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11-20 8:10pm Scoot: Baby Boomer Generation

Nov 20, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about what sparked the beginning of the anti-establishment generation.

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Good evening and welcome to our show tonight if your day is ending I hope you had a great day and if your Joey your day is just beginning like mine is welcome to our shooter tonight. There's a view well listing on year Smartphones or computers or tablets we welcome you to -- night. We're gonna have a very unique and interesting discussion on the show tonight and you could contribute in any way you want to. This week is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. For those of you -- were too young to have experienced. Anything about that moment I have vague memories because I was very young. But I do have vague memories of that for those of you who were too young to remember that or to have any experience with that. Think about the impact in in modern times. Of the assassination of the president of the United States. Now because of technology it was not alive on television. But we knew what happened and it wasn't long before we saw footage and we've seen that footage over and over and over again. Once this the flash point in time. That created the attitude that led to the rebellious anti establishment generation of the 1960s. That generation is now the establishment. And I witnessed that generation and I thought back on on my life and I think about what it was like going through that. And I have. Believed that that was the flash point in time that actually created the baby boomer generation. You'll explain the relationship there but again this will be unique and interesting discussion tonight. Andy you can join us with your comments also tonight -- talk about this very disturbing trend in some cities around the country. It's called the knockout game and groups of teenagers just go open randomly. Knock somebody -- hit them with a punch as hard as they can try to -- -- And then they speed off. And they usually find somebody who is alone on the street. We're gonna talk it -- after the news at 10 o'clock we're gonna talk to a and author name Colin Flaherty. And he's written a book called white girl believed a lot. The return of racial violence to America and how the media. Ignore it. So that'll be and another interesting discussion on our show tonight. Before we get to our topic to date that this is a -- wary to begin our show tonight. But in a PD has confirmed that a seven year old girl was injured. In a double shooting in central city. They were sent to there was at shooting that left. A little girl dead. I think it was a girl little girl born just a very young child. Dead at the approach to the Crescent City connection recently. Apparently did -- something year old father once the target. This girl in an unidentified man were both shot tonight central city happened about 7 o'clock in the 2200 block of saint Andrew. The girl reportedly suffered a graze -- so she's going to be OK as far as we know not considered life threatening. But you realize that the difference between -- a wounded person in a dead person. It's just a matter of interest to. New word from police and a possible suspect. Or remote and this seems to be happening far too often where children get caught in the crossfire. Of problems that exist between adults. And adults are ultimately responsible. For putting their kids in danger. It's it's it's really sad. That really bad awful people. Have children. That they can't keep out of harm's way. That's that's that's sent. Some of these kids didn't do anything wrong and yet they don't have a chance. Because of their parents. Because of the world their parents are involved. It's time for tonight's topic today to the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight and every WL number eight. People like Agassi it's maybe. The sexiest man alive for 2013. Adam Levine 34 year old singer of Maroon 5 and judgment NBC's the voice. It's now the sexiest man alive any arguments here I have secured for my masculinity -- -- the Texas sexy guy. -- -- up I mean I Iowa I like is look at some ways is a very clean cut like putting a lot of detectives. Scary very talented singer and musician. And the issue with -- be on the cover hits newsstands. This coming Friday. Number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Polls are showing president Obama's support is hitting an all time low. -- CBS news poll shows that the president's approval rating has dropped to 37%. Down from 46% just last month. So this obviously has a lot to do with obamacare and what I've had tragedy this is bit. A new ABC Washington Post poll shows Obama's approval rating down to 42%. That's an all time low. And his disapproval rating I believe in that poll is up to 55 or 56%. And that's an all time high for this president. In terms of -- disapproval rating. Oh wait and I forgot. You don't believe the polls right. You'd so when it shows that Obama is doing well you don't believe the polls. If I guess we should just throw this ball away. Because there are people who choose to only believe the polls we agree with. Even though they're done by the same people that. They have polls that they don't agreement. So again you you can't have it both ways if you. If you wanna celebrate this poll that Obama is down into the the approval rating and would it be hypocritical to. Two to not. Accept the polls when -- Are part coming out not in your favor again -- thickest part of the hypocrisy of it that lives in America and and I know that there are so many people that have this idea. The polls are inaccurate. Because of the way questions arrest. And I'm not saying the polls cannot be skewed because of the way questions arrest but most of the legitimate polls ask questions in a way that -- A bipartisan. I'll -- and our objective and you can usually find out how a question is -- so before you criticize a poll. Yeah you might what I did take a look in and see if the question was fair. And if the questions fair. We see the polls really do tend to accurately reflect America even though you may never have been called I may never have been called. Your friends may never have been called. I I was talking to somebody about this is that there's a run for O'Shea a political analyst who has often on deputy well. I was talking to him points and -- an expert in polls. -- -- what do you say to those people who say that the polls that are accurate. And civil -- it's like a doctor can take a sample of your blind. -- tell you what's going on your body. He does that take all the blood or even a lot of the ball they can take a sample of the blood. And an even if you don't. Wanna believe that again that that there's there's there's so much denial in this country about people not wanting to believe things that they don't want to be true. As opposed to accepting reality trust me. On the politicians Republicans and Democrats. Watch the polls -- the polls you might ignore but they're paying attention to. The Republicans and the Democrats they're paying attention to the polls. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Here's all the shows that young people are becoming less tolerant of racist and sexist comments. And derogatory slurs on line. 610 young people say it is never OK to post slurs. Even if they say they're just kidding. I wonder -- young people could teach their parents to be less tolerant of racist and sexist and derogatory source. According to this new polls the majority of people fourteen to 24 years of age who use the Internet say they see derogatory words and images at times. They describe the stuff is just joking around and never meant to be hurtful. However six out of ten young people this is a new high. 610 young people say it's never OK to post slurs or biased images even if you say you're just joking. In two years ago. Only half of the young people. But that -- that was wrong so that has has gone out so you know we're seeing some really interesting and in very positive things. Out of for a new young generation. And it's gonna be very easy for the media and for the establishment only focus on the negative things about younger generations. But if you have kids I hope you have seen some of that. The positive things it's that it's coming out of a younger generation on I guess early thirty something Tony something. And an even late -- there are some things happening then. Make me think that they might actually make this world a better place. Which is something that we tried to do when we -- Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Judge in New York has declared a this filed -- lawsuit against eighties pop star Rick Springfield. The lawsuit was brought by a fan who claims that Rick Springfield. Fell on her during -- 2004 show an upstate New York. -- -- she shook her permanent injuries. And says that his -- landed on her head. And while they are not -- She was she was injured. And you know I I I thought about this and I I realized that I had seen Rick Springfield at the chewing theater in early September here New Orleans. And I I put the ticket up on my office -- cabinet six -- tickets and actually -- the benevolent so I pulled it off and I read the back. Here's what it says on the back of my rich Greenfield ticket that I -- September 6 at the Joyce theater. You meeting -- assume any at all risks occurring before during and after events. Including injury by any cars. And we talked about this recently with. Fans in in in sporting events. Our our fans aware of the fact that on the backing your ticket if you go to a sporting event you are. Responsible. Pretty happened to -- you accept risk. Now if something out of the ordinary happens. And I guess this is what would be argued here but if there is through the roof of the place. Kate didn't that would be different than a ball or hockey puck or something like that coming out of the field the -- fans to accept the risk when they go to a sporting event. And apparently you accept risk if you -- rock concert. You assume any and all risks a -- before during and after event including injury. By any cards buy any -- course that's the backing your ticket. No I would think that that would be binding that if you use the ticket that would be binding. However the question is. Do you region ticket and it's your responsibility to read the ticket may be more should be done to. To make people aware of some of the fine print that appears on the back of their tickets. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Costco store in Southern California attracted a lot of criticism recently after a pastor posted on social media. That the bibles. Were being sold under the category affection. Costco apologized. And said it was a mistake. The Los Angeles Times reports today that sent pastor of the discovery church and -- lead. Cult ten box. It said that he came across bibles and they were they were carrying a fiction written price tag. Picture was written on the on the price tag designating them as fiction. He was -- forget the cost of stored semi valley California when he ran across the -- he took a photograph posted on social media. With a comment Costco has bibles for sale under the genre of fiction. Moscow has apologized issuing a statement that the distributor mislabeled a small percentage of bibles. Before they were sent to the store the company said that they are correcting the mistake for future distribution. However. For those of us who are Christians. And believers. It still brings -- interesting conversation. Number three tonight's list of the top aides had eight. It's known as. -- knock out game. And it's have very disturbing trend in some American cities. Now I realized by talking about theirs. I take a chance on giving this idea to somebody. No news outlets. Or. Entertainment outlet is responsible for the actions of of the audience. This is something that is going on and and unfortunately. While some people might get ideas it's important for. For people to be aware of trends and things that are going on. Because then sometimes something can be done to stop the trance. So I realized that by bringing this up some somebody might get an idea but that's not acceptable. The knockout game is a street game that -- groups of young people teenagers for the most part. Walking up to a stranger on -- street and punching them as hard as they can. At least one death has been attributed to this this dangerous payment. The