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11-19 7:35pm Deke, Southeastern Louisiana Football

Nov 19, 2013|

Deke speaks to Southeastern Louisiana Football Head Coach, Ron Roberts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it was a historic day Saturday. It strawberries statement Hammond Louisiana. The first time -- 52 years the southeast Atlanta won the conference they can finish the Southland Conference season without a blemish. In the regular season point nine game win streak their eight game win streak with ties the school record. And they entertained nickel state in the rubio classic this Thursday night it's obvious statement handed -- Jonas now. It take coach of the Lions coach rob Roberts that run about mock now. The first average on you to morning for. Last week you fourteen and now want both -- at number eight. Make -- US Iraq -- I'm off I'm good luckily you good luck with your how to have have improved greatly over the course that I mean that's that's just three weeks ago coats and that's. That's a big time jump from not being -- rank to want both got to number eight. Yes well you know I had the opportunity was there or who are coming out there were -- -- three ranking in a row and you know -- if we continue to win obviously that the polls a lunatic yourself with the I'm real proud of -- players are excited for Bryan Berry burst your think the first second operation and Aurora right now we're excited about doctor for Thursday's group felt the pinch but Belcher play and what else. Coach what what was it like alternate field after the game. On on Saturday afternoon knowing you beat -- beat a team across the way Islamic Conference. Back to back national finalists in the national championship game it it's all I mean it's at any level it's our. To be -- GAQ you didn't want you you could appreciate but through experience that what was it like it on -- field Saturday they've got about 6:37 o'clock at night. I it was a great -- I mean the whole like actually income in the last couple longer has been outstanding but. A last Saturday's atmosphere are sure it was unbelievable that found the -- -- Dorsal loud and just -- a true home for over and all night long and did an amazing job and then you know afterwards but it doesn't look to the students stormed the field and it. It was just it was an incredible ball. Coach and wanna go back and look at it any team on you go out -- one. And it's 70 after the first -- at hand that it's point 117. They're on top and then the key to -- -- -- first -- with those third down Sammy you're you're first or second down defense was solid. And in the second hand and know whatever what they're certain adjustments you had to make with it so there was this. Real close that you -- owning it that's all it was the second half because you really dominated -- Or third down in the second half and you outscored. -- that you go at it you scored it secondhand the seventeenth -- nothing what what what what was something that that was talked about it got a half. All love his -- some things up but you know make that you brought you know look at the regents were untrue or Baylor could -- figure -- all opponent continue to convert on third down there or should relate with and -- It also is quite some things out there and you know perished told people and football. They're saying things are -- percent out of -- -- -- potential third law situation -- opportunity to. A rush to quarterback and and future is putter respectful -- -- but now move forward articles ballclub it's better than their record indicates they have an opportunity to win on Saturday they'll also puts a lot -- -- -- team. A seventeen to two in in the this is what I don't travel thing it's got to be good attack Duke knocked him off when you weren't -- -- knock them off the -- both expect to win. Same -- with Nicklaus where would you tell your team this week. As far as what you have coming up after this event do you feel like you focus on that. You know we'll focus on our policy during the teleconference. That are so look. The period so so much is particularly any Vic beating bill paying any given day in and you know Nichols as has played a lot of teams that are covered very tough this year they want some big game early in. I played really order and you know give me water put a little third night we know that. And a lot more states to stop turn and pursue your ranking opportunity ultimately -- -- playing for the host playoff game and you know we'll have a lot better seed oil -- full picture of the person and definitely also a little harsher. It'll be coaching anybody warm intricate to -- stellar partial. Southeast Louisiana university football coach Ron Roberts is our special is this past week and a record day. For the southeast of -- neighbors -- -- they. Win the Southland Conference a conference chance to -- For the lines the first time in. 52 years and have a chance to update us this season conference make it's it's definitely. With what a perfect record if they take care of nickel state is Thursday night at southeast of the rubio classic. Coach when we spoke you home I mean I spoke -- you -- you -- is the criminal from delta. You talked about building the program and you talk about being wanted to compete for settlement conference championships and ultimately. Would know without a conference champion is not over a course that they compete. But national championships. You've seen this