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11-20 5:10pm Sports Talk, MNF Bad Call

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two of sports talk first top five hats off and a good sudden. -- thank you Bobby dictated Aaron and mr. man they hung on. For the a top of the hour break in a bit before that were promised to give it to will come in right who you'd wanna sound off. Ready jaguar opinion bullet WW dot com -- -- a four point favorite Saturday against Texas they and him in Death Valley. Are you surprised. And we talked about this little bit last. Our last show yesterday. With the players show at hooters with ease at Duke -- -- -- -- a little bit more to mean now as the vice president. Of the NFL is supporting the officials. This is dean. -- Dino on balancing -- statement you know BLA in the -- you know. They the officials determined in their judgment the contact occurred simultaneously. Simultaneously. Simultaneous. With the ball being intercepted and that's why the officials the eight. -- -- Yeah on the casino's we saw yes and he with the fact that the discipline it just stand out the bags and as he's seen it it was obvious. Anyway so we're giving your take on that also plus coming up at 7 o'clock tonight. -- opportunity to take out the -- I'll show on 8:7 AM. In BA basketball pelicans and Jazz tonight. At 7 o'clock mark when all the preview what's going on this week in the NBA -- -- full court press a pelicans and that's what had it for you before we take out and courtesy. In the 6 o'clock now and we'll go around the league. Getting set for this week and and it failed through the -- to go Bobby Springfield first but it can't thank you for calling WW it. Yeah it together -- and -- What they don't want that you don't want such on the part is it's not my belated operated upon -- -- -- that -- yeah yeah that they are right here on -- Our I hit on Aaron Rodgers. Was that in that in the first game yet there's -- -- but -- -- -- -- But thirteen down and out. -- our a year ago -- watching Favre and say Jeremy quicker Colin if he didn't get on already. Not policy. The built in Howard on the pick of the flag. I'm like yeah that -- -- -- got to be a hole but made out clearly our target market we played Saint Louis slowed in the NFL. People. I clearly thought out there -- that so that are -- Padilla. It did you know as frustrated out there isn't it like. Like the NFL take that approach the taping it NFL football fans and it's stupid and except that there. Yeah that's you know there an explanation I mean it's like come on if you follow the NFL and you know -- -- I mean there's a lot of common sense if you truly objective as a football fame. I mean you've pretty much know what's obvious penalty are not in -- that saved them pages for Dejuan but we needed to Patriots. To beat Carolina because the Iran and now he goes in all of one game back and Tennessee's output. Through mediation and he's it was so obvious. I stick with the call you call Holden the pages have more opportunity from the thirteen yard line in. And realistically that's still tough to get. You know he's still like -- his chances on defense -- that was the case. And Mary in turn back to Mike apply on the bombing it. Just get a run. Up the media or try him. Look at back in my attempt to look back and head back to the plate. -- the quarterback in part. I don't know where we're -- passover. What Ted it was incompetent. That a point where. You truly reflects and plays like Hewitt had a replacement pinch. You know what happened in replacement officials. Would that hail Mary went you know -- Indians Seattle. And Seattle gets the -- ankle which is ridiculous. Applicable -- wasted these -- back affairs of that yet it is that you have to have -- is definitely still back at those officials. That I get to try to be consistent in. And try to pull the wool over and dies with two more than that to a great -- great had he thinks he's a much Harold and the pace of doing and you'll get the mr. I don't think -- -- you know you know on the and I -- thank -- -- -- there and let out -- confident are -- Calvin -- to experience them out of court in about it Drew Brees. -- Are illegal hit. And also what they'll while it would be. One of my back into preschool department. And -- -- the ball. And let a ball and throw the bat and so the play through he came back and doctors tell at all. And the question an official it got out of his ego that. -- Lead dog and a knowledge when he took it went will paction Willis. In their recover and in. And so you're saying. I'll do it well so you think Patrick Willis -- -- -- Zelman who was yelling at the official. Yet the -- a lot. -- dump the ball and gravitate to handle a month compared with the great civil pitcher. But what what -- heralded as the does have a look at it today the way the rules are. Fit me. That that was a penalty. Now or if I'm I'm looking back like when I was playing Joseph Montana days and all they would not call that a penalty. 