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11-20 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, Around the League

Nov 20, 2013|

Bobby and Deke go "Around the League" to talk to journalist who cover the NFC East, NFC North, AFC South and AFC North.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you are. It's gonna. It is around the league we talk about the big games we talk about all the divisions it is NFL the rest of the -- And a team that's red hot and now in first place in the NFC east the Philadelphia Eagles. Ryan -- covers the Eagles he's a report for 97.3. ESPN FM. In Philadelphia ran the last time we talked he was back -- if Philly could just win at home. Five of their six went all away now they win at home and if they could just do Goodell at home the rest the way -- run the Eagles could be in pretty good shape and he's. They don't get it -- -- it struck out after I and cart alive or BJ. Opposite that it got to keep they don't Nadal you know not only a bit lost at arrowhead and financial field Bobby -- -- We're in a 114 minutes without an offensive touchdown I'll. When it finally broke through and -- direct belts they certainly are off their back in that respect that you get hurt them stretched. They certainly if I got a pretty good chance to in the NFC and. -- yeah when you look you know down the stretch and it's things like the NFC east you kind of take turns who has the momentum. And against the division things like they're on a roll calls all of us -- leaving the Cowboys are doing something. They get embarrassed by the Saints. All of us and Ryan Griffin. We are not right RG three. All of a sudden is getting done as far as the common is all of a sudden now they -- -- maybe not the leader. You look at the Giants how they've gotten back into the hunt I mean will will what is your take it ranges. Oh wait and see approach chart of who knows it could change in two weeks and follow it. Yeah I doubt that. It would any. I don't think a division that now is cheer in the -- and out that even if they're out front that there -- -- -- Aybar and got it whoever thought bullet and got. Yet but I think -- that giant Shell Oil industry if they want and that the Giants they've never in my adult are properly it eagle went -- financial deal. There are were more watch -- at the beginning this winning streak that aren't ya that. It may not stop stop by if they were beat out or there. Can't count them out about obviously Cowboys when they're not all bad people that's on it great I -- -- results of it that you know what they at this point it's been talked about -- -- -- to -- back into the race but. The streak it great but I think they're all legitimate shot. Now Rondo. What are what is the Eagles fan base that they think they have the -- quarterback that you could. I don't wanna -- franchise quarterback bit. The confidence as far as big -- -- is it going to be week to week like when -- begun formulating because I'm just speculating I don't think. My big. Will be in their plans in the future but the world what is your take -- being a great opportunity for falls obviously to be their future quarterback. I think -- -- opportunity it is what he's pretty much got to play the rest you're lucky to church. Even touch -- -- or outside and I think that our coach get a little superstitious thing you know what. We've done it week to week -- like that out why change right there very opposite detour over don't try not to let it that out. Up a more and more -- entered are out of it to even back. Just don't have a bet it would be ridiculous at this point. Now that the job that in a relative to the value that was ridiculous that. Don't get -- all that or does it stretched. You know it the other. Yet at the -- at cart are quite right in the last game here in itself was -- line well audible. I think it is quite -- could do it all adult treacherous situation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope we need to get a look in -- being more -- guys open. Those things that have to delicately I have a shot wrecked at quarterback that you -- a strong start of the World Cup that the guy in the world and bring a lot of good. Smaller adaptable and able. Ryan. What about. At the end the -- game. You know we we kind of -- were doing our post game and you could see like a little subtitles abundant. Brian Griffin and Robert Griffin the third and you know was there any kind of questioning off. A coach Shanahan himself -- they fell behind -- ballgame and they make a run you guys hold him off. This seems to be ever since last year's playoff game it's as Seattle did this. Some type it in different some of the -- that you don't get along. What is it like you do coverage the visa museum or does it is got a good relationship they have been if it meant that that. Eddie the good thing -- you stop play you face your franchise a new coach. I think it's not a fracture just -- at that point I hit a couple hours up the road you're not you know and out locker did today that it just kind of what I paper here. But it's argument it's not I mean. Like that if they exposed our street -- and I think it has been a problem that ultimately came in the fourth quarter where outlet. Of course it particularly at. And I say it's not RG three adult be upset about that. I think the grand am partner get interstate. It's really don't it is thought that right or they are being the right light and it into -- situation. -- -- -- Situation the way that you had that interception or at any big. So well you know what it was called it nobody got -- -- about China are brought up that that we had a lottery. We put it another reporter says but you ultimately got what it did it. Out went brilliant -- franchise quarterback like RG -- you're like. Are the media or it's not it's all -- that point get back up all the job responsibility. To that. -- player to achieve got a question intercept it certainly -- like that down there I wouldn't be surprised if there's been changes made in the -- -- the way things are now. He