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11-20 6:10pm Coach Curtis CJ Johnson

Nov 20, 2013|

Bobby and Deke huddle up with Tulane Head Coach, Coach Curtis CJ Johnson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final out of sports talk along the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up in just a few moments we will go around the National Football League. They get too caught up on everything that has taken place and shot week for the black and gold. As we get set for the Saints and the dirty birds tomorrow night here on WWL. Radio -- -- an allotment of football coach. Of the Tulane green wave Curtis CJ Johnson is the wave coming off about week six and -- forward to a conference USA play. At home this week taking on the University of Texas El Paso coach Johnson thank you so much for the time I. Disappointment obviously going into the bye a week now with those losses throughout Texas San Antonio if Florida Atlantic -- coaching. But like you have enough defense in those games but it's it's about offense defense and special thing. Absolutely -- those two stakes. Mean we had we had eleven penalties that's uncalled for sixteen middle offensively Kim in the incident in the last game. In the just Portugal and rolled it that you games is just too many mistakes we reverted back to a step that we -- don't. All seated but you don't know what we practice during the bye week I think we gonna be back on the right track. Now could doesn't mean you always have to have luck with injuries. From my understanding right now. That the bye week came at a good time that maybe get Nate Montana healthy. And speak in. You know from all of that decided a ball when you get Gray -- of play the bottom line is you -- score points in. When you hold any opponent is dame needs college football NFL on the team you should win. Absolutely. You know you don't want to think about it now you'll be stronger he would be better. But -- about the two would kill Bobby to complete deep ball is bad game and we hit all twelve. It wasn't just them that followed the receivers it was the -- -- it was all the guys so we gotta come together this week. We got to -- got to go completions that statute it will be reduced by. Now because Johnson. I guess you're looking forward to obviously. Moving on -- to have home games. Above eleven when you look back a lot of history between a two -- in the superdome. And closed him out in the dome against Utah. Absolutely big week for us. You know we we -- but obviously the ball which you know -- -- -- gotta love the player. But you know you played there's just wondered as the Indians in it that you could ever play -- most obvious that -- -- split. You know college football -- made to be played on campus are really believe that in heaven on campus Australia on campus -- As one of the best in college -- passport. Coach you do so well defensively was it right in the tops in the country of a force some turnovers you're nineteenth against the run -- season a stout unit. Dallas now what you are able to do an off week to kind of helps compliment their defense with offense and from what you've done point average which have been -- and some of the games and go right to the first question don't need. That much offense but I guess complementary. And overall offense defense and special teams could really help -- close out this season. Do you know an early in the year you know we're able on the ball I'd better do what some different things went to football we don't want to back runs. That we had done you know throughout. Drive out to our best side in more species that while he's out without a couple weeks -- opinion is what it is all up so we gotta do give back and -- -- runs will be an offensive lineman tried in what we didn't get to personnel similar what we -- would say the next -- They wouldn't want to do too much you know about it we. We got -- about stuff. Didn't we don't know when -- got buried in a post or he cannot count on the back with -- sort of football update will be will be better this week. Now coach does CJ what can you tell the fans about you kept. You know that's a program. That than there has been up and down. They I know just if I can recollect the same leg at times and very explosive offenses. Of just talking about get ready for youth and what they bring to the table. You know defensively we got to stop their run with the quarterbacks that it got a quarterback one on one of the quarterback should absolutely blacks. It's very very good explosive good running back. You know real good off that -- when you don't -- that pretty well executed else -- they do. -- coach and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Boston where the ball personal and why they're good writing about effectively. Be noted didn't pressure. It can't go to go one way or the other if we make some completions early on in that game. No we could really take tomorrow what they want to do but they got to bring pressure didn't get up to bust pretty good pressure we got disconnect with the the receivers did do some time you log in and although they don't list on the ball at all -- -- debate he has completions completion. Coach do you do you look at -- I don't know -- it's a -- -- a same but eight it's you to have -- and also -- the opportunity to be in a conference -- to play for a cup championship is still up on the last for you to. Absolutely you know we we could do what it is is do we could do you know we got -- -- -- got to play -- we got when the game must land. Look at because -- -- that that ecological oh. Yet we need can't get around it got to be right up under the bus landed in. At the end that we just got to figure out what we don't know where we plan hopefully we play somewhere and hopefully. That we can accomplish the attention. Courtesy. 230 kickoff in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Saturday senior day for the green -- six in full forward to a conference USA play. Taken on the minors -- University of Texas El Paso Vick to date and one in 58230. Kick off Saturday and you can keep up with the coach. Courtesy. TU coach seat in -- -- thank you so much of the time good luck this week.