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11-19 9:10pm Scoot: NFL penalty calls

Nov 19, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about controversial NFL calls after a tough hit on Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

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That's it's chilly November Tuesday night's very cold on -- or short tonight into the north of New Orleans and and warming up and that we're gonna get some some brain perhaps Saturday Sunday is expected to be beautiful with maybe a high of 55 so very chilly by Sunday. And Monday there are three stories currently in the news that demonstrate the news media is manipulating you. I'm Tom Brady drops the F bomb. Exclusive interview. With Toronto mayor rob Ford. And Jeb Bush promotes and he's a real conservative. The scoop like tonight is titled how the news media gets your attention and it's about how the media manipulation and use these three stories and -- as an example. And if you want any insight you can read the blog and share with others it's on our frontpage it at W real dot com under our opinions who will be talking about that. On the show -- -- -- off further explain how these three stories demonstrate how the media does manipulate you. If you just join our show tonight we're talking about no logical solution to the smoking problem in young America. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed -- bill today banning the sale of tobacco products to anybody under the age of 21. And I guess this is modeled after that successful ban on pot it in America. If if teenagers wanna smoke they're they're gonna smoke. And they came -- and legally they're gonna bomb them they're gonna get them. I didn't I didn't spoke until I was 18% and I guess it was seventeen. And I smoked until I was about eighteen national for about it that your -- maybe six months or -- year in my life. If I would have to get him -- would have been able to have to get him before that I I think it's. It's a shame that sometimes we we focus on what we think is such he tens of tangible solution to a problem when in reality we're not really even addressing the problem. Also there's state represented in Hawaii. There has the solution to the homeless problem. He has going around with a sledge -- smashing shopping cart saying I wanna do something practical. It will really clean up the streets. Why didn't we think that that's the problem. It's the availability of shopping carts. It's contributing to the homeless theft problem. If they were there they wouldn't steal. Well one we use that logic and since some people steal cars planet we ban cars are where we go with a sledgehammer and smashed cars so nobody can steal. The colors. If you enjoyed our show with comment about any we were talking about tonight our number is 2601870. So free 8668890870. And a text number is 877 -- or -- have you a pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Do you think more can be done to review bad calls in the NFL Ortiz that a human element that's just part of the game. We're talking about that tonight give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And there will update on that as we continue tracking -- -- show tonight. -- also mentioned earlier this casually that -- -- surviving members of the comedy group money python reuniting for stage performance for the first time in fifteen years. And I confessed on the air that even though I'd. Even though I tried to get into it I played clips on their radio show that I did -- -- in the morning years ago. I have to admit that for the most part I'd never really. Found them that funny. I mean I'm glad they're getting back together because a lot of people love money points but I acted and I really didn't find and that's -- from the world's Wayne -- under the WL. A big fire ball high yet it. Again it I yeah I wish I wish I did it I I wish I guts to I don't -- Star -- either. And I I'm not sure. All out for. I enjoyed. Party tried -- you know I don't know if you remember well. I don't know if -- would show. And opening more normal ratio. It was kind of want to -- -- or. Oh my god I'll wait give -- -- to put me on your show Burton. Burton would tonight. And and what -- that was great and Fred Willard played he is Ed McMahon tight food for numbers aren't you. That I don't watch that show every night. I would watch that every -- they're. -- pocketbook and it would be great ship. Alone one of the account and share with you real quick from. Happened to me an expert at new book the heart warming experience couldn't get dude showed that that the world is on -- it is the -- please. I had to testify in the trial to -- Bomb against the low for a person that was accused of our own. Petty stuff but simply didn't take to deal. He could got twelve years. Follow put our young black gone already you roll. And in 45 minutes. And all one week. Four and old or thirty less than 52 women. Found him not guilty. But to me. It shouldn't be amazed. At an end quote the right thing. But you know just because there are black ones you recount what does an excellent. Point you can get -- well these. So you view you've got the feeling and under these circumstances that are contrary to what the media might have you believe. This was this was a fair trial and and and that people who really search there their souls and and that also means Wayne. That if it's an all black jury and a white defendants. They might -- searching their souls and they might be coming up with what really is the right answer in the horizon their hearts. Well you know the usual arm and in it is just