WWL>Topics>>11-19 8:10pm Scoot: Is Monty Python funny?

11-19 8:10pm Scoot: Is Monty Python funny?

Nov 19, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners and confesses that he lied when he once said he was a Monty Python fan. Are you? Is it funny?

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Loved every minute of being in the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the saints forty niners game it I just I kind of had this feeling. It's the the plot was going to unfold so Garrett Hartley could redeem himself and he barely had a chance to do that and he did. A lot of controversy about that game we just heard about it in our news with the shooter rose. I've asserting that a close line tackle Drew -- his head. Yeah it was pretty -- as far as I'm concerned. And then there was a controversy in the game last night between the patriots and the Panthers were gonna talk about that we get into tonight's top rated eight. Short rest for the saints and forcing its fans. Thursday -- center in Atlanta against the Atlanta Falcons. Our fans first take begins Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock with a resident pro former saints offensive lineman Jumbo Steve court. And Todd and -- at 530 it's the bond like countdown to kick off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia game time Thursday night 730 the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Anderson color analyst -- guy John can't sit silent reporter Christian American and after the game to indicating Canon and the big chief. But the point after until 1 AM ten hours of wall to wall saints football coverage on the flagship. -- -- you all beginning Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock so you don't Thursday's going to be kind of crazy gay people are gonna. -- -- the game was here would be a little crazier but you know everybody's gonna wanna get home and get settled in I've already heard some people actually having. Parties for the saints falcons game tomorrow night the and discuss blog is going to be revised version of blog that we did. Right before the season opener. Against Atlanta Falcons. And the blog tomorrow night which will talk about on the show is titled or falcon stands born that way. And there seems to be a lot of controversy about where the falcons fans were born that way or they chose to be falcons fans know many people consider to be an abomination. And we think about -- difficulty especially right now being falcons -- why would anybody choose. That lifestyle. So we'll talk more about that tomorrow night. It's time for tonight's topic to date here -- the top three things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight under VW well. Number eight. All right yeah you remember him he can't sit and tell us. I love this golf. You have to admit that huh. I wouldn't it. Plumber story Debbie Gibson stunned the crowd at the New York Knicks game the other night. At the age of 42 performing wearing only -- -- You know it shouldn't be so surprising that somebody at the age of 42. Can be hot and sexy in a leotard. And hopefully even beyond the age of 42 but it was sparkling in -- Republican at a picture right now. And she looks really great -- that she doesn't really look that that different. She's one of the few people who really a totally stood me up for an interview. -- do TV -- -- -- mobile and I'd had been driven alert our camera guys all the way to New Orleans you're performing at the armaments do. And picking her to do an interview winner and we were standing outside -- tour bus that she would command of the bus. I don't I don't hold that against her but she's one of the very few people actually boosted me up for an interview number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A -- surviving members of comedy group. Monty Python are reuniting for the first time in fifteen years for a stage performance. Terry Jones says we are getting together putting on a show it's real. I'm quite excited about it I hope it makes us a lot of money I hope I'm able to pay my mortgage. John Cleese says Monty Python is set to be flying circus all over again I'm gonna make -- confession. On the air here right now. That I don't believe I've ever revealed on the air. You know when I was first getting started in radio. Monte python which -- which in the in the seventies. And there was the money python movie -- -- -- with the holy Grail on. Money pipe that was -- on on PBS and that they had they had movies. And you know people just love Monty Python. And I would to the movie and I. I played a few money python clips on that they show that idea but you know I have to admit I never really got it. Maybe I just wasn't stones enough and you know maybe it's time to. You know get out the ball as Monty python's falling circuses is coming back -- I yeah I feel better I feel. I feel relieved that I'm not carrying that burden around. That there are -- was into money -- I mean I try to understand that I I don't know maybe it went over my head but I I have to admit that I never really totally. Got enough money pipe on the way many of my peers did number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A new study shows that kids around the world are not as fit as their