disturbing question is why -- young people entertained. By a game that involves viciously hurting just innocent bystanders. This has happened in Washington DC. It happened in their Crown Heights Brooklyn and I believe that was it was last week. -- police say that the in in some areas of New York the attackers are attacking predominantly Jewish neighborhoods. In around Brooklyn. There's also report that the these kinds of attacks have taken place in Saint Louis and Pittsburgh where a teacher was -- was knocked out by a fifteen year old. As he walked home from school. And security video caught this in the -- was charged with assault. In New Jersey there's video footage of a 46 year old who was just randomly. -- attacked and knocked out by a group of teens. This is the person that was found dead with a broken neck. And down ahead that his head was actually between the yen the iron on post of offense. And in video shows that this was during the daytime he was walking down an Alley when he was attacked by a group of teenagers are one of the videos. One of the teenager says that they're just doing this. For fund. How disturbing is that -- I against. I guess acting out the violence in video games isn't quite enough. Soul. Now people -- I -- I I find this extremely disturbing because we have. We have groups of teenagers and this is these are still isolated incidents and hopefully they will be. But -- teenagers who apparently for fine. Are just randomly attacking people that the opposite story recently in Oklahoma where three guys killed the guy. And they said they were bored and they just wanted to to see what it felt like -- to kill somebody. Disturbing. After the Tuesday at ten about 1010 tonight's I'm sure we'll talk to author Colin player. Who has written a book titled white girl -- -- The return of racial violence in America and how the media ignore it. Vinik and his interesting discussion later on in the -- right number two in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And fans. We're born you know we've we've talked about this on the show before but if you didn't -- talking about this I think. Since the saints are are going to Atlanta to play the falcons tomorrow night I think it's important to. To talk about this this this rivalry -- you know them the mood surrounding this game. Is quite different than what we thought it would be at the beginning of this season because of opposite such an incredible year last year. They thought and many other fans thought that this was the year they were going to the Super Bowl. Well in the NFC south the saints are eight into the falcons are two and eight tied for last place but this is still heated rivalry. And when you consider that. The judgment. That takes place between saints fans and Pakistan's -- thought that this day the the eve of this Thursday night game between the saints -- falcons it was important to to remind people that. You know we shouldn't judge falcon fans. Because it's my belief that they were born that way. Andy why would anybody I I know there's no scientific evidence it's conclusive that supports this but why would anybody choose to be focusing. Why would anybody choose that lifestyle that is so unacceptable to others that many consider to be an abomination. It just seems to me that you would have to be born that way. And discuss blog gets into this tonight stop its fans born that way. If your saints fan or falcons fan -- read it and -- with so all of your football friends. It's on our website -- -- WL dot com front page under our opinions and you know this is drawing controversy does. Does continue it there. I guess there there's there's one group that has such strong belief in the saints. That they just don't understand how anybody could. Could live their life as a falcon Stan. And you know and then there's that they did displayed the public display of affection between falcons fans and then there's the fear that. -- falcons fans by Mary each other and then they're gonna have children that are falcons fans it. Children gonna be raised it holds a falcons spent the going to be exposed to being -- Pakistan. It just goes on and on so we'll continue to a talk about this on the show tonight. If you wanna join our show the comic tonight our numbers 26018. Supper at 47 and -- 38668890. -- seventy. And a text number is a 77. And finally tonight's number one run on tonight's listed company and. This America recognizes the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy and tonight on our show. We're gonna have a discussion about -- the assassination of president Kennedy contributed to creating. The rebellious anti establishment generation. Of the 1960s. That generations now the establishment. So where's the connection. When innocent I think there's definitely connection. John F. Kennedy was assassinated interestingly on a Friday. And -- that -- this was just huge news -- this year what did the 22 is on a Friday so this year it's on the actual date of the week that Kennedy was assassinated. And I I remember being -- school like I don't know if we're going it was an early grade and and when I was young and I remember the assistant principal coming to the classroom. Very sick and -- looked like he might have been crying ended just said that and something has happened and they'll be a lot of talk about it over the weekend and that's. And that's only said. And then went home and found out to -- what had happened. This was in November. -- 1963. The Beatles hit America in February of 1964. About three months later. Many people credit The Beatles. With inspiring and starting and instilling this new attitude and young people that created the anti establishment generation of the sixties that is is so famous and now the establishment. I actually think it was the assassination of Kennedy. -- had a lot to do with creating the road America was going through a lot but to -- the assassination of Kennedy was that flash point in time. But even though subconsciously. Sat in with an entire young generation. -- in this sense of insecurity. And total lack of trust this was not conscious this was more subconscious. A total lack of trust. For the establishment. For the president of the United States the leader of the establishment. The leader of the