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11-20 10:10pm Scoot: Knockout Game

Nov 20, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the disturbing trend, the knockout game where teenagers target unsuspecting strangers and attempting to knock them out in one punch.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a president -- -- all right this time you'll be hearing the saints in the soccer game live from Atlanta right here on WWL in fact this is going to be our our our last show until next Tuesday. Because tomorrow night it's a Thursday night football with the saints and the falcons in Atlanta. And then to Friday night to high school football playoffs continue here live on Debbie WL and then Monday night -- Monday Night Football -- our next -- will be. -- next Tuesday night remember we always hear there's just a lot going on this time of year. I hear is that text. That reads as a young adult I believe my generation. On has been and will continue to make great strides to better this world. I think the big conflict between our generations. Is my generation has less respect. -- -- -- Yes your generation push the envelope as does mine. But when confronted your generation. Maintained police and respect to some degree my generation when confronted generally. Resorts too immature actions and language I feel that of my generation. Does not learn. All time respect. And our accomplishments will be overshadowed. By our stupidity. Very astute. Observation from one of our our younger listeners. And yet you wouldn't send us a text or text numbers 87871. Of the things that we've been talking about tonight if you're just joining us. Is this week we're recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. And I believe that that was the flash point in time. That really inspired the mood that led to. The anti establishment generation that rebellious generation. I'm in in the sixties in The Beatles arrived in this country. A less than three months after the Kennedy assassination and many people credit the deals with creating the anti establishment generation. And I don't think they did I think they came along at the right time and this is not to diminish the the importance of the impact of The Beatles and and their talent and all of those groups who were part of that British invasion movement. In the sixties but I think the mood was was set in part by the Kennedy assassination. And this Friday is the official fiftieth anniversary if you -- to pressure with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. -- 38668890. Point 78. In a text Amber's late 77 here's a text -- saints are eight and two not two and it okay this is my radio and sometimes. Things don't always come out exactly rightly should at least you know this is not rehearsed it's happening -- in the saints are eight and two and the falcons are two -- eight. We didn't expect it to be like this at the beginning of disease at the beginning of the season we were concerned about the falcons and also the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And look who's come along to be our our our big rival in the in the division. It's the Carolina Panthers and it might just be that it's gonna take the saints. To put the Panthers in their place. We're still waiting for our our guests to to call a cease and the author of a book called white girl Bledel lot alike Arab legalize. The return of racial violence to America. And how the media ignored his name is Colin flattery and we're waiting to get hold of him now I want to talk to him briefly about. This very disturbing trend in America. Now it's not happening everywhere but it is happening and in some cities. -- It's called the knockout game. And it's a straight game and I don't know that much about it but here's what I've I've learned acquired if you know more about it than I do annually and had a conversation low -- -- show. But the knock -- game is something that. Groups of teenagers do it again these are isolated incidents but it's it's happened enough. For it to be described is somewhat of -- disturbing trend. Young teenagers. They're going out and finding somebody alone and punching him and knocking them out somebody walking down the street. And according to a video that has surfaced. One of the teens said they do it. Just for fun. And it's disturbing that did teenagers who -- hurt somebody. Just for fun when it's disturbing that anybody would want to hurt somebody just for fun. Now again this is not widespread but it's it's happened in some big cities across the country and in in New York in particular and in Brooklyn. There are -- teenager's. Targeting. Predominantly Jewish neighborhoods and again to me this is is disturbing if there's a tendency to want to. Vent your frustrations or express yourself. That's through just. Punching in and knocking somebody out. That you don't even know just for the fun of it that to -- Is alarming and it's it's worth discussing a wanna remind you if you're driving around -- World Series tonight. There are going to be some sobriety checkpoints in Orleans parish I don't know exactly where. But then they began at 9 o'clock