parents were and they your age well it's because we weren't spoiled. We certainly weren't spoiled as they are. It's a foxnews.com story says it's that the American Heart Association. Talks about this being the first study that shows a decline in fiscal fitness worldwide. For the last three decades and this is not just American kids -- kids around the world. On the average it takes children ninety seconds longer. To run a mile. That it did thirty years ago. And heart related fitness as declined 5% per decade since 1975. For children ages between. A nine and seventeen. And health experts say the children between six. Children six and older. Get sixty minutes of moderately vigorously activity every day. On and 13 of American kids are now doing that that's it just 13 of American kids are getting exercise would you see what happens that we talk about it quite often on the show. Can sit there with there. They're they're tablets they sit there and they played they played video games that mean mentally I guess to some degree it's the news stimulate you play video games but it's not doing anything for there. The physical activity you know when we were kids we went outside and we played. Of course you know we had the advantage of schools that were not infected with political correctness we can actually have recess. And and we can actually have PE. -- we had to you know I remember I -- to a private school. And in my brother and I were just talking about this the other night. When they would have an assembly. The date of the assembly. They would have. The gym classes. Do on all man's on the -- I think that's what to call it. Where you like you down on the ground -- -- call like they like like they crawl under fences in the military like to -- the and we they did that. That was there way of mopping the floor that was that -- clean the floor before the out before the the the assembly. So you know we were and we were very active so you know I know it's difficult in your kids are really wrapped up in doing what they do which is quite often a passive activity. But really heavy if you're parity gets favored and and get him out there and get him involved and a some kind of activity. I saw this story earlier today I -- I missed channel surf so much back and forth between all -- the the news networks and I don't know which one it was. But it sure you'll be hearing about it is there's a story of high school student in in Washington State I think it's in the Spokane area. His high school student. -- 400 pounds. He's 64. He's a running back. The guy has speeds it's east 400 pounds 64. Running back in high school. And yes the colleges are all lining up to talk to this this kid. And he does admit that he's got a lot to do to make it to the next level and then to the next level of the NFL if he does get that far but it. One advantage 400 pounds 64 -- now say I don't know how fastest it is I mean maybe he's not really that fast he's just big nobody can bring down. But you think that if he's not that fasting you can get a bunch of kids on him and bring -- announced anyway -- -- gonna be something to to watch this guy. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This list Cheney really not understand it except -- sister Mary's marriage and lifestyle or. Is she simply saying that to score political points in her bid to be elected signature of Wyoming. Now wait him. There's no way -- politician richest cities something to try to get votes. I mean if Liz Cheney release says that she doesn't agree with her sister's marriage same sex marriage. She's got to mean that in her heart. I can't imagine a politician just saying something to get attention although you know you would think I mean even Dick Cheney the former vice president. Has accepted his daughter's. Same sex marriage. And actually Dick Cheney because his daughter is married him because his -- gay. Dick Cheney now that he's no longer vice president running for political office Dick Cheney has publicly accepted. Gay marriage. And it's really -- and that's not something that somebody can do when there in office or running for office. And so here you have I guess maybe an interesting scenario coming up for Thanksgiving dinner. At the -- Don -- guide Mary who's married to her. Female partner. And and you've got Utley is who's running for. The Republican nomination. Running against an incumbent by the way Republican incumbent in Wyoming running for that nomination to run for the senate seat in. In Wyoming so. It's going to be interesting to see. What happens here but -- -- and it is -- truly sand. -- politicians don't really say. What they mean although I I have to admit that there are a lot of talk to most. Who don't really say what they mean. The only say what they think you wanna hear. Because they wanna get your attention. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. George Zimmerman was released from jail today following his arrest on charges that he threatened his girlfriend during an alleged domestic violence incident. How difficult is it to stay out of the news George. He was release on 900 dollar bond earlier. Today. He was seen smiling as she walked out of the jail and got in the car the judge awarded George Zimmerman to not possess guns. And ordered him to stay away from his girlfriend's house and to Wear a monitoring device. George Zimmerman was charged with aggravated assault. Third degree felony and he is also charged with battery and criminal mischief both misdemeanors. Zimmerman was taken into custody yesterday after his girlfriend Samantha. Told deputies that he pointed the shotgun matter. In the 911 calls Zimmerman denied pointing the gun matter. You know I guess it's always possible that. A woman might take advantage of somebody like this who has described if they have a reputation. And has gone through what George government is gone through and and and might -- dead. He. He -- it don't matter when he really didn't I guess we really won't ever know because it's and he said she said situation. But it's interesting now you know the police have a choice of what they what they believe I ever -- a situation in Denver Colorado. And there was ever a case of a police officer had a choice of the leading me or this this woman. And just based on on her word vs my where he'd he'd he'd chose to believe that moment. And I ended up having to go to court. Now -- it didn't end up on my permanent record and did the whole thing was do I guess it was kinda settling had to go to anger management which really made me angry. But that'll be a story for another show. And there was there was a drought warning throughout Colorado. And I was in my apartment complex and the woman next amiga -- getting getting my mail on the woman next to be -- her car. And she kicked. She dropped her lit cigarette on the ground. And kicked it into the car. And I simply said to her. Couldn't you have put that out in your ashtray. That simple comment. Led to her calling the police claiming that I threatened her. Which was absolutely not true and there were no witnesses to corroborate her story. And I -- sitting at the police station. In a Littleton Colorado. Talking this police officer who you know I kept I don't know for sure. But he had a very dried wrinkled face on him smokers face him again on or maybe spent a lot of time on the slopes and we spent -- time this Sunday. -- just seemed like a smoker not that you can always stereotype smokers. But I he -- I choose to believe her. And I don't know maybe I should have worn a black leather jacket that maybe there are few things that I may be a Christian of cut my hair before but you know I just thought that was really really get -- -- and I do I know what it feels like for somebody to falsely accuse you of something anyway. Turn out fine so my record and I've had my attorney did and they're -- great job and getting into essentially dismissed if I agreed to go to anger management class and I thought of actually inching up and a -- of -- -- anger management class. But I was it anger management class and and you know it like they go around the room and you say what you've done to his -- anger management class. And I'm high as -- and the guy in front of me. Goes. Yeah well. I've. About got beat up a beat up somebody road rage incident and I I beat up Somalia at a gas station. And then why were you here yellow line I totally she couldn't she shouldn't putter she puts it should put a cigarette out winners -- drought warning in Colorado. So like you know felt like I really shouldn't have been there number three -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Finally. We have a logical situation. To the homeless problem in America. A state represented in Hawaii. Walked around with a sledgehammer. And smashed shopping carts. In hopes of discouraging. The homeless. From stealing. Hawaii state representative Tom Bauer Democrat to 43 years old. Said I want to do something practical. It will really clean up the streets. So that's the practical solution. Let's since since they're stealing shopping carts lets smash the shopping carts. He said I don't want to be threatening to any dude you're walking around with a -- Is -- -- -- be threatening to anybody. I think it's threatening to steal things and then walk around with them like. You -- them. Pocket watch I'm I don't know how threatening that isn't me it's illegal and it's it's wrong. Connie Mitchell is quoted from the yen. The institute for human services in -- -- saying there are some people who are not that stable and maybe drug affected. That could really react to him to understand it again. -- what do we think it is a long time ago the way to get homeless people to stop stealing shopping carts is to simply smashed the shopping cards with a sledge -- I don't know about you but then it makes me think how am -- gonna get in at a Wal-Mart -- whoever ago. