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11-20 9:10pm Scoot: Baby Boomer Generation

Nov 20, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about what sparked the beginning of the anti-establishment generation.

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If you're out driving around Orleans parish tonight be prepared for a few sobriety checkpoints said they begin at 9 o'clock so there have been going on right now about now. Until about 5 o'clock tomorrow morning and motors might experience a minimal delays. Like this is to try to get the wrong people off the roads so if you have to deal with a little delay don't don't be bothered by -- This is just a good reminder we always have documentation available in your vehicle. If requested to proof of insurance driver's license etc. and the biggest thing that's remind you about this is is don't drink and drive. Mean there's nothing wrong with drinking. Meal ushered alcohol like don't don't take that too seriously but in general is there's nothing wrong with going out and having a good time. Just don't have a good time and get them get behind the wheel of the car so if you of your have a good time. That's that's fine it decent sobriety checkpoints and think largest and a good reminder that we should be. How aware of what we do before we get behind the wheel because the -- can be a very wonderful thing it can also be very dangerous thing. A -- like the saints -- falcons Thursday night football in Atlanta. The falcons are two and eight seats or 82. At the beginning of the season with the stock is having such a great year last year so much talk about the -- is going to the Super Bowl this year. But we didn't think that the mood between these two teams would be the way it is now but remember even though the falcons are not going anywhere this season. It would it would make their season to beat the saints and and we would feel the same way if if the falcons were in the position that we -- and we were in the position falcons -- We would be on the you're talking about out OK so we haven't had a great season so let's just beat the falcons and just knocked them down a notch. Let's pull for anybody else except the saints let's try to make sure that Carolina or somebody else gets to the playoffs not the saints and that's the way saints and falcons fans feel about each other. Which is why it has been my contention for the beginning of this season and I did a lot of thinking about this. The falcons fans are really born that way they they don't choose that lifestyle. Many consider to be an abomination. It's but typical lifestyle they don't like their children exposed to. A falcons fans sent. Is showing affection for each other in public school blog is all about -- to read it share with your saints fans and your falcon fan friends as well. It's titled falcons fans born that way it's on the front page -- we're excited to be WL dot com. Coming up after the news in about an hour at 10 o'clock we're gonna talk about the knock out game. A very disturbing trend in some American cities. It's at a street game that involves gangs of young people walking up to strangers on the street and punching them as hard as they can at least one person has died as a result of this very dangerous game. And the disturbing question is why -- young people entertained by a game that involves viciously hurting. Innocent people. Author and Colin flattery. Has written a book called white girl -- a lot to the return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it. How will talk to him in about an -- we talk about the knockout game also -- -- -- -- A story to report the news tonight a seven year ago or girl. Injured tonight at 7 o'clock tonight in the double shooting in central city is 200 -- toward 200 block of same mantra. This happened just a little while ago. -- I guess the positive news is this girl just suffered a graze -- -- her injuries are not considered life threatening to work for police -- a possible suspect. For a motive. Apparently the father was the target -- and gentleman -- -- -- was shot as well. This is again this is another disturbing trend in this country were. Young kids young children innocent young children. Are caught in the crossfire or put in harm's way because of the lifestyles. Of their parents. And it's really sad because these kids are -- they haven't done anything wrong. They're just they're just they're. -- why they're there and you know you did you depend on your parents to keep you safe. You're -- your child your regular kid you go -- your parents take you and you hope that's a safe place but unfortunately for so many kids it's not a very safe place. And this week America is recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. And tonight -- a show we're having an interesting discussion about how the assassination of president Kennedy. Contributed to creating that rebellious anti establishment generation of the 1960s. A generation that is now the establishment. What do you recall about your first feelings when you heard the president John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. Even if you were very young what we you're over your first thoughts and feelings. I believe that -- that this was the beginning of instilling -- generation. Such -- wholesale lack of