together. How how is this team a poignant right now as you go to the eleventh game of the season. You I wouldn't sure it also -- you know -- will play it well. We. I'll play really well arms. I say. We can certainly still. Being more consistent. -- -- were -- and restrictions that would not allow anything to be overlooked. You know I'm -- -- November's critical spots where. We'll talk about that's when they're contenders separate themselves on the pretenders. You know we ourselves contenders. I'm Derek untrue -- reached. And you know. Regardless of the record to -- our division. Are you -- topics it'll. Dorm their play a person and I you can call out the window at a concert electorates. And you get accurate -- tarnished shield and we -- type game this is better and act. It'll last eleven of these things called on the last possession of cycle probably had little coaching like but. We just. We will destroy our own. You know progression between two you just think about you know -- -- -- time get a little bit better you know welterweight. Really put together. Consistent road. Performance. You know yet her string of them yet this season you know I think we. We know everything and it came get a force Chicago -- it doesn't matter. There's there's that a lot to be desired and most of the road games so all we want to make sure that we. We really do you know. -- job on the road make sure that work we we we feel like every on the road or anywhere. And and play with the same level interest and should we -- Andrew along those lines and I tell both and then -- even the different radio. Shows around the nation. And a lot of you'll realize because they kind of reflect on in the post season. You know -- we didn't play well defensively against Seattle at Seattle -- at San Francisco now being it's a different animal has been -- it. A lot of -- -- in the last four and a half seasons. The Saints have the best road record. And so we can oh win on the road so on that board about that but along those lines -- you were saying. Is that I think more than anything my observation. Since 2006. That. Office indeed that is probably playing the best complementary foot football to help one another well. Yeah I would agree that I think we've come a long way and our caller now. I think that's what you do that is -- -- the turnover ratio. You know offensively didn't -- the ball and you know what you're essentially like positions. On. Defensively here you know game three and out here you know get turnovers and creating moments that your PR and then. That's where operator football at Portland press you know and you know each side can -- not the other. You know back it up the other if they're -- -- start where. Offensively we give short fielder or eat sensibly you know whatever your great play your comeback to respond in the -- That's when you know that. You know there really doing the right way at the thing. Now a dirt -- -- you probably Carter and aunts and Bob is that looking towards in any game. And you look at things like any big game in the NFL now you have controversial calls or to comment also last night which you viewed. Grand house got and you gotta call some of the official calls at Evian is holding in and I wanted opposite of pages to win. But I think and he got a job the same thing we've played the pages that they lose they had junior a delay and around the -- getting -- hole and thought if you don't think it says -- but. If you look in our game against the 49ers. The roughing the passer. I think it was more I think it happens so fast. Is this forum was that are true clothes -- old school where you try to take the quarterback's head off was more cross should chance but I think to whiplash effect. I think that's what the officials saw. Andy and you know -- -- they had something to get a call that as is the way the rules are now but it think that that was puzzling to me. Because he wasn't ended the rest what they called -- intentional grounding is same like that that that that that was the right where you want it to make it that time and not force it. Of which is great -- them. -- All the the grounding call. You know like -- -- technically if you're not under career you know that. If you have a little bit more leeway there -- -- work -- progress but not at all threw the -- -- and still was not where you go in you know he would. -- -- -- there was on the flat there and -- insult me sort scramble around she turned to the sideline and so. -- heading towards the back corner. And I -- you know throwing up over him but by the time and the ball got there or the you know in the end zone and so. I think he periods and that was the there was nobody around and their well. What -- under director not so you know it's at times numbers there -- a call from you there are. You know. Yeah the rough and the pastor of that today you know -- that's about it again today networks. I think Ahmad Brooks that is. Great football player I think -- a clean you know football player. So prepared and you know -- intent or malicious intent with. -- And if you in the when you look at him Shlomo it looks like its kind of the top tore my -- but then as it finishes -- -- and in my neck and Sanchez. -- I get a ball the ground like I am now full blood you know so you keep it very. If it does it mean -- then -- a lot about people look so. I mean. In if you watched that game -- you know at real speech. Games Seattle think there's anybody watch on TV year stadium who wouldn't see that it in life. Oh that's totally you know just knowing knowing -- the rules -- and Nolan. You know how to protect defenseless players you know and so. I mean factual matters. Each team had certain breaks and and it's not like became would've been over after that play anyway. There's still a lot Paula he played out like that play they had their opportunities we -- -- returning. He'll make plays on the game. Now I drew. When you look at the Falcons now like you said you could throw all the records. And when you reflect back and you look last year. And the scenario that this thing -- and here's the Falcons high on the hog the eight and oh and and and look what happened so. I mean is that something that includes bidding are the leaders and the team pregame speech -- I'm sure. We are mature and of Teemu well aware of that. Yeah -- -- period that's where we're certainly not. Right now where. Where are we we know much work regatta and it's we know the schedule that's it's -- -- And or rat who worked on the coast so. -- -- But at the -- there's -- opponent you know and the one that. Won our division Leicester was number one seed in the you're actually in and posting at future pitcher so. You know. Just because you know they haven't caught some breaks this year maybe like day day -- -- too much church. That's the story between your two seasons and that that's some injuries and and -- difference but factor -- know what they're capable of and we know the way they play. In that building they play extremely well on the tour don't. You know there are starting between the teams Gallo up and essentially. They're seeing that it's extremely disciplined essentially. And so you know we're here and beat these two -- QB to QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby took -- again handle. It shows that -- got to go call you drew thank you so much for the time than a few of the team there is about it it's Atlanta. Carter hurt right drew.