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight and eight. And I mean not only do we have a solution to the homeless problem but now we have a solution. For the smoking problem in America. This happened today in new York city. New York City Michael New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Signed a bill that bans the sale of tobacco products including cigarettes. To anyone under the age of twenty point. This legislation makes New York the largest city the first largest city. Or state. In a country in this country to prohibit the sale of tobacco products including cigarettes to young adults. A during the bill signing today Mayor Bloomberg said the law will help prevent young people from experimenting with tobacco. At that age. When they're likely to become addicted and health officials say in New York that 80% of smokers started before they were Tony want. Tobacco companies and some retailers have opposed the -- increase they say it will simply drive the teenage black market in the city. What a solution to a problem. OK so you don't want teenagers smoke so let's ban smoking for everyone under 21. Mayor Bloomberg I guess this system modeled after that that planned by the US to band pot in America right. Number one on tonight's list of the top eight. And it's. -- we're gonna yeah. There are three stories in the news. And demonstrate beyond a shadow of doubt. That the news media is nip and -- that. Is manipulating. You. Number one Tom Brady drops the F borrow. Story number two exclusive interview with Toronto mayor rob Ford. And story number three Jeb Bush promotes he has a real conservative. These three stories. Demonstrate that the news media is manipulating you for the that the sole purpose of getting your attention so they can draw an audience. This could block tonight is something we talking about its title. How the news media gets your attention that you -- they showed a regular basis you know that this is one of the things or shall we. We analyzed and quite often criticize. The activity of the media. The business of which I am. Apart but that doesn't mean I have to agree with the media. And I just don't hear many people in mainstream media are criticizing some of the faults of the media. Now when I criticized the media I'll also point out that there's a there's a lot of responsibility that falls on you and me. Those of us who consumed the media. Now if you want information about how the news ladies getting your attention -- use these three stories an example. Tom Brady dropping the F bomb. Exclusive interview with Toronto mayor rob Ford. And Jeb Bush promoting that he is a real conservative and has this happened I just last night in New York City. And what's interesting is that this this whole talk about Jeb Bush being a real conserve this comes right on the heels of the big victory by New Jersey governor. Chris Christie. Who I want one so overwhelmingly and is perceived by many. To be more moderate. So this is the media. In -- tried to fuel the flames and enhance this civil war within the Republican Party. And the audience. Goes right along with. So we'll talk about these three stories -- with a -- again if you want if you what's a little insight into how the news media might be manipulating you in getting your attention. Dispute blog is under our opinions on the front page WWL. -- WL dot com. This is. -- -- Say this is money title. And we it was a lot of talk about spam to -- at a suspected -- never got it if you just joined a show money by -- getting back together after fifteen years and I. Confessed on the -- that I never really quite understood. Money title. If you what did you and Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight. Our numbers 260170. Toll free 86688. -- 0870. In our -- number is a 7870. You know there are younger people listening to show thinking about how today's new establishment. When they were young totally got into this. And they're probably wondering wow that must have been some good stuff they were they were doing. We'll be right back went every WL. You'll see them you -- against the Bruins. Yeah not a. Okay. The. Number seven -- tonight's list of this topic today you're on the -- show was CF five surviving members of the comedy group Monty Python's Flying Circus are reuniting for the first time to to a stage performance. First and getting back together in fifteen years. And I I admitted I I I think back on those years and I tried so hard to get and I wanted to be cool at night. I I -- they did to get it because my peers on the air and many listeners. Would arrives early in my career we're just so -- the Monty Python. That would go in Atlanta all the time instead of going to -- I just really don't think it's that funny. I don't I don't I don't criticize you if you think it was funny but -- just wanted to. Think that confession here's a text you're not the only one I still don't think -- -- still looked at the big deal about money python. Here's another -- thank god I must be normal I never got Monty Python either. Here is sent another text related to a story that I've told a moment ago about. A woman's false claim against me. A -- your story about the drought warning. Today I hope you win and urinated on the woman's. Fraught format LO well no I actually didn't do that. Here's another text about that I think it's ridiculous that you had to get a lawyer to defend you for trying to stop somebody from setting a fire potentially. Yeah I always -- thought this was just ridiculous and and in -- realized that when it comes to your word against somebody else's word. Society in general tends to believe the woman over the man. And I have personal experience with this in in Denver there was -- it was a drought and there was some fire warning nobody content fires or do anything in this woman. It's right next to me as of getting out in my