faith and security. In the establishment. The president. Murdered in broad daylight the leader of the establishment murdered in broad daylight how could this happen. And even though young people couldn't really process the magnitude of what it happened. I think a lot of young people like myself subconsciously took Indiana's. A sign that bowl. What face do we have been in that the establishment what faith do we have in the security that the establishment is is is providing for us. I think that was the beginning of the anti establishment open and then the three months later really less than three months later The Beatles arrive in America with a whole new look. A sound it'll look that. That defy the establishment. And they didn't cause the anti establishment generation to become what it is had become but that whole movement of music. Just arrived in America. It just the right time and and became the soundtrack for that generation. Also if you're part of the younger generation. Do you have faith in today's establishment. And if you don't have faith in today's establishment. Why not if you wanna join our -- -- with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a text number is 870 -- every from which we gotta keep -- on the -- on every WL. Thank you do. A -- mentioned about the end of felt like that that hit on Drew Brees yeah. At the bottom line is this 32 people portal wanna see these guys are much of thirty tool orders. Because they had a war that draw out of Spain for the -- So well that's true and that there's been talked in basketball as well -- some of the top players get a break when it comes to the calling of files. -- it in and -- you -- bargaining dribble like tomorrow night school. If the saints were chilling day in Atlantis to an eight how many people which real bad -- gained even though we division rivals. But maybe 40000 people would. Chill up you know it's totally Quinn the right way to win the jags play Tampa bay united as anyone to anybody show but that game. Right and and and are on the same thing else Sunday night's game between Denver and Kansas City. But regularly was an -- the New Guinea. That. That Sunday night it was supposed to -- Green Bay and New York Jerry. It was going they'd been doing lately but thought Aaron Rodgers. In -- it. It's true that they can only protect the players so much it's it's a rough game in. You know the quarterback whether it's this season to star like Drew Brees or a young rookie quarterbacks have always considered have always been considered to be in -- their -- position in in the back. So the they they do need to a degree of protection that other players -- keep them on -- she'll also tonight we want to welcome those of you listening on your Smartphones your computers. And you're tablets -- to witness on the -- -- From Baton Rouge JC welcome to WWL. -- -- -- at the 100% I don't think that The Beatles words distort I think was the -- to that nation and I do believe that the agents. You know laid the foundation. Future -- Or come up and be -- in the city. But one thing you know I'm I'm -- in I was -- -- thought -- -- that it is. It. That was the first person that I ever witnessed. I have uninstall the -- And I think what that did. For majorities society would it's park -- morbid curiosity. And -- You know it. That's -- you know news started. Their search on them saying -- doing it more more more though. Your personal look -- more. Well that you know there with things were. And that was a very graphic thing this you know with the technology today with life. Television everywhere that this sort of been seen live on television. It wasn't like on TV in 1963. But it wasn't long before America witnessed when it happened in at the time American knew exactly how to use it's. It's it's imagination to. In vision of what he was being told today I I I guess the younger generations are more condition to have to see the video hours or see pictures or something and not use there. Imagination as much as a whole other generations knew how to use their imagination because they're there wasn't the the instant video like there is today. Right back I don't know you know I'm not victory that history but it I can't work or any other. Majored. Like this before that captured -- in on. The idea that you know national public. -- you know there have been you know there was C the leader from media. The president for mania two chest to his assassination was when he was he was accentuated. That was -- captured on film but this that would have been after after Kennedy and there were some horrible things that we're seeing from the Vietnam War. A -- that was supposed Kennedy assassinations of this really was on board of the early moments I think that's a good point I JC as soon as a person who is not part of the establishment today. Do you have faith in the in the establishment. I mean honestly now I'd I'd think that these -- -- longer action I think that. Majority the speech you know -- -- about -- and -- one -- in nearly none of them. I. I definitely sense that there is an undercurrent in younger generations today. That are or are showing that there of the younger generations are trying to separate themselves from. Is some of the ideals of the establishment which changed from when the establishment which younger