010. But I know that's sort of things so that that's why would people complain dog and they called -- no according to the rules. That is a penalty when I know. They are not human abilities and his demeanor of the might of the help me you know. When you take -- the helmet on knowing college. If the helmet comes off we have to go to sideline there aren't enough how Holliday and -- -- all of the elements on the field. It's a unique in if you -- him comes off it bonus -- go back to end of the TCU's game. Okay and how about the NFL vote. Rubbed the city and Asik is Timmy housing it is. And I would Harold saw and and if you and I left the look of that rule but -- don't -- Patrick Willis they're obviously ailment. Yet it beat it probably you to Miami -- engaged and drinking plan. Not -- eating out on them you know on -- -- and able and well and yes it and I think it would hand T Bernard and team to its -- I'll probably manages things. And if that that's Harold though I don't know not now the three. It's a lot of load this government truly can confirm and I'm thinking. Know -- it that if you take albeit Helmand yelling at the official at the -- that's unsportsmanlike conduct. Out of college and get to mr. -- -- it's like that the third downs and my agent Brett wanted to clear those guys out before we got the break. Mystery -- thank you for calling WW. -- -- -- -- It's -- no matter. How many walker you know still. The man isn't. And quickly out of that breed it was because we had an article -- -- -- -- put to drop you know. He'll score out. That's maybe keep the ball with two with a -- that could move well so and that is not -- not like you can't change that comparing -- Brought back to the situation -- the wrong. The Patriots I mean it despicable as well because right. Topic heading into anything out there at the -- on that field and make that decision at all when he came here. At that play happened in the middle game. That sort of but it would have been picked up call topic it was at the right now. They can. Right it does demand would you kind of compared to all moles. Like at the end of NBA game you almost have to knock them down and -- me -- Yeah I did a perfect example. Are the end in his -- -- did gain. I thought opt -- -- in a -- Roddy White. Is it he's out in the -- -- not gonna inside -- element that was questionable. Yeah yeah I would also sees them was if Patrick Willis is coming across our -- in any kind of at his alarm. Around. The idiot you for being close to bow out and missed it and that makes it that you're seen as -- and we we -- it is all the time is Indy. Art and it now. You don't want all of this and play car. In the -- and it was the last rally in official call a penalty. And then in India and it -- the game. I didn't want to think about well another thing that went -- -- -- an epic that it might but they'll watch a topic the he did at the that read which you know certainly it's okay. Hit it just at the pride in that he would not inception in exception -- The city it's -- actually -- in the media day. The ball at the Saints are replicated the we'll meet with the receiver well you. Want but the it pick it up and it -- -- the -- Put it -- it in. How could you say that it is it you don't you don't really Sammy remained. Davis isn't a man you -- and nine -- beast again. -- been beaten back. At what they did beat North Africa. I think man thank you very much it's 7 o'clock at night the last -- -- 7080 am pelicans basketball 1053. Can an embargo since ninety the Colin WW yeah. Howry keep it. Good. -- and make -- -- and call you guys talking about that has an apparent. Get call no call would you ever want that he would use. I like in the on the call. Of the pats and but not -- and it's been a fan call much like get all misalignment. Holding call. That you king gore had been you can hold on the -- you can do a lot within knows strategy it won't be you don't read or it could be as the players. Pat are any kind of way. And what I'm saying he would -- on cow -- didn't even make a play. On the ball it's hard to try and making any plate sold their board there's no. And you and you -- -- OK and that's a good point to me that's linger and cause he needed to be an -- Right he needed to like all like start wailing throwing his arms -- which is being over dramatic I mean he should have done that I mean than maybe. They don't it's sort of fly in and don't eat it. Didn't thank you for the call went to get an update on what had been in the NBA and the night's matchup between on New Orleans pelicans and the Utah Jazz we called it off. Full court press -- mile an -- The team to qualify. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- San Antonio Spurs and at nine into they -- nine and one Spurs might only -- game in the conference LaMarcus Aldridge leads the team with 42 point six points a night. Despite flying under the radar for the first of the season winter we'll get to make some noise this Friday when they host the -- out the City of Angels the Clippers continue to be the dominant franchise this season the Lakers are eyeing a return of Kobe Bryant Bryant practiced full speed and five on five drills on Tuesday for the first time this ruptured his Achilles tendon and April 12. Bryant -- he could return the Lakers lineup as soon -- the end of November I don't think he's the NBA final unbeaten team finally fell as the Indiana Pacers loss Saturday to the Bulls still 91 Pacers scored one and a half game lead atop the conference with defending champion Miami had their -- -- Proficient at 83 the conference as a whole and we both five feet above 500 compared to nine in the