apartment complex to get the mail. She threw a lit cigarette on the ground and then then walked away and it should be stamping out. And I'm I'm approached her and I said couldn't you have put that await your in your ashtray could you put that -- I -- there's -- -- -- And she got really all upset that I would -- year. Confront her and it was that easy and it was that. Subtle of of a confrontation. Just simply said. Could you don't give you the -- -- I guess there was little sarcastic when the president just to keep could put that -- your ashtray and there's a drought warning. And she was so upset that anybody would dare. Question her about smoking and throwing her cigarette butt on the ground. That she call the police. And the police came out and I had to go to the police station I wasn't. Technically arrested but they called me and then they heard her side of the story than they heard my side of the story and the the the police officer. I said I've I've I choose to believe her. With out any kind of corroborating evidence it did choose chose to to believe her over me and again the -- piety and attorney. And he's a good job it was essentially dropped. When the judge realized that there was no evidence whatsoever. And I had to go to anger management class which again didn't make me very happy also -- talked about a couple of really breakthrough concepts. There is this says this this idea that I had never thought -- before. A logical solution. To the smoking problem in America. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg today signed the bill banning the sale of alcohol of of tobacco products. To anyone under the age of 21. When -- -- -- -- a great idea what will this work will this stop everybody 121. From smoking and it's ridiculous. And here's a logical solution to -- that we talked about to the homeless problem a state represented in Hawaii. Walked around with a sledge -- smashing shopping carts in hopes of discouraging the homeless from stealing. His idea was I wanna do something practical. That would really clean up the street to mean to sound like something Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin -- today. But this guy he's a Democrat by the way. Now that that should matter but EP said he wanted to smash the shopping carts so the homeless would steal -- again no logical solution that you know we should have thought of that. A long time ago. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our -- number is 877. Hears it takes a little incident with that nice. Young lady should have taught you something skewed. -- well. What a blank. Picking on my body she probably will have some horrid to remind them. I'd not even sure where that -- here's a -- I love money -- 127. Another tax money python never made sense to me either my brother loved it. And I don't want this to turn into a big controversy but I just had to admit that I really never got money type on and Adam Ellison -- my studio producer tonight is just. Shouting and cheering in the other room because she is she on in her twenties and she gets you -- you understand money I thought. Yes yes I understand the subtleties that it's money well you know I'm every into subtleties I'm very into things that are not obvious. I you know again there were a couple of things there're couple things in the movies and a that was funny but I really never got the whole team. And it's hard their a lot of people in your generation that like going python. I mean. It's people. Like money on my age even. At my Brothers and just twenty. -- Because you know it was popular when I was underage. And a little older and again again I'm right I tried to get into it and try to pretend to be into it for my peers because it was the cool thing. -- But I guess I was in the same state of mind I'd much. Net now. Maybe that's it. -- here's a text about smoking in raising the age of -- smokes the realized nicotine. Is the most addictive drug there is over herald when. Cocaine and alcohol check Betty for tobacco. Kills more people. Than any cancer out there hello. Look I'm I'm not suggesting that smoking is good for. -- simply suggesting that you're not gonna stop teenagers from smoking by simply raising the age to buy cigarettes to 21. I mean think Taliban on -- one has worked how well -- that worked among young America. I mean people are buying pot. At fifteen. I don't know maybe even younger than -- even younger than that so if you warning if you wanna do what you're gonna do which is unfortunate that there. The solution is not to -- and so. The solution is to try to convince people not to do something and I don't think of balancing and promoting cigarettes and I'm not a smoker. You're not gonna stop people from smoking because to raise the age of 21 and this thing about that he has is that's gonna make people feel like oh wow. One that we've done something right I mean the mayor. 