and I seen a lot of positive things I see. Giving back to some degree with younger generations -- caring more about. People. Now in the establishment did care about people win the establishment which young in the sixties but the establishment has. Become rather jaded in and and heartened tonight I do see some positive trends in in young America today. And I do believe that not every person and the accomplishment is wrong -- I think there are some good people still left. I had I think that a lot of them. Are not true that you -- or because they're trying to hold on one side or the other and I think it is a lot more people -- themselves. And understanding of others it would be a lot better or you go. Themselves. What the usual age of my generation. JC and -- -- part of the show are you a Collison ninth thanks for listening to WW out. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and your comments tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 877 in -- from New Orleans on I'd chilly Wednesday nights I'm -- it will be right back on -- WL. And it was a song made popular after I guess 1968. To it's titled Abraham Martin John it's. Where's John John F. Kennedy wears on Abraham Lincoln and wearers Martin Luther King Jr. They've gone the good die young and it was a song that really reflected the mood at the times this week America recognizes the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. And tonight -- sure having a discussion about how the assassination of president Kennedy contributed to. Creating that rebellious anti establishment generation the sixty's that is now the establishment. Do you see a connection and and think back on your own life if you were part of that generation even if you were very young like I want. As you look back. Do you sense that that did. In -- in new strong degree of insecurity in the establishment without without processing it at the time. Didn't you sensed that. The establishment could no longer be trusted. And -- think about The Beatles coming out less than three months later. In early February of of 1964. This was a -- a group that they were the only ones but they've with the first was introduced in America. And many people think The Beatles started the anti establishment movement and I don't think they do it. I'm not taking anything away from the beatles' talent. -- their talent. It's has survived to this day and eat it did prove to be an incredible. But I don't think they started the movement I think they came along at the right time which does often happen. The Beatles again if you you look at pictures of The Beatles from the past you think -- was nothing that was that wasn't rebellious. The mistake that we make. Is. We don't. Try to judge. Things in the context of the times. And you can say that based on today. The Beatles they look like clean cut candidates but at that time they were very rebellious. And then you know The Beatles ended up being the good guys and then they were bands like The Rolling Stones they would the bad points. And the the animals Derrick bird in the animals they -- the bad guys and for those of you who are younger. Just understand that this was at a time when there was a lot going on in America and America was changing and I still think it was the assassination of a Kennedy that it. I'm inspired much of this generation to be seeking for something that was unbeknownst to them. Was about to land on America's shores less than three months later. In the generation known as the baby boomer generation -- biologically created -- -- emotionally. This wasn't a generation that I think came into being until. Until the Kennedy assassination and it was so obvious the the the temptation to rebel against the establishment even though that's intrinsic in every young generation. It really seem to be overwhelming. And -- higher degree. It seemed to be present at a young generation in the sixties then in other generations although. And this is something we'll talk about it on a future show. I think there was a new anti establishment generation and and to some degree every generation is anti establishment. But there was another new anti establishment generation. Born in the early nineties with her Fonda and sound garden Alice in Chains in the hold grunge look in the crunch movement and that was a generation. There was angry. -- written and the music reflected that. And they were angry at the establishment they were the children of that the -- the baby boomer generation which was destined to be the establishment. But there were so it was a lot going on in America there was there was turmoil in this country before Kennedy was assassinated. Hayward debates about a birth control pills. I mentioned this is earlier it's having that we have occasionally talked about and -- To some degree related to the debate over same sex marriage today and I I know that you might have your own point of view -- that. But the debate why is it in many ways very similar. There they -- answer a group known as the moral majority in America. And there were people who fought. The sale of birth control pills and and then the concept of of birth control. A birth control pill would make it easy to have promiscuous sex. Without the consequence of a pregnancy. Now today there are other things that you need to be