covered the Eagles in the NFC east for 97.3. ESP NFC am Ryan yes Ryan thank you so much of the time we appreciate. -- Takes the snap he couldn't run look look into the end zone and pitched it out and then. Eleven yards. But didn't run the. It was not only a victory it was a victory over the team into division that was at that -- the closest is more space between now the Indianapolis Colts in the Tennessee Titans now. As the Colts went last Thursday night thirty the 27 is 73 then nearest competitor. Is the Tennessee Titans at four in six here to help us talk about their. AFC north and at the Indianapolis Colts AFC south it is is Tom James Cote beat writer for the there are Tribune. Tom I'm a little bit of a disappointing loss the week before. And we look it up Nolan. Icon ladies and -- I guess sometimes but to be out thirty if not then. In that Rams game -- what what happened that week for ballclub that. Many of us all -- when you adopted they with the San Francisco on down made and they beat Denver I don't think anybody -- that common. It is what is -- -- called him out in that game and they didn't have a troubling. Deal last month or so coming back yeah yeah getting up to really slow start the beginning of the game that they've been able to be called Sanaa. And of that -- Derrek Lee. -- They were able to may make some plays and that battle back in the game and and yeah and it went ten feet admitted at Houston. That you live real time and -- it and they got behind early and that could catch up that you are behind. Now I'd tell. I thought this is significant when you talk about in the locker room better leadership. -- had that what is your opinion to me losing Reggie Wayne. That it has to affect the team and it seems like. That could be something if they don't have success that you can look of back of -- maybe it was that have actually a difference maker. I think you know -- -- -- her thing you know -- that he was you know Andrew Luck they were receiver especially in clutch situations where you don't. -- you possession guy. Are you sure you need the money for football but yet incompetent they don't make that play and with what he's done for the year he's kind of been. I changed becoming. Or -- the coach receivers coach. -- -- or what goes beyond a wide receivers. But I would. You right now you got to people like Elton suspect your guy you get there Heyward de that the Oakland Boone. Head injury or had a problem catching the football and baker and Oakland and got a problem that Ian Cole. It kind of been under and that that it will be you're yeah tackle before inner -- I can't believe that will be eating or hands and -- trying to find out. He trusted the coaching situation. And I got kind of a learning during the regular. Tom James covers the AFC south and the Indianapolis Colts for the -- Hart tribute. Tom thank you so much of the time we appreciate. It's all right Indianapolis this week a tough one on the road it now a ball club clearly in the NFC wild card hunt. And Arizona this week and that's where Indianapolis news today's gray jaguar Pena -- -- -- -- the full point favorite in Saturday's game at Texas Stadium he's surprised that the Tigers a favorite. Over the Aggies cancer vote online at WW dot com coming up and just the moment. We will -- view the poll results coming up and about thirty minutes your tickets now -- 878 -- take out the last mouse show. All 1053 FBI -- as the New Orleans pelicans. Entertaining. The Utah politics you have an option. Tiger radio. As a -- I'll -- 87 in a pelicans basketball all 105. Roethlisberger calling out inaudible like plugs at three. -- to forty in Detroit -- moving from right to left steps up for the pocket throws on the run pass with the crowd the local field 3530. 525 shots of the other -- over Antonio Brown. And the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Detroit Lions there were a slight underdog at home last week and the Steelers and now tied. With preteens the second place at four and six this team as the Ravens. And the Cleveland Browns and yes even acampora start in the AFC the Steelers all well in. The wild card hunt here to help us talk about the AFC. Not division and the Jim Jimmy take you so much. Tell us first of all. Well as well as Dan -- Burgos stuff last week based on a commit to is if it's the same look. This is where -- wannabe a wannabe is -- take -- -- -- -- what was going on last week part -- Lions game. I have no idea. There's there's there's there's a whole lot of speculation going on. The the best educated guess that that Malkovich can make. Is that at some point. Because Ian Rapoport a -- in the NFL network. It says that he didn't not necessarily sitting side but you know about that stuff for. For about a month and if you take it back from my knowledge suffered surface that was back when the Steelers were starting out -- and four. So. Obviously there are a lot of frustration. Obviously -- to Mike Thomas say reward. There was a lot of frustration on the part Roethlisberger. And there was probably some internal discussion among you know steeler executives like oh where we gonna go from here because. And there was a lack of production out from a lot of the younger players who was supposed to have had taken place as a veteran by now. I do it in any sign of progress there. And you know maybe there was some internal discussions about -- You know where we go on the do we -- and a lot that we blow a lot do we let that contract expire or do we trade him while he still has value. That we can get a return to build change so. Would both of those things kind of converging. In in the middle it's like well you know maybe this'll be better off without -- there are some people may be in the children's commissioner thought that although I don't know you personally. And the same thing would Roethlisberger like you know maybe he'd be better off someplace so I and then there's always that. Ripped between him and offensive coordinator Todd Haley which is operated it really terrible they scored 37 points last