they're gonna go on until about 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. So you might experience a minimal delight at DC had a delay at the head that's what it probably is this is just a reminder of a couple of things. First of all if you if there are sobriety checks out there -- I think this really does serve as a precautionary. Warning. Don't drink and drive number one. And number to make sure that you've got proper documentation with education attitude to show proof of insurance driver's license. And I -- registration. Some of the basics things that you should have with you all time Serena if you're not affected by this sobriety checkpoints going on tonight's in Orleans parish. You know you never know when that's gonna happen. I think it's interesting that the courts are require. That the police announced the sobriety checkpoints in advance. Because you think that that would be something that they they wanna try to catch you by surprise. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number 87070 -- -- block tonight's. It's titled falcons fans born that way. Yes there's some people like me who believe that they were born wade did not choose that lifestyle however there are those who believe that they chose to beef -- its stance. I've here's a text that reads dispute don't forget about the big controversy. Whether or not. Falcons fans. Should allow to -- be allowed to marry. And that's a big controversy. Should they be allowed to marry each other same. Falcon -- marriages it's it it's a huge controversy in this country and I'm sure you've heard a lot of talk about it and that's what the -- blog is about you can. Read it and have plummeted this year with your friends it's on our website at WW well don't count. From -- Mike -- on the -- showed good evening. But he didn't get an idea I'm -- I don't think Asian Indian apparently trees should not go straight out. But nine. -- you know and that the dean of the problem is this what about the kids you know they're exposed to they're exposed to that. Falcons stand lifestyle and activity in the home every day in many people think that that convinces young people to become -- stance. That -- Well I've I've heard it mentioned that way as well. Child abuse but the disturbing. Trend that's been the knock -- game. Well not in an TV I think. I'll. I'm just hearing about it I guess it's just hit dead mainstream media this is this is within the last couple of days and hearing about it for the first time in maybe it's because it's. Its spreading -- you know Mike you bring up an interesting point when you talk about Internet. You don't win. When when you do something just to get on the Internet. He's. Then you really have to worry how much the you know you can't blame the Internet but the the the opportunity to become. An infamous celebrity if you will by doing something like knocking somebody out and telling all your friends to go to YouTube or wherever to to view you. This this idea of becoming an instant celebrity is is is causing some people to do bad things just in the name of being a celebrity. -- -- -- -- pain and I had seen second try that but it's what you look but -- acting that groups are rare but let's calm like it is. Its grip on its -- simple to use and do -- And curt said yeah. That it. The main groups of black -- going around the eight. And I've seen that too however I did read something yesterday when I was looking into this say I did read that there were some white used doing it as well I don't know whether that's true and -- call it like it is if if that's the case. I just want to be sure before -- Mentioned that in and play that card I wanna make sure that that is the case in. If that's the case in fact maybe that is the case because I do know that one of the strategies. Is still labeled this a hate crime and if if if black youth or white youth are picking out people. Based on skin color based on race based on something like that in that could be labeled a hate crime even though we can argue that every crime is a -- Well it should be labeled a hate crime yeah absolutely I think it should be and labeled. Treatment and -- it because they're -- who hasn't been talking. If the person -- indeed premeditated murder should be capital of pants. I believe. Well I can't disagree with that as far as I know one person has died as a result of this knock out game mystery game where you know innocent people -- pledge by group of teenagers. And really how -- -- black teenagers cult like well you haven't we have seen. I haven't seen any any any of the white kids. Although like I can't be sure that I saw only IQ can't be sure that you've seen all the videos I read yes. You know not all the videos that I think he's okay that's -- camera videos that have been broadcast did well. And as you know the media does have a tendency to try to create racial tension. For our entertainment pleasure which is is -- so again I. -- I don't want to I just -- know why I I don't know I'm not gonna try to do that but I just wanna be. I want to be a little more sure that it's only black keys before I I label and -- -- if anybody else wants