you know what you call upon. Honored in it's it's kind of like you know what would go all the polymers but I I would have been -- if I don't really good feel about it. And it just like that you didn't have a chance and you know we thought it was way Bo -- so that the majority floor like -- in the Arctic. The federal prosecutor in order in the wake -- like that have a good. Point thankless there's a good story at Georgia and Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. A text numbers eights and creativity. Here's -- -- those people who are 1819 and twenty. Can just easily drive to New Jersey and buy cigarettes. Sure are you can get on the fairy. And take the ferry across to we hawk and -- someplace in New Jersey to ferry across get the cigarettes and smuggle one back and it. Smuggling cigarettes and -- Again. And so somebody suggested earlier that I'm I'm I'm promoting smoking. And that smoking is not addictive or not but that's what I'm doing at all. I simply point out that this this idea it's out of banning something it's not really. The way to solve a problem but yet it makes people think the problem is solved. Okay will band will will do that it's not gonna it's gonna change. Now if you start now I I guess to some degree it is changing and be there are a lot of stats that that show that there's a actually there's a slight decline in smoking cigarettes but an increase in young people smoking marijuana. I don't have those stats bright in front of me but I remember reading that recently. The I think the adult population of smokers continues to be about 25%. -- down but it's still about a quarter of of the population. On people. Sometimes choose bad -- you might not smoke. But -- hypocritical if you have your own bad habits and you buy into the B. The social acceptance. Of degrading smokers now what they do is not good for them. But it's it's it's legal and there are things that we do that might that be might not be good for us. But this idea just OK we'll we'll do something about a teenage smoking by banning cigarettes -- anybody under 21. Mean is that really gonna stop somebody from smoking I think the the better course of action is to convince young people. I'm not to smoke. And I know there's a lot that is is done about that. I read a book not too long ago that pointed out that people who were totally cognizant of the the warnings the dire warnings on a pack of cigarettes. It didn't stop them from smoking at all. In -- some of them actually on eight days it made him. No it didn't necessarily make of smoke -- but it certainly didn't make them smokeless I remember when we took that -- -- to caution -- In Mexico did the -- side of a pack of Marlboro to smoking kills. Mean it was done nothing subtle about a little more. It was a little more direct. Here's a text about a firm would tonight loved firmly tonight and Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. Which air around. That time too I did love money python. Love -- Jerry Lewis movies to the world -- -- admitting they like the old Jerry Lewis I thought it was only popular in in France. I hear is attacks about the Drew Brees. A close one tackle if you look at the replay. On the hit on Drew Brees. Did -- did hit the Drew Brees took you'll see that it was clearly hit on the chest when Drew Brees duct. That's win the arm hit the neck it was a clean hit. It was just one more bad call by the -- that help make the saints win the game. I'm not a saints fan. Who. Disagrees with although that the calls -- bad calls against the states that sometimes there are calls that I totally agree with -- and there are people around. Mean did did did the dome and I hear what they say in going green you're blinded by year's saints loyalty. Which is what you know what what people do it on not being critical of that but if it's if it's -- a penalty it's a penalty. Now I thought that was a fair call. Against breeze but on everybody's gonna see it that I thought last night. The call the end of the year Monday Night Football game. Between the patriots and the Panthers I thought that was a terrible call. An official through the through the flag it was interference. On the Panthers defender. And yet. Another official told the -- at the flag and said that he was an untouchable ball. But if you look at that very carefully and it was played over and over and over again on sports shows today. It could not -- and see how it could be declared. And untouchable ball. If the interference took place prior to the contact. -- -- -- the interception. Took place after. The -- had already started. And I think -- Sean Payton made this argument earlier with the the athletes that we have played football today. How do you know that he could not have gotten back and and got into position to get that ball. So I thought that was a terrible call that. Prevented the patriots are scoring and essentially gave the victory at that point the the Carolina Panthers. Who -- -- or one game behind us and we still have two meetings with the Panthers coming up on in the -- one away and -- to I hope I hope Rob Ryan with sitting back last night taking a lot of notes about Cam Newton and the entire offense because. If you don't we thought going into this season. We thought we were racists -- -- I never got that he wanted to scifi guy so I never really got Austin ransom again in my studio producer she's into it. You know going into the season we thought we had to worry about the falcons and the box. And we didn't pay a lot of attention to the Panthers went to the Panthers now. This is -- show if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. At