21. Really and that makes people sit back and think. As we don't know we can do now let's move on to the next problem when you really haven't solved the problem. This is the spiritual and we'll be right -- like from New Orleans on this Tuesday night's double WL. There are three series currently in the news that demonstrate this meeting is manipulating you the title Disco blog tonight is how the news -- gets your attention. To your little insight into how the news media is getting -- to and you you might not even be aware of it is not that. I'm being critical of your intelligence or anything like that but you you might not be aware of some of these things that. It did seem obvious to me from my standpoint in the business and having studied communications in that every indication. The relationship between society in mass media over the years but how the news media get your attention and I used these three stories is an example would be talking about this on the show tonight. But the at the blog is under our opinions for -- Debbie WL dot com there's a lot of controversy at the end of last night's Monday Night Football game you heard it hear it every WL. I've watched it at home and it was a flagged it was which was thrown at the end. It was an interference call. Well that it was an interference call because it was declared. And to -- an untouchable ball. Well how do you declare a bowl untouchable. Win the interference happens. Before the interference call. And any idiot and so the officials that overruled the official that threw the flag made a big mistake. Do you think the rest got it right last night do you think more can be done to prevent gains from being decided by a referee's call. Or do you think that that is just. The human element. It's always gonna be part of the game. As ever Cisco fans say that the rest gave the call to Drew Brees that allowed the saints to win. Do you think more technology needs to be used to review each call or is that just to human element in the game. To join our show with your -- tonight our numbers 26018782038668890. Point 78. In a text ever is -- 77 if you vortex about Monty Python. And like it was mentioned earlier -- -- did really quite get it on merely a flesh wound okay now that part was funny I I do remember that part. Here's another text the holy Grail was the only one I got. Another tax I'm 26. My friend Washington high school and I could not understand. What they were laughing it. I hear is attacks -- -- -- python doctored to Vento that's why they were popular. Another text. I think the brits have a very strange sense of humor never really got Monty Python. I was more about Benny Hill stand. -- any -- really got Benny Hill although I did get mr. being from Houston David your on this crucial and heavy WL. Those -- needed. He sorry about that -- Rhonda. Trying to understand what you said. -- human -- record for the fellow Latin and ally yet as. It is. It's statement adding it -- -- shopping cart yet and it and that don't own problems with new games that are part and show off. True conservative Republicans as examples of those that like the kind of statements. And yet -- but you know it is -- he's Democrat and it shouldn't make any difference in order to make any difference -- using to -- Republicans. -- example -- easing that people obviously understatement. That as the they'll find out lots and it. You are I'll I'll I'll make finance analyst -- David don't be so sensitive. I -- I make fun Nancy Pelosi to I didn't. I don't make fun of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin because they're conservative Republicans and make fun of them because they're clowns. It's good tip of the cap. The thing we see immediate. But so what you hear a lot of conservative stuff you hear a lot of people who just praised Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann and it really they're kind of they're kinda stupid. Well yes that might -- I don't and in the year show particular slant one way or the other. I'm hoping you're maintaining position of being a middle road. Well if it into -- -- Nancy Pelosi says -- the stupid I'll say something about her too. My point was to lack the view lackeys. To to -- -- -- Republican as examples. Comparing this gentleman and and out lie and then you make -- the fact that he's a Democrat but that shouldn't make any -- More on not exactly sure which -- trying to say but I I've I've actually make fun of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin because I'm in law. As to how they got to where they are in terms of respect within the Republican Party I think they have done a lot to destroy the Republican Party from younger voters and from moderate voters. Who won -- vote for Republicans but they can't because those have been some of the cheerleaders. For the Republican Party. And that's my opinion. I understand your opinion here and this. But but by the same token if you -- make fun of the server but it was apology usenet he -- -- apple. David David cut data becomes it this is in the news right now and it just happened to come to mind I can't absolutely list. Every person who said something stupid when I I read a story -- I'm surprised that you were that offended by that this is it a talk radio show and can it possibly. Mention every one I used those two people as an example because they have just again recently been in the news saying what I think are clown fish. Type things and they're not to be taken seriously and the Republicans who hold them up on a pedestal are hurting the image of their own party. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back.