to comment on this police -- -- -- like I'm glad you brought that up. I don't wanna whitewash it and I'm not defending anybody but I I have to defend myself as a talk show host and trying to be. On accurate as accurate as I can win nine. The portray an entire group of people if it is black youth targeting white youth or or white non whites in general. And that makes it. I guess even worse doesn't. Because it because of the motive. Here's a Texan read I heard the knock out game was targeting only white people I may be -- Have you heard or read anything about whites being involved in this I heard something yesterday about some -- being involved but for the most part. I have heard that it's it's like cute but I don't know if this is some movement within. The black youth community to target points I need to learn more about it if you would join our show tonight with your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And I text him receipts have the -- are coming up during this break I'm gonna text out a picture of what I look like. Every night when I leave the studio. At midnight showings at midnight or assure you when I look like every night when I leave at midnight if you were to join me on Twitter it's. And it scoots to -- if you well and will be back. So there is this street game called the knockout game and I don't know how long it's been news going on but it's getting a lot of publicity now. I admit that most of what I had seen and heard involves young black youth. However I've also heard and I don't remember exactly where I have a -- it was to go where did I read it here. I don't remember -- to be honest with you. Is it when I look at -- something I'm going to a lot of different information and I don't always remember exactly where I heard something -- -- -- look into it but here's the point about about all of this. There are for -- the media. Loves to create. Racial drama. They love. Black vs white and white -- black. It feeds on the scars of our past it feeds on the the negative psyche of of America. Now. There are people who want. To believe that it's all black youth. And I can't be sure yet. -- is something that is if if if I learned that it's all black youth. I hope you know enough about the showed no that will call it like it is. I'm not afraid to say that. But I am also not gonna be so quick to say what people want a belief. And there are people who want to believe nothing but negative things about black youth. Therefore if they can tie them to this date will be quick to do that I don't wanna be quick to do that. If that is reality. Did yes we will address it from that standpoint. But until I know for sure I don't wanna say that it's only black youth attacking. Whites if daddy is the case. Double talk about it. But until I know that for sure it I can't focus at that -- so we'll just say that. If there are teenagers they're teenagers. On many of and he seemed to be black. Targeting innocent people on the street. I since this stuff gets on YouTube. There are people who wanna become celebrities but there are a lot of people wanna be celebrities. And this is a way of gaining celebrity status as minor as it might -- you become somebody if if at 101000 people view your video. Anything guarding -- somebody knock them down. There are people who are laughing at that they think that's funny. And so you become a celebrity. By putting them on YouTube now you can't blame YouTube. You can't blame the Internet. You can't blame the technology that makes that possible you have to blame the individuals who use. The medium. For that purpose. If you wanna join -- might -- your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text -- activities seven. Here's attacks that reads I heard the knock -- game was targeting only white people but I may be wrong here's another text. That says racist. Not exactly sure whether that's referring to me or or somebody else. And I try trying to to be racist I guess we all have the opportunity to occasionally. Even if it's accidental. Appear to be racist but. I'm not protecting anybody. I just wanna be sure before -- label entire group responsible for an activity if it's not true and it did this sad parties. There are people who want to believe. That it's all black -- -- it may be. But there are people who were quick to wanna believe that because that fits their stereotypical view. A young like you when there are so many great young black youth they're not. And -- on the show last night. If I go through my day I IC young black youth did it fit a stereotype that people would think. Probably. A drug dealer -- ever. And yet they're working really hard jobs minimum wage and they're trying to do the right thing. Here is attacks discuss the knockout game came from Johnny Knoxville. Andy's jackass antics. At first it was all staged and kids who went to punching. Each -- for real. Four even though more shock. They went after random strangers. There are several videos out there that include all races of youth lately though YouTube has been censoring certain contents. And here is a text that it reads -- let them play the knockout game I'll show them