west. Those pitchers may not get truly tested until December they start the month -- back to back road games of the the Clippers in the trailblazers. What your weekly look at the NBA I bought an -- All right mark thank you very much at all with the conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and our quarterback Bobby Davis brought you back. The great employees of Crosby noticing -- NL. And -- that got to go called Joseph. Looks like a physical game plans we want I want all the way down to the -- three big fourth quarter field goal to the Saints that I don't have. 43 to two point through a lot of offered to have you here a few thought about it I gained a close game a playoff like atmosphere did that would have liked a a playoff like atmosphere and it and it might be don't with what was very elaborated on -- it's been all season. They're they're as sure about that and obviously that essentially huge huge part low. -- that victory. Really got to give our defense -- fuel you know they needed that. The way they did and that is a club or the other -- -- situation -- -- -- momentum shifted -- -- -- -- -- We're not the -- along with the stops they did give us the opportunity if you're in the fourth quarter we had to you know to drive of football -- go -- -- points. Make the place the order when -- -- the huge huge huge place you -- -- contenders. Now our drew look at that. The crowd noise and home field advantage you could see was a factor right from the beginning. And you'll be Colin cavern nick they went three and out and yet that. You know burn a time I'll. And with two games coming up on the road obviously got to Florida Georgia Dome Thursday night football prime time in. You got the Seahawks Monday Night Football. And when you look at it that scenario considering the last time on the road against the Jets and all the trouble you all had in their first quarter went. Also and it would mean and in the first quarter utilized like no timeouts and address you. Then going forward. It was a big challenge in this -- the crowd facts in 2000 the Seahawks coming up. Yeah I mean at that fact open you're you're you're you're the other prepared for -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- career the Seattle post about where report from here on out you know also. Well you always feel like we've been pretty good job your case sure you have a huddle you're not -- -- ball slapper. There's times where you know pay attention -- looker you're not you weren't able to change the play the way you want it to work you know hey let's talk about this sort -- on the tenth and you know that's good that's when you use your timeout -- Corey obviously week. Didn't do very good job in the first quarter that Jets game -- and everything seemed to go smoothly after -- You know it same real promising. When you look at it he might the 49ers come in the town how they're always felt. In the trenches and and the way to ebb and flow of the game considering remind his tuna turnover ratio that would kind of be the 49ers. At their own game when you look at this and we all know pay attention to detail. To stop Frank Gore but look stopping the run in being able to run the ball you look we hold them. I mean him and I thought that was outstanding to three point seven averaged only had 81 yards Frank Gore only 48 yards and you look I'll contribution. Almost a hundred yards -- we average four yards a carry Pierre four point five Ingram four point two Sproles five point three. He just think that we had those kind of numbers backing up that has to give you a lot of confidence that you can't keep defenses off balance. There's no doubt and Embree restricted all week and you -- you like this you don't. You all at all it reminded them -- you are Pesci and -- we've been here are just consistently. You know be able to do. Your love of all or at least -- major graduate and then -- You know having that type of ballots. And you know they opened up some opportunities when you're Welker ballots in the login or not just the overall. You'll pass run ratio. Are open to -- with the play action is very little drop back game and all the should compliment each other. Now -- look at the game progressed. All of a sudden I guess you'd say that of 49ers got some momentum back. Phil Dawson kicks through the five yard field goal they take it ten to seven lead. But how important it was one -- you prodded him. Tarvaris could hit the dead at 82 yard. Kick returner because then all of a sudden a right before half that you go three plays and get a touchdown and I take a fourteen to ten lead. Yeah that was -- huge momentum shift you know they take the lead and then we get that particular position and then. It will you know score. Particularly going at halftime you know that's. That's our history. There are no -- we have a walker out there in the third quarter started well so older you'll big momentum shift the game where you're we'd recruit they're all we call it. About the return game another aperture leader you're a collection game changing play you know momentum sure people are -- -- that was all. Now drew while looking at the beginning at third quarter and what transpired in I don't know if you're revealed is that I know. Been -- groups of foreign you know players Joseph -- won another. But Jimmy Graham