concerned with but. In the early sixties pregnancy was while they were things that you could get from having casual sex but you could get rid of them with the penicillin shot. -- today there are things that you -- -- -- you you can't get credit but at the time pregnancy was it was a consequence of of thought of casual sex and the fear was by the establishment then. The fear was if we remove the fear of pregnancy. Then we're going to just open up the door for America to become a promiscuous immoral society. And I guess there are people who will will make that argument. But those people today who. Ultimately ended up being responsible people are -- if you today who are now part of the establishment. That the Supreme Court ruled in. I -- -- lived -- -- when it was 62 or 63 I think the Supreme Court case was Connecticut vs say -- -- -- and it was there a case that the Supreme Court decided. That a ban. On birth control pills was unconstitutional. Essentially based on right to privacy. And with that precedent and the president over the Supreme Court ruling. I'm a few years back -- 2003. That sodomy could not be declared. Illegal could not be banned because of a right to privacy. I think that's the precedent for same sex marriage being more accepted it in America. But there are many similarities between the debates were having today in the debates we've had in the past and in that people are so quick to to fail to recognize those things. And I think we don't know it's it's different today that would really isn't that much different today. And this is why I consistently refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. There are many things that I applaud and and admire about my generation. But there are many things that I find extremely hypocritical. A look at a -- as well okay I'm getting this -- an update I said immigrant issue vs the city of Connecticut I guess I was thinking of the city of Greenwich Connecticut. But it's the case which Griswold vs Connecticut was the case that decided that. That birth control pills to to ban birth control pills was unconstitutional. And it was in June of 1965. So that was sick shortly after the deal but the that the debate for that. The attempt to ban birth control pills was was actually prior to The Beatles. So what are you -- call about your first feelings when you heard the president John F. Kennedy was assassinated. And if you're part of -- younger generation and have no reference to that. Do you have faith in the establishment. Is there a new anti establishment generation growing today. And their positive sides of this or is it all negative. And if you're the parent of teenagers. If you're the parent of a young adult. Do you sense. Disrespect for the establishment in the same way that you didn't respect the establishment or that you were part of the generation. It didn't respect the establishment in the sixties. If you wanna join our show with your thoughts tonight are numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven he and I text number is 877. A torn right the saints will play the falcon says. This is not the game that we thought it would be at the beginning of the season. I remember when the falcons fans came to town I sought for the first time. It was a a falcons Jersey. With the state of New Jersey print on the outline of the state of New Jersey. And it was promoting the falcons going to the Super Bowl which is going to be in East Rutherford, New Jersey this year. And I thought that's that's pretty pretty Bolden had a great year last year but they have actually imploded -- You know you can blame it on injuries but good teams deal with the injuries by the falcons eventually imploded. The coach Smith as -- blaming himself by -- I don't know that the falcons ever really had -- That winning fortitude. That the saints and other teams -- they have had and even though they had a great year last year they didn't make it his followers they wanted to and again and they just. In many ways destroyed it's sales this year that game will be -- tomorrow night on WWL our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon on that full schedule for you. Coming out here's our -- have you -- jaguar opinion poll tonight what do you think the saints are gonna do in their next two road games. Tomorrow night in Atlanta and then I guess about 111011. Days later Monday Night Football. In Seattle that is a very tough place to play an outdoor stadium but one of the wildest stadiums. In the country. And I guess it has to do with the way that it's it's it's built the architecture of the stadium. So it's a tough place to place -- what do you think the saints are gonna do -- their next two road games do you think they're gonna win both. Lose both. Beat the falcons and lose to the Seahawks. Or lose to the falcons. And beat the Seahawks. That's sort of a W a party general people give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. And we'll give you an update on that as we continue to track that two on our show tonight also wanna mention something it was part of our top eight at eight tonight. A Costco store in Southern California. Has attracted a lot of criticism after a pastor posted on social media. That bibles. Were being sold under the category of fiction. Acosta has apologized it is and said it was a