how to play with guns. Show why. I need a big clip. Well if if you can't prove that your life was threatened and you shoot somebody. You're going to jail I mean that's that's you I guess that's your choice. For Brian Albright euro's future -- good evening. Thank -- taken McCaw -- you know. -- the -- about the total knockout gain business you know people. Have been Smart phone in an instant gratification. Putting video that you two. -- not the part that is potentially count as. You know it's -- -- the view about the prank that would be a quiet studio called gallant man. Where do you immediately went groceries. And to trip and eloquently on the and it became even. Feel like millions of ordinary people making net. Not surprising that some idiot. Partners you know numbers and and potential to. Yeah we're. For the soul for the sole satisfaction of having your video viewed viewed by a lot of people on YouTube. Correct me instead. Many living -- -- -- 218 million millionaires who will make. When YouTube responded. To describe as you get -- -- to block the Coptic. And I think businesses since -- itself out and control and -- -- that it originated pranks. Part of Bonnie. Analysis here. And you don't go ponson and discuss that you think it's on. I'd totally I totally agree and I find it very registering -- going to call the show. You know -- -- on on the -- show we always. I try to analyze the media and the relationship between mass media and society here's in other cases of of us doing that. People want to become celebrities. And you know when you when you talk about soltys. In taking a picture yourself or video of yourself and and putting on FaceBook or tweeting it to all of your friends when you talk about cell fees. I guess and in a way I just didn't -- the moment ago when I'd say about it. Tweet of wide eyed look like at the end of the shall I get -- -- the show ends at midnight but that's you know in some ways when my night begins tonight's -- dissent at a picture of what I look like -- It appeared in nine -- -- For -- in any event there are people who will do some really negative things just to get the tension. It just to get this like curious celebrity status. By being on YouTube or FaceBook with a video and and having people. Watch it. It's -- sick mentality. And you can't blame the technology you have to blame any individual who resorts of that. -- for Mississippi James -- on the -- showing every WL. -- -- I was probably -- ball. You know being an eight RIQ -- -- law. It was it. We. Need a fighter -- -- they did not talk. Lights in made it not matter. Well -- -- -- -- it. But James again I've I've read that somewhere yesterday had ended there are people -- who want to believe that it's all blacks that. This country is so quickly divided black and white and they blame the media for it and and to some degree the media gives them. The the stage in the platform for expressing those feelings. And having those feelings but you know it doesn't take much for just just to bring this up tonight and people say well why are you saying it's all play well because I don't know that it's all blacks if I know it's all blacks and that is -- -- concerted effort among. On certain black cute it's not all blacks but even if it even if all the people who do it our black. I'd I'd say that but that doesn't mean that it's all black -- that there are people who want to believe the worst. And that's -- James atletico that information thanks solicit. From New Orleans generous here and every WL. It still would like you do good. Glad to hear that. I don't know the top black it's black and white celebrity is I tell you one thing. I did he on television. And you -- and it tells me. -- had been killed. 100 punch the past. Tell I mean you don't Republicans like been threatened Dalai LA it's in my husband has his son has his weapon when he -- can't talk becomes. The targeted to the -- And lady broke it on to that carry permit he added before that the last paperwork and let me get to go to -- -- again. But even if I let anybody jumping. Around and on the and I am not that would -- -- to be shocked. And -- -- going down the street and anybody wants to -- with -- -- I have an umbrella with a very interesting point on the end of it could be that what that -- -- it wouldn't waste. I'm sure you can't. I would agree if you're if you're attacked and you feel like years threatened and -- Yeah he went McMahon -- yeah. Depending on -- -- they -- -- you know what it actually mean one person to do what but the public ahead Q what really. Yes what's going on review. And then there you know this this reminds me a case severe seventeen year old soccer player in Utah. Who punched an official because he'd like a penalty called against him in the the referee went into a coma and died a week later so. You know you can tell somebody with a -- depending on how you hit them. People out probably. Eight protect me much. Good and I hope. And I drew a line down the middle of the pull up and I hit -- shot on one side one side and the quality that gap and another one cent a lot. I've been very polite to them. -- just tell me what she -- Stand on that competitive then. Yeah. You do I'll get on that side of the event and done. I object being put them -- don't let them -- Now this group. That he would. Like I'd have done it again. And Janice are the only. I don't think you're getting in on the jury any time soon but I know a lot of people agree with -- -- can't -- not a -- and people into -- it's white black kind of they had people. Thank you just don't get -- get -- and -- you know they -- if they don't think they can that you did not real consequence. Well I've that is truly are a problem and it starts in the home but it is definitely a problem in our our our system of justice and and I'll never forget the night that somebody explain to me that for a lot of young people going to jail was like a family reunion. In other uncles there are the Brothers there are cousins are there is like a family so that's not true punishment. And their needs to be true punishment for crimes and I guess in some ways we have. I I'm all for. Respecting cruel and unusual punishment. But we have as a as a society we have so coddled. Prisoners and so many different ways. That for a lot of people maybe not for you. And maybe not for me but for a lot of people going to jail isn't really that ban it. And think about when your parents punish you when you -- -- it. If the punishment wasn't really that bad it didn't mind doing so that Roland because the punishment wasn't that it. Here's a text that read say you -- someone died from this I think that is life threatening. Here is attacks do we need to stop fighting against each other we are all one nation under got. Know that comes up a lot. On issue. We are not one nation under god. We might think we are we're supposed to be but we're not. We're black you're white or Hispanic. We're conservative we're liberal. We are so divided along so many different lines and it's. It's sad that we walked down the street and we we look for what's different and somebody. We don't look for the things that we share in common. And when you think about two human beings walking down the street. We share so much in common. Did the things that we don't share in common are. Are just a minor percentage of who we our. People generally want to be happy. They wanna make a good living. They want good health. -- -- secure their families. I wanna date somebody nicer. Being married this company in crisis. Our goals are basically as human beings have the same. But when you think about the the divide along racial lines and along political ideological lines that divide that exists in this country we. We almost. Seat. What we don't have in common. What we have against. Somebody else. Here's a text to -- -- I'm a young black educated man all young black men don't walk around being ignorant punching people. I just want to tell you thank you. Thank you. For. Some common sense conversation. And they certainly -- -- -- I I'd appreciate it. You know there are people who think that I'm I'm trying to protect a group of people are not being honest or I'm afraid to say something. No I'm just not going to be as. And is blatantly ignorant. As many talk show host far. Who are just so quick to label in tighter groups of people they have a right to do. But that's easy way out it's more difficult to try to figure out what's really going on and what's fair it's easy to be ignorant. It's not easy to. To try to be fair. And then what you find the truth what you say it like it is. If you ought to join -- -- an -- numbers 260187. Toll free 866889087. Text is 877. A judge in New York has declared a mistrial. -- a lawsuit against eighties pop star Rick Springfield. The lawsuit was brought by a fan who claims that Rick Springfield fell on her during a 2004 show in upstate New York. She claims is but X. Landed on her head. As he claims that she suffers from permanent injuries. You know I saw Rick Springfield of the joint theater in early September here in New Orleans. And I I guess the president put my tickets for saints games and for concerts and actually present that I put those up in my office to -- on -- on the wall and the cabinet. Over my desk as I pulled my -- Springfield taken off -- -- let me she with the back of the ticket sales. Here's what the back of the ticket revenue to the Bruce Springsteen got on the average Springfield concert. You being -- Assume any and all risks. Occurring before during or after event including injury by any Collins. And we talked about this recently when it comes to fans going to sporting events like saints games. If you haven't read the back of your ticket you actually except the risk of going to an event. And possibly being injured. And if it's not something that you have noticed then maybe you need to and notices site I'm assuming that if you don't read the fine print. That's not the fault of those who who who. For and it's. It's the fault of the person hasn't read the fine print but maybe there really should be more awareness made. Of the risks that people take and the things that are written on the back of your tickets. Whether it's a concert. A plate or sporting event. That we did we do give up a lot of