a text number is a 77 will be right back -- more on WWL. I had an adventure AD MV earlier today which I would gladly share with you later here's an update on -- -- a pretty general opinion poll. Do you think more can be done to review bad calls in the NFL or is that a human element that's just part of the game answered a BW a pretty general opinion poll. More can be done. 56%. It's just a human element of the game. 44%. To -- opinion by going to our web site every WL dot com a 2 hour morning Tommy Tucker on -- BWL first news starting at 6 o'clock. I will be talking about among other things of this you know study showing that a majority of people in New Orleans Jefferson parishes. Like where they live. Where do you live and we -- would you like to live yet to have to another parish where would you go. I'm hearing more more people talking about wanting to move downtown if they could -- kids and they they can't. But they wanna move downtown as soon as they camp where would you like to live with Julie -- vigilant to move to one of the parachutes. Outside the city also there are plans being announced for a sequel to it's a wonderful life. With Jimmy Stewart. Have a good -- of their decision. And who should play what role. And what movie should. Or should never be made into a sequel those a couple of things atomic Tucker we'll talk about tomorrow morning WWL first news so when you wake up the driving it where you had it. I joined Tommy Tucker here is some updated information smoking a thought it was around 25% -- population. But it just got some information from our producer -- ransom. On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A says the percentage of adults now is 19% and the percentage of smoking in America has gone down since 1965. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was just a pioneer. In this country is something this and it happened and it it -- foundation right here in in the New Orleans area. They were among the first. To start promoting that time cigarette does more than just start -- growth. And remembers what that many parents told -- you know -- don't smoke -- stunt your growth. Now did they discovered that smoking which -- to cancer and this started about 1965 -- I remember it well because actually I went to a school and one of the -- your kids who was in that it was it was in that school and then you know my parents smoked and again I just remember a lot of information about this. Smoking is down to 19% among adults. And eighteen when -- eighteen point 1%. Among those under eighteen. On back in 2520. Point 9% of adults smoked and under 1823%. Smoked. And so it has been continuing to decrease which is is good news from Metairie Brian -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That controversial call at the end of the last night Monday Night Football game. A couple areas it's it's a a couple of weeks ago Roland. The saints' hoopla that the pants up the box or you know. On the last play of the game that are -- Obama -- -- -- -- -- -- It was -- -- and you know the Scottsdale the politically or McCain. You look at night it's gonna call it people above him. And it's. Been. Noticing. Properties group. You know concrete. Somewhere and the smaller audiences. But at -- But it got out there it's funny you know that is that he's goes. And you immediately could manipulate. Albright I think it's more than East Coast bias -- I've just -- I -- -- so many ways what people blunt New Orleans and people want to come to New Orleans but. Whether it's our our football team or many other things the city is discredited. And there are people who are far too quick to jump on the crime rate in New Orleans when the crime rate in Chicago and other places might even be worse and yet. There's not a national outcry against. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's it's safe in New Orleans powerful and if you're safe a year UB -- -- you are almost anywhere else. I also with and with the ESP about it and it's been a problem markets you know they've brought the big market. But -- -- them -- they keep it talk Ed about the nature of the saint situations and you know perhaps perhaps they have told me that the -- complain about that Cox. This shot in brutal and -- well some talent actually hit the shot out there and on. And I'd write -- if Carolina would be considered a smaller market as well. They -- they certainly got the call last night did did you think that was a bad call the game. Yeah thank you thank you want and it's. Our biggest have been fly despite the play against the incident good enough. In both games that. In I think if you think more can be using more can be done or is this just a human element of the game. That that determine the outcome on the game and should be repealed all. It was -- -- the -- it's been. Simply I don't understand why you can't review of bright and I'm glad you called I understand why you can reviews some things and not other things so why wouldn't -- -- called the as review mobile. As whether or not somebody had their feet in -- From gentility Sherman -- on the Scotia. School. That they have man had a -- ago the saints and legal. We've won. I didn't think it's easy to read it shall. We shall we. Is big government -- back at all. -- that was a good day. You know maybe I need to review video need to review that because -- sure. I'm a saints fan who will be really -- of -- -- so if it's a legitimate it was a general -- call it 20. Yes I'll I'll review that get what did you think of the last play last night and Monday Night Football eating it was interference. Back to play