sure -- of short arms on this one play was third -- three also indicates a thirteen yard pass. Then now you're trying to hit him of the seem like -- would have been about a forty yard gain homicide and Jimmy's -- arms got charter and and then you look at maiden major dad played maybe Ahmad Brooks and have a chance but I you have to make that greeted deception and at 34 where Vijay is about another foot to get it over as head. You have a big play we all know how athletic Ahmad Brooks is that. The yell give. Jimmy Graham it's a tough time about the all of a sudden you know gate dorms. Let myself but I -- put the ball a little bit further outside. You know so he wouldn't be charted a -- to the shape -- nowhere greed was try to pair battled over there and you know I I took the blame on -- -- took the ball further outside give the chance to catch didn't feel that all of our guys they need to get him off. Now drew that when you look at Doug numbers and all that avoid disaster being courage and you know you always want to go to stretch the defense vertically well lo -- Devery Henderson has been in the past. And Robert Meachem then all of sudden Robert -- is back in the full always seem Kenny stills. But -- -- recession but boy they were big. As long as the 44 of them -- in two receptions 78 yards and along those lines are Marcus Colston. Being the all time reception -- surpassing. One in my favor receivers to help me look good Aaron Martin. Yeah probable Purcell Meachem. -- -- that back. Feel like -- he's just. Terrified and comfort to all again you know what Richard off -- and that is all it. Everything that he -- to a great job then you -- look like he's a huge churches that. So the first or third out you know he takes that for what 34 yards herself better than church that they were in the fourth quarter so. -- true really. Big situations -- -- you'll be keep Ichiro figure it is great job all they're all with everything else be restored. It blocking it. You know stretch the field and then and -- -- Jenkins. You know Eugene -- target market schools and great. Parker is Marcus you know mr. cancer but mr. reliable -- -- -- I got sort struck out agenda. It sort of believe -- you know it has been eight years and Gary tallied up. Don't know yards there with a Jumbo they all times sage yardage leader I imagine what you that's also embodies that all the records. But the these special got. It's QB to QB out conversation with -- quarterback Drew Brees threw the Saints -- put 43 to forty victory over San Francisco 826 though it on the and they're on the road a two week two days of the day. Against the Atlanta Falcons drew year -- some of the football peaking at the right time telling coming together. How how is this team a plane right now as you go to the eleventh game of the season. You I wouldn't sure and also owners you know we're we're both played well. We. Played really well at times. At -- We can certainly still. Be more consistent. Much of resort -- and -- It just make sure there were not allowing anything to be overlooked. You know I wish you much November's critical march where. -- really talked about it swimmer contenders separate themselves from the pretenders. You know we picture ourselves contenders. Aboard -- are -- better reached. And you know regardless of the records of any team in our division. I needed -- out pinch -- sort of their players on Thursday night you can draw it up out the window politicos are game like Eric's. And you have your radiator every step on the trio formed. We know the type of game this is they're -- -- last eleven of these games have gone on the last possession seems like bill us probably had a roach seems like but. We just. We won't and destroy our own. You know progression as a team to you just think about you know -- -- -- time get a little bit better start in a while that we. Really put together. -- road. -- -- -- Performance. You are yet or string of them yet this season yeah I think we've. We know where everything kind of came together force Chicago but other than that I. There's there's definitely a lot to be desired from -- most of the road games so all we want to make sure that we. We really do you know. Do our job on the road make sure there were we we we feel like wherever we go on the road we go anywhere anytime and and put that same level of consistency that we do call. Andrew along those lines that I tell both fans and I've even going a different radio is is the shows around the nation. And a lot of people realize because they kind of reflect on in the post season. You know and now we didn't play well defensively against Seattle -- Seattle all right San Francisco now I think it's a different animal does being the -- that a lot of people don't realize. In the last four and have seasons. The Saints have the best road record. The so we can oh win on the road -- on that -- about that but along those lines reviewers saying is that I think more -- anything in my observation. Since 2006. That. The office and he was just probably playing the best complementary foot football to help one another out. Yeah I would agree -- I think. We come along way in that regard you know. I think the best way you do that is sure wish -- the turnover ratio. You know offensively you're taking care of the ball and you're not put your