United States of America. Was murdered. In public. That was the the the ultimate act. That led to a lot of insecurity. And -- years ago when Kennedy was assassinated. Paris didn't pay attention to what their kids were watching on TV. I don't know about you but I was a young kid but I was watching what was on TV. I realized what had happened. I didn't realize the magnitude of it. But when I look back they were those who -- little older than me. Who I think really fueled this this anti establishment rebellious movement in the 1960s. And I believe that subconsciously embedded in them. This month in 196350. Years ago. With the idea that the president the leader of the establishment was murdered. In broad daylight in public and that. Fred is feeling up we don't trust the establishment. And that. In my opinion is what really created the anti establishment generation. If you what did you and Russia with your thoughts in your comments as we discuss this tonight. Our number is 2601. -- seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our -- over the states have -- this is the -- show live from New Orleans on Wednesday nights and will be right back -- -- WL. And what about George show -- this -- Wednesday night to this week America is recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. And tonight I want to have discussion about how the assassination of Kennedy really contributed to creating. The anti establishment to their rebellious generation of the 1960s that did the baby boomers. The generation that is now the establishment silly that I I've I've thought about over the years. And a look back on my own experience. And and think about your experience and maybe this wasn't something -- you consciously. Tolkien and absorb and and analyze because you were you were too young and TV either even if you -- older than I was the time and I don't remember exactly held it was. But I remember every young but I still knew what was going on this this had a tremendous impact on this country obviously. And for those -- you were too young to have been part of that generation. I think what it would mean today if a president was assassinated. This would. This would perhaps. Cause your faith in the establishment. To a road even further. And there was a lot of turmoil in America in the early sixties. There were debates about segregation it would battles about segregation and integration. There were some of the battle over the birth control -- The birth control pill had been approved but the the moral majority of the time when it's was battling the this sale of the birth control pill. Because they were concerned that this was gonna lead to a promiscuous sex they defeat the idea that you didn't have to worry about pregnancy. It that young people would just go crazy with sex will it if you're part of the establishment that was you. That was your generation. So is concerned issue are about morals today. And this is a debates. About morality that is going on in this country for a very very long time. And it somewhere around sixty to 63 the US Supreme Court made its way to the Supreme Court in the early sixties the US Supreme Court declared. That birth control pills and and birth control was constitutional. They were people who were trying to say was unconstitutional. In the same way that today people arguing that same sex marriage should be considered unconstitutional. And before that the argument was that sodomy should be unconstitutional which the Supreme Court. Ruled differently on that. So that was a lot going on in this country in the early sixties but I think was the assassination of Kennedy. In -- if you're part of the I think that was I think that was really the the flashpoint as I've said. This in this moment they created the baby boomer generation and I don't think it's any coincidence that. That many people have looked at The Beatles are coming out day in February of 1964 just three months after Kennedy was assassinated. Really less than three months after he was assassinated. Crediting the deals with -- with with creating the anti establishment generation. I think the mood was there. The move was was already on a current. Time in in in young America in teenagers. And even younger teens. And The Beatles were represented and it really I guess they represented everything that was anti establishment. You know looking at looking at The Beatles today. You think that was -- wild that wasn't crazy. This is the mistake that that that people make today. People don't take the time. To try to understand. The context of the times. Which is absolutely crucial in judging anything. Sure it's easy to say. All of that that look at look at them they look like a they look like frat boys they do you know that's that's nothing look how clean cut they looked. But you forget the time that was wild and rebellious and outrageous. Just that the hair the way they were wearing it was totally anti establishment. I think The Beatles came along at the right time and I'm not taking anything away from the talent at The -- him. Were very talented in the surviving members are still talented they. They'd they gave -- stuff that you know my parents' generation thought it was just a passing fan it would it would not last would not live fall. Well it has endured overtime. Because it was great entertainment it was really quality stuff the lyrics the and the music which many people thought was very simplistic. But he did did survive time and and younger generations have have have come to know The Beatles as well. But The Beatles to start the anti establishment generation there were some things that were taking place before but the moment that I think it was really born was was when Kennedy was assassinated. Do you remember where you were do you remember any feeling the hat when you were told that Kennedy was assassinated. Fifty years ago. As for those of you who are younger you could still be part of this conversation. By it. Just. Witnessing yourself. Now what some people fill in what they went through. And and what that meant to a younger generation of what it meant to have the this sociology in the psychology of this country. If you wanna join us for your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87870. Here's a text I am so sick and tired