that you know what Indian Ian read a little bit you know it's. How we could get one debate as to what did he. You know you really -- the teachers who they wanted to -- to -- the people out Tebow. And it's. You know you wouldn't put it but patrons say they have put it put. Oh absolutely no question about everything they may say good calls on immediately Sunday would you agree that. He was out the dough boy indeed. I agree. You check it out kid at school. He would be. Equally accurate and we need that and apparently. Not trying to take a look at that chart -- going to -- showed thanks for sharing your thoughts with us tonight on every WL. If you wanna join us with your comment or an opinion about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. And a text number is eight Seve sent him to a mortgage text here in just a moment. Less -- into the Monday Night Football game which sealed the victory for the Carolina Panthers you know -- did the Carolina defender. Was so. So all over the. The patriots receiver in the end zone I can remember nights. At the lake front with a date. When I wasn't that close to my date. -- from mobile David -- -- WL. And the -- of the puck finally be a -- isn't like. They expect so but it'll probably be a book in -- -- would that the political. That you know with the puck well back in the -- and later the patriots have. Only got called their labor and it kind of adjusting -- -- the the patriots and the patriots bombers. In the media -- kind of but the potential now now. They did not get -- -- -- quickly and that kind of address that could put the book. It looked like Vietnam ought to agree I agree that the Internet equity. He made template but I. There's been a contention. Just about to agree that. That it that it would expire Quebec that would have been. What have been at that -- maybe it wouldn't -- -- landing to beat the fall but play quarterback Italy. At that point that would that that neck of the body part and that. You know get technical about it in. Well architect and with that it. -- -- -- -- -- But but it but it view -- -- injury couldn't the question. Appropriate webpart where they -- at the Obama should electric yup me. On the field just to get a bit -- -- a good that it took just. I think that the the legitimate call. And you know -- Content that they -- -- company or the weather like law and it was in the you know should have been a -- Well -- we. The former of these appreciated that you know pilgrims would have put. Them. Yeah out you know -- in the in the minds of some people it may have been a close call for an obvious call to me and -- I'm going to call the show and a guy being in the in the dome. The DOC closeup what you do on TV but I I looked up at the look -- it to the screens and knives on to replace a couple times strategists seemed obvious to me -- and I'm not saying that because I'm a saints fancy because it seemed like it was the -- to make. Is it takes about a calling it just a moment ago. Son Sherman when you get hit on the shoulder do you always bleed from your mouth here's another text if his mouth is bleeding. He was hit in the face that's illegal case closed Drew -- said that he got a vet today it -- he was bleeding. -- so. Are bad calls just part of the game. Or should more be done. To eliminate bad calls especially if they're going to decide the outcome of the game. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And our text number. Is 877. And here's our -- W a pretty general opinion poll do you take it can needed more can be done to review bad calls in the NFL -- -- part of the human element of the game. You know if it's still gonna come down to human judgement resonant. Is still gonna come down to even if it's reviewed. It still comes down to humans judgment about whether or not it was was he in a fierce and in this particular case. But if you have a chance to review it then. Then added that gives you a benefit if something can't be reviewed like that. Why wouldn't mean even if it's within the last two minutes of the game -- I don't understand why we can't use the technology. For that purpose. On the saints have a very short -- -- soda saints' fans I mean we got to get ready for the game Thursday night. But a very quick turnaround but the falcons and also for it is the saints. -- -- -- just you know had a disastrous year but remember. It would make the falcons season to beat the saints at home and there were times when. The saints weren't doing well and it helped make our season to beat the falcons in the dome. Thursday night. Our coverage begins at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon fans first take with a resident pro former saints offensive lineman Jumbo Steve court and Todd Manassas. At 530 is the bond like countdown to kick off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- -- at 730 Thursday night the best play by play team in football hits the year then. It's the voice of the saints Jim Henderson sings color analyst -- guy -- and saints sideline reporter Kristian -- the after the game to indication Canon and the big chief. But the point after until 1 AM. Ten hours of wall to wall -- coverage. Beginning at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon on the flagship WW well I'm from New Orleans Ronald your on the -- she'll. They Ronald. Yet. How are you tonight. Are. You have a comment to make it along tree. This year -- -- and so calls. Yeah it was and I thought that was it -- You need to. Oh. Seeing -- -- It and call you are going. To grow. Well let you know in in. And the argument I don't think the argument can be legitimately made