game. I'm so. I I think just a lot of that that bit that surfaced -- and -- not once will take credit for being the person that came up with eight and on either side that. And that the Steelers you know from Thomas -- the -- saying look real it's not the worry about your Roethlisberger so I don't wanna go on -- anywhere. There was let's start in in the -- Georgia before during that 22 and yet are now Nazis in between -- nine -- The end you know so that's always out there that he has hit a bad reputation still he's cleaned himself up around here he's married he's dedicated and a little on the way. You don't hear that stuff anymore that you want to be -- steal the election quite honestly I believe the guy. Bowden but I also believe that there was frustration on both sides natural that stuff came from but you know it went for the six and you use that somehow. Mean -- six -- an embarrassing you know everybody in the AFC north could appreciate Nate and I wouldn't be surprised while I don't I would be surprised if it's it's all fourteen did. I wouldn't be surprised it's 23 of them that. Yeah Jim I was kind of reminds of the NFC east. You know who earlier who really wants against that kind of momentum meant momentum in May be. I've come out on top of the division. I was gonna bring that up. Mean had to be a very disheartening loss some in this thing like the game that would never end you got the Ravens at Chicago -- things like. The Ravens had the momentum that Collison is dormant they have the delay they would all said and done. Good for the Bears are considering Jay Cutler and his injury you have to Seau McCown. Mania out odd play Joseph Flacco. Yeah Klecko I don't think the -- -- figured it but really. You know there's there's a lot of stuff to allow Baltimore they've they've kind of reminds you officially report from Pittsburgh and you controlled it pretty closely. It's reminiscent of the of the Steelers in in in on nine after they won it blew up the second Roethlisberger Super Bowl. And then that old ninety and just you know it's it's not just didn't seem to work. You know that does this thing going on -- -- amateur is going on over the -- I noticed in three -- example Aaron Rodgers and the quarterback it's always magnified. It's -- a lot -- been OK but they're everywhere else you know injury after injury. -- offensive line especially. And and then you can injuries on defense. And that the Steelers won that game against Detroit without three of their better you know the more consistent veteran players. Well at one tackle LaMarr Woodley defensive end Brett Keisel and guard Ramon Foster. Who's been the steady player on the -- -- -- for the last 23 years and yet the Steelers humans to win that game and some of the younger players that the Steelers. They had wanted to count on the last you know that last season and certainly this season hadn't done anything and yet you know Jason worlds. At outside linebacker. They drafted all over him with Jarvis Jones. And you know what that is that's game as a pro so when it's a LaMarr Woodley so. You know it's it it's amazing to me. And in the world you guys are in -- pretty good shape. But it's it's amazing to me at the Steelers and if you wanna talk about the team and yet see the Giants mentioned yet -- They were on six -- -- six. I'm sure all the certainties to looking at them like well okay here they come. And I don't know PST if it's gonna shake out the way it is in the AFC with some team in the AFC. You know 88 I think per game a year and you know I think for the five that were on our side of the sixteen pretty well accounted for right now. But that's sixteen. Pick we get pretty ugly down the stretch. Yeah you know Jim talk mug down the stretch against that -- a Browns fan and everything man we have a chance to win the thing -- things. Allison have a disappointing game I think the browser -- In the category like you say middle Tennessee nargis this really up and down where you think the Bengals -- gonna run away with it than not so fast. Yeah they're they're not that if that's what you're you can look at almost except for the New England game. -- you can look at almost any other of the fire is still alive and Narragansett they certainly could have won and there are at least three on the they should have won. I'm but the -- altered to things went -- Cleveland. It used to be not so long ago that the field would go to Cleveland it's a and the air India and and and the Browns do some stupid. Or something would happen armed and it and day and the Steelers were always went last couple times though. The Steelers have watched. -- -- you know one of those was when my comment famously struggled and unleash hell in December but it started out I think six and two and the end and they watched arena row I think seven to where it lost three in a world. It you know rarely show than they did music played like garbage. In Cleveland and -- -- -- to be not very good. I'm -- I don't know the -- SS and proud veterans. Ryan Clark among them. And and the other day if they insist that they are not that bad SS -- -- -- insist they have guys that know how to win. And now they're finally starting to do it and the latest -- can you hear about -- about last week that the no huddle. And I and then this week for some reason my -- at a news conference kind of discounting the no huddle being a major factor in the win over the Lions. Yeah I don't know. Pitching -- their reluctance to turn things over -- lot -- -- let him call plays down the no huddle. You were pretty -- a lot of us in Pittsburg so little interest to see how they will employ that in Cleveland because you know how coaches are right. Worries me out like you know -- you know little huddle you know we're not used to all the time all that -- -- you throw out there actually are planning on using it would host. Jim -- cub was the Pittsburg State resident and seen off but KGK eight in Pittsburgh GM thank you so much we appreciate the time. There are not a priority for him it's around the league on WW.