mistake by the did distributor manufacture publisher whenever they -- put. They they put the sicker fiction and then the price -- sold under the category of affection. And that drew a lot of attention but you know it also I think inspires interesting thoughts in the mines of office. Also People Magazine has named the sexiest man alive if you haven't heard who it is I will tell you about who that is here in just a few minutes. -- you're gonna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. To all 3866889. -- seventy. In a text number. Is -- 77. Here's a text to the polar bear handers. -- I got a -- a few moments ago we're gonna talk about this after the news at 10 o'clock. This street game called knock out two knock -- it it's called knock out the Nye County where where groups of teenagers. Just find somebody who is rather -- on a street. And just punch him in knock him out and then. Run away. Like the cowards they obviously are. And are one of the surveillance videos where this is is capture some video that has gone public. When the teenager says they're doing it for fun. And you really have to think how disturbing news for. For there to be a trend. Of young young people doing something just for fun. It hurts innocent people that didn't do anything to them. But I understood this knockout game is also referred to as pulled their -- Onto the polar bear hunters be careful. You may get your race war if you haven't noticed your race is heavily outnumbered just saying grow up and act like humans. You know I don't know if this is all black on white. I have heard in in some areas there are white teenagers. Who are participating in this game and -- I don't wanna be quick to played the race card here. But regardless of who's doing it. It's a very disturbing trend. And the idea did. That young people just wanna just gonna put some. For farm. Because they're boarding don't have anything else to do. -- that's truly disturbing. You know we have had felt like violent video games have been. A really great way for. Some people to -- there their anger and their frustrations. But to act and I don't think they're acting out video games but this idea that you just go on the street and and knock somebody out I think it's a very very disturbing trend that we'll talk more about that coming up after the news at 10 o'clock we'll also talk to an author who has written a very interesting book. Which is title very interesting title. White girl bleed a lot to the return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it -- Flaherty is the author both talked to him. Just after the news at 10 o'clock. This is dispute show if you and enjoying our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- And a text number is -- 77 hang on we'll be right back with more on WWL. People Magazine has named Adam Levine the sexiest man alive for 2013. That issue an animal being recoveries the newsstands. This coming Friday and a Levine the 34 year old lead singer -- five and judge on NBC's the voice. Mean any argument here. I got it's actually from -- who said that that Blake Shelton probably. Disagree with third Adam Levine being labeled the 60s -- I am sure Adam Levine is the first person with that many tattoos. Who has been named the sexiest man alive by a mainstream magazines like People Magazine. This is this coach of ledger with us on this Wednesday night tomorrow night at this time you'll hear the saints and the falcons like from Atlanta. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll what will the saints do in the next two road games. They're playing the falcons tomorrow night and then there on the road against Seattle on Monday Night Football. -- -- Lose both games 10%. Win both games 50%. Beat the falcons lose to the Seahawks. 31%. Lose to the falcons beat the Seahawks. 0%. You measured annually going to our website WWL dot com and will attract that all throughout Russia give you an update coming -- -- In just a few minutes we're also talking about. This this week off all of the deferred the recognition of the fiftieth anniversary this coming Friday November 22. Of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. And it obviously does say that this was something that shocked the nation news. Is is an understatement. If you if you're young and and have no recollection of of of that even is -- a a young person at that time. Mansion. Imagine how -- you would feel even if you were a kid watching the news and understanding that the president the United States have been assassinated. And this was something that I think touch the young generation very subconsciously. And in 1963. Parents weren't paying attention to what their kids were watching on television appearance I remember my parents. Talking about things and saying things that I had no idea I was listening to that. And yet I was when it was taking it all live and in many of us who were very young at the time. Subconsciously. It it started to sense that we can't trust the establishment there's no security in the establishment if the leader of the establishment. Can be murdered in broad daylight in public. From van -- Richard -- on the scooter. I would well like. -- -- the seventeen year old -- State university. Out equity. I don't know what -- that we want to do was to. Body yesterday. That was