of the NFL baby breeze. This man is not worth the special treatment saints fans. Are the worst though every Sunday they worship him now. Drew Brees is very -- I don't I don't get that I would I saw the the penalty I thought it was a penalty to hit against a thought that was a penalty -- saw the reply -- I thought it was a penalty some people disagree. This is this -- we're coming right acrid your comments on WWL tomorrow night the saints on Thursday night football against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta seats or 82 companies -- two and eight. We didn't expect those teams to be in this position at this point but remember it would make the falcons season to beat the saints. And home tomorrow night and it's a very important game for the saints here's a WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. What do you think the saints are gonna do these next two road games both of them very important will they win both. Lose both. Or beat the falcons lose to the Seahawks. Or lose to the falcons. And beat the Seahawks give a European what you think the saints are gonna do with -- -- next two road games in Atlanta and in Seattle two really important NFC games for the saints. If they want -- secure home field advantage. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com also on our web site is the -- blog tonight which is is all about falcons fans being born that way. You know not everybody agrees with this that we talked about this before the first game of the season the season opener between the saints and falcons and a big controversy in this country about whether falcons fans choose to be that way or if they're actually born that way I think you wouldn't choose that lifestyle if you had a choice I think you're just born that way. I'm from her hand grenade and -- WL. Yes hi I'm calling you -- asked about. You know where you where are about Kennedy being shot. Yeah I wasn't born yet on how the story. And I'd never understood. Her explanation of how well until 9/11. And Mac ads that I might act out there -- was in the getting out there. I can I can see that you could then look back and relate to how she felt down how were you were here when 9/11 it. -- Warranty. On tour. It did -- did that did that cause you to lose some faith in the establishment. The fact that this happened somewhere deep inside as you lose faith in the faith in him. Tablet made it. -- -- It was Laura how can happen. -- Ernie thanks for sure that we disclosure color -- from Atlanta make your on -- WL. Anyway yeah well you. Bill it's -- bond and you're on right now goes all the war is truly know a lot different. -- me. You still pay it back into the local air space but -- demise of turbulent night little. Tell until they would tell -- tell me what falcons fans are saying what the with the broadcasters saying in Atlanta about the of the game tomorrow night. It brought -- coming out where to quit before being in all grow up. You know -- -- -- expect the -- schalken has go to port city. Either to the going. Out there okay so little arm of the current and -- -- but -- All -- the bill. But people don't we affectionately -- c'mon -- -- -- -- -- right now -- we called as well at all in Atlanta goes to print out well but don't. To yell out black and gold we beat you might look I don't. What do they are 60 it got all the way to pay it pay it. It'll where they're at below market sample article ball kept -- -- -- -- You take potshots -- Albert Hughes who use and needle in the building do its part. And a lot of they do not here. Give a lot of -- and they don't review he comedy called. Would -- to speak about it and it is kind of bird goes beyond coconut. Between some -- -- There to get that goes into will be made it to the Super -- Koppel weighs about -- boat that would be -- out authority. -- And -- went through people here in 2000 -- doubt it was great. -- a lot of the street or oil looks so good they're here and squandered that opportunity right here -- let you go. Social and what what's -- what's the what's the tone of the conversation Atlanta now with the game coming up tomorrow with the falcons to a date the saints aid into. That the that the which is. As always so pot outlook despite how well it all. They are now at all. -- on your soul bode well brought -- you know. It happens with. But the thing. Is we -- -- so that we can speak to go further there. -- are to be quite as can be that the street -- -- they all what why not been trapped coal -- -- Make then I think that's a legitimate point but you know I I do understand that emotion you know at the at this point it would make their season to. Hurt the saints because there's just such animosity between the two teams I've got to get a break -- thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. From Atlanta tonight. And if you join us from Atlanta or this area anywhere across country -- number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes a -- 77 and never get ready for the saints. -- of August tomorrow night you're in that game right here live on him if you well this is this -- show and we'll be back. We're running out of time for this -- so if -- hold just just be patient stay -- this August your calls the right after the news here's an update on tonight's debate of you will pretty general opinion poll. What are the -- gonna do an -- two road games when I guess Atlanta tomorrow night then on Monday Night Football against Seattle in Seattle it's going to be a tough both of these are going to be tough games. What do you think the saints are gonna do. Lose both games. 16%. Win both games 58%. Beat the falcons lose to the Seahawks 46%. -- the falcons beat the Seahawks. 0%. When a tractor pull throughout the Scotia by giving your opinion by going to our website -- W held to account. And also on check out the -- blog tonight and share with your NFL friends especially the -- nation. It's about falcons fans being born that way because I just can't imagine anybody would choose to be focused and we talked about this at the beginning of the season and a but the blog has been updated its on the front page under our opinions at WW wilt on economy just think about parents trying to explain to their children. Questions about two falcons fans kissing in public.