defense in the -- in positions. Defensively you're you're you know games. Threw out -- pure he'll get turnovers remained in creating momentum until -- sure could be awful and urged them. That's when cup record footballers is Portland's best Chanel and you know each side kind of setting up the other. You know backing up the other if that the other stars where. So they offensively we we get short fielder Eric each sensibly you know whatever you're a great player -- your comeback to respond I mean that's the truth. That's when you know that. You know. You're really doing things right way at the -- Now drew I know you probably tired of aunts and about -- that look at towards any game. And you look at things like any big gain an NFL now you have controversial calls -- -- to comment also last night which you viewed. Great house got and you gotta call some of the official calls it an in his Holden and and I wanted I was -- of pages to win. But but I think they got a job the same thing we've played the pages and you lose they had junior had the lead around the neck getting -- hole and thought as he -- inconsistencies but if you looked at in our game against the 49ers. The roughing the passer. I think it was more I think it happens so fast. His his forum I wasn't a true clothes line old school where you try to take the quarterback's head off was more across your chest. But I think to whiplash effect I think that's what the officials saw. And they end up -- you -- -- -- had suddenly to get a call that -- is the way the rules are now but it thing that that most puzzling to me. Because you wasn't ended the rest what they call you intentional grounding. It's same like that that that that that was the right through you wanted to make it that time and not force it coverages great -- them. -- All the they're the grounding called. You know I -- I agreed if you're not under Guerrero you know that. -- you have a little bit more leeway there may not -- what they're dressed but access through -- can still was. Now where he was going you know he -- And carry out on the -- that was out in the flat there and then when he saw me sort kind of scramble around she turned it up the sideline and so. Cute heading towards the back corner and I was still throwing it kind of over him -- but -- on the ball got there he minority you know in the end -- so. To -- periods of -- what the there was nobody around defenders wolf. What -- under -- serve not so you know it's at times we understood judgment call -- you know -- -- are. -- -- The other roughing the passer number certain yesterday you know go that's about it again today that was. Have. I think Ahmad Brooks is. Any great football player I think users a clean you know football player. So bigger -- you know that intent or malicious intent -- That -- and very. And if you really look at him Shlomo it looks like its kind of a -- tore my chest. But then as it finishes it kind of gets up in the my neck and Fincher. -- I get a -- I got a mouthful of blood you know shall. He -- you you know he yeah he is it just hit me in the chest and then the -- in my mouth people blood so. I mean. In if you watched that game in real time you know at real speech. -- -- I don't think there's anybody who's watched on TV here in the stadium. Who wouldn't see that it's been like -- that's totally. You know just knowing knowing where to rules are -- -- and yeah you know how they protect defenseless players you know and -- I mean the fact of the matter is each team had certain breaks and -- -- And it's not like became would've been over after that play anyway there's still a lot of football we played after right after that play. They had their opportunities we have our return anxious. You know we made the -- wanna get. Now I drew. That when you look at the Falcons Al like you said you could draw the records. And when you reflect back and you look last year. And the scenario that the same thread here is the Falcons high on the hogs need to know and nine and look what happened so. I mean is that something that of -- -- -- are the leaders in the team pregame speech -- I'm sure we're -- -- well aware of that. Yeah I -- period is where we're certainly not. Right everywhere. We're well we we know how much work we got ahead of much we know the schedule it's -- -- We NORAD or try undergoes so. There we know look at that before the special opponent you know and the one that. Won our division Leicester with the number one seed in the year actually and then host the UC championship -- so. You know just because you know they haven't caught two breaks this year maybe like very day they were able to -- church. That's the story between your two seasons. They've had some injuries and and smaller frames but factor matters we know what they're capable of and we know the way that they play. In that building that we play extremely well in the Georgia Dome. The other fast starting team -- team -- yellow -- and off financially. They're -- it is extremely disciplined defense so it and so you know we're in here our best game to beat these -- -- -- QB to QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby took the get a handle. It shows that they've got to go call Joseph drew thank you so much for the time and a few of the team there is -- -- against Atlanta. -- airport right drew.