as it's going along with. Did you envision this happening so fans. Love well going yeah I've followed -- a chance there I mean the typical beer athletically got the talent here. Place and I knew little recruit well here. -- the truck that we would it be jokers who could recruiting classes and count level. And don't realize. A lot of but I do also our staff has been together. Soul well what are their continuity. Among the it will -- a -- years we will begin a 400. Over -- occasionally he would do and the Packers are restricted on that would jump recruit talent. -- -- -- -- Coach -- recruiting. You could talk about yeah he's got great facilities. I mean that the program with. Itself it's come a long way since they have started football backed up in the early part of 2000 the right 20012002. It was announced. But there's not a lot going to veterans of the young man in in and be a part of it I saw a lot of recruits that wall camp this Saturday. If it faceted type atmosphere the fans into it. That bet that really does if -- coach when you get into January February and you walk in the people's homes and at the school's. And you could go waited till you conference chance and I would imagine that that's a big boost the people with full. There is going to be huge boost your further recruiting class and you know settle into the big thing we're trying to get to this world we get the count police animal that can help that would get him to stay here all. And well I think what America I think one thing that little mystery you know that you -- have a winner here I'm Victor has been helpful to them up tomatoes -- -- I do agree we could rain on springer the championship and and click article football camp. I think you know this can be huge step for our process and our ability to crucible putrid they wouldn't have a shot at a year ago or two years ago. Coach Ron Roberts head football coach of the southeast Atlanta athletic conference champs have a chance to finish the conference slate undefeated. With a victory Thursday night -- classic instance Nichols state. Coach Roberts thank you so much for the time it is a pleasure of we will look pokey Keyon stone and now predicts that without it would it come on who you both to the playoffs. Or more per Euro. Our coach thank you very much you know folks that's it we have guests on it week if I found at the parallel with talked to. Coach stood at Atlanta here and they got it started when it first year with the heat and you'll -- -- -- size initiative that. It's it's always terrorism to cope with sports book to watch the rise. To watch something beat him -- That that's the fun for us that that that's the fun part about like what coach Johnson doing it to them in big bear. -- bowl by now and it -- so many teams you see it like a sit in the weeks and a and I have to go back and look at their angles but this is this is that correct you it's got to be close to a decent one at. So that has won their division in their conference at -- -- when the conference championship against Jackson in the -- went to Q. You know Lafayette Louisiana rate it hate it when the sun -- at three. At Tulane if Theo win. Competency. In Louisiana College when it counts that's the and it's important that when you look at college football landscape it got states. Out there and let's just take off our suddenly southeast conference take take the state of Georgia State to state Alabama is Alabama there's Auburn. As you may be a throwaway is in his division one programs as if he's in BS in as the AF CS programs. -- you say the level of success. Any -- where your it would reach your line and name with which track you all and it's attractive on as if he has as that's the play -- it. What you -- beat division one double as -- at their division wonderfully. Which you wanna be the best you can be and we like to think champion I think this is correct we have some of the best prep football at a conference. And I do believe that's the case that they only recruit it and now to see. -- colleges. Doing well all at once. You know before. Go to hood and before. Curtis got through. To me and we had obviously coach dykes. At a -- And a coach where the B coach bearing on those guys where Monroe -- -- capitals a big lift it before with ticket to a bowl. There was one program Wednesday in the division one level that was ranked. They -- point top thirty in the course. Much higher -- on average with LSU. Out Saturday. When there was just is a 124 league divisional ones who. Everybody else mistake that other divisional program -- -- today which -- to line which was Monroe and which is losing in the fourth. They -- a hundred awards. -- -- So you think about have a best prep football. Example where isn't happening but now we start to see. Because I think these coaches know. When he took these jobs look back and despite these guys in my home backyard to come here almost do well and that could Iran's. Look at the roster that they do not take salute them this year Monroe's to have that opportunity to get to -- to -- -- -- it. Over the last year but now our division one programs they all battle of backing it. I think that's what you get too cute vision to have it be that you know can it be like Texas. You know when you -- Texas a and M Texas -- are ranked pass. I don't know. But I think -- -- all do well accomplices in the bowl eligible on a consistent basis yearly I think that's a very attainable goal affair affair ago.