now. -- a lot of our right to claim that we were injured. Because. By using the ticket -- I'm assuming that this is some kind of binding contract that by using the tickets. We agree that we assume any and all risks. On that occurred during. Before or after an event including injury by any of the that was in the back of my -- Springfield tickets -- I wonder if that came up in court. But in New York judge declared a mistrial in the lawsuit against eighties pop star. Rick Springfield. That's our the fan is suffering from entry and you know it's it's not like Rick Springfield was the kind to. Stage dive or crowds are. It isn't like a mosh -- gonna break out. During human touch by Rick Springfield Tori or Jesse's girl. So you know you might not expecting you go to you know and in the ninety's if you went to a Soul Asylum concert or something like that you would expect stage diving you'd expect the mosh pit you would expect. Then crowd surfing you'd expect that sort of thing but you might not expect editor Rick Springfield concert however. You do accept responsibility when you go to many of these events. Here's an update on tonight's -- if you will pretty jaguar opinion polls. The saints have two road games coming up tomorrow night and you'll hear this game live right here on their VW also in the NFL network's if you don't have an Angel network you can listen to a life here into behavioral. That'd the saints played the falcons tomorrow in Atlanta and then. On Monday Night Football they take on the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle a really tough place to play this time of year can be chilly and rainy. And vets stadium is built such that it's very. Fairy lights weren't allowed even -- and outdoor stadium. It's believed to be one of the wildest places to play in the country. I think the superdome is probably a little -- but that place is really loud. So what do you think the saints are gonna do with these next two road games. Lose both. 7%. Win both games 59%. Beat the falcons. Lose to the Seahawks. 34%. 0% say the saints will lose to the falcons. And beat the Seahawks give us your opinion are going to our website WW dot com and there's always something new on our web -- we've got the latest on the saints' injury report. You could find out. All of that you need to know about that also information about. -- -- getting ready for a -- football and Texas sane and in Death Valley in our coverage begins at 10 o'clock Saturday morning with Bobby and -- But -- -- to lanes tiger tail -- show life -- the only -- campus in front of the ticket office on north stadium drive pregame the -- Hawthorne at 1230 kick off visit to thirty. And then the purple and gold point after with the big chief Deke Bellavia live from buy you burger. Five both Lieberman streets with the world famous French Quarter. Stock that -- Debris French Fries with pulled pork debris over French Fries. They've got big need for some very interesting stuff and some reporters and -- -- bird it's a fun place to hang out. After the game and then our -- coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. And we'll have our fans first take -- in the year three and it's the countdown to kickoff with Bobby and Deke and then. We kick off tomorrow night about 730 in and the point afterward Bobby deacon till 1 o'clock in the morning we got all the information on our web site. WL dot com hours talking about march its. And the unlikely idea that there would be a much dead at the Rick Springfield concert. Here's attacks that raised New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys had wild mosh pits. I don't think so well. I can imagine no -- it developing and their kids on the block and Backstreet Boys concert scene that was more like. I've Soul Asylum that what is -- did the grunge the the angst ridden music of the of the nineties it became known is as -- -- coming up after the news and 11 o'clock as since this is the eve the saints playing the falcons. This is a time when I think we need to understand that passionate feelings. Lead to intense debates. And those intense debates often reveal. How judgmental. Society can be. There are people like me who believe the falcons fans were born that way. There are some people who believe that they choose that lifestyle I'm more on that coming up after the news at 11 o'clock. -- -- sit disturb the San noted in the news tonight seven year old was injured. In a double shooting in central city tonight. I will have more information on this developing story tomorrow morning and every WL first news with Dave Cohen from five to six -- with Tommy Tucker and David Blake. Tomorrow morning from six to ten. And once again it's a young girl a seven year old girl like child. I Dennis an unidentified man both shot about 7 o'clock tonight 12200 block a scene Andrew essential city. Once again. A child apparently. Collateral damage. In a target shooting against somebody. Who might have been involved in a lot of activities that maybe he should have been involved in we're hearing more and more. -- crimes like this it really is sad that parents so jeopardize the lives of their children.