that it was an unaccountable ball. Because. The interference that -- the contact and holding of that receiver took place before the interception. So how could you say was it was an accountable policy interferes started before. I don't know what you would you handle. I don't understand. Well Bo. Should apparent fear -- it BC it is even though well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- saying you know -- need right now. Now you're not saying that the measures -- -- Are really. Well I did not I I respect the -- leave your opinion Ronald I'm glad to call the show with Nationalists and -- -- this cute show and -- BWL. Racecar and I agree -- the column -- butt beat by. You don't wanna browse. -- college at the -- at all. Heard -- here that go. Could you explain to our lack you all like. So the current lack of air. -- it orders viewed by actual bit of old. And so that was probably a couple years. At all. That app and so. It's -- pressure. -- Or lack with an experience like that actual call oh. Arctic racket ball. What really. Get. Killed there and so that that order. Do you think interferes calls because they're such big penalties I mean interference calls especially in the end zone than those -- game changer states it's almost as if you know you're you're giving somebody the touchdown when in reality they may not have caught the ball so it's a very very big call -- they get affairs calls like that should be reviewed. Well out -- that. Experience that outlook that inner -- with the label. There are. Oh well around there and we hope -- not all year old. So. Court record Jezebel. But -- wrote called the fear. But if you -- if you -- if you make contact with a receiver in the balls in the air and it's it's not incidental contact source not. I've contact will be -- going after the ball in the Panthers player was clearly going after the ball nikkei's. And that's it that's it fears I mean it might be holding too but it's also fears. Let the ball -- -- heir are. Your paper lack so every every angle saw. Pocket -- yet released the ball just yet. And so you relate the ball short that there would be at they're open. And it was a game changer. Operated quarterback. Spot. That back outlook there. -- should have been there to get there as you know. So it's pressure on her pretty. The bar gay. We talk about the -- rule which was -- and oh concussions at and marketing. And at the they expect to be there was a battle isn't it football. There is. Well no obviously an -- and some of the disasters hits are not even going to be intentional. You know. At the rule right so what happened group with the. Ready it amazes me and I'm glad you told the show it it amazes me that there are are so many players -- commit blatant files. Like. Leading with a hand leading with a helmet hitting and had leading with these are these are obvious penalties. And yet these these athletes are taught to. To play the game. By the rules because sometimes those penalties as you go can be gained changes and it's amazing how many. How many players seem to really disregard what seems to be obvious rules. Here's our WW a -- -- -- pick your poll tonight do you think more can be done to review bad calls in the NFL or is that just the human element that's part of the game. If your opinion at WW dot com. This is -- show live from New Orleans on Tuesday nights and we'll be back. It's before now but we will get to this after the news at 10 o'clock -- three stories in the news now demonstrating the news media is manipulating you including. Tom -- dropping the F -- That discussions coming up right after the news at 10 o'clock also if you missed it earlier there's a logical solution to the teen smoking problem in America. According to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will tell you about that and also there's a state represented in Hawaii who apparently has a logical solution to the homeless problem. All of that coming up after the news at 10 o'clock from Baton Rouge failure on -- VW elegant evening. Take a look at that point one what are what are did you know memories was. Widget or not like he said -- there -- several late in the game you know especially Italy as a candidate if anything they opened shells went can't remain. TE. Did not in -- -- ran out of bounds stop the clock. They'll -- they did at. The ball they had to. Let -- -- now seeking -- that was so stupid plates so did you know to say that one play Walter form you know that's not. Yeah I I would agree although like the game last night for example there are calls that did do aid in there though latter part of the game do tend to determine the outcome of the game. Yeah you know one bit in that kind of helplessly at that Graham and gronkowski. You don't -- you know it felt like what will future you know -- began and they change you know you get it and -- but. You know say whether it was. You know pass interference or holding and eat -- what intangible. You think that you will not because you're holding that Britain for the ball out for outdoor short. Like you would not make an effort. To go you know to lunch for a ball. I don't think he could make the effort to go because at that point the F fears the hold it did to block the body blocking minority started. Dale -- brought that up I'm gonna have to get through news break here to I I thought it and I thought Sean Payton part of the good point. With the athletes at play the game today how could you call that -- catch a ball he -- even have a chance to try to get to the ball and position himself around the the defender who intercepted I'm scoot more coming right back.