probably. Brady thank you again. -- -- -- -- No -- or not a football. -- Game. -- -- 0000. We. Not real about it is that it. I'll walk across campus to a play but -- it but it shock. I realize what a lot yeah. -- back. Story. And so partner shot about an hour later what I hurt it. Again. -- Think that cracked. A real. Typical short. Watch. That. Is what. Richard when you look back on that. Do you feel like you. And and those around you were part of that generation you are older than I was at a time. Do you sense that there there was this on moment when you. Even subconsciously just lost. Lost faith in the security that. The establishment was supposed to provide for you and and ended this ultimately led to this this mood that was I guess inspired by it to be the music of the the the British invasion of The Beatles. They've been credited with creating the anti establishment generation. But I actually think it was the assassination of Kennedy if things were happening up to that point. And then The Beatles came along at the right time do you sense that that wasn't the case with UN and the friends around you. Well. Outlook TrueCrypt. It ball back and outlook the military. But -- Google. They get a little bit like that. -- -- Oh we get -- -- Although I wish our request but. We thought that ball. But it. Technically. You don't just could not -- straight out of the like that happen. It'd been. All of our users we. It. Air. You know yet and what our great city as well. You know their carpet and course. But I still -- it. Conspiracy theory are. -- else we can talk about tonight in I I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But it's it's easy to believe that there may have been a conspiracy to kill Kennedy and there's some law there there are a lot of good conspiracy theories and if anybody wants to to talk about the conspiracy theory that they think is the most believable you can can call our show tonight. Richard and I'm glad you called thanks for listening to WWL if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is eight Seve sent you to join me and Twitter it's at scoops WWL. And here's it's missing text. Oscar every I have a theory that. You don't want to follow the rules when you're younger. Because somebody else made the rules. The reason you want everybody to follow the rules when you're older. Is because you make the rules. And the very generation that was known as the first real anti establishment generation. Is now. The establishment. This is the -- show and we'll be right back -- for New Orleans on this Wednesday nights on W well. You know long before we heard the term alternative music via Swiss alternative music I guess this was and it's closer to the don't know later sixties says. After the after the mid sixties this is Eric Clapton in cream. And this band really wasn't one of the more alternative bands at the time. Here's a quick update on tonight's having -- you -- pretty general opinion poll. Six have to a road games coming up tomorrow night in Atlanta against the falcons and then on Monday Night Football they go to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. What do you think the saints will do in the next two road games. -- in both lose both beat the falcons lose to the Seahawks. Or lose to the falcons and beat the Seahawks here's an update 10% say the saints will lose both games. 50% say they will win both games 31% say they'll beat the falcons but lose to the Seahawks. And 0% say they'll lose to the falcons and beat the Seahawks two very important seeking to the states as they try to secure home field advantage. And the the Seahawks have a bye week this week so they have two weeks to get ready for the saints. I'm glad the saints have a nice rest because this time of year players are easily banged up. You know even though the the the game doesn't mean as much as we thought it would mean because the falcons are -- -- to an -- in our beat competition in the NFC south. His Carolina Panthers are playing very well but it might just be that it's gonna take the saints. To put Carolina. In its place in game we played them just almost back to back coming up in December. I've -- even though this game doesn't have the meaning that we thought it would have they're still alive intensity because it's the falcons it's the saints and the falcons. And discuss blog tonight is said it's a revised version of a blog that we did right before the beginning of this season the season opener against the falcons. And it's it's something that I think it's important for us to to talk about issue and things and it's titled falcons fans blowing that way. And and it's my belief that you don't choose to be Pakistan. That you are born that way and I know there's no scientific evidence to -- to back it up but that's that's my belief it's. It's a difficult lifestyle to lead. It's. It's consider an abomination by many people so read the block and -- -- year who dat nation friends and your falcons fans. Falcons born that way. Do you think they were born that way that's on our website at WWL dot com front page under our opinions and you know I think you've got. You've got kids asking their parents mommy and daddy why the stock has fans holding hands in public anymore they dancing so it you know. A lot of questions have to be answered my parents.